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HealthRider Review - Does This Fitness Machine Really Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 19, 2017

Why is it that so few fitness products are backed by science? Let’s find out if HealthRider is one of the good ones. We decided to take an in-depth look at side effects, components, scientific research and overall customer service quality. Plus, we sorted through hundreds of user experiences from the internet. Lastly, we summed up all the information we found to give you the facts you need.

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What is HealthRider?

First off, HealthRider is a company that offers numerous fitness machines, including treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, riders and hybrid trainers. These machines are all available via the official website. The brand is promoted by Tony Little, a renowned fitness expert. The original was intended as a total-body workout tool that can be used by both women and men. It works every major muscle group in order to help you burn off more calories and improve muscle strength. However, the exercise itself is low intensity so muscles and joints are not strained. The cost of this machine is around $500.

The original HealthRider was released back in the 1990s. This machine is available in two different models, which are the HealthRider and Tony Little’s AbRider Plus. This fitness tool allows for both cardiovascular exercise and strength training at the same time. Also, an LCD monitor is provided to help you track heart rate and exercise time, but read on…

The Price – “Ouch?”

The first issue we realized with HealthRider was the high price. “The original sells for around $500 new, which is simply not affordable for some people. At this point there are so many alternative fitness options that cost much less money, but still give you a full-body workout,” says our Research Editor.

One customer said, “Don’t want to spend this much money on an exercise machine!”

Another person stated, “Not worth the price, sorry Tony Little.”

Negative User Reviews – “Another Concern”

There are certainly some customer complaints posted online for HealthRider. One user stated, “Hurt my back with this thing! What happened to low impact?”

Another complained, “Assembled it and discovered that the Resistance function does not work.”

The research we’ve conducted has shown that if a certain part of a diet program or fitness product is especially problematic (a painful/difficult exercise routine, too many user complaints, high price) the chances of long-term success is minimal. In other words, if Health Rider does in fact leave users wanting a refund, this could be a serious concern.

The Science – “Is it Legit?”

There was no mention of scientific studies that support HealthRider for weight-loss. However, this product has been shown to help with low-impact exercise. Needless to say, regular exercise does assist with helping you lose more. However, we did not find any clinical support presented on the official website that proves HealthRider specifically helps in this area.

The Bottom Line – Does HealthRider Work?

Well now, did we give this one a thumb up or down? It looks like some people were excited to try HealthRider since it is touted as a total-body workout and is low-impact. However, we noticed that there are some customer complaints about this exercise solution. Due to the price and negative user reviews, we don’t feel comfortable recommending it. The reality is there are much less pricey fitness tools and programs available for at-home exercise.

If you’d like to get rid of more excess body fat and slim down, we recommend a fitness machine or weight-loss pill that is affordable, supported by clinical studies and has received positive customer feedback.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Leptigen. It uses a proprietary blend of four ingredients, which have been proven in documented clinical studies to help accelerate metabolism and improve fat loss results. Also, we didn’t see any talk of dangerous side effects and dieter comments posted online express people are seeing substantial results.

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Previous HealthRider Review (Updated January 1, 1970):

What You Should Know

The Healthrider, made by Life Shape, is designed to exercise all muscle groups, including the arms legs and abs. It uses the individual’s weight, with a motion that similar to rowing, and offers a workout that includes resistance throughout the stroke. The Healthrider provides cardio, stretch and resistance training in one workout. The muscle groups can also be exercised separately. The handle bars are designed for bicep curls, shoulder shrugs and chest pulls while the legs can be worked separately using alternate foot pedals.

The Healthrider can purchased new for around $500 and used for around $300. It can be used for an aerobic workout, and is also recommend as a warm-up to weight lifting. The Healthrider is used by pushing with the legs and pulling with the arms to lift your body weight. While beginners may find it difficult it first, it does provide a well-rounded cardio workout in a short amount of time. Those who use the Healthrider enjoy the full body workout that can be done indoors. The Healthrider includes a heart rate monitor which can be used to make sure you are exercising hard enough to get the maximum workout. If users want to lose weight with this machine, they will need to make sure they are keeping their heart rate up to a safe, yet fat burning level throughout the workout.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable.

