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Animal Cuts is basically a “thermogenic” supplement that aims to help users burn unwanted fat. This product was created by a company known as Universal Nutrition and is claimed to be “unlike anything else out there.” Animal Cuts is geared more toward bodybuilders and individuals who are focusing on weight training competitions. It claims to focus primarily on thyroid stimulants, diuretics and thermogenisis in order to assist users with losing “optimal amounts of body fat.” Animal Cuts comes in a powder form and is sold in packets. This supplement sells on the official Universal Nutrition website for $53.96, which gets you a set of 42 packets.

Two Animal Cuts packets are to be taken each day for three weeks straight. Animal Cuts does not contain stimulants such as Ephedrine and caffeine. This dietary supplement is specifically intended for serious bodybuilders. Animal Cuts endeavors to help with fat burning, reduce bloating and even claims “mood enhancement” as an effect.

List of Ingredients

Some of the primary ingredient complexes found in Animal Cuts are as follows; Lipotropic Complex (Insitol Monophosphate, Choline Citrate and Betaine HCL), Thermogenic Complex (L-Theanine, Synephrine, OtopamineTyramine, Coleus Forskohli Extract and Epigallocatech Gallate), Metabolic Complex (Guarana and L-Carnitine), Thyroid Complex (Guggul and Soy Isoflavones), Diuretic Complex (Uva Ursi Extract and Dandelion Extract). Animal cuts additionally contains Insulin Potentiators such as Chromium Picolinate, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Chromium Polynicotinate, as well as Nucleotide Regulators like Phosphate, Phosphatidylcholine and Inosine. Finally, there is an Animal Cuts complex incorporated, which consists of Ginger ZRoot Extract, Citrilene, Grapefruit Extract, Phenylalanine and White Willow Bark.

Other ingredients found in Animal Cuts are as follows: Bitter orange extract, cocoa extract, green tea extract, Potassium Phosphate, Magnesium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, gelatin, Niacin, Vitamin B6 and Stearic Acid.

Product Features

Animal Cuts is a weight reduction powder that is primarily marketed toward serious weight lifters and bodybuilders. Some key components found in Animal Cuts are complexes such as Lipotropic Complex, Thermogenic Complex, Metabolic Complex, Thyroid Complex, Diuretic Complex, Insulin Potentiators, Nucleotide Regulators and an exclusive Animal Cuts complex. This supplement is intended to be taken twice daily for 21 days straight and aims to assist with the reduction of unwanted fat and with bloating. Animal Cuts sells for $53.96 via the official Universal Nutrition website.

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  • Animal Cuts can be purchased conveniently via the official website.
  • Does not contain Ephedrine and caffeine.
  • Animal Cuts contains bitter orange extract, which is said to assist with metabolic rates.


  • The official website does not appear to provide a money-back guarantee.
  • The official website lacks consumer testimonials.
  • Animal Cuts does not endeavor to suppress appetite.
  • Animal Cuts is really only marketed toward bodybuilders and serious weight lifters.
  • The official website does not offer a free trial sample of Animal Cuts.


Overall Animal Cuts comes across as a fat reduction supplement primarily suited for bodybuilders. While this product does not contain harsh ingredients such as caffeine and Ephedrine, the manufacturers also fail to offer valid clinical evidence to support their product claims. When all is said and done, Animal Cuts would be more marketable if the official website offered some customer testimonials, a free trial sample of the product or at least a money-back guarantee. It’s wise to consult your physician prior to using a supplement like Animal Cuts.

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50 User Reviews about Animal Cuts

  • 1

    Hi is that ok if im using Animal Stak and i also use protein shake?


  • 2

    Does this contain creatinine. Will I pass a drug test for enhancement drugs


  • 3

    Can I drink any energy drinks to get me energized for the workout if I’m taking animal stak cuts pills?


  • 4

    Do animal cut effects the libido or the sperm count ?


