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Ab-Doer Review - Does This Exercise System Work?

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By Summer Banks Apr 11, 2017

I did two things this week. I obsessed over every aspect of Ab Doer. Then I wrote this review about it. We decided to take an in-depth look at the performance, product claims, customer service and clinical research. We also digested hundreds of user comments to find out specific details. We looked around the internet and summarized the info we found to give you the bottom line.

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What is Ab Doer?

First off, the Ab Doer is a piece of workout equipment that targets the abdominal area and core. There are multiple movements you can do on the Ab Doer. It is easily assembled with no tools required, and the user follows the exercises to build muscle strength in the abdominals and core. You can use it at any time, but it’s difficult to transport, so it isn’t exactly convenient. [1]

The Ab Doer was introduced about five years ago and has been a staple of the “As Seen on TV” fitness market ever since.  The longevity as a company and money-back guarantee are encouraging signs. The price is reasonable for a piece of exercise equipment. We also like the ease of use and simplicity of use, but read on…

Lack of Weight-Loss – “A Problem?”

The first issue we came across with Ab Doer was a lack of weight-loss results. The goal is washboard abs and a strengthened core. While there do seem to be some successful reviews from users that have earned the look they wanted, these reviews are outnumbered by negatives, in some cases. “The main goal is stronger abdominals,” said our Research Editor. “So, don’t expect the weight to drop off as quickly as you’re hoping. In fact, you may even gain when starting with the Ab Doer.” [2]

“I’ve gained 5 pounds since starting with the Ab Doer,” said one customer.

“This Ab Doer works a bit for my abs, but I’m not losing weight overall,” explains another. [3]

Though weight-loss may not have been a benefit, some users appreciate the results anyway.

One buyer said, “I use the Ab Doer Twist regularly 4 times a week. I am 60+, and fund that it helps strengthen core and ab muscles.”

Targets a Single Area of the Body – “Another Concern”

Another complaint that many reviewers mentioned was the fact that the Ab Doer targets one specific muscle group. For those working towards overall fitness, and not just focused on the abs and core, this machine can be disappointing: “I’ve been using the Ab Doer for 2 months now and my abs look better, but what about the rest of my body,” said one disappointed user. [4]

“This product does what it’s intended to do, but more is needed for overall fitness and successful weight loss,” said another reviewer online.

Some people have found success combining the Ab Doer with additional workout programs as well, like this customer: “I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted with the Ab Doer, so I started adding additional exercise regimens and started getting better results.” [5]

With years of research under our belt, we’ve found it’s often the small things, like negative reviews, that hinder your chance of long-term success. If the Ab Doer does really focus on one specific muscle group, and doesn’t promote weight-loss, this could be an issue for many users.

The Science Behind Ab Doer – “Any Proof?”

The Ab Doer does not have much scientific backing, but any machine that forces you to exercise your abs consistently will promote some results. The lack of clinical studies proving that it is better than sit-ups and crunches is disheartening. Here at DietSpotlight, we like to see products back up their claims with science, so when they don’t it’s a glaring red flag.

The Bottom Line – Does Ab Doer Work?

So, we’ve reached the end of this one. What’s the final take? We’re always intrigued with “As Seen on TV” ads, and the Ab Doer was no different. With over 3 million units sold, there had to be something to it. It has longevity in the fitness market and many users have seen positive results, but unfortunately it seems like it was just a fad that is long gone. We’re hesitant to recommend this as a weight-loss product.

If you’re looking to lose weight and you’d like an alternative to Ab Doer that promotes overall fitness, helps you burn fat and boost your overall metabolism, we suggest finding a supplement that has multiple ingredients and scientific research showing results.

Among the best products we’ve found this year is one called Leptigen. The formula is a proprietary blend of four ingredients clinically tested and shown to help you fight hunger, boost fat loss and spark metabolism. There’s no talk of harsh side effects and comments all around the internet show people are seeing great results.

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Previous Ab-Doer Review (Updated February 14, 2014):

What You Should Know About Ab Doer

The Ab-Doer was developed by Thane International Inc. and promises to replace traditional crunches and sit-ups. It is a small machine that claims to mimic the movement of an upright machine, strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles and reduce the size of the users waist. The Ab-Doer can be used by both men and women and by people of almost all fitness levels. It claims that most other abdominal machines on the market only tone and strengthen the muscles and do not decrease the size of the waist, but it can. This machine boasts that it will flatten the stomach, cinch the waistline and eliminate love handles in a matter of weeks without putting stress on the spine like traditional abdominal and core exercises may do.

Ab Doer Product Features

The Ab-Doer features a padded seat so that users can remain comfortable throughout their entire workout. The Ab-Doer also includes a DVD (specifying six-pack attack, fat blast and back and spine conditioning), and instruction manual and a nutrition plan. This machine boasts and ergonomic design that allows users to take the pressure off their spine while exercising. This machine also comes with a nutrition plan so users can develop better eating habits as they tone and strengthen their abdominal and core muscles.

