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This review is what happened after I obsessed for two weeks over Metagenics. We look at the ingredients, side effects, customer service and even the scientific research. We checked everywhere for consumer reviews and comments. Then, we gathered it all and condensed to give you the bottom line.

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What is Metagenics?

To start, Metagenics is a product line that offers support for overall health with meal replacements [1], among other products.  The ingredients include whey protein isolate [2], maltodextrin, natural flavors, lactobacillus acidophilus [3], bifidobacterium lactis bi-07, inositol, green coffee bean, omega fatty acids, Chinese cinnamon bark, bitter melon fruit and green tea leaf extract. There is some clinical research into some of these ingredients, including peer-reviewed studies completed on human participants.

Metagenics was founded in 1983. The official website does offer pricing on the product line, but you need to go through a doctor or a participating distributor to place your order. We like the idea of using meal replacements to control caloric intake, clinical trials are on-going [4], and the business has been around for more than 30 years, but read on…

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Metagenics Prices – “Higher Than Others?”

Our first consideration with Metagenics ingredients was price. “There are dieters that want to lose weight at any cost,” said our Research Editor. “But, there is a limit, in some cases and that limit is what keeps some from giving lines like this a try.”

“May have to stop using completely if price continues to rise,” said one person who made a purchase.

Another shared, “My only complaint is the high price.”

One customer actually offered up some advice about the cost.

“Don’t let the price scare you; this product lasts a long time,” she said.

Metagenics Customer Testimonials

Taste – “Mixed Reviews?”

There are customers on both sides of the fence when it comes to Metagenics flavor. “I hate milk and this tastes like watered down milk,” said one user.

A customer also offered, “I could not use this supplement because the taste was…foul.”

But, you have to look at the other side of the coin.

“The UltraClear does not taste THAT bad,” said one review that wasn’t exactly positive.

“I just tried this today and although it wasn’t bad tasting, it had a bit of a funky aftertaste to it,” shared another consumer.

We’ve done plenty of research over the years and much of it shows it takes a small issue, like bad flavor, to ruin any chance of long-term success. If Metagenics products are not something the dieter wants to stomach, even if the general formula is supposed with double-blind, randomized trials, [5] it won’t be enough to keep the dieter interested.

The Science – “Strong Clinical Proof?”

Metagenics doesn’t offer a weight-loss supplement, but meal replacements are a large part of the process, for some dieters. Plus, there are some formulas with ingredients like green coffee bean (which does have support in some animal studies [6]) and green tea extracts (often combined with guarana [7]). There is mention of clinical testing, but not proof, which is common in this industry. What’s more important is that the company controls The Functional Medicine Research Center. Any research completed at this location will not be considered clinically acceptable, because of a conflict of interest [8].

What Users Are Saying

“I just started using this product because it is one of Dr. Mike Roizen,s recommended products for fish oil supplements. Based on my review of the ingredients and source, I would give it an A+. A bit pricey but a quality product. The vendor’s service was excellent.”

“Very high quality (for a price). Recommended by my physician. It gives me the slightest amount of burps as opposed to other fish oil pills, but with the lemon lime flavor, it tastes like blue sweet tarts, which is a lovely addition to the day”

“I was told about this product by a friend. Had used it before, but was told I had used the wrong kind/brand . Tried this and same result… it gave me diarrhea.”

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The Bottom Line – Do Metagenics Products Work?

Are we calling up our doctor right now to see if Metagenics is the right choice? Well, there are pros and cons, so we have some reservations. The taste is good for some but not for others. The price is okay if you look at the quantity but only for a select few. There’s also the issue that meal replacements are available in just about any grocery store or supercenter out there so you don’t have to visit the doctor.

If you want to use a meal replacement to lose weight [9] that’s a good choice. But, we suggest you consider maximizing your weight-loss potential by adding a clinically tested supplement that helps dieters reach their goals faster.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Burn HD. The four ingredients have been clinically shown to help boost fat loss and metabolism and cut appetite. We found tons of customer reviews talking about some amazing results and side effects don’t seem to be much of a problem.

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What are the side effects of Metagenics?

Possible Metagenics side effects may include headache, dry mouth, nausea, stomachache, changes in bowel movements and allergic reactions. This is according to some user reviews.

What is in Metagenics?

