Updated: 10/10/2017
By Summer Banks Sep 14, 2017

Xyngular claims “we are changing lives for the better.”

That sounds fantastic, but what I’m asking is:

“Does Xyngular work for weight-loss and is the kit worth $324?”

Here’s the good news: Xyngular has stimulants, protein, vitamins, minerals and others – so you have options.

Here’s the problem: Prices are out of this world so maybe you can’t afford to try them. Or maybe the ingredients aren’t worth using.

Interested in finding out?

Then you’ll be crazy about the 4 things you MUST know about Xyngular.

Let’s get to it.

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What is Xyngular?

To begin, Xyngular is network marketing company selling individual supplements, starter and transformation kits. The company is relatively new in the industry, having started the business in 2009. If you want to purchase the products, you have to contact a distributor or become a member. We did find some third-party retailers offering items for sale.

The recommended use varies with each of the Xyngular products. Most are taken once per day. Xyngular ingredients include:

  • Stimulants
  • Protein
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

The goal of the company is to help individuals improve health and wellness. We like that we found some positive comments and the variety of supplements is helpful, but read on…

Price – “Is it Affordable?”

The first concern, without a doubt, is Xyngular cost. “A few individual supplements are affordable,” said our Research Editor. “But there are some priced $100 for a 30-day supply and kits costing upwards of $600.”

“I saw the startup for the initial kit was about $250.00…expensive,” one buyer explained.

“I came to the conclusion that the price of the products was too inflated & expensive when there are comparable products on the market available for much less in health stores,” said a customer.

We often find that what one person deems expensive is worth it to another.

A user said, “The price varies by what your goals are and what products you decide to start on.”

Xyngular Customer Testimonials

Xyng Side Effects – “Something to Think About”

We found customers mentioning Xyngular side effects [1] throughout forums and comments. “I only took the sample and my heart sped up and I had some trouble sleeping at night,” one customer explained.

Another one of several reviews about Xyngular side effects, “I bought the Ignite Kit. I have followed the program to a t and feel awful. I am constantly shaky, jittery, and nauseous.”

Side effects weren’t a concern for every user. Plus, the benefits of Xyngular ingredients like caffeine are shown in research. [2]

A dieter stated, “I have used these products over the years off and on and suffered no negative side effects.”

Not one product gave me any side effects. I had a clear mind and focus,” reported another.

Based on our research, if supplements cause side effects, the chances of long-term success are limited. So, if customers complain about Xyngular products, is it worth it?

Xyng Diet and Xyng Weight Loss – “Research is Lacking”

We picked apart the website for Xyngular products looking for a connection between the Xyng diet, supplements and Xyng weight-loss. While there’s a wealth of information about the benefits of the products, there’s no research used to back up the claims. At DietSpotlight, the critical part of the review process is finding science-based facts.

Also: read our Burn HD Weight-Loss Kit review »Xyngular Ingredients

The Bottom Line – Does Xyngular Work?

So, what conclusion did we come to in our Xyngular review? We appreciate the good BBB rating and the decent customer support, but we have reservations because there are reports of side effects. Plus, we’d like to see some details about clinical research provided by the company. This is not a small business, so we expect more.

If you’re interested in dropping those extra pounds, our research reveals it’s a good choice to find a supplement that brings with it proven ingredients, few if any, side effects, and an affordable price.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is the supplement Dietspotlight Burn. It’s made with a four-ingredient proprietary formula; each chosen after research into clinical studies. Based on the science, benefits can include increased metabolism, fat loss and reduced hunger.

We’re also impressed by the number of users who’ve reported significant weight-loss. Plus, the company is positive about the formula and results, so they’re offering a Special Trial Offer.

Previous Xyngular Review (Updated March 10, 2014):

What You Should Know About Xyngular Diet

Xyng is a company that produces weight loss supplements and other dietary products which include Ignite, Ultimate Transformation, Accelerate, Axion, Lean, Prime, FLush New Global Blend and Xr2. This dieting network aims to not only assist in weight-loss but in a change of life-style. They resemble Trim Down Club, in this respect. We will take a closer look at their product line to determine if there is any reason dieters should consider looking into it to help them accelerate their weight loss efforts.

Xyngular: List of Ingredients

The Xyngular Ingredients will vary depending on the product you choose. We suggest you take a closer look at individual ingredient lists, here in our xyngular weight loss review. We have reviewed many of the products independently here at Diet Spotlight. In addition, we thought you might be interested in a similar product called Zurvita which has a line of meal replacement shakes, bars, fat burners and more.

Product Features

Xyngular's full line of products includes: Super Fruit Global Blend Crystals, also known as Xypstix. Another type of product line that supports overall health is MonaVie which are juice products made from natural ingredients including healthy fats, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These are single serving packets designed to be mixed with a bottle of water to give you an extra nutritional boost. XYNG is a multi-vitamin type supplement that contains vitamins and minerals with an herbal complex to help suppress the appetite and help you do more than dieting alone. Accelerate is a tablet designed for fat burning, similar to the ingredients in Zantrex Black. Flush is a detoxification capsule to help cleanse the body to help boost weight loss results. Lean is a meal replacement protein shake designed to help the body to lose weight. Cheat is a sprinkle powder that supposedly enables people to eat whatever they want without having to suffer the consequences of calories, fat, and carbs in the body. This company has a diet and weight loss product for nearly any kind of weight loss issue; for those who want drinks, those who prefer pills, and those who want to control their appetite by eating whatever they want. When supplement lines are combined with exercise programs like Corset Diet or Thrive Patch, weight-loss is achievable.



  • There are no free trials of any of these products.
  • There is a lack of information on the Xypstix.
  • There are no customer testimonials.
  • There is no evidence of clinical research to support these products.

Our Conclusion on Xyng

Xyngular certainly has an extensive product line targeted to those who want to lose weight. The issue is, information on the official site about all the products is limited, because it seems more like they are trying to sell the business idea to others, rather than products to the consumers who are interested in using them. Xyngular products are part of a multi-tiered system with many varying products, whereas programs like Metabolife have two or fewer steps. If you are interested in any of these products, take care to ensure the ingredients are proven for weight loss, and make sure there is enough of the ingredients to produce effective results. If there's not enough in the formula, or you can't see how much is in the formula, there's no sense in taking the product. Instead, find a proven supplement that uses proven amounts of the active ingredients with a balanced diet and exercise program. Before exercising, pre-workouts are commonly used. Some pre-workout products are C4 50x or Cellucor C4, which contain similar ingredients.

Xyngular is a line of health supplements and products. Some focus on weight-loss, appetite control and meal replacement. The main fat burner is Accelerate. It combines stimulants and vitamins to achieve a thermogenic response. The same general formula is common on the market.

Xyngular Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Tablets
Serving Per Container: 30
Amount per Serving% DV
Vitamin B1230mcg500%
Calcium (carbonate)200mg20%
Chromium (as picolinate)100mcg83%
Proprietary Blend850mg*
- Green Tea Leaf Extract**
- Guarana Seed Extract**
- Oolong Tea Extract**
- Kola Nut Extract**
- Cayenne Pepper Fruit**

Other Ingredients: None

We researched the Xyngular Accelerate ingredients to provide the facts and details you need.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green tea is an unfermented variety that is quite popular in certain parts of Asia. It’s often consumed to boost immune system health and help ward off illness. This herb is also found in some over-the-counter diet supplements for weight-loss.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Green tea contains catechins or EGCG (antioxidants) and some caffeine (a stimulant). These components work together to help boost metabolism, increase energy levels and reduce excess body fat.

Clinical Research

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “Clinical studies suggest that green tea extract may boost metabolism and help burn fat. One study found that the combination of green tea and caffeine improved weight-loss and maintenance in people who were overweight and moderately obese.” [1]

Oolong Tea Extract

This is a traditional Chinese tea that is partially fermented. It is often consumed as a hot beverage in various parts of the world. It’s sometimes used to improve mental clarity, lower bad cholesterol levels, treat obesity, and even help with diabetes.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Like black and green varieties, oolong tea contains caffeine, which is a stimulant and mild diuretic. It is typically said to increase energy levels, elevate metabolism, improve alertness and help with focus.