  • 5

    Sir, I need to confirm if Animal Cuts contain any pork (pig) inside the ingrediants? Please advise. Thanks.


  • 6

    I was taking animal cuts for 10 days i lost weight but i had a wery bad headacke every day and have an exiaity atacks 2-3 times a day the prolem is im not a heavy bodybilder a lift waight twise a week and swim 3 times a week there is 3 days i didnt take animal cuts but still feel the headackes do anybody nows what should i do thanks and sory for my bad english



    You need to drink more water it’s the caffeine you’re sensitive it’s caffeinism take a multivitamin b complex with at least 150 mg in it drink Gatorade and 1 gallon of water a bit of pickle juice it will feel good trust me


  • 7
    Michael kibble

    I’ve been talking this, I was 16 stone 7 when started and I can’t seem to loose any weight from this, I work out everyday including cardio, I’ve cut down on a lot of rubbish foods and started drinking more water instead of come etc, any tips to make the most out of these?


  • 8

    For any other 19 year old kids on here wondering about this product. Holy shit you are NINETEEN! You are young enough to burn all that fat off without this product. Unless you have a thyroid problems, get off your lazy teen ass and workout, eat right, and you will get the body you want. This product is meant for the serious lifters who have lots of water weight and simple fats to burn off, not because you want a beach bod to impress your crush.


  • 9

    The author should read the label on all the Animal line products, to include Cuts. There is a money back guarantee on all.


  • 10

    Please, may i kindly know what is the Gelatin that is found in Animal Cuts made of? I just purchased a pack online and i really need to know the answer. Thank you.


  • 11

    is it ok for women take animal cuts…need to lose 25 lbs by July?


  • 12

    Animal Cuts is not a hormone. The FDA took care of all that back when Nor/Andro went the way of ephedra. Animal Cuts does contain caffeine, in the form of Guarana (a nut/seed) and Green Tea Extract. It also contains other ephedra analogs like synephrine contained in the bitter orange.
    Animal cuts are NOT a steroid, they are a stimulant/diuretic mainly, you will be losing a lot of water. Women may want to be more mindful since they may be smaller and made up of proportionally more water. (Though you’re most likely leaner and in better shape than a lot of skinny-fat dudes) Just remember, the dose is staying the same whether you’re 6’4 260 (me) or 5’3 110, so proportionally, you may want to try one, unless you’re taking it right before your workout at 330. I did notice if I took mine at 5pm before my workout, I couldnt get to sleep till about 3am, so be mindful of your dose time. I ended up moving my workouts to lunch time which helped me burn down well before my 6PM eating curfew


  • 13

    I’m a female and i was wondering if animal cuts are a steroid? i don’t want to gain any more muscle, i just want to lose the weight over my muscle. Will this make me bigger in muscle? Also, after i stop taking it, will i gain the weight back?



    Like its easier to gain muscle than lose weight


  • 14

    Animal cut, it’s meant for pro bodybuilder sry to say coz u combo with others n this pax acts as a support. I been using it for some time already n u can see results in just 2 weeks I shred the fats in my body n getting more energy to pump harder. Your food diet consist on high protien based foods n eat any vegetables. N 10mins of intense cardio walk don’t run. U wanna burn fats not muscles. N u workout 5days a week 45mins a session. I win competition with this animal cut. Sometime this product don’t suit everyone. Coz everyone is different. My combo on this 1 month before my comp is stenzolo,deca and animal cut. Don’t take it if ur not a serious bodybuilder. Normal guys pls stick to diets n workouts


  • 15

    can you take animal cuts and superpump at the same time? just wondering!!!! any suggestion would be helpful


  • 16
    Phillip Dupree

    I just started taking Ripped and Peeled, I workout at 4am and Im at work when it calls for me to take my second packet of pills, do I have to workout after taking the pills or can i just take them, I run in the afternoons at around 1:30 should I just wait to take it then?