The Metagenics ingredients include (for the Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program) whey protein isolate, maltodextrin, natural flavors, lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium lactis bi-07, inositol, green coffee bean, omega fatty acids, Chinese cinnamon bark, bitter melon fruit, green tea leaf extract, and various vitamins and minerals.

How do I know if Metagenics is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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What is the active ingredient in Metagenics?
Who makes Metagenics?

Metagenics is the name of the parent company.

Does Metagenics work?

Although we did not find any clinical data to support Metagenics for weight-loss, if you combine these supplements with a low-calorie diet plan and regular exercise, you may experience some weight reduction. After all, reducing your daily calorie intake and engaging in regular physical activity can help you shed some pounds.

On the other hand, you may want to consider replacing Metagenics with a weight-loss product that is supported by solid clinical research, such as Dietspotlight Burn.

How much does Metagenics cost?

The prices for all Metagenics products vary. As for the Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program, it sells for $249.95. This is a 30-day supply.

What is Metagenics’ BBB rating?

The BBB rating for Metagenics is an F.

How do you take Metagenics?

You need to follow the instructions presented on the bottle or packaging. These bars, shakes and pill supplements can be used daily.

Do you need a doctor’s prescription to get Metagenics?

Yes, you actually have to buy Metagenics products through a licensed practitioner.

Is there a solid refund guarantee offered with Metagenics?

Yes, you are able to return Meta products within 30 days if they are unopened.

Does Metagenics specialize in weight-loss?

No, Metagenics is more of a health supplement brand. However, they do offer a few weight-loss products.

Metagenics Scientific Abstracts

Whey Protein Isolate

Both study groups experienced a substantial amount of weight-loss and the group taking Prolibra (whey protein) experienced slightly more weight loss than control, but the amount was not significantly different following 12 weeks. Those on Prolibra lost more body fat by a significant margin, compared to control individuals for the completer and responder groups (2.81 versus 1.62 kg P = 0.03, and 2.11 kg versus 3.63, P = 0.01, respectively). Participants on Prolibra experienced substantially less lean muscle mass loss in the responder group (1.07 versus 2.41 kg, P = 0.02). The fat to lean loss ratio was significantly greater in Prolibra participants for both the completer and responder groups (3.75 versus 1.05 and 3.39 versus 0.88, respectively). In conclusion, the participants in both the control and the treatment groups experienced significant weight-loss with a 500 calorie-reduced diet. Those consuming Prolibra experienced substantial body fat loss and displayed more preservation of lean muscle in comparison to those taking control beverage. Because individuals taking Prolibra lost 6.1% body fat mass, and because a decrease of 5% body fat mass has been linked with decreased risks of obesity-related disease, the outcome of the study has shown practical significance. [1]

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Meta-analysis of the data displays no substantial effect of probiotics on body weight and body mass index (body weight, n = 196; MD, -1.77; 95% CI, -4.84 to 1.29; P = .26; body mass index, -0.24 to 1.78; P = .14; n = 154; MD, 0.77; 95% CI). The total number of randomized clinical trials involved in the meta-analysis as well as the total sample size and methodological quality makes it too low to draw definitive conclusions. Therefore, there is a need for more rigorous randomized control trials to examine the effects of probiotics on body weight in a more detailed fashion. Altogether, the randomized control trials studied in this meta-analysis suggest that probiotics have limited effectiveness in reducing body weight and body mass index and were not shown to be effective for weight-loss. [2]

Green Coffee Bean

The meta-analysis resulted in a significant difference in body weight when ingesting green coffee bean extract in comparison to placebo (MD: -2.47 kg; 95%confidence interval: -4.23, -0.72). The sizes of the effects are rather moderate, and there is substantial heterogeneity in the studies. It was thus concluded that the outcomes of these trials are hopeful; however more studies with better methodological quality are needed. Also, these trials should be more rigorous to further assess the effectiveness of green coffee extract and its benefit as a tool for weight-loss. [3]


Previous Metagenics Review (Updated May 13, 2015):

Metagenics - What You Should Know

Metagenics is a supplement company that sells a huge list of natural alternative therapies, similar to Blue Star Nutraceuticals. A few products include UltraFlora Spectrum, Metagenics Ultra CLA, OmegaGenics, D3 5000, PhytoMulto, UltraInflamX and Estrovera. The majority of the supplements are aimed at one health condition or another like blood sugar control and cardiovascular health. Under the blood glucose control, there is reference to healthy body composition, which some dieters could take as weight loss or healthy weight maintenance. Similar to the ideals of Metagenics, follows a nutritional company with meal replacement shakes for weight loss, Isagenix. With products like Slentiva for hunger relief, there is some weight loss support, but it is hidden among other health descriptions.