Clinical Research

“Oolong tea could decrease body fat content and reduce body weight through improving lipid metabolism. Chronic consumption of oolong tea may prevent against obesity,” says a study from the Clinical Journal of Integrative Medicine. [2]

Guarana Seed Extract

Guarana is also known as paulinia cupana or Brazilian cocoa. It is a plant that grows in Amazon regions such as Brazil. It has been used over the years to treat low blood pressure, chronic fatigue, anxiety, malaria and poor mental performance.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Guarana contains high levels of caffeine, which is a stimulant. It helps boost energy levels and improves mental performance. It may also help elevate metabolism and reduce appetite.

Clinical Research

One study presented in the Journal of Psychopharmacology reveals, “Guarana improved secondary memory performance and increased alert and content mood ratings.” These results are likely associated with the caffeine content in the formula. If you’re looking for a supplement and you’re not taking science and research into consideration, you could be left disappointed. Dietspotlight Burn is the one we suggest because the support is there from studies and people.

Xyngular Scientific Abstracts:


Some studies have suggested cayenne supplements could aid in the suppression of appetite. Not all studies are in agreement, and many studies have looked into cayenne in combination with other ingredients, making it virtually impossible to determine whether capsaicin in itself was to be given credit for weight-loss. [1]


Chromium supplements are said to increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat. A recent publication of 24 studies showed the effects of 200 to 1,000 mcg/day of chromium (taken in the form of picolinate) on body composition or mass. This report stated no significant benefits. Another report pointed out that when compared to placebo, chromium picolinate had a positive effect on weight-loss, but the differences in weight were small. [2]

Green Tea

The catechins in the green tea had substantially lowered body weight and significantly maintained said body weight after the period of weight-loss (microcirc=-1.31 kg; P<0.001).Prevention of this action by high habitual caffeine consumption (>300 mg per day) had “failed to reach significance (microcirc=-0.27 kg for high and microcirc=-1.60 kg for low regular caffeine intake; P=0.09)”. In conclusion, catechins or an EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) – caffeine combination has a small, although positive, the effect on weight-loss as well as weight mass. [3] Some clinical studies have alluded to GTE (green tea extract) boosting metabolism and assisting in burning fat. One study had discovered the mixture of green tea and caffeine had increased weight-loss in participants who were overweight and moderately obese, though other studies have shown no benefit. [4]

Oolong Tea Extract

A study was performed to clarify whether oolong tea had prevented obesity in mice. The consumption of food was not substantially different from high-fat treated mice and those treated with high-fat oolong tea. The oolong tea had halted the obesity and fatty liver triggered by a high-fat diet. Caffeine had enhanced noradrenaline-induced lipolysis in fat cells and oolong tea extract reduced pancreatic lipase activity. The results had suggested that oolong tea could be a very effective drug for treating obesity as well as fatty liver caused by a high-fat diet. [5]

Kola Nut Extract

Nowadays, kola nut extract consumption is 0.69 mg/kg/day. Two significant constituents of kola nuts are caffeine and theobromine. There is a slight amount of data available for kola nut extract. However, published data regarding the major components of kola nuts have suggested pharmacological and toxicological properties run parallel to those equal to caffeine and have been used in cola-type beverages containing the kola nut extract since the late 19th century. [6]

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Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

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What are the side effects of Xyngular?

Xyngular side effects could include irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure.

What is in Xyng?

Xyng, short for Xyngular, ingredients conclude of green tea, aloe vera, chromium, coleus forskohlii, acai berry, garcinia cambogia, cayenne pepper, konnyaku root, and green coffee extract.

How do I know if Xyngular is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

Click here to get your sample of our powerful fat burner today.

What is the active ingredient in Xyng?

The active ingredient in Xyngular varies by product but is primarily green tea extract. 

Does Xyngular work?

There are some proven ingredients used in some Xyngular products, like green tea and caffeine.  However, these same elements can be found in hundreds of other supplements that have better results because all parts of the formula have been tested and shown to help with metabolism and fat loss – not just a few here and there.

How much does a bottle of Xyngular cost?

A bottle of Xyngular can cost from $40.00 to $60.00 a month.

How do you take Xyngular products?

You should take Xyngular products based on directions on the label.

What is Xyng?

Xyng is another name for Xyngular.

What is the Xyngular 8 Day Challenge?

The Xyngular 8 Day Challenge is a “fat burning system” that involves Xyngular supplements. It is also referred to as Xyngular Ignite.

How much is Xyngular Ignite?

The Xyngular Ignite program costs around $400.

Who makes Xyngular products?

Xyng is made by Xyngular Corporate Headquarters.

Does Xyngular come with a guarantee?

Xyngular comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Should I diet or exercise on Xyngular?

Though it is not required, you may want to diet and exercise while taking Xyngular. You have hundreds of options when it comes to choosing a weight-loss supplement or program. We like to look for ones that have great customer reviews, strong scientific support and a company behind them that’s there for the customer – like Dietspotlight Burn.

436 Xyngular Reviews

  • Im sensitive to caffeine..

    Does it, or does it not, have caffeine???

    • Rich (Editor)

      Hi Sandra. Accelerate and Trimsstix supply 50mg of caffeine per two-tablet serving. Xyng has closer to 90mg.

  • What are the directions?

    What food do you have to cut out on red blue box? Will I be hungry and have a lot of cravings?

    • Andrew (Editor)

      Hi Lauri. Hunger is unique to each person. There are lots of things that come into play, but you don’t have to be hungry to lose weight. Xyngular doesn’t say to eat this or cut out that. The general rule of thumb is to eat less than your body burns each day and you’ll lose weight.

      Tip – sometimes dehydration feels like hunger. Try drinking a glass of water and waiting 15-20 minutes to see if the feeling passes or if you feel less hungry. You might want to look into other products, like Dietspotlight Burn, that help with appetite suppression.

    • Tammy Bruce

      NO you wont be hungry

  • Can you eat veggies with this program?

    I don’t see anything about eating veggies. It says eat protein. Can you eat veggies with this program?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you can eat veggies and are encouraged to do so. Especially green veggies.

    • Pam & Maria

      I was taking something simular to these it’s call ignite plus my friend in cleveland told me about them and my daughter lost 60lbs in as little a 3in half months. I lost 50lbs in 4 months kept if off for 3 yrs. i wanna send a shout out to Ziggy that told me about the pills in the seperate package of 3 capsalues thanks Ziggy

      • Your Name

        The Ignite system is Xyngular’s basic health and wellness system

    • BrotherMan

      Yes there are veggies to eat ! Also carbs so your brain won’t send a signal to eat muscle! I hope this helps!

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Ziggy. Yes, you can eat veggies (they tend to be low in calories and in fat and also are nutrient rich). We recommend planning your meals ahead of time, that way you make sure you get the proper amount of vegetables each day! Hope this helps.

  • curious about drink diet coke

    Just started 8 day “cleanse”! I am curious about drink diet coke with program – yea or no? Also what diet to follow after the 8 days – just low calorie? something along Weight Watches – just less food? Any help is appreciated —

    • Your Name

      NO SODAS!! Lots of water – chicken and greens ONLY – portion control. No bread, sweets, pasta, red meat, white rice, coffee, etc. Just stick to the meal plan and you will see results.

      • Tammy

        If you do the above you will lose weight without the products honestly. Maybe even more so without that shake. I have been on the ignite plan and it worked to lose a pound a day. Truly no one can afford to stay on their plan forever. Follow the diet plan, buy your own whey protein and vitamins and you are in business.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Georgia, keep in mind that diet sodas usually contain artificial sweeteners (Aspartame, Sucralose, Acesulfame-Potassium). Its best to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, instead. After completing the 8 day “cleanse” we suggest you keep a heathy lifestyle; chose an exercise and diet programs that feels right for you. One that you feel comfortable following long-term. Explore around and don’t forget to have fun, too! Wish you the very best and hope you reach and keep your goals.

