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Plexus ProBio5 Review - 15 Things You Need to Know

Plexus ProBio5 is a daily probiotic supplement. It claims to promote optimal gut health and an optimal digestive environment. However, the clinical doses are less than recommended by research.

When an ingredient isn’t at a clinically-effective dose, there’s a chance results will vary. So, our research team set out to find the benefits of the ingredients and potential side effects. Then, we compiled our research into the bottom line.

Plexus ProBio5 can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Plexus ProBio5?

Plexus ProBio5 is a supplement that aids in digestion. It is a box full of useful probiotics. The ingredients present in it include 2 billion CFU colonies.

The colony-forming units come from five probiotic strains; Bacillus coagulans, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus Plantarum, and Saccharomyces boulardii. There is also a specific enzymatic formula, B-complex vitamins, alongside other natural ingredients (such as grape seed extract).

Are you a person who feels dull and energy-deprived all the time? Do you think that you are not getting enough sugars from your foodstuff?

Are you a victim of constipation and diarrhea now and then? Consider opting for a solution that is not only convenient but handy as well.

Plexus ProBio5 may be that solution. It has all the ingredients that come from natural sources.

Along with that, the only element other than these organic components is water.

So, these features make ProBio5 a healthy and well-being oriented supplement from the consumer’s point of view.

No additives and fillers are added to it to help stabilize the probiotic components of the supplements. You don’t have to refrigerate it as well.

Nevertheless, some aspects lack quality regarding ProBio5.

For example, the packaging recommends taking between 1 and four capsules each day with a meal or before going to sleep, with the latter administration option being both somewhat excessive and definitely out of an accessible price range.

What does the research have to say about this product? Let’s take a quick look at the studies surrounding this supplement’s ingredients:

Plexus ProBio5 Competitors


How Did Plexus ProBio5 Start?

Probiotic elements have been a part of the research for many years. Their effectiveness and efficacy have increased over time as more and more developments improve the formula.

Plexus Worldwide is well known for its numerous nutritional supplements available in the market. They are also well known for being a multi-level marketing company.

However, it has also tried to release its fair share of probiotic supplements in Plexus ProBio5. It has been a favorite go-to supplement due to its gluten-free nature along with its money-back guarantee.

The effectiveness is not guaranteed, but there are no harmful effects on healthy individuals. The trend to fulfill nutritional needs is a good one.

But care should be taken that no contamination or falseness is in any product suited for human use.

Make sure that you take the recommended dose upon the prescription form a registered pharmacist or physician.

Plexus ProBio5 Customer Testimonials

Plexus ProBio5 Claims

Plexus ProBio5 is a widely acclaimed supplement as a product that enhances and manages the intestinal flora. It aids in digestion, which is its primary aim.

Weight loss is another term that is associated with it. Although weight loss is not its primary function, it might reduce weight due to the metabolism of lipids.

Plexus ProBio5 claims to have the Probiotic effects in the intestinal flora. Plexus offers a 60 days money back policy, which is for user compliance.

In case a user is not satisfied with the product, he can change it or return it and get their money back. It means that you can get your money back by replacing the unused capsules. They must be in their original packaging.

A limit of 15-60 days is how long you have to get your investment back in full. Plexus ProBio5 has gained a lot of customer trust, care, and satisfaction due to their money-back guarantee.

Plexus ProBio5 has always put forward their claims for this supplement. These claims suggest that this supplement supports a healthy intestinal tract.

Well, there is no valid evidence as such. There does not appear to be any clinical trials conducted on the supplement as well.

Intestinal flora is a healthy flora that is full of microbes, so probiotics affect the flora. Although it is possible that this product can lose weight in people who have been using it for a more extended period, but the proof is not there yet.

No ingredient is present in the supplement that can aid weight loss. No enzyme is directly involved in losing weight.

So this claim by Plexus ProBio5 is not valid at all. No clinical pieces of evidence suggest that it is merely a supplement for aiding digestion.

Besides this, it is essential to keep an eye on the label to ensure that the product has all the vital ingredients and no hidden element is present in it. Users should only use the product if the FDA approves it.

Update January 2021: Plexus Worldwide is one of six companies to receive warning letters from the FTC regarding health claims and the coronavirus.