Metagenics Ingredients

Metagenics Slentiva: Potato Protein, Malitol Syrup, Salted Butter, Cocoa and Natural Chocolate Flavor.

Product Features - Details on Metagenics

While there are no products that directly mention weight loss, there is a Medical Food category associated with Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolic Syndrome is a precursor to diabetes often brought on by obesity. The products in this line include bars, supplements and shake powders. Each bar contains 190 calories and 5 grams of fiber. Sugar is an ingredient, which we cannot understand if the product is supposed to steer the dieter clear of blood glucose related symptoms. When it comes to sugar, the Glucerna helps maintain blood sugar levels, and is safe for individuals for diabetes.

Slentiva, an appetite suppressing candy, tastes like chocolate and packs a mere 15 calories per chew. The suggested dose is one chew per day, 30 minutes before the largest meal - typically dinner. The potato protein is supposed to help the user feel fuller and thus eat less. The supplement contains 300 mg of potato protein providing 5% or 15 mg of proteinase inhibitor. Often with the satisfaction of feeling full, it's been recommended protein does the trick. Nutrisystem is a diet meal plan that focuses on a controlled and balanced meal plan; feeling full and frequently eating share custody for weight loss. Studies linking this proteinase to appetite suppression involved 30 mg of proteinase inhibitor taking twice a day. Slentiva does not contain sufficient proteinase to suppress appetite. Other proven supplements known for their digestive support is Greens To Go, which contains five servings of fruits and vegetables in a mix package that's easy to blend for drinks.

Products sold by Metagenics are only available from practitioners. There are no prices listed on the official website, but there is a search engine so users can find a local practitioner. Local practitioners may not be available for all dieters, which could mean product availability is limited. Practitioner based sales could also mean product prices vary widely. If it isn't obvious, health is the mother of all wealth and happiness. As it comes down to it, not only is weight management a factor in longevity, but cardiovascular exceeds all exceptions. For all cardiovascular support, Isotonix makes its way for healthy heart support.


  • Some supplements could help improve overall health.


  • Practitioners are required to purchase supplements.
  • No prices are listed online.
  • Metagenics does not offer a specific weight loss supplement that we could find.

Conclusion - What About Metagenics?

Metagenics concentrates on overall health and not weight loss. For this purpose, the company offers many great supplements. If a dieter wants overall body support, Metagenics could be a viable option, but a local practitioner would need to be located and one may not be available in all areas. Proven weight loss supplements are available online through trusted retailers that are more focused on calorie burn, fat loss and appetite suppression. These supplements may be a better option because ingredients have been tested for weight loss benefits and included in appropriate amounts to support weight loss.

Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

18 Metagenics Reviews

  • Chrissy

    I have epilepsy. I read that this helps with it. So far I have not read anything where it really would help me at all or anyone with any medical conditions

  • Tanya

    I have been on femex for the past month and have stopped and started use a few times (due to illness) could this cause a change to my menstrual cycle? Since using it I have had 2 periods in 30 days. Wondering if this could be a side effect?

    • Veronica

      Hello Tanya. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product and let them know about the irregular menstrual cycle you were experiencing.

  • Aaron

    The company helps the employees with anything that is needed, daily and hourly availability. from question specialist, to detailed solutions to help people.

    a person couldn’t ask for a better system to be successful and healthy.

    they are super friendly from the top of the company – to the person who answers the phone right up to the Doc himself.

  • robert kimtis

    is neurosol still available? can’t seem to order it online.

    • Veronica

      Hi Robert! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Metagenics official website.

