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Tummy Tuck Belt Review - 14 Things You Need to Know

The Tummy Tuck Belt expands around the waist and provides a non-surgical approach to weight loss. The product claims to reduce inches around the abdominal area without any supplements or changes in diet. This seems too good to be true.

Optimal nutrition, a balanced diet, and exercise are needed for effective weight loss. We decided to take a closer look at the Tummy Tuck Belt to determine the strengths and weaknesses of this product. Here are our findings and suggestions regarding this product.

Tummy Tuck Belt can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is the Tummy Tuck Belt?

What is Tummy Tuck Belt

The Tummy Tuck Belt is a slimming belt claiming to cause an instant slimming effect. Every session should last for 10 minutes. This tummy tuck slimming system is made using space-age materials. Being soft and flexible, the company claims that the belt will not cause excessive discomfort unless you wear it for extended periods. If the belt gets dirty from sweat, you can wash it but never put it in the dryer.

  • Polymers – According to this research, compression garments may benefit individuals seeking medical therapy.
  • Sports Medicine – This study found that compression clothing may be able to improve recovery after exercise.
  • Obesity – “Weight training had the strongest association with less WC [waist circumference] increase.”

It is meant to compress your stomach inwards and instantly help you attain a slimmer look. If you want, you can wear it under your regular clothes. The product is sold together with the Tummy Tuck Belt cream. This thermal accelerator is claimed to help burn belly fat.

According to the manufacturer, quick weight loss will be realized if you combine the belt with their diet and exercise program. The program is sold separately. People who cannot work out for whatever reason can stick to the Tummy Tuck Belt and cream and watch the fat melt away at a slower pace.

The manufacturer claims that the cream keeps burning fat for up to 3 hours after taking off the belt. Working out can help you experience results twice as fast.

Tummy Tuck Belt Competitors

Hot Belt
It Works!

Who Makes Tummy Tuck Belt?

Savvier Direct manufactures the Tummy Tuck Slimming System. The company is a direct-response business behind brands such as:

  • Flirty Girl Fitness
  • Bender Ball
  • 6-Second Abs
  • Melt It Off
  • Mama Wants Her Body Back
  • Shapely Secrets
  • Zone Pilates
  • Cross Crunch
  • Easy Curves
  • Crunchless Abs
  • Gliding

Tummy Tuck Belt Benefits

Based on reviews for Tummy Tuck Belt, potential benefits include:

  • Instant slimming
  • Fat loss
  • Reduced belly fat thickness

According to the Tummy Tuck seen on TV advertisements, users are able to see the most weight loss results when following a diet and exercise plan as well. The company also claims customers can see the results through ultrasound imaging and heat vision photography.

How To Use

Tummy Tuck Belt Ingredients

Tummy Tuck Belt Ingredients

As mentioned, the tummy tuck slimming system belt comes with an accelerator cream meant to help scorch belly fat. The belt itself is a slimming garment made of flexible space-age material. The manufacturer does not disclose the ingredients used to make the thermal accelerator cream. We found the ingredients, and they are:

  • Water
  • Ethoxydiglycol
  • Caffeine
  • Kola nut


Caffeine is an often studied ingredient relating to weight loss. According to Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, “caffeine intake might promote weight, BMI and body fat reduction.” Additionally, based on a study in the journal Theranostics, “caffeine protects the skin from oxidative stress.”


Based on the scientific research into the ingredient, PubChem states ethoxydiglycol is used in “topical preparations for affording protection against sunlight [and] topical sun tanning preparations.”

Kola Nut

Kola nut is more than a nut, according to the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. “Some research has shown that kola nut extract contains the stimulants caffeine, theobromine and kolatin, and glucose, and is able to counteract fatigue, alleviate thirst and hunger.”

Does It Work?