  • Can you take it with other medication?

    I have not seen anyone comment on here that has heart disease, and is on Plavix. Just wondered if it is safe to start this product when on meds for the heart. I know to ask my doctor first before starting any diet plan. I do know several people on Xyngular, and they are having wonderful results. Can anyone on Plavix comment to this? Thanks.

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Hi, Judy. There are likely plenty of supplements that your doctor will say are safe. While we didn’t find any specific issues between Plavix and Xyngular products, your best bet is to always check with your doctor first.

    • Your NameCindy

      Started in Feb. 2015. Lost 64 lbs to date, blood glucose in excellent range but its not just the products that help, but the whole program, healthy eatting, exercise choices, 24/7 coaching and team approach. Xyngular helps in so many ways to keep you motivated and continue with your journey to better health.

  • What are ingredients, please?

    what are ingredients,please? used to drink monavie, but wont go back to it. thanks

    • Laurie

      Hi Judy, I have been in the wellness field for over 35 years designing programs and systems for hundreds of people. I have been with xyngular since its inception almost 4 years ago and have seen great results not only for myself, having lost 22lbs in 6 weeks but for the numerous people that I have shared the lifestyle system with. It’s safe, effective and makes you feel like a million dollars:) There is a full 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. Try it you will love the results!

      • ESP

        How the company hnow when you start to take the supplements. ??? Every company have guarantee from the day of purchase

      • annessa.lewis@hms.com

        i need to know what is the csr # to buy this product. i want to try it asap

        • Vickie

          The truth is, there are many Xyngular testimonials, not only regarding weigh-loss, but better health. Xyngular does offer free shipping. They also offer a 30 day 100 % EMPTY BOTTLE money back guarantee. No Risk. Xyngular Distributors do offer free samples of products. Information is available on the Xyngular website or the distributor website, including an Ingredients list, all one has to do is print that and take it into their doctor.

      • Your Name

        where did you list ingredients since that was the original question…won’t take anything if I don’t know what the ingredients are.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Judy. The active ingredient in Xyngular varies by product but is primarily green tea extract. Some of the other ingredients we found include Senna Leaf Powder, Konnyaku Powder, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, Bitter Orange Extract and Soy Isolates.

  • No Xyngular for me
    Betty Miller-Henderson

    Thank you for your review on Xyngular. I don’t want to take anything with side effect possibilities. I dont do caffeine and that would take me over the top. I will be checking Dietspotlight burn.

  • Core 4 is more effective?

    which xyngular product do you pick the ignite or the core4? the core4 is cheaper, but is it effective on weight loss?

    • ESP

      Yes it is. But a little slowly

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Maggi. It depends on your personal preference. The ignite is a kit that includes a system to follow, including products, food and exercise schedule. Core 4 has diverse nutritional formulas and program. We’ve read mixed user experiences and there are many variables, so we can’t say with absolute certainty if it would be effective for you or not.

      Recently users have been raving about another product named Dietspotlight Burn, which aids in weight loss. You might want to check that one out as well.

  • over the ingredients
    Cathy Harris (Verified User)

    Forgot to mention that I asked my Dr. about this before beginning the program. He looked over the ingredients list carefully and said there was nothing in the products that would hurt me if I followed the directions. Imagine that! Read and follow directions, why don’t more people think of that?

    • Jacques (Editor)

      Good Idea, Cathy!

  • weight loss again
    lynn (Verified User)

    I had the gastric sleeve 3 years ago and thought about trying this program to jumpstart my weight loss again. Will this work for me?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Hi Lynn! Since you had a gastric sleeve 3 years ago, we highly recommend that you first consult with your doctor. Especially since some users have reported experiencing side-effects and with a reduced stomach, your body could be more sensitive to some of the ingredients. Please be safe. We wish you the best of luck with your weight-loss goals!

  • Can you send me the info on the diabetic version?
    Julie Campbell

    I saw you had posted to someone that there is a diabetic version of this? I have Type 2 diabetes and I have to be careful what I take and mix with my pills – don’t want to mess anything up or skyrocket my blood sugar. But I have heard a lot of good things about this diet program and I also walk everyday. Can you send me the info on the diabetic version? Thanks!

    • Millie

      I have been on the products for a year now. And they help me get out of bed and do daily activities! They do have a diabetic plan. But they just launch a new plan.

  •  Caffeine Hence Energy
    Your Name (Verified User)

    GUARANA is very, very concentrated caffeine. Hence, energy.

  • How to prepare it?

    U just add one scoop of powder and 8oz of water right?

    • Kelly

      You can add fresh berries, cocoa, the global fruit blend, instant decaf coffee, almond milk, lots of options and this tastes WAY better than alot of other protien shakes I have tried.

    • debi

      hi, i have used 1 percent /non fat milk
      wayyyy better then water- just helping.I started program 30 day transformation on 4-10-13, today 4-14-13, i have lost 12 lbs – i haven’t measured yet because i have 2 more days left for the 8 day- its working for me and im excited for me only!!! good luck to ya (smiles)

      • Sarah

        Debi If you really lost 12 lbs in 4 days that is incredibly unhealthy. You will gain that weight right back.It’s most likely just water weight that you lost.

        • Ksh

          Sarah losing 12lbs in 4 days on this program is amazing! All she did was eat healthy food and take the products. She wasn’t starving herself, she was detoxing and getting rid of the carb and sugar craving. Her body was put in a fat burning mode. I’m sure she feels amazing!!!!

        • reality sucks

          I’m very disappointed, well after reading all the reviews,I will not buy it!, thank you for all those real honest people who are telling their bad experiences.

      • TiTi

        Congrats Debi…keep it ip Girl. XYNGULAR…WORKS!!!!….But you also need to get you asses into a Gym….for 30 min or do some cardio! Xyngular change my life, lower my cholesterol and my energy……OMG!!!!!!!……The pain, the asthma, the crazy allergies…everything…gone!!!! Am NEW!!! I recomend this product to !!!!EVERYBODY!!!!

        • aida

          I’m about to start xyncular is it safe n does it work jm scared

      • annessa.lewis@hms.com

        can u give me a # i want to order asap

    • Schellie

      I’m using coconut unsweeren and Almond milk unsweeten and it’s not bad…

  • marcia hunt (Verified User)

    what % of caffine doe the energy one have in it

  • Are there any caffeine side effects?

    I have to avoid caffeine. I get a rapid heart rate and the jitters with regular coffee( not all the time though) but can i take these products?

    • Anna (Editor)

      There are side effects associated with caffeine – including jitters and increased heart rate like you mentioned. It looks like Xyng has the most caffeine at nearly 90mg a serving. There is a chance this could cause issues if you are sensitive to caffeine or if you drink additional caffeine throughout the day.

      Hope this helps.

  • Need product ingredients iformation

    Do your products contain stearic acid? Is stearic acid used in the process of making your products?

    • Arnold (Editor)

      Hi Jean, Each product in Xyngular has a proprietary blend of varying ingredients. We suggest selecting specific products and scrutinizing the labels.

  • Product to Eat for Excessive Eating

    What product do you recommend for excessive eating and sugar cravings?

    • Your Name

      Xr2 and accelerate and cheat + excellent products contact me if interested I have lost 36 pounds and feeling great

  • Product returns

    Curious, does a person get the entire 30 days or does the box have to be back to them by 30?

    • Andrew (Editor)

      Hi Lauri. Here is what the Xyngular website says, you can return “within 30 days from the date of the order, and will apply only to unopened, unaltered, resalable and restockable products.”

      So, you have 30 days from the day you order – not the day you receive it. If you try the product you can’t return it.

    • Annie Rondeau

      You can use the entire 30 days supply kit (red or blue box) and send your box / bottles and empty containers if you are not satisfied with r the results and they will reimburse you.
      I’ve been on Xyngular for almost a year now.