Advantages of Ab Doer

  • Money back guarantee.
  • This machine allows users to gain flexibility in their lower back.
  • The Ab-Doer claims to be easy to put together and requires no tools for assembly.
  • The machine folds down flat so that it can be stored easily.
  • The Ab-Doer includes a massage roller that offers a gentle back massage while users are exercising.
  • This machine claims to eliminate the need for traditional crunches and sit-ups.
  • The Ab-Doer claims to provide an aerobic workout as well as a toning and strengthening workout at the same time.
  • This machines claims the ability to trim, tone and strengthen the lower and upper abdominal muscles, the lower back muscles and the obliques.

Disadvantages of Ab Doer

  • The Ab-Doer does not help users tone other areas of the body.
  • Though this machine does promise an aerobic workout, it will not be effective enough for those seeking major weight loss.
  • The Ab-Doer may not be able to accommodate those with significant weight to lose.
  • This machine may not be ideal for those with spinal injuries.
  • This machine relies on the user's drive and willpower, so if you've had problems losing weight via exercise in the past then this might not be for you.


The Ab-Doer doesn't really stand out from the rest of the abdominal exercise equipment available today. If you're focused on your abs, it could be a good choice but ab toning doesn't necessarily lead to instant weight loss. There is no absolute evidence to prove that this machine will work for everyone. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if using the Ab-Doer is right for them.

Ab-Doer Questions & Answers:

We refined hundreds of user comments about Ab Doer into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Ab Doer?

Some potential Ab Doer side effects may include sore muscles, abdominal pain and upset stomach. [1]

What comes with the Ab Doer?

The Ab Doer comes with workout DVD’s, a quick start guide, a wall chart and a measuring tape.

Does Ab Doer work?

There is one study relating to the effectiveness of the Ab Doer, but it only tested one person. You may want to think about changing it up a bit to replace the Ab Doer with a supplement like Leptigen, which contains ingredients clinically proven to work.

How much does Ab Doer cost?

The Ab Doer costs $149.85. You can choose to make three payments of $49.95.

What is Ab Doer’s BBB rating?

The Ab Doer Better Business Bureau is a disappointing “F”. The company behind Ab Doer is Thane International.

How should I use the Ab Doer?

There’s no information about how to use the Ab Doer. You will receive a workout guide with your purchase.

Can I take Ab Doer if I have a health condition?

If you have health conditions of any kind, those under 18 years of age, anyone taking prescription medications or women who are pregnant or nursing should consult with a healthcare provider prior to using fitness products, including the Ab Doer.

What do users like about Ab Doer?

Some users liked that the Ab Doer has been around for more than 15 years and that the product is available to purchase on the official website.

What do users NOT like about Ab Doer?

We found that users didn’t like that the Ab Doer wasn’t as effective as claimed and that the product was a bit pricy.

How do I contact the Ab Doer customer service department?

You can contact the Ab Doer customer service department by calling 1-800-762-4427, emailing info@thanedirect.com or by mailing correspondence to Thane International 2321 Rosecrans Ave. EL Segundo, CA 90245.

Will I receive free gifts with the Ab Doer?

Yes, you will receive free gifts with the Ab Doer. You receive a wall chart, quick start guide, three workouts and a measuring tape.

Can I drink alcohol with Ab Doer?

Yes, you can drink alcohol with the Ab Doer, but the company recommends no more than two beverage per week.

Will I have sore muscles after using Ab Doer?

Yes, you will have sore muscles after using the Ab Doer if you follow the instructions.

Do I need to diet with the Ab Doer?

No, you don’t need to diet with the Ab Doer, but the company recommends eating between 1,200 and 1,500 calories to better results. [2]

Does Ab Doer come with a guarantee?

Ab Doer does come with 30-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it for a full refund, minus the cost of shipping and handling.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Ab Doer?

There are special deals and discounts on Ab Doer. When you order from the official website, you can break up the price into three payments. You will also receive free shipping on orders of $100 or more. However, the last few months have been crazy with our readers taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is just the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a try.

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Rating: 3.0. From 60 votes.
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Ab-Doer Review

How Does Ab-Doer Compare?

User Comments

147 Comments on "Ab-Doer Review"


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Does the ab doer twist strength hen your muscles and core making your body more toned and fit? Is it worth buying it in 2015 compared to 2010 because there has been bad reviews of certain parts breaking and such things with the ab doer/twist please get back to me asap. I’m not sure if I want to purchase this product now because the bad reviews verses the good reviews!

Stephen (Editor)

Unfortunately, many dieters report malfunctioning equipment and parts that leaves us hesitant on this product’s effectiveness. Refer to the article for more info.


I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.My ab doer is about 6 month old and already L have two pins falling out.yhe one on top that hold the bar in place I replace myself and the one on the bottom that hold the back in place I have to keep stopping to make sure that it not coming out.I contact the company about 3 or 4 time and they kept telling me some one will get back to you but they never did.The last time I call I ask for a supervisor.He said that he will send me the pin out but it going to cost me shipping and handling.After telling he as must money I pay for this thing and it only about 6 months old I should have to pay for anything and i wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.Plus there is a medle washer that fall out from where I don’t know and the rubber on the back thing is wearing off.My advice save your money.


I have broken my too although it is still usable.