How to Use the Tummy Tuck Belt System

Like many medical products, Tummy Tuck Belt results vary among users. Using it correctly is not a guarantee that it will work. However, proper use will increase your chances of success. So how is it meant to be used? According to the packaging:

  1. Apply the accelerator cream. Fill your hand with sufficient cream and rub it from just below your chest to your hip area. You shouldn’t apply the cream to your back.
  2. Wait for a minute before fastening the belt over your midsection. Raise the belt from your feet to your belly area and secure it till it holds tight. Wear under your clothes.
  3. For two minutes, perform standing abdominal contraction exercises. Continue to wear, doing regular activities for 8 minutes, for 10 minutes with the belt on. You shouldn’t wash off the cream for at least 2 hours, as it accelerates the process.
  4. The process should be repeated twice every day. The company claims 2x faster results if you also exercise during the day.
  5. If you want a flat stomach, wear your regular clothes over the Tummy Tuck Belt. You can wear the belt for as long as you wish, although you will get very sweaty because the belt increases metabolism around the tummy. Most people won’t perform strenuous activities with the belt on since it presses the stomach a lot. Some can’t even get up because of the pressure.

It is vital to fit the belt properly since it might move up your abdomen and your chest. If this happens, make sure you push it down as fast as possible since it will only hinder your breathing without offering any benefits. Also, make sure you get the correct size. A small belt may even fail to go beyond your hip area.

Pros & Cons

Does the Tummy Tuck Belt Work?

Does Tummy Tuck Belt Work

According to the manufacturer, anyone can use this weight-loss program to lose belly fat without working out or going on a diet. However, incorporating the Tummy Tuck Belt exercise and developing proper eating habits will help you experience results faster. The company sells its workout and diet manual separately.

If you are interested in long-term results, you will definitely have to make an effort to adjust your lifestyle. The belt eliminates water weight, and the results will last for a short time. Considering the use of the Tummy Tuck Belt could only produce short-term success, our research team focused on the benefits of a long-lasting solution to weight loss. According to the Medical Clinics of North America Journal, “treatment of obesity requires ongoing clinical attention and weight maintenance-specific counseling to support sustainable healthful behaviors and positive weight regulation.”

According to research, it is not possible to lose weight at a single spot in your body. According to a study published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, “interventions improve obesity-related outcomes including body mass index (BMI), body weight, body fat, and waist circumference, yet it is unclear whether these improvements are due to increased physical activity, increased lean muscle mass, and/or changes in eating behaviors.”

Weight loss experienced from using this product is temporary. No fat is burned; instead, water is lost, giving a brief impression that a user lost weight. Over days, your belly will get back to its original size.

You will find before and after pictures that show the results you should expect on the official website. However, Tummy Tuck Belt before and after photos doesn’t necessarily mean the product will deliver results.

A better way to determine the possible Tummy Tuck Belt results is to consider customer feedback. Most customers were disappointed with the product, mostly because it makes extraordinary claims that are supposedly backed by research.

The detailed studies are not mentioned by the manufacturer, possibly because there is none. The Tummy Tuck Belt under-delivers when put to real-world use.

Side Effects

Cons of the Tummy Tuck Belt Miracle Slimming System

Below are some of the cons of this slimming system:

  • The product only delivers short-term results and will, therefore, not help people who are trying to get healthy.
  • In most users, the product did not deliver results. Many people have even labeled it the ‘Tummy Tuck Belt scam.’
  • If you get approved for the money-back guarantee, you will still have to pay for shipping. Also, you will have to pay for all the handling charges. Many buyers fail to note this when purchasing this slimming system.
  • The Tummy Tuck Belt cost is expensive.
  • Once you make a purchase, the company will keep billing you every two months for a new 60-day supply of the accelerator cream. If you forget to cancel these extra purchases, you will pay a lot of money unnecessarily.
  • The belt does not stay in place. Many users complained that it kept rolling up to their chests. This even led to difficulties in breathing.
  • Getting the belt around your stomach is a complicated process, especially if you are excessively overweight.
  • Without working out and dieting, your results will be temporary.
  • It is almost impossible to work out with the belt on since it hurts your stomach. You may be very uncomfortable when exercising. The extreme pressure may even cause difficulties in breathing, and this will affect your capacity to engage in workouts.