  • Tina

    I have always been anti-protein shakes. I specifically take issue with consuming some frankenstein product/food developed in a lab. I started with the glucose mix and so far it has been working well. My energy levels are consistent through the day. In terms of diet program – what I like about it is they offer all of their information online for free. Other meal replacement shakes/diet programs only give you the eating suggestions after you’ve purchased the product and it usually comes in a kit.
    Since trying Metagenics, I’ve been curious about how other protein shakes taste – so far I’ve been completely disappointed. Most are sweetened with artificial sweeteners which I can’t have. I’ve tried some that are stevia sweetened in the past couple weeks just to see what tasted better and they were all gross – I would say extremely chalky and difficult to mix.
    It’s a little expensive. I’m not sure how much compared to other similar products but if you live in the US, contribute to a 125 plan through your work, you can use that money to buy the product – that way at least your spending tax free money.

    • Glenn (Editor)

      Hi Tina. Having the best products to add to a diet is important to us all. You may want to consider one like Dietspotlight Burn; which contains clinically-tested ingredients. Click above to learn more about it and the free sample.

  • Misty (Verified User)

    My doctor recently recommended that I drink one Metagenics shake each day as a meal replacement as we work on balancing out my body chemistry to reverse some issues I’ve had come up. I really like the flavor and texture of the Metagenics powder, and the fact that it mixes well with just a spoon rather than needing a blender or bullet mixer to get all the powder dissolved. The price is a definite prohibitor though. It cost me $150 for a 30-serving supply from my doctor’s office. I found it on Amazon, but the price was the same. Another doctor recommended Unjury protein powder a few years ago to help me lose weight. It’s about 1/3 of the cost of the Metagenics, and also has a very good flavor and texture. There are some differences between the Metagenics and the Unjury powders, but I don’t really know enough about nutrition to be able to accurately gauge which one is the better option outside of price. At first glance, Unjury seems to make more sense as it has more protein and significantly fewer calories and carbohydrates. (The only place I’ve found to buy Unjury so far is on their website.) I’ve been looking online to see if I could find someone who’s reviewed both brands from a nutritional standpoint and rated them, but I haven’t found a comparison of the two yet.

    I plan to use the Metagenics I bought from my doctor since I have it, but I’m going to take my empty Unjury container with me when I go back for my next follow-up meeting and ask her if there’s any reason I couldn’t use that instead since it’s significantly less expensive.

  • My profession
    Dr don plance

    I have been doing sports med for nearly all pro types and colleges as well as younger and older weekend athletes. I do vector and injury risk Evals, modify also based on familial and genetics.
    As I do this more I find that of all the protein mixes I use, yours has bar far exceede and is now after 36 of this work, am going to select yours as my number one. Next week I will be giving a one time 6 oz mixture of ur protein and my addition based on other dxs. Please contact my office. I would certainly appreciate any discount for office use and coupons for my pts

  • Is this the right product for me?

    I have the acute phase product. I recently has a shoulder repair surgery. Is this the correct product for optimal healing of soft tissue? Also, where is the raw pancreas harvested from ? Thank u

  •  Loved the product.
    Christina (Verified User)

    I was on the Metagenics weight loss clinical trial that evaluated their hops extract. I lost 40 lbs during the study. As part of the study, I discovered that I have genes that make it difficult for me to lose weight. BTW, Metagenics offers a diet, supplements, and support programs that made this diet successful for me. The chemistry of the diet was perfect for my body to lose weight.

    • Avril

      How long were you on this diet for and how did you not gain afterwards?

  •  Want to try each flavour
    jean murrey

    why can we only buy the shake in packets of about 17 costing a lot of money. I would like to be able to buy one of each flavour and then choose which I prefer. But I have to buy the whole packet of

    • tina murrey

      My doctor prescribed Metagenics medical foods for me to lose weight. I was on a program which included Ultra Meal twice a day. I lost 10 pounds in 2 months. So, I think it’s a great product

    • Glenn (Editor)

      Hi Jean. Having an affordable product is important. One that’s priced right and contains the ingredients you need is one called Dietspotlight Burn. Click above to learn about the sample offer.

  • Fibroid Tumour and Estrofactor

    Hi there,
    I have a fibroid tumour and have been recommended Estrofactor by my dieitician. I have for 2 days had severe cramps, similar to period pains but worse than usual and I have a high pain threshold. I take Yaz and normally never experience any PMS type symptoms as a rule.

    This was recommended for me due to low Estrogen levels – I am 43

    Can I keep taking this product with these kinds of symptoms?

    • Yedy Torres

      Hi Anne-Marie,

      We would recommend to speak to your physician first before taking this product.