I really like it and actually the advanced level on the DVD is really good – took me a few weeks to get up to that level but then I was surprised how great that was – really enjoyed it; try and do that one without sweating! But since it broke I didn’t use it for quite a while and only gotten back to it now. I am wondering if I should buy another or if there is a newer model (seems not). What I liked was that it is fairly small and easyish to store out of the way (although a fully fold up one would be better) and very quick to set up, play the DVD, use it, and pack it away. I also found it *really* started helping my back after on a few days usage.

So my only concern now is it seems maybe the machine is not up to long term heavy usage. I too have lost bolts, had the washer under the seat come off and once had the seat fall off mid usage! It’s a pity as if it wasn’t for this I would recommend it 100%. I was really looking for a “Mark 2” model but there doesn’t seem to be one sad


I’m 5’5″ tall an avid cyclist and weigh 143 lbs. I’m not considering this product to tone or lose weight. I’m thinking about buying it as an effective means of strengthening my core, as I’ve got a bad back.
Is this product more effective than the core strengthening floor activities I already do?

don johnson

I just love it! But.. the main torsion spring has broken. what information do you need to send me another spring?


my name is Tony the heaver spring has broken were can i buy a replacement spring i did lose weight work out with the abdoer twist

Hi! For more information on replacement parts, please refer to the Ab Doer official website.


I am mostly interested in flattening & strenghthening my stomach. I was hoping that a muscle expert, physical therapist or something would comment on the effectiveness of this machine compared to other exercises. What is the best,


I found an Ab doer twist for sale for $20 is it worth $20?


It’s worth it if all the parts are with it. I bought mine in 2000 and still use it every other day. It works as long as you use it.

Gene L. Autry

I’ve used the “Ab-doer” regularly for the first 30 days…me


As the reviewer said it is about will power and what you put into it. I do 15 minutes of intense exercises and it does trim your waist. I’ve lost 5 lbs using it but definitely not for significant weight loss…not aerobic enough.


I have the original ab-doer. Are there dvds for this model, or are there any vcr tapes still available?

Your NameNannsie

i use the Ab Doer Twist regularly 4 times a week. I am 60+, and fund that it helps strengthen core and ab muscles. As well it gives my shoulders, back, butt and legs a good workout and helps me keep limber as I have muscle/back problems. I recommend it for anyone with similar issues. I do not regard it as a device to target weight loss.

Fay currie

I bought the abs-doer a few years ago and really love it. By spring I could run a bit. But I moved and lost the cd how can I get a new one??


this product does not work, the dvd doesn’t show enough.


we brought an abdoer 6 weeks ago and i like it but am a little disappointed that it only came with one dvd we also brought the extension pack and i have no idea really how to use these as the dvd we have is really just a beginner dvd. havent looked into where i get more dvds but thought they shouldve came with the unit


I bought the abdoer twist about 2 yrs. ago it works well if you use it daily for about 30mins and go walking too and of course eat smart. My problem with it is that they use poor quality steel for the spring. I went through about 3 of them cause they break at the bottom. They are replaced free of charge for a year but you have to pay the shipping costs. I finally got tired of this so I quit using it. Now, I’m hoping they have improved the spring and plan to get back on it after I do some research on the spring.I have also read a few posts talking about the same problem, Good Luck with yours. Oh,go to to Youtube,you might find the additional information you are looking for.

Your Name

I broke two

Your Name

But love it sad


i am not trying to loose wait i just want to tone my body will this machine work for that?thanks

paul cigna

my wife says there wasd a recall of the Ab Doer Ab Unit…I cannot verify that…is it true…several year’s ago ?

John P

I’ve used this for two years (I had it sitting gathering dust for 10 years or more), but when I committed to every other day, about 15 solid minutes (enough to sweat), I’ve finally for the first time in my life been able to see my abs. I do at least 30-45 min intense cardio every day so there’s no question that that helps. All said, the spring finally broke and I will find another one. The best benefit for me is that it helps relieve all of my back stiffness from sitting at a computer all day. It’s really nothing more than a chair, but it puts you in a great position to focus on using your ab muscles to do all kinds of motions.


Why have you decided not to use the ab doer for 10 years and suddenly want to start using it again? Have you had any issues with your ab doer and is it an ab doer twist or an older model? When did you purchase your ab doer if you don’t mind me asking if you can get back to me asap. Thank you! smile


would like to know what broke, mine also broke wonder if in the same place please advise

angie burnett

I have a original abdoer I want to know if there are cds for the orignal abdoer?


I have been using it for a few months and now on intermediate. It is not promoted as a weight loss machine and I have found it has strengthened and toned my mid section. I have a DVD of the beginners, intermediate and advanced routines for the original ab doer (not the twist) if anyone is interested.


Hey guys. I’ve been using the AB DOER TWIST for a little over a year now! All, I have to say is WOW, my energy level has increase, I’ve never had good posture, my arms are feeling stronger, I could go on and on. This is the very best and for me easier way to exercise. I’m feeling so great, certainly not feeling like I’m almost 56 years old. My family, friends, and even my doctor have commented on how good I look. My kids asked me if I’ve grown taller.