Potential Tummy Tuck Belt Side Effects

The belt is made of a material that will not seep from the belt into your skin.

Some users have actually developed Tummy Tuck Belt side effects from using the cream, although some are simply allergic reactions to the ingredients.

Potential side effects of topical creams, according to the Indian Dermatology Online Journal, include:

  • Rashes
  • Itchy skin
  • Burning sensation, mainly when used for the first time
  • Development of stretch marks

It is worth noting that the treatment is unlikely to result in long-term benefits.

Mainly, such products make you lose water weight and can help you achieve a flat stomach for a few days at most. When on this treatment, you can also expect to experience a lot of dehydration and excessive sweating.

The advantage is that it will help you get rid of toxins in your skin. That said, you will need to rehydrate frequently.

The cream is only meant to be used on the midsection. You are unlikely to enjoy using this cream. It is sticky and hardens on your skin, giving an uncomfortable feeling.

As seen from these reviews, the results vary among the users. However, after analyzing the review data, the reviews are disproportionately negative. This means there is a meager chance that the belt helps people lose weight. Those who experienced positive results may have worked out and eaten a proper diet to lose weight. No research shows how belts and wraps help people lose weight.

Some users even found it a struggle to wear the belt. Many had trouble performing basic tasks with their bellied pressed inwards.


Potential Tummy Tuck Belt Side Effects Spandex

Spandex is an elastic fiber used for gloves, skinny jeans, belts, leggings, etc. It stretches easily, so it’s commonly used in products that need to accommodate various sizes.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Spandex allows for Tummy Tuck Belt sizes to fit many different sized people. This doesn’t mean it is one size fits all. There are limits, though we didn’t find direct mention of the maximum size on any product we reviewed.

Clinical Research

We were unable to find any clinical research that connects spandex to weight-loss. Still, the elasticity of the belt may temporarily reduce waist circumference by placing pressure on the waistline. It works similarly to a corset, but the results are not lasting or as invasive as this approach. In neither case will you notice long-term changes once the belt (or corset) is no longer worn daily.


Nylon is a silk-like, moldable material used for women’s stockings, parachutes, flak vests, and tires in the 40s. It is still used in clothing materials throughout the world, including products like the Tummy Tuck Belt. It is not flexible, so it is the means of providing pressure on the midsection.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Nylon is supposed to compress the stomach area to decrease the waist size. Just like the spandex, the results are only temporary. Once you stop wearing the Tummy Tuck Belt, the smaller size will not last long-term.

Clinical Research

There is no clinical research on Nylon, but the belt’s compression could shrink waist size for a short period. It is a well-known and commonly used material, so the risk of adverse reactions tends to be small, but there is always the chance that people with sensitive skin or nylon allergies will notice a reaction.

Customer Service

Tummy Tuck Belt Lawsuits

In December 2017, it was released that a $1 million+ lawsuit was filed against the Tummy Tuck Slimming System for using misleading advertisements to lure in customers. The District Attorney’s Office filed the case.


Tummy Tuck Belt Customer Service

All companies should have helpful customer service representatives, especially if they sell products on the internet. For the Tummy Tuck Belt, the customer service team is outsourced. You can reach customer service through mail at Tummy Tuck® Slimming System 16620 Stagg Street Van Nuys, CA 91406, by phone at 1-800-305-8988, or by email at customerservice@tummytuckbelt.com. You can order by phone at 1-800-830-9418.

The reps have little knowledge about the product. Also, they are slow to process returns. One user tried to request a refund, but the representatives said they couldn’t see a purchase record.

The complaint was about billing issues; the consumer claimed that they were charged for items they did not receive and that Savvier LP sent them to a collection agency after the customer canceled their credit card to avoid further charges.

The company Savvier, LP currently has a BBB rating of A+. The Tummy Tuck Slimming System has a BBB rating of A+ as well.

If you want to try the product without going through their customer service team, you can buy it at a local store. As seen on TV, the Tummy Tuck Belt is sold by many major retailers, including Walmart, mainly because of its sudden rise in popularity.