Product Features

The Healthrider weighs around 70 pounds and includes an LCD monitor to track time and heart rate, a wide rotating handlebar and dual pedals. It also includes a weight bracket for adding additional resistance to the workout. The patented Smart Seat is designed to provide a smooth motion for the entire workout. It can be adjusted to fit the person using it. The Healthrider can be easily set up indoors and doesn’t require a lot of space.


  • Easy to use
  • Exercises all muscle groups
  • Safe for many fitness levels


  • Not suitable for those with back problems
  • May be difficult for those who are just starting an exercise program
  • Athletic users may find it too easy


The Healthrider will provide a good workout for those who have some experience with working out, but who are currently out of shape. Although it should be avoided by those who have back problems, the low resistance motion of the Heathrider provides an overall muscle workout. Users need to make sure to adjust the seat according to their height to make sure it is being used safely. It would be good to use this machine in addition to other exercises, such as weight training, stretching and other types of cardio in order to get the most well-rounded workout.

HealthRider Questions & Answers:

Trying to decide on an exercise machine that you’ll actually use? Check out our Health Rider FAQ.

What are the side effects of Health Rider?

Health Rider side effects, as offered by some users, may include fatigue, sore muscles.

What are the ingredients in Health Rider?

Health Rider doesn’t contain ingredients.

Does Health Rider Work?

Health Rider may help you with exercise, but if you don’t use it, it won’t do anything for you. As is the case with all products like this, you need to be dedicated and use it as part of a well-rounded program.

For even better results, we suggest combining your exercise routine with a healthy diet and a supplement with clinically tested ingredients, such as Leptigen.

How much does Health Rider cost?

Health Rider is available for $500.

How should I take Health Rider?

Use it as part of your regular exercise routine.

Can I take Health Rider if I have a health condition?

If you suffer from a health condition that inhibits your ability to exercise, talk with your doctor.

What do users like about Health Rider?

Many users liked how easy it is to exercise at home without a gym membership or DVDs.

What do users NOT like about Health Rider?

Many users complained about the the price. Some users complained it hurt their back, while others complained that the resistance function did not work.

How do I contact the Health Rider customer service department?

You can reach customer service at 1-888-308-9620.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Health Rider?

As of this writing, we cannot locate any kind of deal or discount on Health Rider. If you’re looking for something more effective, you can take advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is just the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a try.

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Rating: 3.8. From 45 votes.
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HealthRider Review

How Does HealthRider Compare?

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I’ve had mine since the 90’s. Used it when i first got it and stuck with it for years. Lost weight and could eat whatever i wanted and weight stayed down and i always got compliments on my figure. I was in my early 40’s. At some point i got lazy and stopped working out. After six years of no workouts i started back walking and going to a gym but began to notice that my weight stayed the same and didn’t have the same definition and tone to my muscles. I realized i got a far better workout and results with my Healthrider. I love this machine and in all those years i kept it at the foot of my bed. Now at 57 i’m back to using it. I keep a calendar next to it and mark my workout days. I easily do…get this…1200-1800 reps in 30-45 minutes effortlessly. Just put on a youtube vid and listen while i ride. It is absolutely the best investment in health i ever made and with zero injuries. I am soooo glad they haven’t benn discontinued. Its all you ever need for exercise. You can even add extra weight on it if you like. Yes, it’s fantastic. Thank you Healthrider, you did good !


hello, Brenda I’m Teresa. Can you please tell me, how long (e.g. wks. mnths) did you use the health rider before you begin to see definition, and did it help to tone the buttocks?

Cindy P.

Bought my Healthrider in 1993 and looks exactly like one pictured on this page. I used it for a while back then and without much room to put it, it got stored away in a corner. I pulled it out again about 6 weeks ago and have started using it again and love it. Easy on joints and with proper form (bending at hip, not waist and keeping back straight), no back strain and I have herniated disks so I know. I have the original manual which you may find on eBay or I could copy and send to those who want it. I just don’t want to give out my email publicly. There are also old Health Rider videos on You Tube and an old Tony Little Healthrider on-air promotion for QVC or HSN offers some exercise tips as well for Healthrider.


Hello, Cindy. Did you notice any results for buttocks, hips,and hamstrings? My problem areas. lol.
Thanks, Teresa.