Plexus ProBio5 Ingredients

The main ingredients present in the Plexus ProBio5 are the proprietary enzyme and probiotic blends and grape seed extract.

These components include the digestive enzymes and yeasts to maintain the intestinal flora for efficient digestion and a healthy GI tract.

A healthy GI tract has very positive impacts on your body, including your skin, heart, and mental health. Here is a detailed insight into the main ingredients which constitute up the Plexus ProBio5:

Bacillus Coagulans

Bacillus coagulans is a spore-forming bacterium, according to Foods. It is said to have numerous beneficial effects on the digestive and immune functions of the body.

It also neutralizes the intestinal flora, which gets upset during diarrhea.

It can help prevent infections associated with Helicobacter pylori, such as Enteritis and Gastritis. It also helps in dealing with Clostridium difficile and colitis infections.

This bacteria is generally considered safe to consume, per Food and Chemical Toxicology

Bifidobacterium Longum

Bifidobacterium longum is a member of the Bifidobacterium family. It acts as a probiotic, which can boost food decomposition and digestion rhythms.

It also enhances nutrient absorption from the gut. Weight loss management is another good prospect offered by Bifidobacterium longum.

It has a considerable post-antibiotic effect, so it can remain in the intestinal flora even if its dose is discontinued.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Lactobacillus acidophilus is a bacterium that is quite well known for its transformation of milk sugars into lactic acid, which happens during food decomposition processes.

It is, therefore, used to improve lactose tolerance in people who have lactose intolerance issues. It also reduces the episodes of abdominal pain, gas, or bloating. Lactobacillus acidophilus also helps in the screening of harmful pathogens in the intestinal flora.

The bacteria has been shown to have therapeutic effects, according to the North American Journal of Medical Sciences

Lactobacillus Plantarum

Lactobacillus Plantarum is the ideal probiotic which is used to suppress Escherichia coli infections, according to BMC Microbiology. It takes an active part in speeding up the body’s natural food decomposition patterns. It is also useful for lactose intolerant and sensitive individuals.

It has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

It improves intestinal permeability, increases the absorption nutrient from the gut, and decreases microbes’ growth for healthy intestinal flora.

Saccharomyces Boulardii

Saccharomyces boulardii is a widely used probiotic enhancer. All this is due to its digestive and immunity enhancing abilities, according to Therapeutic Advances in Gastroenterology.

Saccharomyces boulardii works on the colonies of the microbes and tries normalizing bowel motility.

Enzymatic Blend (proteases, chitosanase, cellulase, serrapeptase)

Enzymes are the proteins that are naturally occurring in the body. They catalyze numerous reactions and substances during digestion as well.

These responses then cause the food particles to be broken down and absorbed into the blood as antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, etc.

For example, the enzyme proteases are used for the protein decomposition. Similarly, chitosanase is used to transform glycosidic bonds into oligosaccharides.

On the other hand, it is shown that serrapeptase reduces the formation of blood clots which is useful for CVS patients.

It also has anti-inflammatory responses. It aids in stomach digestion and healing over time.

Vitamin C

It is also known as ascorbic acid, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Vitamin C is known to increase and boost metabolism. It also helps in increasing the absorption of the nutrient.

It is a wonderful antioxidant for the body’s cellular setup. This vitamin can be taken in by eating various vegetables and fruits mostly the citrus ones.

This supplementation can easily help in reducing common cold, can affect cardiovascular health, and is beneficial for reducing the symptoms of cataract.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is an essential part of the B-vitamin complex. It plays a role in the enzymatic metabolism of many lipids, amino acids, and glucose-based components.

It helps in dealing with nausea reactions during the early stages of pregnancy.

Vitamin B6 also helps in dealing with PMS symptoms as well.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract has countless health benefits.

The antioxidant effect of grape seed gives better health levels which leads to the reduction of PMS symptoms.

It blocks the enzymes that damage other essential enzymes like elastase and collagenase.

Grape seed extract is utilized in normalizing bowel movements and immunity screening as well. Testing is currently being done by the Clinical Nutrition Research Center to determine its benefits for blood pressure.

Does Plexus ProBio5 Work?

Plexus ProBio5 is a supplement that aids digestion and has its effects on the intestinal flora. It has a blend of probiotics that actively participate in neutralizing the pH of the intestine.