Ensure you keep all receipts and boxes since they will be needed if you ever want to return them for a refund.

It Works Wraps

Tummy Tuck Belt Cost

Tummy Tuck Belt Cost

The Tummy Tuck Belt slimming garment and thermal accelerator cream can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. The prices listed on the website are:

  • Every size belt is $39.98 or 2 payments of $19.99 PLUS $9.83 standard shipping/handling.
  • Each belt ordered comes with a 30-day supply of cream.
  • Ordering the belt enrolls you in an auto-ship program, which includes a 2-month supply of cream sent automatically every 60 days for $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping/handling.
  • Customers must call 1-800-305-8988 to unsubscribe from the auto-ship program.
  • A 30-day supply of cream may be ordered separately for $24.99 plus $3.99 shipping/handling.

The Tummy Tuck Slimming System includes one belt, one 30-day supply of cream, a “You Choose How To Use It” guide, and the Tummy Tightener instructional video. With standard shipping, the product will arrive within 2 to 3 weeks. Alternatively, you can pay an extra $14.32 and get the product in 3 to 5 business days.

It is important to note that you will be billed every two months for extra Tummy Tuck Belt cream, which is done automatically. If you are not interested in extra cream, you can contact customer care to cancel the auto-ship program.

Also, all purchases are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can contact customer care to return the product and get a full refund.

You will have to pay for shipping and handling if you choose to return the product. It is easier to get a refund if you buy the product from a physical store. Just make sure you keep all the necessary documents and boxes.

It is important to note that the 30-day guarantee terms and conditions say that you are waiving your right to go to court if you are unhappy with the products or the manufacturer’s claims.

Tummy Tuck Belt Refund Policy

Tummy Tuck Belt has a satisfaction guarantee available where customers can return items 30 days after purchase. Individuals are able to receive a 100% refund for their items, minus the shipping and handling costs.

What Users Are Saying

Tummy Tuck Belt vs. It Works Wraps

It Works is a line of weight loss products that include slimming wraps and a gel.

  • Body Wraps are sheets placed on the tummy and other areas and are not elastic compression slimming garments.
  • Body Wraps are coated with a “proprietary blend of botanical extracts.”
  • Wraps are worn for at least 45 minutes.
  • Defining Gel can be used with Body Wraps or anytime to accelerate the slimming process.
  • Other products offered include shake mixes and capsule supplements.

The Tummy Tuck Belt works as a compression slimming garment (it squeezes you) combined with a cream that allegedly accelerates the fat loss process. It Works Body Wraps are sheets of thin fabric coated with botanical extracts placed over the tummy or any location from the neck down. The wraps can be accelerated with the defining gel.

Bottom Line

What Users Are Saying

“I didn’t like that it didn’t do as advertised. Did not have the instant slimming effect just by wearing under clothes. I used EXACTLY as instructed with NO results.”

“This is very versatile and can be used in different areas of the body. With three power units, we can use it on several areas at the same time.”

“It doesn’t stay in place and after having it on a few minutes it rolls up.”

Bottom Line on Tummy Tuck Belt

Is it time to rush to the store for the Tummy Belt? Well, we like that it’s easy to purchase, and there are some before and after photos. But we have some concerns about it because science does not support it. Also, we’re concerned about the negative user reviews and lack of results.

We are in full support of living a healthier life, and we also know that means being at your healthy weight. Sometimes, the needed changes are difficult, but they don’t have to be with a clinically-proven system.

One of the best weight-loss apps we have seen is one called Noom. With personalized meal plans, coaching, and customized health information, Noom makes it easy to make healthier choices and lose weight along the way.

For a limited time, Dietspotlight readers can get a free trial offer of Noom with 100% access.

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Tummy Tuck Belt Review
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Tummy Tuck Belt

What are the side effects of the Tummy Belt?

Dieters report Tummy Belt side effects to include stomach pains, vomiting, skin irritation, muscle pain, nausea, and lower back pain.

What is in the Tummy Tuck Belt?