  • I wonder if it'll work for me

    I was wondering how Xngular would work for me. I am about 75 lbs over weight and have many health problems… I would love to be able to use a product that would help me loose weight and remove a lot of the stress off of my body. Also more energy would be a big plus..

    • Victoria (Editor)

      We’re so happy you’re looking to improve your health Ru. The thing with medical conditions is that they often come with medical treatments. Supplements from Xyngular have not been tested for interactions with medications or other medical treatments.

      We’d feel more comfortable if your doctor talked with you before you start Xyngular.

  • Can kids use this?
    Cheryl Dickman

    Is it ok for a 10 year old girl to use global blend?

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hi Cheryl! Xyngular products are not suggested for anyone under 18 years old. Supplements from Xyngular are not tested on children.

  • Do i have to buy the whole thing?

    Can I buy 1 or 2 products to use at first or do I have to buy the whole kit? Im not a fan of shakes

    • Your Name

      You do not have to buy the whole kit. Individual products are available

      • Your Name

        But you need most of the products for the first two weeks.

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Nope. You can start with one or two or the entire kit. Of course, Xyngular suggests the whole kit for optimal results.

      Here’s a shake tip:

      If you use vanilla shake mix and you mix it with a sugar-free, flavored drink (I use Powerade Zero) you can create an amazing shake. Give it a try.

  • Need to know the right dosage

    I have the Lean but not the scoop to measure. How many ounces is a scoop?

    • Shannon

      I’ve had to use a fork to dig deeper in the bag for it, but eventually found it. If you haven’t found yours, I will measure my scoop for you

    • Summer (Editor)

      The scoop for Xyngular Lean is 16g or about 3 teaspoons.

  • Lorraine

    Lean upsets my stomach what can I mix it with besides water?

    • Jessica (Editor)

      Hey Lorraine. You’re not the only one having issues with protein powder or meal replacements causing upset stomach. I’m NOT a fan of mixing water with shakes. I choose Almond Milk. Cashew Milk or zero calorie juices/drinks like Powerade or crystal light.

      My favorites are orange and raspberry with vanilla protein. Let us know if you have any other issues.

    • Omega

      I just started on Xyngular, but I read you can mix the Lean with Almond milk.

    • Crissy

      you can use unsweetened almond milk in your shakes (only 30 calories). They have vanilla flavored or plain. I like to add PB2 powder or instant coffee granules to mine for a variety of flavors.

      • Dee

        The shakes are totally gross – even with flavors…..OMG have been gagging – I am thinking about dropping the shakes and take only the rest of the program. Any feed back – from anyone?

  • Question about side effects..

    Could someone tell me when they found the difference in the headaches were they on the Red Box or the Blue? It is very expensive with a difference of 400 with exchange rate. What are the advantages or disadvantages between the two? Thank you 🙂 PS I need to lose about 50 lbs

    • Tammy Bruce

      The Difference between the 2 Kits are the amount of product, Red Box has 7 and Blue has 10 the the Advantages are that you can try more Product

  • What happen if the product goes off?

    So what happens if this product is no longer available someday? the test for everyone will be when they no longer sell it!

  • Carrie

    I have personally tried this product & I do not love or promote this product. All of the vitamins are caffeine based, hmmmm no wonder everyone has so much energy. If you followed there diet alone without the products you would lose 8 or more lbs in one week. Food is 80% of diet without exercise.
    The product is expensive & definitely not worth the money.

  • Linda

    I tried it and had to slowly incorporate the XYNG as my body got used to it, I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks kept it off for over a year and then gained back my own fault and Im a distributer it makes it affordable. Fast easy way to loss!

  • Joan

    I have been using the Xyngular product for the past 3 months and have only lost 9lbs. I have been eating only chicken and fish, grilled or baked with salad. I have spent close to $1,000. This program is very expensive.

    • Glenn (Editor)

      Hi Joan! Xyngular can be expensive, especially if you start combining several supplements. There’s really no way around the cost unless the company chooses to drop the prices. Sorry.

    • Shelley

      I have found that when I took pictures and compared to when I first started and after my 8 day jump start, I saw a huge difference in my body bc I had lost a lot of inches event though I had only lost 8 lbs. you may want to try that to see.

  • Linda

    I have several family members and friends using the Xyngular products and they have all reported positive results. Some results are more impressive than others, but the biggest report from them is increase in energy level.

  • Dena

    I am on Day 7 and am really impressed. I am passionate about health and cleansing toxins from my system via natural means. I researched the ingredients in all supplements and found them to be organic with the expected additions that may be less-than organic. My previous toxin cleanse was 21-day and wonderful, but my husband would prefer I not be locked down for three weeks at a time. I have trimmed down for sure after 6 days; haven’t measured yet and won’t until after day 8. I am sleeping like a log. The only “side effect” I have had is chill bumps one day on and off which is likely attributed to niacin. I do not see much caffeine in the products and no sugar, WHICH IS SO IMPORTANT.

  • Patricia

    I wish that I could post a picture. Hives everywhere. I was told its toxins coming out, which is not true. On my way to the doctor. Gave me racing heart as well.

    • Kat

      Im experiencing hives as well, what did your doctor diagnose it as? Mine told me It mustve been al allergy I developed to something I ate

  • Lorraine

    There not fake photos I’ve don’t the detox and it works proof a have lost 24lbs and 18 lunch s

    • Summer (Editor)

      Unfortunately, detoxes tend to only offer short-term results because the water weight you lose can come right back. We suggest tackling weight-loss from all angles.

      Healthy diet, exercise and a supplement like Dietspotlight Burn to support metabolism and fight hunger.

      • Derrick Donley

        Water should always be consumed when doing any type of fast or detoxing program to help stay hydrated.

  • It works
    Penny Gaudet (Verified User)

    While I’ll agree that it is expensive, I do believe it works. I’ve been on this system for two weeks and have lost 8 pounds so far….also with that has come less gas, better sleep, and feeling much more energetic. Will any weight-loss come back once I stop using it? I suspect if I go back to my old eating habits, yes. But I don’t need Science to tell me that.

  • bastcilkdoptb

    I got good info from your blog

  • Julie

    I started Xyngular on September 18th 2016 and to date I have lost 22 lbs. I have never felt better since in my 20s! I have tried other weight loss programs and did really well on them but I still had all my health issues. I used to have headaches every day, IBS, pain and inflammation in all my joints and lower back, pain in my feet, could not sleep and got up in morning feeling sick and like I had to go back to bed, depression and anxiety. My 8 day detox was a bit rough; nausea, bad headaches but I pushed through because this can be normal, it means its working!! After my 8 days I felt like a new person, have not felt this well in over 20 years! And no I was not hyped up on pills, I was healthy! All my health issues were resolved! Yes it is a bit costly, but compared to other products that don’t work I would say this system is reasonable price for the results I got. I will continue to keep using these products for life. I highly recommend these products to anyone with healthy issues and/or pounds to loose. Quit wondering if it works, it does! My two cents worth.

  • MARY

    I have 17 pounds I want to lose. My biggest concern is taking stimulants and caffeine. I have severe heart palpitations with shortness of breath with stimulants, caffeine ETOH etc.,,, And is this automatically renewed every month? I agree $500.00 is alot of money for 30 days.

    • Adrian (Editor)

      That is a justifiable concern Mary. There are stimulants in some Xyngular products. If you are sensitive to caffeine and you have a history of heart palpitations, it’s never a good idea to take any product without talking with your doctor.

      As for the autoship – we believe Xyngular products are on autoship until you cancel it. But, you may be able to order a single product from a seller in your area.

      • Chad Pennartz

        The autoship is not an automatic thing. Unless your coach signed you up for it with your permission, you should not be on autoship. Once your are comfortable with being on the products, they are fantastic by the way, you can then sign up for autoship, but even then you customize your monthly shipment to receive only the products you want. For example, I only have Cheat+, Lean Meal, and Axion on autoship every month.