The healthrider came out I in the 1990’s (was in my 20’s) and I’ve been using it ever since (now 48 years old). I purchased it for $500 & worth every penny! I have always had a strong back and fit legs because of this machine. It’s not for everyone because you really have to focus on form. Can you hurt your back??? Maybe if your not using it correctly and neglect stretching. It burns serious calories and helps core body as well. Thank you healthrider!

Stephen (Editor)

We’ve heard some back pain but you’re right, concentrate on form!

Franklin smith

Hi. I use one and love it. I have a highway patrolman friend who uses one and credits it with helping her rehab from a broken ankle. She is a former athlete and her Health rider is part of her regular workout.

Your NameLaura

I ride mine everyday since January and along with a diet, I have lost 34 lbs! I do about 134 reps a day right now. How many reps do others recommend?

Candace (Editor)

A lower rep of 3 – 15 (10x) is fine, however 134 reps is intense and impressive. If that is comfortable to you, keep it up!


Hello, did it help tone the hamstrings? When you say 134 reps is it special movements, or just pulling back and forth. I have the healthrider twist. Thank you.


Wow was I lucky!! I didn’t know this health Ryder cost 500.00. I hit a jackpot at a local goodwill. I only paid 10 dollars for mine. I just got it a month ago and I love it. I try to use it three times a week. Waiting to see if it helps me out!!


i have a 1990’s model , just started back using it again, should i use a back brace to help avoid injury to my back ? and my sister said that it’s really hard on the knees , is she right?

Cindy P.

I’m female, 59, and have found the Health Rider has actually strengthened my knees. Start out slow and focus on proper form. Build up reps slowly. I have 2 herniated discs and don’t have any problems using it. Again, focus on keeping back straight and bend at hip not the waist.

Cameron (Editor)

We’ve heard some dieters reporting similar things.


I am 81 years old and use it every day for my morning warm up. Spot on workout

Stephen (Editor)

More power to you!


There are videos on youtube.


Thank u for that info. I no longer have a VHS player and I have the original tapes. Was looking for DVD to purchase but think I’ll wait until I check out utube videos first. Thx.


Over what period of time was the Health Rider manufactured in the USA?

Norbert Pischke

Looking for a store that sells parts for HealthRider equipment.

Hi! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the HealthRider official website.


How do I go about getting a new manual – bought mine at a rummage sale and no manual was included. Is it possible to order one. Please reply via e-mail. Thanks. Betty


my neighbor has one and said I can use it I have a elliptical out I broke my foot and I am a runner I’m. It aloud to us the elliptical can I use this?


Hi Cass! Please make sure to consult with your physician before engaging into any activity.


Using the Healthrider to rehab after total knee replacement and post TKR manipulation under anesthesia. Two days after manipuation started doing 30 deep knee bends, 30 deep knee bends, 15 minutes on the stationary bike, 10 minutes on the bowflex dual treadmill, and another 40 deep knee bends. The next day I couldn’t walk wihtout a great deal of pain. Iced and took it easy for a day or two but then went back to pushing it again with same results. I’m doing this every two or three days now until post manipulation PT begins in three days.

Laura Lackner

I have a healthrider stationary bike (healthrider h30x bike) Its like new. I love it. The right pedal fell off and the threads looks just fine – but the opening it goes into seems to have a few loose threads and I cannot get it to screw back in sometimes


Just got my Healthrider from Groupon for 149.00 and I love it. Best money I have ever spent.


My parents had one of these when I was younger, and I loved it. I’m buying one now to get back in shape and found them on groupon.Com for $150.


I’ve just assembled my bike but tension control doesn’t work ,it’s too difficult to paddle …..wasted my time l’m going turned by tomorrow…😞😡😡


Age 80,original rider about 25 years how to fix timer.Thank you Gery


I was just given a HealthRider and my friend told me that he had ordered a new timer from the company a few years ago. He said it was about $30 at the time.


Did u check to see if it needs a new battery? It’s below the box of the timer. Hope this helps…


I Love my healthrider, i had mine for over 7 years, i stopped, for awhile , but in Feb.2016 i started back , now that i am 62 years yung…I’m on my Healthrider 3 times a week, i only count up to 62 times, & then i do my stretches….. I don’t know if i lost any weight, but 1 thing for sure, THE HEALTRIDER, sure do makes your Body feel great, THANKS ….