Tummy Tuck Belt ingredients include a Thermal Accelerator Cream, instructional video, and the “You Choose How To Use It Guide.”

What is the active ingredient in Tummy Tuck Belt?

The active ingredient in Tummy Tuck Belt is the belt.

Does Tummy Tuck Belt work?

The Tummy Belt is claimed to cause a “fat burning chain reaction” in the midsection, which results in a tighter and toner tummy area. While there is some thermal imaging presented on the official website, there is no actual science supporting the Tummy Tuck Belt as an effective weight-loss product.

How much is Tummy Tuck Belt?

The Tummy Tuck Belt costs $39.98.

Where can I buy Tummy Tuck Belt?

Tummy Tuck Belt can be purchased using their Official Site.

How do you take the Tummy Belt?

You take the Tummy Tuck Belt, apply the Accelerator Cream, place it around the midsection and wear twice a day for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Who makes the Tummy Belt?

Savvier makes the Tummy Tuck Belt.

Are diet and exercise required with the Tummy Tuck Belt?

No, according to the company, you do not need to incorporate diet and exercise with the Tummy Tuck Belt to lose weight.

How long does it take to see results with the Tummy Belt?

According to the company, you should start seeing results after the first week.

How do I cancel my Tummy Tuck Belt?

To cancel future Tummy Tuck Belt shipments, you’ll have to contact the customer service department at 800-305-8988. You can also use the contact form on the official website.

Can I wear Tummy Tuck Belt all day?

Although the official website says you only need to wear the Tummy Tuck Belt 10 minutes twice a day, they also say you can wear the belt all day if you enjoy the slender look.

Where can I buy a Tummy Tuck Belt?

The Tummy Tuck Belt can be purchased on the official website and Amazon.

Is Tummy Tuck Belt safe?

Although the products are considered safe, it is best to consult with a physician to see if the Tummy Tuck Belt is safe for you.

How does Tummy Tuck Belt work?

According to the official website, the compression belt, cream, and a proper diet plan are supposed to work together to slim the appearance of belly fat in the body.

What country is Tummy Tuck Belt done and come from?

Although there is little information concerning where the Tummy Tuck Belt is made, the official website lists that the company is based in California.

Is it safe to sleep with Tummy Tuck Belt on all night?

According to the official website, individuals can wear the belt under their clothes for as long as they like for the slenderizing effect. However, users only need to wear the product for 10 minutes a day.

Can Tummy Tuck Belt be used with Relacore?

The Tummy Tuck Belt is not a supplement, so it may be used alongside Relacore. However, it is important to consult with a medical professional to see if this is a safe combination.

What Tummy Tuck Belts are backed up by the FDA?

Tummy Tuck Belt is not approved by the FDA.

Can you combine the Tummy Tuck Belt and keto diet product?

Although these two products may be used together, it is important to see the advice of a medical professional first.

How do you determine what size Tummy Tuck Belt to order?

Tummy Tuck Belt has an official sizing chart. After selecting whether or not you are a man or woman, individuals can enter their dress, pant, or shirt size to determine which belt will best fit them.

When is best time to wear the Tummy Tuck Belt system?

Individuals can wear the Tummy Tuck Belt any time during the day with the “10 Minute Method” from the company.

Is the material for Tummy Tuck Belt latex or natural rubber?

The material for the Tummy Tuck Belt is a non-latex, natural rubber blend with a unique core covering of cotton and polyester. It is designed to be comfortable, breathable, and flexible while providing maximum support during your workouts. The combination of natural rubber and the special fabric creates a firm yet stretchy fit that won’t slip during exercise. With strong compression technology, the Tummy Tuck Belt can help you get a flatter stomach in less time!

101 Tummy Tuck Belt Reviews

  • Buhle South Africa

    Can I use tummy tuck belt while breastfeeding

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hello! It’s advised to consult with your physician to make sure you are able to use the product and cream while breastfeeding.

  • Does this come with specific cream ?

    Hi I am intrested to order tummy tuck but I want to know it comes with specific cream or no ?

    • Candace (Editor)

      Hi Shakeh! The tummy tuck belt comes with the “thermal accelerator” cream.

