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MTN OPS Review - 24 Things You Need to Know

MTN OPS is a company offering various food supplement products for weight gain, weight loss, and weight maintenance. They claim their products can help users achieve their health and fitness goals. This sounds similar to most supplement companies on the market.

Despite promising ingredients and transparency from the company, there is little research available for the products. Our research team decided it was time to investigate the products to determine whether they can be successful. Here are the results of their research.

MTN OPS can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is MTN OPS?

MTN OPS is a company that makes food supplements for people who maintain an active lifestyle. The company has various products focused on weight gain, weight loss, or maintaining a healthy weight. The products range from powders to drinks to snack bars. The ingredients present in the products depend on their formulation. However, MTN OPS provides different kinds of products for men and women, depending on their body type and metabolism differences.

The weight loss supplement available from MTN OPS is Blaze. While we’ll talk more about the supplement in a short while, let’s take a look at three of the supplement’s ingredients to see if science offers any support.

  • Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics – “Irvingia gabonensis [African mango] demonstrates potential for significant weight loss of up to 12 kilograms in overweight and obese subjects over a period of 10 weeks with few reported adverse events.”
  • Clinical Nutrition – After 12 weeks of taking a high-dose green tea supplement, researchers found significant weight loss and reductions in waist circumference in women.
  • Journal of Affective Disorders – Though we found no link between caralluma fimbriata and weight loss in current research, we did find that the supplement may help reduce feelings of stress.

MTN OPS Competitors

Advocare 24-Day Challenge
Other similar products: Steel Libido, Beyond Raw LIT, Pure Testo Blast

How Did MTN OPS Start?

mtn ops about the company

MTN OPS was established in 2014 and is in Utah. The company initially started creating supplements targeted at athletes, hunters, climbers, and those people who are focused on high-intensity physical workouts. The company now also produces workout gear and claims to give back to the community through a variety of programs, including 2% for conservation and Operation Conquer Hunger.

Various Categories of MTN OPS Products

MTN OPS has several categories of products:

MTN OPS Supplements for Men and Women

The MTN OPS supplements include MTN OPS proteins, pre-workout boosters, energy drinks, testosterone boosters, and many more. The company also sells multivitamins, anti-inflammatory drugs, and antioxidants.

Men’s and Women’s Gear

The company sells various men’s and women’s outdoor gear and accessories such as hoodies, t-shirts, and caps. The clothing line is geared towards outdoor activities. MTN OPS also has accessories such as mugs and jewelry.

Combo Products

MTN OPS sells combo products that include various supplements that target a particular issue, such as weight loss or strength.

mtn ops products

Different Types of MTN OPS Supplements

MTN OPS makes a large variety of supplements. The different categories of these supplements are:

  • MTN OPS Protein
  • MTN OPS Pre-Workouts
  • MTN OPS Energy Drinks
  • MTN OPS Probiotic
  • MTN OPS Performance Enhancers
  • MTN OPS Testosterone Boost
  • MTN OPS Multi-Vitamins
  • MTN OPS Body Cleanse

Also, the supplements are available in a variety of flavors and combos.

MTN OPS Enduro Review

MTN OPS Enduro is a cardio-enhancement supplement that increases the performance of athletes who are engaging in cardiovascular activities. The supplement is available in multiple flavors, including Citrus Bliss, Black Cherry, Peach, Pink Lemonade, Raspberry, and Pina Colada. It has the following features:

  • Hydrates the body
  • Supports endurance and performance
  • Gives a nitric oxide boost
  • Offers L-citrulline, which supposedly maintains athletic performance

Various supplement reviewers stated that the product was not very effective, but it did give a little boost to their cardiovascular activities.

MTN OPS Ammo Review

MTN OPS Ammo is a protein meal replacement product that has nine grams of protein in every serving. This meal replacement product is  usefulwith water or as a shake. According to the company and the MTN OPS Ammo reviews, the product has the following features:

  • Helps maintain muscle recovery and performance
  • Contains a 4.5 serving of real fruits and vegetables in each serving
  • Has vitamins and minerals
  • Contains 140 calories per serving

The ingredients present in this product are milk protein isolate, cold-milled flax seeds, whey protein isolate, inulin, concentrates of spinach, broccoli, carrots, beet and tomato, and much more. The whey protein present in it allegedly boosts muscle recovery.