  • Tried it

    the kits include enough for 2 months not one. anger and shaking may be coming form coming off caffeine.

  • Gail

    I loved the original formula of Xyng!! I cannot take new new formula – it makes my heart race and it doesn’t give me clarity and energy as the first formula. I’ve been looking for any extra boxes but cannot find any. If you come up with something comparable, please let me know.

    • Summer (Editor)

      That’s not surprising Gail. The new Xyng claims to have less than 90mg of caffeine a dose, but that’s a little misconceiving. There is synephrine, yohimbe, green tea and black tea in there too. All of these have stimulant effects.

      There are other ingredient changes as well.

  • Your Name

    which product contains sucralose? I don’t need to lose weight but friends are trying to convince me to do the detox which is like $600 Canadian. I asked to just buy particular items as per my doc and they said I need to buy the whole kit and that I don’t have to use all the products in it. Why would I buy a kit that I wouldn’t use?!

  • Your Name

    Best decision my husband and I have ever made for our health!! Been taking then for 3 years…will not ever stop!!

  • Clayton

    So you care so much about this product that you have to advertise, that’s so stupid mate!

  • beth

    i am from canada and am wondering if you guys have canadain prices or is it just usa pricing

    • Everly

      Hi Beth! Xyngular Canada prices will differ from those in the United States. The exact difference changes with the conversion rates.

      For instance, June 2017 conversion rates were $0.75 USD for every Canadian dollar. That means Canadian prices would be less.

    • Shauna

      Hi Beth, even in Canada, the pricing is in USD.

  • Need price information

    I want to try it and need to know the cost. I am not high income so hope it won’t cost too much, maybe with a special or a coupon. Thank you, Barbara

    • Your Name

      530 to start

      • YourCindy Name

        The cost does vary on what your goal is and the start up kit is not $530. In NYS it is 345.00 including membership and taxes. I have sold many start up kits to my peeps and they have done well. It is not recommended to use kits permanently and they do offer individual products and wellness kits if you desire but the most imporant thing with Xyngular is the full package is included when you join and you are a lifetime member. Best choice I ever made was to improve my health and I did follow the directions given and had great results with no side effects.

      • Your Name

        The cost can indeed be close to $500.00 for a starter kit, depending on where you live. I purchased the Weightloss kit, which I was told would be $345.00. After checking my credit card statement, it cost me over $500.00 for this product.

      • Your Name

        in Canada they don’t push for ignite,, at all.. and what is paid in the US is way less than Canada, so depending,, yes my blue box was over $500 and I am in Canada

      • Chad Pennartz

        There are two starter kits available. The first one is the Ignite kit and it’s about $330 and the other is the Ultimate Transformation Kit, which is the more expensive one @ $540

    • Your Name

      Xyngular is expensive.

      • Your Name

        I feel wonderful on xyngular and have lost tons of weight. Everyone is.gonna bash every weight loss program and every program isnt for everyone

  • Laura Johnson

    I was on Xyngular in 2012 and I lost 60 lbs in 2 months! I kept it off for 4 years! I gained weight back last year so am going to go back on it for a month again. It also lowered my blood pressure, got rid of my migraines, heartburn, and insomnia!
    It is expensive but it truly works so worth the expense not like some of this other stuff!

  •  Stay away from this product, they are liars !!!

    Tried this product for 6 days. Felt horrible, racing heart beat, blood pressure was higher than normal and was lied to about their all natural ingredients. They use artificial colours, dyes, sweeteners and sent it back!! I didn’t not receive my 100% money back guarantee as was promised by a particular person who is making huge money off of people and she blew me off when tried to contact her. She was just too busy! Do not get sucked in if you want natural ingredients because they cannot deliver. Liars, feeling dooped!

    • Summer (Editor)

      Hey Renee. The Xyngular side effects you experienced are not uncommon. Unfortunately, the money-back guarantee only applies if you don’t open the product(s).

      Your representative should have told you that from the beginning. We’re sorry you experienced this from Xyngular customer service.

  • Xyngular Review
    Kat (Verified User)

    I agree the old xyng was a lot of better

    • Donna

      The new xyng works great with accelerate.

      • JennNor

        I have used all three and agree, the new xyng is more like the first.

      • Donna

        replying to what I wrote if you have a presciption for any hormonal medications do not replace these for them because they are not hormones it is some that inhances your hormones and has been clinically tested. Always consult your Dr, for anything as in taking or stopping any prescribed medicatons. I am not a Dr and I do not prescribe or diagnose for anyone.

  • adelle dionne

    This system was life changing for me on a hormonal depression level. Of course i lost 6.6lbs and 15.75 inches in 8 days and felt fantastic but it did soooo much more. I had given up on how i was feeling 🙁 with the 30 day money back guarantee it gave the security i needed to attempt it. It has changed my life! I highly recommend it to everyone!! my kids have their mom back, my husband has his wife back and my health and wellness clinic has the happy encouraging me back. Don’t think about it,,, just do it!

  • Mitzi Your Name

    i lost 17 lbs in less than 30 days shrunk from a tight size 8 to a 3/4 have awesome energy and changed my health from the inside out. I had been diagnosed with melanoma and an un-ruptured brain aneurysm and had my neurologists look over the program and they said it was safe for me to take. My cholesterol was back to perfect numbers within three months and the Ignite system literally changed my health from the inside out and after 5 kids I look and feel better than I ever have!

    • Summer (Editor)

      Hi Mitzi. Please remember that losing 17 pounds in 30 days is not considered safe or healthy, unless you’ve had weight loss surgery or you’re under the care of a doctor for weight loss.

      Were you able to keep the weight off after you stopped taking Xyngular products?

  •  This has changed my life !
    Verna (Verified User)

    I have been on the Xyngular program since July 2015 and it has absolutely changed my life! I am now off all my blood pressure medication and no longer pre-diabetic. I have lost 40 pounds and enough inches (mostly belly fat) to be down 3 full sizes. This program is not expensive when considering the healthy benefits and it has become a healthy lifestyle for me. I have been on many weight loss programs and products during my adult life (I’m 60) and this is the one that has not only worked but it is easy to maintain the lifestyle. You determine which of the supplements are right for you as you progress. It is NOT restrictive and you eat real food. I can see why someone who is used to eating pre packaged food and fast food would have problems accepting the plan but if you want results you need to cook and eat real food! Do it for yourself and do it for your family.

    • Misty

      This product is very expensive, especially for a single person trying to make it. Losing weight can be done without these products since I have been able to do it without the supplements and eating real food that my nutritionist had me on. I advise seeing a nutritionist/dietician or doctor before taking any of these products. They didn’t want me talking to my dietician and she advised not to take these supplements.

  •  Did not work for me
    Maria Sanchez (Verified User)

    I will strongly suggest that a consumer think twice and hard about using these products. Though they may work for the selected few, the products did not work at all for me. The program was quite confusing and the schedules were not suited to a normal persons lifestyle. Not to mention, my Canadian contacts knew nothing of the apparently “new Weight Loss” box added by Xyngular. I was skeptical but decided to try as there was a 30 day money back guarantee. The was the biggest mistake ever! It’s been almost 10 days product has been returned and still after numerous emails and “long distance” call to the U.S., still waiting for a REFUND. Very poorly handled.

    • Your Name

      Did you start with the weight loss kit or the ignite?

      • Your Name

        I have not had one problem dealing with the nice people at singular to get my Ray- I have not had one problem dealing with the nice people at singular to get my Xyngular.

  • Mitzi

    This system is amazing. I have never felt better. Yes the price is a little more than what I can afford but i have gained my money back from having others try it as well. I jhave lost 20 pounds. But people need to look how they feel! I have more energy than I ever had, I have been able to limit my cravings for wine… sweets and bread!
    I think there are so many people who dont follow the system and then compain that they havent lost any weight etc. It has a 30 day money back guarantee so … if your unhappy take advantage of it.
    Im happy so I wont be sending anything back. 🙂

    • Louise

      yes, you feel good but did you ask yourself why?? Look more closely at the ingredients and they’re side effects.
      Plus everyone would loose weight on an 8 day 500-800calorie diet + laxatives and diuretics

      • Your Name

        It works great and has a recommended minimum of 1200 calories.