      • Your Name

        I have tried this product and the tummy tuck cream broke me out with a fungis i have had it for ywo months now do not use this product.

        • Kira Pettet

          you should make sure you are clean first before using the cream- should wash your belly with regular soap

  • Too small
    Mona (Verified Purchase)

    Just received and it is too small.Can’t get it over my fat but. Wish it was made way larger.

  • Helen

    I use the tummy tuck for support. I exercise an hour a day using the tummy tuck, doesn’t work at all. I’ve reduced 14 pounds and it takes 7 1/2 pounds to lose an inch. I’ve lost 2-inches which I believe is from the weight loss not the tummy tuck. I was hoping I could see more results, with that said I’ll continue to eat healthy us the support and work out. If one finds the miracle I’m a likely to try it.

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hi Helen! have you tried incorporating any metabolism boosters or appetite suppressants? You might want to check out Dietspotlight Burn.

  • IT WORKS!!!
    Kira Pettet (Verified Purchase)

    I got mine in less than 5 days! And IT WORKS!!! I don’t even hold in my stomach as much as they tell you to! AND I haven’t changed my diet or exercise plan any either!

  • Very good quality!
    Kira Pettet (Verified Purchase)

    I have used it ONCE a day instead of TWICE and have not done the stomach compresses or whatever they call them (you suck in your stomach and hold it for a few seconds a few times) AND I STILL lost a whole inch off my waist after a month of use! I highly recommend the Tummy Tuck Belt!!! I thought the belt would be flimsy like my spanks but NO! it is thick and very good quality!

    • Kira Pettet

      I have lost 3 lbs!

  • Claudia

    I’ve used the tummy tuck belt and it does work. You have to follow the instructions explicitly and continue to hold your stomach in not just during the time you are doing the exercise. I noticed my stomach to be firmer after using it the first day. I practice tight abs all day. If you are trying to lose weight then you need to modify your eating habits. Tummy tuck tightener does not help you lose weight. it does what it says helps you build strong ab muscles that will give you the appearance of being slimmer.

  • Patricia White

    I have been using the tummy tuck belt and tummy cream 2 times a day for 13 days now and have not seen no change. Not one inch or a 1/2″ gone. The belt doesn’t even make me look slimmer under my clothes and it is starting to curl up at the bottom. I hope I see some improvement by the time 30 days is here. So far I feel like I have been ripped off. I will add another comment once my 30 days is up. I’m hoping I will see something by then.

    • Kira Pettet

      I didn’t measure my waist again until the whole month was past and I lost 1″! AND I look much slimmer! I weighed 138 at the start too and am only 4’9.5″

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hi Patricia. Yes, we’ve also noticed that other users haven’t achieved results from the Tummy Tuck Belt. You might want to incorporate a metabolism booster to spark up more weight loss; have you checked out Dietspotlight Burn?

  • Your Name

    Just love it!!! Gives me more confidence,thanks..MUAH

  • I don't see any results !
    Your Name (Verified Purchase)

    I don’t see any results. My first cream was so clumpy they had to send me a new one. It’s not as clumpy but still has clumps. So far no results.

  • azahar

    this product is good…but the customers must also follow the steps to see the results..especially the calorie intake daily

    • Jo

      Well! If you reduce your caloric intake you will lose weight weather you wear a miracle belt or not.

    • MissT

      Yeah, except I’m watching the infomercial right now and it states over and over again how you don’t need to change your lifestyle AT ALL, which would include caloric consumption. .

  • Callie Merrills (Verified Purchase)

    Do it work with out the cream

    • Yedy Torres

      Hi Callie,

      For best results the product does recommend to use the cream, please consult your physician to see if this is the right product for you.

  • Teuth
    Tiffany-boatright (Verified Purchase)

    I ordered the tummy tuck belt 7 months ago I use it every day I use the cream one time a day but we’re my belt for about 2 1/2 hours I went from being an xl in my tops to a small it really dose work use the products right & they will help

    • Anonymous

      Thanks good to know

    • Nancy

      One pound of weight is equal to 3,500 calories. The only way to lose weight it to take in less calories then your body uses. A “tummy tuck” belt with a lotion that has kola nut and caffeine in it can not medically or scientifically promote weight loss. It’s an impossibility.