MTN OPS Yeti Review

MTN OPS Yeti is a pre-workout drink that is used before intense physical workouts and is said to increase the stamina and endurance levels of athletes. According to the company, the Yeti has the following features:

  • Supports endurance
  • Increases strength
  • Contains nitric oxide, creatine, and L-citrulline
  • Helps in aiding a workout and has a great taste

The product has ingredients such as nitric oxide and L-citrulline believed to improve an athlete’s endurance. Creatine is another ingredient that supposedly helps boost exercise performance and increases muscle mass.


MTN OPS OX is a testosterone capsule, made from all-natural ingredients, which is supposed to help boost the testosterone level in men.
The ingredients of this product are:

  • Hawthorn extract
  • D-Aspartic acid
  • Horny goat weed extract
  • Tongkat Ali extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris extract
  • Pine bark extract
  • Maca root extract
  • Panax ginseng extract

According to the International Journal of Health Sciences, many of these products are regularly used in testosterone boosters. They also claim to increase the performance of athletes. According to the reviews posted by various customers, the product worked for a few people but was not effective for others.

mtn ops reviews reviews

Other MTN OPS Supplements Reviews

Other MTN OPS supplements reviews are listed below:


Blaze is a fat burner supplement that also helps increase energy and focus. As per the reviews and the official website, this product helps maintain focus and energy even during strenuous physical activities. It may help in suppressing appetite, so some people may find it useful as a weight-loss tool. The ingredients, such as caffeine and green tea extract, may help sustain focus and body energy levels.


Phenix is a product that is allegedly responsible for supporting performance recovery after an intense workout. The reviews state that the product helps maintain a typical recovery time after an intensely physical workout. The ingredients, such as the whole BCAA profile present in the supplement, are thought to be responsible for these results.


Magnum is another protein supplement similar to MTN OPS Ammo. However, this product has a whey protein base. The supplement can be used as a meal replacer and is useful in maintaining normal recovery and performance. Each serving has 23g of protein and ten calories.

The product is available in Vanilla Milkshake, Chocolate Malt, Strawberries & Cream, Banana Cream, Birthday Cake, Cookies & Cream, Lemon Poppyseed, Mountain Mocha, Eggnog, Pumpkin Spice, and Berries & Cream. The L-glutamine present in this product helps with the healing of muscle damage.


Ignite is a multi-purpose energy drink that is said to help energize both the body and mind. The company states that the drink improves cognition and increases a person’s focus. The ingredients present in this energy drink are L-arginine, L-citrulline, black pepper extract, and various vitamins believed to be beneficial during workouts to provide energy to the body.


MTN OPS Claims

Each MTN OPS product has different claims to attract consumers and also to market its brand. These include:

  • Protein supplements increase muscle building.
  • The testosterone supplements increase energy levels and maintain testosterone levels in the body.
  • The energy boosters help increase concentration and maintain energy throughout the workout.

mtn ops ingredients


MTN OPS Ingredients

The ingredients in each product are different depending on the function of the product. MTN OPS claims that all of its products contain natural ingredients and do not have any chemicals in them. On the company’s website, the ingredients of each product are listed and the effects the ingredients have on the body. Each bottle or package also has all of the ingredients listed.

Does MTN OPS Work?

The question of whether MTN OPS works has multiple answers for different users. There are not many pieces of evidence to support the company’s claims. However, the ingredients present in MTN OPS’s products have been effective in many cases. Some people have reported not feeling any effects of the products even after 60 days of usage while others have seen results instantly. Hence, the effects seem to vary depending on the person and the product.

Benefits and Results

MTN OPS Benefits and Results

The benefits of the various MTN OPS products are different. Some of the key benefits that the products seem to render are as follows:

  • Increase stamina and boost energy
  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Boost muscle building and healing processes
  • Increase focus while performing strenuous physical activities

The results, as already mentioned above, differ from person to person.