      • Sheila

        I have been on it for 2 weeks and I have lost 9 lbs and 8 inches. I am not on a 500-800 calorie diet. My coaches didn’t even recommend that. They recommended a 1200-1500 diet. So that is what I have done. I feel awesome and love the energy.

      • Derrick Donley

        A person is not restricted to those caloric conditions. In fact, you are encouraged to snack on something healthy if you are hungry. You are not supposed to let yourself get hungry. That’s part of the reason that there are meals and snacks in the process.

    • Steph

      Recently I lost 20 pounds too. But without taking one single diet pill of any type. Portion control exercise and water. I am on the road lose about 30 more but with something I can access from my fridge – food – natural and unprocessed.

    • Lauri

      What is the difference between the red and the blue box? I would like to lose 20-25 pounds

      • Andrew (Editor)

        Hi Lauri. The difference between the red and blue box are as followed. The Red box is the Ignite Kit. It contains the Global Blend, Axion, Xyng, Lean, Accelerate, Cheat+, Flush and a shaker bottle. The Blue box is the Ultimate Transformation Kit. It contains Global Blend, Axion, Accelerate, Cheat+, Flush, Lean (two bottles), Spryng Lemon Lime, Xyng, XR2, Xypstix and a shaker bottle.

    • Summer (Editor)

      Xyngular only offers a guarantee if you return unopened products, according to the company. We don’t want to lead any readers to believe otherwise.

  • Your Name

    My wife and I just went to a convention and heard the testimonials. But are still not sure what we would need to pay a month. To start the 500.00 box is what we are being told than after that we won’t need everything in that kit so would be cheaper the next month. And does it really work? I’m needing to get my blood pressure down not diabetic yet but probably close. I have to loose weight and get healthy does this work

    • Your Name

      We have several starter packs and no you don’t have to take all the products. After we detox we do a maintiance plan.

  •  Did not like the customer service experience

    I purchased the product and has a friend who wanted to purchase as well. Had a few questions. Was put on a conference call with a director and have never had anyone trying to sell me somerhing be so rude. I will be returning the product.

    • Mary

      So sorry to hear about this. I have lost 45 pounds in three months and it has been the best thing I have done for myself. If you would like more info let me know.

      • Your Name

        how will this work with high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

        • Amy

          I have high blood pressure, and I am take the supplements. My bp is progressively getting lower since I started the supplements a month ago. A friend of mine is diabetic, and she took the supplements as well. She is no longer having to take any meds/insulin and feeling so much better!

      • RP

        i have xyngular.. which kit did you use to lose the 45 lbs and which products are your fav?

  • How to make this more effective?
    Dee Strasburg (Verified User)

    have been using xyng for se time now. Not seeing a lot of weight loss with it. However it has helped with my blood pressure and diabetes could I be doing something different to helporr with the weight loss part of it

    • Jeff Stutler

      Dee- to lose weight you need to get with your sponsor and follow the plans we have for you

  •  Best product that I used
    cindy (Verified User)

    Best products for overall health. Doctor approved and they really work. Been on them for 4 months and never felt better. Lost 40 lbs so far.

    • Cathy

      Have you changed your diet and been doing a lot of exercise also? I need to lose 40 pounds and I’m looking for a product that works not a gimmick

      • Derie

        There is a 8 day challenge that helps re program your body, on what to eat and what not to eat. You get a list of foods for that and for after.
        which you can lose 5-15 pounds in your first 8 days! let me know if your interested in learning more. Thanks

        • Annette

          I just got a bottle of xyng. What is the 8day challenge

        • Vanessa Matusiak

          Interested in the 8 day startup program. How would I go about ordering?

          • CLWilliams

            Find me on Facebook, I will help you Vanessa and Annette. Cheree is my first name. You can look me up using my maiden name of Marinaro. I have been on the program for almost 11 weeks. I started with the less expensive Redbox, which contains an 8 day challenge in it, and enough product for the rest of the month. It was the best decision I have made toward my health.

    • Brittany

      I want to know the price? to get started

      • Your Name

        It depends on what you are looking for. There are several ranges of products and pricing.

      • Paula

        I recommend doing the 8 day challenge and purchasing the weightoss pack in tube red box. It had everything . if you purchase through the right person they’ll coach you through your life style change journey!! And if for some reason your dissatisfied with your results , you can get your money back! Guaranteed.

      • Your Name

        I was quoted a price of 525 for the 30 day starter kit not counting tax nor the membership fee. so if you have a lot to loose and loose 2o pounds a month…… OMGOSH that’s ALOT OF MONEY

        • JennNor

          The 30 day starter kit is designed to jumpstart your metabolism to get it moving. There are other plans to help you out toward your goals which cost similar to like products in retail stores. Personally, I only follow the 8 day challenge (in the 30 day starter kit) when I hit a plateau. There are ways to do it on a budget, but it takes learning which supplements work best for you and implenting other supplements i.e. protein shakes. I substitute Vega shake in place of lean. My order averages 150 to 225 per month with the exchange rate.

    • Your Name

      Can someone enlighten me where there are clinical studies and nutritionalist/doctor supported?

      • My Name

        I am looking for the same information. Please post here.

        • JennNor

          No clinical studies I know of, but I have compared my ingredient list with similar products on retail shelves and they are very similar, but the ratios are different. This stuff works for me….All I can say is the proof is in the pudding, but everyone is different.

      • Your Name

        I would get with a nutritionist weigh in on this. I did and mine that had helped me lose weight before did not recommend it. She had me on a diabetic diet.

  • Need information about price range

    I would like more infor about the restrictive amount of calories in the 8 day plan. I was told the complete 30 day plan was in the $600 range, so is that $600 a month?

    • Shannon

      No Ma’am. Neither of those are true!

      • Tamra

        Excellent!! It’s been life changing for me!

    • Your Name

      Yes that is true! Fir a month of the product and to get started it’s over $500!

      • Your Name

        It is true. My kit was 500

        • Your NameAmy

          You can pick what products you want to take I spend about 60.00 a month and get the xyng and the accelerant . I get the global blend every other month. So it depends on what you want. The lean is very good and cost around 78.00 for a bag but that is way better than others

        • Rhonda

          xyngular ignite program is 530 plus tax and free shipping. If you want to be a member its an additional 20 but you get discounts and incentives to join. The 530 is for 2 months. I just started (today is starting my 3rd day). I have lost 4 pounds and have energy. It is very hard for me to lose weight but this works. I guess if you spend this kind of money, you are serious about losing and really try to follow the plan. It tells you eveything to do, when to take supplements and when to eat. I have 50 pounds to lose and I have great hope now that I will do this. Yes it is expensive but our health is so worth it. I am border line diebetic. Ready to get my life back. The only down side that I have noticed is I haven’t been able to sleep as well at night, but I am not use to this much energy. I was always tired and I notice a huge difference in my energy level. You also need to drink a lot of water to flush everything out. I hope this helps carrify things.

      • Your Name

        It is true it’s about 16.50 a day for the ultimate pkg plus membership

    • Your Name

      Disagree on the price, I got started with the Ignite kit $305

      • Your Name

        There are different kits my kit was $350 with tax but I have never spent amount since and I have been on the product for five months and have lost 89 lbs. My doctor said that I am the healthiest I have been in the 10 years she has been my doctor.

        • Your Name

          I just spent $793 with exchange for the ignite program. Far too expensive and inconvenient for working people.

        • Angie

          Are you saying that you haven’t had to buy any more products since initial investment?

        • Kevina

          Cost only $305 for the first 30 days unless your gonna sale the product then its $500 and you get double everything plus some extras.