  • Wan't to know price of cream !
    Maria Shocklee (Verified Purchase)

    I have the tummy belts they work great I just need to know if I can order just the cream and how much for each cream thank you Maria

    • Devon (Editor)

      Hi Maria. The average price varies between $36-48.

    • Kira Pettet

      I think it’s $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping

  • mikaila

    I agree with the person that said with just one time they lost an inch. I hardly use it and I’m still losing but I wear mine for around half the day

    • Kira Pettet

      I do too but I never have used the cream more than once a day and I have STILL lost an inch!!

  • Jackie

    I ordered tummy tuck it was a waste of my money and time my stomach did not even go down a half a inch that was over 2 years ago so I just wear the belt now as a smoother what will make your stomach goes down us to stop drinking drinks and drinks lots of water man my stomach have went down so much its unbelievable but the tummy tuck don’t work honney save your money had I knew how to use the internet and read the reviews first I would have never got stuck with this

    • lis

      Iwould like to know how much did you lose using the waist trainer

    • Your Namepreethi

      Planning to buy this after c.section will it be effective

      • Kira Pettet

        I have had 2 c-sections ages ago and it is really working FOR ME!

  • hope it works
    Lena (Verified Purchase)

    Just got it hope it works

  • How to use this?
    Gayathri (Verified Purchase)

    Tummy tuck belt.How many hours wear this belt in 1days?

    • Candace (Editor)

      Hi, Gayathri. They suggest to wear the belt for 30 minutes a day; however, the weight that comes off will most likely be water weight and will return rather quickly according to other users.

    • Your Name

      You wear it for 10 mins and you can take it off…anything beyond 10mins is optional.

      • Alice Noble

        How come since using this cream and tummy tuck my belly has doubled I size? Now even breathing is hard.

  • Highly recommended product
    Erica (Verified Purchase)

    I got my tummy tuck belt in the mail a few days ago,I measured around my stomach,applied cream,put the tummy tuck belt on did the lil suck in thing they tell you to do for 2mins although I did it for bout 3mins then layed down & watched tv for about 30mins.Took it off remeasured & it took a lil over an INCH OFF WITH ONE TIME! I couldn’t believe it so the next afternoon I measured again & that inch was still off.Oh & I have been taking the pills everyday also.but I would HIGHLY recommend anyone trying to lose weight buy this,I’ve tried everything before this nothing else worked.Hope I’ve been helpful..

    • Antoinette

      Were you already thin or are you on the chubby side?

    • Serina

      What pill you taking?

  • Is this normal?
    melinda sutton (Verified Purchase)

    Well i started using the tummy tuck belt started having stomach pains throwing up is this normal

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Melinda. You might have picked the incorrect size if the belt is causing you discomfort. Please consult with your physician if the side effects continue.

      • Fran D.

        Ok, I am interested and I do plan to try this.

  • frank garza

    How does the tummy tuck cream do to burn tummy fat

  • Joyce Gay

    how do i know this really works

  • Mary

    I have seen no results using this belt. The cream was lumpy and after 30 days my tummy was the same as it was when I started. Lost money on this.

  • Sheikh Sheraz

    Thanks for all ……… God bless you

  • melvin waring

    need telephone number of custmer service

  • Donald Eubanks

    I tried the Tummy Tuck Belt, after approximately 2 month. I followed the instructions given to me. After that time I had not lost and thing from my waist. This product does not work as promised

  • P. Gales

    Anything “Man Made” is a risk. I thought about it and I decided not to be a “lab rat” for the purposes of fattening someone’s pocket book! Proper diet & exercise for your genetic makeup is the best way for any human to get in shape. God’s constant grace in your lives

  • kanina

    im sorry but have you actually tried this product the way youre writing it seems as if you havent tried it for yourself yet, and if you havent why is there a review about it from you?