However, Enduro and the unique combos have gotten positive reviews from almost all the consumers.

Details on MTN OPS and Weight Loss

The products, such as the fat burner and the weight loss combos, aid in weight loss. Some of the products, such as Blaze, help in suppressing appetite leading a person to eat less and therefore lose weight. Additionally, the energy boosters help a person increase his or her stamina, allowing for a longer workout, which also aids in weight loss. The protein supplements help a person feel full for a long time helping in weight loss.

mtn ops directions


How to Use MTN OPS Supplements?

The process of using each of the supplements is different. However, there are a few rules that need to be followed in each case. These include:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Do not take the supplement in excess
  • Combine the supplements with a proper workout to get positive results
  • Read all of the instructions given on the bottle
Side Effects

Potential MTN OPS Side Effects

  • Most people who have purchased this product have reported positive effects. However, there have been a few negative comments posted as well.
    The potential side effects are as follows: Nausea or diarrhea due to ingesting an excess of protein.
  • Vomiting or have trouble sleeping may result from the high dosage of caffeine.
  • Taking excess protein can also lead to weight gain.

To avoid these problems, it is better to take these supplements as prescribed on the bottle and under the proper supervision of an expert.


MTN OPS Product Warnings

Although there is not much information available on the internet regarding the adverse effects of these products, here are some things that are notable:

An excess of any product is terrible for the body, and the MTN OPS products should be consumed in moderation.

Any MTN OPS Lawsuits?

There have been some negative reviews of the products on the internet. Many people have called it a waste of money. However, there is no single lawsuit against the company reported to date that could be found on the internet.

mtn ops alternatives


MTN OPS Alternatives

There are quite a lot of alternatives available on the market. However, natural ways to fuel the body are always best. It is better to increase protein intake with protein-rich food and ingest caffeine in other forms to increase energy and boost metabolism. Additionally, testosterone can also be increased naturally through exercising and by eating a healthy diet.

A few alternatives are:

MTN OPS Truck for A Buck Giveaway and Other MTN OPS Coupons

MTN OPS runs promotions frequently. One of its biggest promotions was the MTN OPS truck for a buck giveaway. In the MTN OPS truck for a buck giveaway, any person shopping for a product worth $5 on the website is given a chance to win an MTN OPS truck. Each person can participate multiple times by making a purchase worth $5 or more and get an entry in the truck for a buck giveaway. There are other promotional coupons too that can be redeemed to get discounts on a variety of products.

Where to Buy MTN OPS Products

MTN OPS products are available for purchase on the company’s official website or through various partner websites. However, there have been multiple complaints about receiving duplicate products from partner websites. Accordingly, buying from the official website is a better option. The products are also available at the local MTN OPS retail stores.

Important Notes

While looking at the supplement reviews from various users, there are a few things that are notable before buying these products. The supplements are best taken as per the instructions given on the box, and only a limited amount are to be used. There have been some supplements reviews shared by users that showed side effects when consumed at a high dosage.

  • Drink lots of water with the use of supplements.
  • Workout while taking these supplements.
  • Store the supplements in a cool and dry place after opening.
  • Make sure to read the instructions and the MTN OPS supplement review of the products before buying.

MTN OPS Review by Users

The MTN OPS supplements have mixed customer reviews. Some customers had an excellent experience when using the products, and others did not see any substantial changes in their physique. However, the products have more positive reviews than negative ones.

Every supplement has a list of positive and negative effects. While it is always recommended to use diet and exercise to lose weight instead of supplements, sometimes people want the extra help a supplement might provide.

What Users Are Saying

“This product is just flavored water. You would feel more effect from a simple cup of coffee. If you want a pre-workout that will give you real pump, use C4.”

“Best pre-workout I’ve ever had. Long lasting energy with no crash. Great pump and focus. Makes me want to stay at the gym for three hours instead of one. Awesome flavor and easy mixing.”

“I can really tell the difference when I don’t have my Mtn Ops. Gives me all day energy and I don’t crash at the end of the day.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on MTN OPS

What’s the real deal with MTN OPS? The company seems to have a good corporate heart and serves the community through charitable partnerships. However, there’s not a lot of research available, but the ingredients look promising.