        • JennNor

          In Canada as well….exchange does suck, but the results I’ve had are worth it to me. After 30+ years of Sleeping issues, I am finally getting 4-6 hrs. a night. I’ve tried pharmeceuticals and other naturals, nothing else helped.

        • Your Name

          I spend an average of about $125 a month for both me and my spouse to continue with the products with Xyngular.

          • Your Name

            What products do you get?

        • Kelly

          Which kit did you start out with?

        • Kahler

          I just received my box and it cost me about 350. Havent started it yet, but there is a way to get your money back by referring this to other people, I hoping all the negative is not correct! Will soon find out.

  • Is this safe if you breastfeed?
    Your Name

    Is it safe for brestfeeding mother’s

    • Your Name

      Some is, some isn’t. Get with your distributor and they should be able to help you. I’m breastfeeding & just started them. The gal who got me started is also breastfeeding & she loves it. It’s even helped boost her milk supply.

  • Cost to get started

    Can someone tell me approx. how much this program costs to get started.

    • Shannon

      There are a few options, I would love to connect with you & go over them with you.

    • Your Name


  •  I love this product !
    Sara (Verified User)

    I love this product. The main reason I agreed to try it was due to horrible migraines (diagnosed as vascular migraines) I have suffered since I was 19. I am now 53. I was very skeptical as I had tried every natural product out there, chiropractors, acupuncture, meds with horrible side affects. I have had one migraine in 8 months. Beats the heck out of 2-3 times a week. I also lost 59 pounds. The diet recommendation is very realistic for someone like me. My doctor has taken me off cholesterol meds, Triglyceride meds, gabapentin, pain meds, anxiety meds and hormone replacement therapy. I still take a couple of prescription meds that work great with the product. I know Xyngular isn’t for everyone. But it certainly is for me.

    • aspen

      What products did you use to help with Migranes?

  • Want to Know this product Really Work

    I have the Core 4 but my coach does not help me at all I haven’t lost any weight I want to know if this product really work I spent 200 on this product but it does not seem to work for me can anyone help me.

    • Veronica

      Please Msg me and I will help you..

      • Sandy

        How do I get started on the weight loss program. I am not interested in selling. Thanks.

    • Your Name

      She probably just wanted to sell to get the money.

  •  helping my Blood Pressure
    Clarice (Verified User)

    My doctor suggest I stsrt back using product and doing my 8 days!!! It was helping me!!! It was helping my blood pressure

  • Maria Arellano


    • maria de la torre

      email con mucho gusto te ayudo

    • Heather

      Maria, I started with weight loss essential. Did not see results until week 2 DO NOT LOSE HOPE. I dropped 12.5 lbs after week 2. Give it some time. Not everyone has daily progress. i go a few weeks then drop. 2 months and im down 25 lbs

      • Mary

        Maria, don’t give up hope! Also, get a script for blood work to see if you have a low thyroid, if so it may just take a little longer. The question. Should be, do you feel more energy? Clarity? Just keep pushing! ?

  • How much it will cost

    Hi there I was wondering if someone could tell me how much it will cost to purchase the redbox detox package. I can’t find any prices on the website without joining and paying the $20.00.

    • Veronica

      Please msg me Kelly and I will get you some prices

      • dawn

        I would like to know some more information about the prices please

    • Lora Rutledge

      I have a business where I refer these products to others. If you’re interested in the products, please message me.

    • Your Name

      That what I thought but then there are lots of people that love it. Just wonder what happens when you can’t afford it anymore and you have to stop.Tell us your thoughts about Xyngular.

  •  I'm continuing with my core 4 next week
    Vilma (Verified User)

    I’ve been using Xyngular 14 days I bought the core 4 it brings the lean shake the accelerate the flush and the cheat I was 175 now I’m 169 in just 7 days I know is not much but with others products I didn’t loss any weight. My coach send me a paper every week its a calendar how to use the product cause it change every cycle that way your body doesn’t get use to the same also a pictures of different foods. I know that if i wouldn’t have eaten what I ate for Christmas I would’ve lost more than 10 pounds in a week but is better than 0 I’ve tried herballfe and many others I just didn’t have any results at all the lean shake is just 40 calories with water. I bought my package for 210. With the inscription. Every body system is different I know other people in my group have lost 18 pounds in 1 week that’s awesome. My experience I haven’t got no heart acceleration like with otters. Sow I’m continuing with my core 4 next week I’m buying the Global blend. I won’t give up on this products.

  • How so taylor
    Your Name

    how so taylor?

    • Joi

      I’ve lost 12 pounds in 8 days and all my joints and back quit hurting. I am sensitive to Xyng. So I follow the ignite plan but I only take 1 Xyng and it is with the mid morning snack. Also. I take 1 accelerate with mid morning snack and 1 with lunch. Never take after lunch or cant sleep. Also important drink a gallon of water everyday. The first day I had to urinate about 75 times but after that its gets better every day.

  • Can someone help me?
    Beth (Verified User)

    I need a coach or someone to help me I have gained on this and paid a lot of money!!!!

  •  best Money i ever spent
    Mernessa (Verified User)

    It was the best money I ever spent. The company I purchased from offered a 30 day empty container money back guarantee. My first 8 days I lost 13 pounds and several inches. Needless to say, I have been hooked ever since!

    • Dawn

      How restricted was the first 8 days? Which program did you do, just the 8 day or a 30 day one? I am trying to see if I should go for this program or not. Thank you

      • Ranessa

        I started with the ignite kit. It is 8 days however you can do thirty days with the same kit. The best thing about these products is you make it fit what you need.

        It actually isn’t restricted as much as you think. If you want to give me your email I would be happy to help you out.

    • Your Name

      Do u recommend this product ? I’m trying to decide

      • Betty

        I was in a very bad place when a friend got me to try the system. Within days I had no headaches, had a fire for life again, and lost weight to boot! I talked to my son’s doctor and she said go ahead and try him on the Xyng and XR2. He hasn’t had any meltdowns at school since he started the products (was 4-5 per week). I love these products!

    • Veronica

      PLease msg me and I will help you Dawm

  •   extensive information on each of the products contents
    Rita Pierce (Verified User)

    If you have checked the Xyngular website, there is extensive information on each of the products contents, as well as testimonials. I personally have seen the results in at least 20 people that I know well. My progress is a little slower than most, but in 9 weeks, I have lost 6 pounds but a total of 12 inches. It is not a diet program it is a healthy eating lifestyle that becomes natural very fast.

    • Your Name

      You don’t need to take these supplements to lose weight. Portion control, eating right and exercise will do it.

  •  Guaranted weight loss program !
    Kim (Verified User)

    I have been doing Xyngular for 2.5 months and I have lost 36 lbs and 30 inches overall. I have had 0 side effects and I feel amazing, as long as you follow the program you are guaranteed to lose weight, but you have to be committed.

  •  Do your Homework
    Your Name (Verified User)

    It pays to do your homework! Thank you!

  •  Follow the plan
    Your Name (Verified User)

    The part a lot of people aren’t realizing is that part of the process of the 8 day is to reset your metabolism and this process has been tried and proven. If you follow the plan you will be able to lose the weight and maintain it. If you are staving then you need to adjust it so that you aren’t. It won’t work if you are starving yourself.

  •  I love what you said
    Your Name (Verified User)

    Thank you!! I love what you said!

  •  Heart Doesnt Race Like Diet Pills
    NeNe (Verified User)

    Your heart doesn’t race like diet pills!

    • Your Name

      The accelerate makes my BP go up (as do all thermogenics). My sponsor and I talked about it and I have decreased my usage of this pill. I haven’t had any problems with it since.