    I have taken this supplement several times and it is not necessary to workout directly after taking the second packet. It can just be taken. I like this supplement and does give good results if you put the work in. With any supplement you get out of it what you put into it.


  • 17

    hey guys just need a quick answer. I bought animal cuts today and was wondering if i could take animal cuts and at the same time take gold standard whey?..


  • 18
    Chris A

    just started cuts i have a very strict diet. i work out at 9pm and do 30 min cardio 5 days a week. what times should i take the supp to get the best results. trying to get abs for beach season ;)


  • 19

    Can you drink milk after taking animal cuts??


  • 20

    Can I take Animal Cut 1 hour before my workout at 11-12:30am Midnight or it should be in the morning?


  • 21

    how about taking animal cuts and super pump250 or is that a little overboard?


  • 22

    my body weight is 160lbs .will animal cuts help me lose 15lbs bodyfat in 30 days ?


  • 23

    Is Animal cut safe for women to take?


  • 24

    no, you are talking about Animal Pak. Animal Cuts and Animal Pak are two different supplements.


  • 25

    Is it good to take cuts,pak and whey protein. I’m 19 having 130lbs and I just wanna ask if I should take this 3 or just the pak and whey to have a good shape? Thanks in advance.



    hmm…good question. help anyone?



    It is alright to take a protein, infact it is still a great idea to continue to take protein while on the cuts.


  • 26

    Do u think its a good idea to stack animal cuts with jack3d? Or is that too much at once?


  • 27
    Gup Sidhu

    Yo yo! I’ve just purchased Animal Cuts and wanting to know whether to take a whey protein with it or a high protein based isolate? Cheers


  • 28

    Is it bad to take animal stak, cut and pump all in the same day?


  • 29

    i have one question what better time to take mid day and before working out at night or as it says on the lable?


  • 30

    I am 19 and i weigh 194lbs. i have been taking animal cuts for 2 days now. but i dont really run or eat too healthy. but i do work out 5 days a week. is this still going to work or should i start cardio and eating healthy while on the supplement?


    are you joking?

    You will never, ever get cut without cardio and a healthy diet.



    u can get cut without doing cardio…please

    compound lifts and a clean diet


  • 31

    Im 19, and i wanna pretty much do what this claims it will do, which is lose some belly fat and cut my muscle i do have but i wanted to ask.. will this actually work for me?? Thanks.


  • 32

    Ive heard that once you get off animal cuts you gain your body fat back on a lot faster and even more body fat. Is this true?


  • 33

    the label on my animal cuts jug was ripped. what is the dosage on the label say?


    William T

    Take 2 a day, one once you wake up and one four to six hours later.


  • 34

    Ok, I have trouble taking pills..Is there Animal cuts in powder form so i can just mix it and drink it?



    Its actually sold in powder satchels, so you can mix and drink it.


    mario molina

    Where can we get the powdered form?



    there is no powder form you have to break open the pills


  • 35

    Hi i’m 19 years old and weight 128kg. What kind of animal cuts must i use, will animalcuts work on me and how many kg will i lose in one month?



    well its gonna help you loose around 15 20 pounds in a months depends on the workout u gonna do n diet u gonna take…i;ll suggest to 1 hour cardio 6 days a week n take a non-carb diet…..results would b better if u start cardio a week earlier before hitting da pak…..some abs excercise certainly help



    What kind of animal cuts? There is only one kind…and you are very young, young enough to still have a very strong motabalism, be careful when taking these pills. I am on my second can. I lost 12 lbs on my first can and I am 26. Just watch your diet though, this is not an appetite suppressent.


  • 36

    Hi have been taking animal cuts for 3 days now and just had a quick question..

    1. Is stacking animal cuts with a pro hormone a good or bad idea and why?

    2. How long does it take for you to see results with animal cuts and how long does it take to get into your system?



    It is not a very good idea. To tell you the truth pro hormones (oral steroids, I do hope you understand they are steroids) are very very harsh on the body and you should not be forcing your body to try to deal with even more supplements.