If you want to drop those extra pounds why not try a product designed specifically to help you achieve that goal? One backed by a company willing to share expertise and doctor-supported methods to help you make the best weight-loss decision possible.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. It is made of a combination of key support systems like human coaching, personalized meal plans, food and exercise tracking and more.

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MTN OPS Review
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What are the ingredients in MTN OPS?

The ingredients for this product are vitamin C, African Mango, vitamin b6, Caffeine, green tea extract, raspberry ketone, caralluma fimbriata, bioperine, cayenne, gelatin, rice flour, and magnesium stearate.

What are the side effects of MTN OPS?

Some users have reported after taking the product that they have had loose stool and abdominal cramps. Others have claimed to have increased anxiety and restlessness.

Does MTN OPS work?

Users of MTN OPS have claimed that this product assists them in losing fat and gives them increased energy throughout the day.

What is the price of MTN OPS?

The average price MTN OPS can be purchased online is at a price of $30.00.

Where can I buy MTN OPS?

MTN OPS can be purchased through their website at https://mtnops.com. It can also be purchased through many major online retailers.

Where can I buy MTN OPS?

MTN OPS can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take MTN OPS?

Two capsules of MTN OPS should be taken daily with a glass of water for maximum effect.

How do I contact MTN OPS customer service?

Customer service for this product is handled through their parent website at https://mtnops.com.

Can I return MTN OPS?

The return policy for this product depends on where the product was bought.

What are the most common complaints about MTN OPS?

The most common complaint associated with this product is that it causes the user to be very nervous and they have trouble sleeping. They have also stated that when they bought the product from the website, MTN OPS their order took a longer than usual amount of time to reach them.

5 MTN OPS Reviews

  • The best of the best!
    BuckHunter (Verified Purchase)

    MTN OPS has changed my life. For the past 15 years, I have tried losing weight and nothing worked. After finding MTN OPS and using their products I dropped 25 lbs in 2 months! I am feeling healthier and better than I have since I was a young pup. Their products taste amazing and the clean ingredients are something me and my wife can get behind! Their Ignite product has allowed me to 100% give up soda, unhealthy energy drinks, and coffee. Ignite is an energy drink like no other. It is really an all day energy and it does help with focus! I have never had a crash or the jitters when drinking it. I would recommend their products to anyone old or young, male or female. You will not be disappointed!

  • A good range of supplements from a good supplement brand
    Ty (Verified Purchase)

    Im a big fan of MTN OPS, not just because there supplements taste good and have a good effect during workouts but because of how they run there brand company. Huge fan of them supporting conservation efforts and conquer hunger. You dont see many companies recognize God as one of there values which is special to me at least. I know MTN OPS wont attract certain people, many that support this brand are hunters, hikers, outdoor people, but the sole fact that this brand does so much for the community outside of just making supplements is why they have my support

  • Great Products
    Matt (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve been using MTN OPS AMMO, Yeti and OX and love them both. AMMO keeps me full and I get the nutrients I need with it. OX, well, it definitely works if you know what I mean. Yeti has been great as a pre-workout and I like that I don’t feel a drop from it, but a constant energy.

  • It worked for me
    Jp (Verified Purchase)

    I have been using Mtn Ops: Blaze, Renu, Ox, Enduro, and Ammo for 60 days and pretty happy. With a diet and exercise I have lost 17 lbs. I love the Strawberry and a Rene Ammo flavor and Pink Lemonade. So, far I have no complaints.

  • My Mtn Ops review
    KENNETH R ORMOND (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve used products from GNC, Wal-Mart and other places but Mtn Ops is heads and shoulders above the others in terms of results. Along with a workout program and a half decent diet Mtn Ops products have helped me drop fat and pack on muscle. I started at 190 lbs of dad bod and 2 years into it now I’m 215lbs of muscle, I’m 40 years old, I look better, feel better, perform better than when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. As far as the price goes you get what you pay for. It’s not some magic product you take and boom you’re amazing you also need to put in effort. After the products I’ve used I’ll stay a Mtn Ops consumer for life, they have great products and deliver results.