Updated: 10/10/2017
By Summer Banks Sep 07, 2017

Jarrow Formulas promises to deliver optimal health at an affordable price, so are we excited yet? We had to get right into the ingredients, side effects and scientific research. Then we read through handfuls of customer reviews and testimonials. Finally, we gathered our information together to deliver you the bottom line on this supplement company.

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What is Jarrow Formulas?

First off, Jarrow Formulas is a supplement company who claims to use the most cutting edge formulas to deliver health supplements to men and women at a price they can afford. From beauty supplies, to heart health, children’s health, digestive health, probiotics and more, this company seems to have what you’re looking for. Some of their ingredients include a slew of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. CoQ10, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Ashwagandha, Green Tea, and Lycopene are just a small few of the wide range of ingredients they use in their supplements.

Founded in 1977 and based in Los Angeles, Jarrow Formulas says that it has a team of scientists who work with researchers and who are very active in clinical trials. We like to hear this. We also like the fact that this business has been around for so long. But we kept digging…

Side Effects – “Uh Oh!”

The first problem we found with Jarrow Formulas was side effects. “Whenever you research a product you have to keep in mind that everyone is different,” said our Research Editor, “but certain ingredients are capable of causing negative side effects and we read one-too-many reviews claiming the same adverse reaction.”

“After taking this product I had an terrible acne outbreak the next day. Once I stopped taking it my skin cleared up (I don’t usually have any acne problems),” one user said.

“Causes me to get acne breakout,” wrote another.

On the other hand, there are certainly positive reviews on their products. “I have to say WOW! It really works!”

Quality – “Freshness of Products from Jarrow Formulas”

The second issue we noticed with Jarrow Formulas was quality, and more specifically, distribution of expired product. “They were stale and crunchy chalky hard to chew. I had a chance to look at the expiration date this morning and they expired in 2013. Yuck!” Another customer pointed out, “The bottle we received expired 11/13.”

But again, there were a lot of good reviews as well, “This is a very good product at a competitive price.”

When you’re around in this business as long as we are you can honestly say that it only takes one small setback to completely slash the chances of real results. If Jarrow Formulas puts out expired products or there are too many negative side effects from their products, that can be a super huge letdown.

The Science – “Is there Enough Evidence?”

This part was fun for us. This company has a team of doctors (listed on their website) as well as some formulas that are actually backed by clinical research. Their ingredients are natural and most of them have been proven to be effective in some form or another, but with many other natural ingredients, they may not work for everyone. We couldn’t find actual clinical trials performed on every one of their products, but the formulas they use certainly seem to be supported.

The Bottom Line – Do Jarrow Formulas Work?

Are we telling you to sprint to their website and buy their products? We love the reputation this company has built and the research appears to be there. We found issues with side effects and the quality of some products. But, we’re fans.

If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, we suggest combining Jarrow Formulas products with a supplement meant to boost metabolism and burn fat.

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