  • Amanda Hollman

    keep up the good work

  • tina c. phillips

    Do not charge me for this as I do not want this tummy tuck belt

  • Sunshine Anderson

    I have been using the Tummy Tuck Belt since last year(2013) and I have lost significant inches off my waist and flatter stomach. I would advise to still do some form of physical activities, such as cleaning, walking, etc. I like it. My theory is that you would never know the results of something unless you continue and make an effort to see change. Also, you can buy Tummy Tuck Belt system at any Bed, Bath & Beyond. Good luck.

  • Yetnayet

    thank you

  • cathy

    is it safe for dibeties 2

  • William Montgomery

    i want it become slender.

  • gary crockett

    It’s great.

  • Jennifer

    i need more information

  • sharon

    This sounds to be good for me because I need to loose the fats on my stomach,

  • ron winters

    will this work for ex large

  • Rubble

    i have been using the tummy Tuck belt for about a year. I has reduce my fat from my stomach by 3 inches. I use twice a day. I also work out at a gym every other day. Plus I do eat healthy. But
    BEFORE the belt I was at a point where I was not losing any fat…after the using the belt the fat WAS melting away from my waist. I week from a 48 inch waist to a 38-40 inch waist pant, depends on the style. So It work for me… And I am still using it.

  • ruben


  • rhymeswithorange

    You will lose some weight around your waist: Approximately $40.00 depending on where you made your purchase. If the average overweight or out of shape person for one month simply drank only water instead of soda, juice or fancy coffees, reduced their sugar intake by 50% and ate exactly three meals (no seconds, no snacks, no deserts) they would lose at least 2 pounds in one month. That is not a lot, but at the end of the year that is 24 pounds. At the end of two years it could be 55 pounds. Add walking and some type of regular exercise program like Zumba, yoga or pilates, you will achieve that 50 pound loss in one year. If you are alive in one or two years, you will either have lost the weight or be out of some other foolish weight loss gimmick, so get up and dance or just go for a walk.

  • janice

    I’ve only been using this for two days.cream is lumpy which got me raising an eyebrow on whether its old and if I’m getting the full strength in the cream.but regardless,I love the instant slim look it provides

  • louisa garcia

    why did you take an additional payment out of my account when i distinctly told you i did not want to order anything additional,

  • Bella

    I used the Tummy Tuck for 3 months and saw no results. I used it faithfully twice a day, and did far more than the recommended reps. I eat healthy, work out, and still saw no results. For the $100.00 I invested, I feel this is just another consumer rip-off. Do not waste your money. Customer service refused to discuss a refund – stuck to the 30 day money back return. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt -won’t do that again.

  • Arthur King

    My wife has a need for a belt for hernia problems. what are sizes are. available

  • kelly ruiz

    do this really work because off these produck dont work and i need to get rideoff belly fat

  • Kathryn Meyer

    My question is can th I should product work for me?

  • Felice

    Soo funny,,,I was just watching the commercial and it looks
    great on screen..

  • David

    I have used the t.t.belt for several weeks and have lost several inches, tomake it wk you have to excersie and give up sugar,that includes diet cokes.

  • Basima

    Well today is my first day hope it work..I can feel the cream kiking in its kinda tingly an cool feeling

  • Bonnie

    The cream that is applied contains what? What type of ingredients?

  • Vemos

    Don’t waist your money, after you pay they keep charging you for something you didn’t order. Very bad customer service, plus you have to wait a month or more for refund. It doesn’t work at all.

  • Your Name

    what is the cream made of

  • Jc

    Belt did not work but helps great supporting my lower back for snow shoveling or leaf raking.

  • Tammy

    I just started yesterday. And I Woke up with my sides and stomach hurting real bad. Does that mean its working? I’m about 55lbs over weight.

  • Connie Ashby

    Does it help to wear the belt longer than the 10 minutes?

  • suji

    Am using tummy belt since 3days I have severe pain in tummy…. wanna reduce tummy at the same time get rid of pain pls suggest…..

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