These supplements efficiently balance the acidity of the stomach.

Although no such medical proofs have been found out yet about this supplement’s effectiveness, reviews suggest that it works to some extent.

There are no clinical trials that could guarantee success. Besides that, the numerous lawsuits about false claims are also a drawback for the company.

But some positive reviews are a guiding light for the customers who are planning to achieve some results by using it. Taking it at night is also a question that is not answered by the experts.

It has no effect as such on the weight loss.

No ingredients present in its activity reduces weight by any means. No potential side effects are noticeable, so it is relatively safe to use in healthy people. However, there are some concerns about using them for patients who have any chronic disease.

Benefits and Results

Plexus ProBio5 Benefits and Results

The main benefits that Plexus ProBio5 offers are listed below. Most of the benefits are related to the digestive effects that Plexus ProBio5 has on the intestinal flora. Although there are speculations of its impact on weight loss, there are no substantial proofs about it from any clinical trials.

  • It aids in keeping the intestinal yeast in balance to neutralize the intestinal flora
  • It acts as help in maintaining and supporting a healthy intestinal tract
  • It also assists in increasing the process of digestion and make it fast and effective
  • It helps in countering the acidity of the stomach and improve natural response to such issues
  • It also promotes growth and presence of healthy bacteria counts in the stomach
  • It aids in maintaining pH levels in the gut
  • This supplement is rich in antioxidants
  • Each capsule contains 2 million live cells at the time of manufacture
  • Composed of active probiotics which act as protectants of your intestines
  • Comprised of a healthy and beneficial enzymes blend that is employed in improving digestion
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee of 60 days

The aid in digestion is the perfect aim for this supplement as it aids the intestinal flora and beneficial in treating acidity and other stomach issues.

Details on Plexus ProBio5 and Weight Loss

Plexus ProBio5 has been considered and widely acclaimed as a weight loss supplement that is entirely a false claim and has no clinical evidence.

No ingredient present in the making aids the weight loss. The enzymes do the lipids’ breakdown, but there is no direct effect in the loss of weight.

Some patients have reported a reduction in weight, but other factors such as diet modifications, hunger suppression, and better digestion are the reasons.

As no direct link has surfaced, any medical practitioner is not recommended as a weight loss aid.

Some people still try to use it long to achieve the desired result, but care is necessary as severe adverse effects can occur.


How to Use Plexus ProBio5

Plexus ProBio5 is a supplement that comes in a bottle that comes in 60 capsules. The packaging of the Plexus ProBio5 recommends that the dose is between 1 and four pills each day.

Take Plexus ProBio5 with or without a meal. You can take it before going to sleep as well. Although the dose taking is recommended at bedtime, there are reservations over taking such a hefty dose at night.

After you reach your goals, you can take one capsule at night to maintain your results.

Complications can occur in the patients and CVS patients very often, so it is better to consult a doctor before using it to achieve any results.

The aid is not for children and pregnant women. Severe consequences can result if taken for recreational or medicinal purposes in children. Make sure that you keep it out of reach of children.

Side Effects

Potential Plexus ProBio5 Side Effects

Some potentially damaging and significant side effects of the Plexus ProBio5 are listed below:

  • Plexus ProBio5 has shown no significant side effects in healthy people. Any clinical trial has reported no significant side effects as well
  • Serrapeptase does not cause clotting of blood so that it might have a blood thinner effect
  • Interaction with blood thinner medications
  • Don’t take any probiotic supplements if you are already taking any antibiotics
  • Contraindicated in pregnant women and lactating women
  • Contraindicated in the people who have immunity issues
  • Allergic reactions are common due to the presence of probiotic, enzymatic, and vitamin ingredients; the present supplement also contains brown rice powder, yeast, and gelatin
  • Visceral pain is quite common
  • Bloating, gas and even nausea are also common side effects
Product Warnings

Plexus ProBio5 Product Warnings

  • Do not take the supplement if you are a child or a teenager under 18 years of age
  • Please do not take it without the doctor’s prescription
  • Contraindicated in pregnant women and lactating mother as well
  • You should not exceed the recommended dose on the label, which is 2-4 capsules per day
  • Do not use it if you see any allergic spot on any part of the body
  • Do not use if you are going to operate any heavy machinery
  • Do not use the supplement if it comes without any label
  • Check the expiry date as well before using it as well
  • Do not use the product if wrong ingredients are listed or if any component is missing
  • Do not use it if the sealing of the product or the container tampers in any way
  • Do not use it if the aluminum seal of the supplement bottle is open
  • Do not use it if the FDA does not approve it due to any false claim
  • Do not use it if you haven’t consulted with your physician

Make sure that you check all these features before you buy any supplement.


Plexus ProBio5 Lawsuits

There have been some lawsuits against the Plexus International and its products. The contamination and pollution of the product is the foremost thing to consider.

Other than that, false claims are the second thing that has landed the company in hot waters. As quoted from the FDA,

“Your Fast Relief, ProBio5, and BioCleanse are not recognized as safe and effective for the above-referenced uses and, therefore, the products are “new drugs” under section 201(p) of the Act [21 USC. § 321(p)].

“The FDA approves a new drug by scientific data submitted by a drug sponsor to demonstrate that it is safe and effective.

“Furthermore, your Fast Relief, ProBio5 and BioCleanse are offered for conditions that are not amenable to self-diagnosis and treatment by individuals who are not medical practitioners.”

Plexus ProBio5 Alternatives

Although Plexus ProBio5 is a supplement that is used quite widely without any need for the prescription, its adverse effects are something that you must pay attention to.

Acute and severe results are noted on people who have been taking these supplements for a long time. There is a need to find an alternative.

You can look up to many eCommerce websites that will provide you some other options compared to Plexus ProBio5.

The main options include:

  • Vitamin Bounty’s Pro 50 Probiotic with 13 Probiotic Strains, 50 Billion Organisms per serving
  • Hyperbiotics Organic Prebiotic Powder which promotes the growth of good bacteria
  • PRO-Bifido Probiotics is support for Ages 50+ (Bifidobacterium) 15x
  • Douglas Laboratories – Multi-Probiotic 40 Billion that provides probiotics and prebiotics

Ensure that whatever product you opt to use has all the features, and it does not tamper the ingredients in any way. It must be within the expiry limit as well.

What Users Are Saying

Plexus Contact Information

  • Address: Plexus Worldwide® 9145 East Pima Center Parkway Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
  • Phone: 480-998-3490
Bottom Line

What Users Are Saying

“Works well – Love this product; wish it was more affordable & quicker shipping.”

“I took this and 3 other products by plexus and within a week I was having migraine, vertigo, stomach cramping, fast heart beat, diarrhea,extreme dehydration even though I was drinking water like tomorrow! They will lie and say it is your body cleansing it’s self but it has been like this after a week of stopping and still not my self!!”

“My favorite supplement to take.”

Plexus ProBio5 Ingredients

The Bottom Line on ProBio5

So, will ProBio5 help you lose weight? Well, we like it contains a few natural ingredients and that we found some favorable customer comments, but we’re hesitant about this one because there’s no connection between the formula and weight-loss. We’re also concerned about the high price tag and negative side effects reported by customers.

For dieters ready to shed those extra pounds, we suggest going with a weight-loss app that’s setting the standard in user support.

Among the best weight-loss apps we’ve seen is Noom. This app doesn’t offer cookie-cutter suggestions – you get real human coaching, customized meal plans, food tracking, exercise tracking and much more. All this and it’s clinically proven to help you lose weight and keep it off, for good.

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Plexus ProBio5

What is Plexus ProBio5?

Plexus ProBio5 is a probiotic supplement. It claims to help balance the intestinal system.

What are the side effects of Plexus ProBio5?

As reported in customer reviews, Probio5 side effects may include itchy skin, sleeplessness, irregular bowel movements, diarrhea, upset stomach and abdominal pain.

What is in Probio5?

Probio5 ingredients are protease, chitosanase, cellulase, serrapeptase, bacillus coagulans, lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium longum, lactobacillus plantarum, saccharomyces boulardii, grape seed extract, gelatin, water and brown rice powder.

What are the active ingredients in Probio5?

The active ingredients in Probio5 include protease, chitosanase, cellulase and serrapeptase.

Does Probio5 work?

We found no scientific research proving Probio5 is an effective weight-loss supplement. There are studies suggesting the benefits of probiotics, but the research doesn’t point toward this formula.

Where can I buy Plexus ProBio5?

Plexus ProBio5 can be purchased using their Official Site.

How much does a bottle of Probio5 cost?

One bottle (60 capsules) of Probio costs $41.95/60  A subscription with (60 capsules) cost $31.95/60 capsules.

How many Plexus ProBio5 should I take?

You should take one to four Probio5 capsules with an evening meal or prior to sleep. Each bottle contains 60 pills, lasting anywhere between 15 days and two months.

Who makes Probio5?

Plexus Worldwide makes Probio5.

How much does ProBio5 cost?

ProBio5 costs $59.99 per bottle.

Is Probio5 gluten-free?

Yes, Probio is gluten-free.

Has the FDA ever contacted the makers of Probio5?

Yes, the FDA has contacted the makers of Probio5 in July of 2014 due to misleading claims.

Does Probio come with a guarantee?

Probio5 comes with a guarantee. For a full refund, you will need to return the supplement within 60 days.

When should I take Plexus ProBio5?

Users can take ProBio5 in the evening with your dinner or before you go to sleep.

Is Plexus ProBio5 vegan?

ProBio5 is not vegan, but it is gluten-free.

48 Plexus ProBio5 Reviews

  • It has cleared up a lot of gas !
    Frances (Verified Purchase)

    I have been taking Probio5 for about weeks, when I take more than one I have a lot of stomach pain. It has cleared up a lot of gas, and loud gut noise that I had. I’m concerned about taking it with antibiotics.

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Ask your doctor before adding the antibiotics. Gassy build up is sometime reported.

    • Angela

      Make sure you are drinking a lot of water. It makes a difference.

      • Your Name

        The gas and bloating could be caused by the candida die

  • It is not a stand alone product
    Your Name (Verified Purchase)

    Its a tool to help your gut become healthy, which assists in weight loss. It is not a stand alone product for weight lose. But if you are in the market for an excellent probiotic, you won’t find a better one!

    • Lori

      I happen to be a major fan. Tell us your thoughts about Probio5. I’ve seen it work miracles. It has been amazing for my depression. Even though that may sound unbelievable. It makes me sad that a site like this would try to sound so official, yet try something for four days and give a review. This single product has given hope to more people than I can count. And this is my first time to ever get on a site like this and offer my opinion.

      • NotPhat_JusPhluffy

        I LOVE Probio5! Been taking for 6 weeks & I am Finally regular & sleeping better than I have in 20 years. I rise early, between 5-8, and fal asleep by 10-midnight, which is great for me! I started Plexus hoping to lose weight but that hasn’t happened yet. That’s ok tho, I’m 100% satisfied with the other perks I am getting.

    • Your Name

      I love it. It works best with plexus biocleanse. Probio 5 is like cleaning your toilet and the biocleanse is like flushing the toilet.

      • Leah

        Great analogy! 🙂

      • Tabatha Schreiber

        I have been taking probio5 for a week and I haven’t gone number two in days!! I’m so bloated I barely eat! It’s very uncomfortable!!! I just ordered the bio cleanse now Leary if I should even start that?????? HELP!!!!!

    • Your Name

      I have a week taking it and make me sleepie the next day.

  • this was a suprise
    heidi (Verified Purchase)

    I have been taking probio5 for about three weeks now with the Biocleanse and I’ve gone to the washroom more regularly than normal. I feel that it is helping since I actually took the product simply to get healthier, not so much to loose weight. I am already quite slim but what I did find is that my waistline lost about an inch or perhaps a bit more and I wasn’t even looking for that result…….happy however that it happenend. We all try hard to shed unwanted lbs….this was a suprise.

  • It works great for your intestinal tract
    Tina (Verified Purchase)

    Probio5 is THE best probiotic on the Market! I have been taking it for almost 3 years! It works great for your intestinal tract!! Used with the BioCleanse and it’s even better!!!

    • Adam

      Can you tell me how many cfu’s per serving pro bou 5 offers? Intrested to know. Also how ma y strands of strains does it offer? Thank you!!!

      • B

        It literally tells you all of that in the article above.

      • Mandy Wiedeman

        It has 5 stains and there are 2 million per capsule. Serving size is 1 to 4 capsules

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