  • Not Seeing Major Results
    Jill rothgeb (Verified User)

    Getting very aggravated!! Im finishing up my 1 month I look @ everybodys photos, howver i am very proud of them. I am not seeing major results. Lost total of 1 in in spots. Im a girl under 200 pds follow the menu 2 a T. On my cheat days i will have dr peper along w/ alch bevgs(vodka& water). I might have 2 slices of veg zza thin crust. Im about ready to say screw this help me& confense me to stay w this. Not going to spend the $ & b so dissapoonted

    • Melody

      I can’t follow the corporate xyngular plan, I adjusted mine to work better for me, 1200 calories a day, 70% healthy fat intake, 30% protein intake, and 10% carb intake using myfitnesspal app. The corporate plan is made more for the individual looking to lose smaller amounts of weight. You had poor coaching. This product works with the right coaching team behind you. EVERYONE under me has had success because we customize the plan to work with their bodies. If you don’t do that you will fail.

      • Dennis Peterson

        My coach didn’t help much. Feel like working with a used car salesmen. I just found out this weekend that they send stuff when they want. Didn’t about the Auto ship. Now I have a $180 of stuff coming that I don’t need. Started Apr 8th and down 15 lbs. So Monday I have to call and get my money back ASAP. Retied and on a fixed income I don’t like taking money out of my account with out me knowning about it.
        I have changed things around to help me.

        • Your Name

          i payed $600 for the ignite kit? $180 sounds more reasonable. Did I get ripped off?

        • Your Name

          $600 for the ignite kit is not correct. It’s half that!

      • Sandy

        I also use myfitnesspal, and am looking at the products. I gave about 20 more stubborn lbs to go. Trying to figure out which plan to use. Can’t do only 10% carbs though. Can you please contact me? I will provide Mt number to talk. I’d love some help please.

        • Kari

          I have had great results with these products both losing weight and feeling great! Where is your coach? Send me an email and I will be happy to help in any way that I can.

    • Mernessa

      I agree with Melody, everyone I know has lost weight on this program. I believe it is in your coaching. In our support groups we have very simple meal plans and they work. Whomever you are sponsored by should sit down with you and troubleshoot your problem to find out what’s going wrong. The products absolutely work, I’m living proof!

      • Your Name

        I had very poor coaching on mine and returned the products. It is very hard on a single income to spend over $100 on supplements

  •  Such A Blessing
    Karen Brandelius (Verified User)

    I have been taking Xyngular products for almost 2 years. I haven’t had one migraine since I started using this products. They have been such a blessing. I have lost 20 pounds and kept it off for 22 months. I haven’t had any hot flashes since starting, and my moods and energy have been amazing. I will continue to take these products forever! I am so glad someone shared them with me! All the ingredients are safe and help in so many ways. Find out more by visiting the website. 100 % money back guarantee, empty bottle, no questions asked if you are not satisfied! Why not try it yourself? You have nothing to lose but WEIGHT! If you don’t have your health, you have nothing!

    • Jennifer

      Just curious , are you still using the whole line/ eating plans? I have just started and wondering what to eat on cheat days?

  • Using For One Month Down 15 Pounds
    Nada Woodworth (Verified User)

    I have been using Xyngular for one month and am down 15 pounds without exercising other than my normal walking I do for my daily job, which isn’t much. I love the products and how I feel. There are plenty of testimonials available. Since starting the products I myself no longer have heartburn or gastric reflux and I feel so much better since I have lowered the carbs in my diet and water is my new best friend! Xyngular works and it is non-GMO, gluten free products! Contact me if you like and I will be happy to tell you more.

  • I must agree
    Your Name

    I must agree

  • products still going strong
    warren cadman

    hello i was part of this company about a year or so ago, just wanting to know is this company & products still going strong?

    • Anshanti

      Yes they are still going strong!! I have been with the company since February 25th this year and I am well pleased!!

  •  I'm happy I found Xyngular
    Tim (Verified User)

    Reading the reviews it seems like a lot of people have had great success with Xyngular and that includes me. I have lost weight and had more energy than I have had in years. I have searched for negative reviews and you always find some but reviews that state that people feel good and everywhere. I’m happy I found Xyngular and if you need help with the products I will do what I can

  • Healthy eating and using all natural products
    Your Name

    No binging no purging. Healthy eating and using all natural products.. I have lost 36 pounds and feeling wonderful .. I want to help people who want to lose weight and get healthy I don’t care about the money part I just want people to know you can lose weight eat healthy and remain healthy if you want if not then that’s up to the individual there is a 30 day money back guarantee if the products don’t work for you all natural products.

    • Your Name

      Is it REALLY healthy only eating protein and greens? My dietician said to get 24 carbs at each meal, not in a whole day.

      • Kari

        I think that you may have misunderstood….It’s 25 NET carbs/day, not total carbs. Big difference and it just depends on what meal plan you choose to follow. Feel free to email me and we can chat more, if you are interested in learning a bit more.

  •  Wonderful Product
    Sue (Verified User)

    Wonderful products have lost 36 pounds!! Lots of information on all products

  • little scared about the adverse reactions
    Mary Jo Igelstad

    I am starting Xyng and Axion and am a little scared about the adverse reactions: I have high blood pressure, migraine headaches, anxiety and asthma. I don’t want to end up in the ER

    • Your Name

      These products are wonderful for high blood pressure and migraines and asthma all of your complaints .. They help to elevate the problems you have also with the sensible eating plan you lose weight !! I have never felt better and I have asthma anxiety and have had migraines no more migraines and anxiety with these products.. Contact me if you are interested and thee is a 30 money back guarantee I have list 36 pounds and never felt better.

      • Mary Jo Igelstad

        I have had continual, severe diarreha for over a week now; and I need to know what to quit (I did quit for 2 days) and thought maybe I should try it again. I’m only taking one of each kind.

        • Your Name

          More diarreha; no weight loss; do feel a little better during the day; but extremely tired by mid-evening.

        • Your Name

          How much of each product are you taking? Have you considered switching to 2nd generation xyng? Some with high bp do not do as well on the new xyng formulation, or accelerate.

      • Your Name

        Is there a product that you can lose weight without heart racing? I lost weight on it, but, couldn’t handle the way it made me feel. Jittery and anxious.

  • Ever get sick of this product
    Krystal James

    Hey did you guys ever get sick for the first week or so after taking it AND DO THEY EVEN WORK

    • Christian sanchez

      Work very well I lost 120 lbs in 9 month I went from size 56 on waist to a size 38 I’m lovin it

      • Karen

        What program did you go on?

    • Kari

      If you started with the Ignite Plan, of course, you were a little ill. That is detox……Did your coach not tell you that would happen? It’s your bodies natural response when it is ridding your body of all the toxins. It’s normal for that to happen for a few days, but your body should bounce back better than ever!

    • Scared

      I am on my 2ND day. I have been sick both days. I am going to my dr tomorrow. I have chronic pancreatits and hx of renal failure. My leader is wonderful. She has had amazing results.

  •  Amazing Results of Weight Loss
    Nancy Mcguire (Verified User)

    I’m on zyngular and have had amazing results with both weight loss and severe RA. This last.weekend was the best ive felt in 2 yrs. Pls don’t knock these products until yiu have facts, which you dont. There are thousands of testimonies, some.on their website as well. So yiur claims are inaccurate. And we have an ingredient list for every product which is all plant based, gluten free and non gmo.

    • Your Name

      Are all the products gluten free? I am intolerant I dont need to take something that is going to make me sick.

    • Your Name

      How can you say someone else’s claims are inaccurate. Everyone is different and everyone’s bodies react differently to different things. It people like you that make skeptics not want to buy.

  • Product Safe or Not
    Jana ridings

    I have lupus and take a lot of medicine. Would this product be safe for me.

    • Gina

      Xyngular is a great product. Although it doesn’t cure lupus, it can definitely aid with the pain. I have a friend with lupus who tried these products and she loves them. Contact me on FB if you have any questions. My name is Gina Jones in the Killeen, Texas area.

      • Your Name

        I really do believe these products work, but $495.00 for my first kit was too much for me to afford. If I had the money to spend on products, I would buy them.

    • Your Name

      How can you mislead someone with Lupus like that. You don’t have a clue which “natural” supplements will interact with regular meds. Natural does not mean safe people.

      • kiki

        I actually have lupus and took the ingredient list to my rheumatologist and he said nothing in the ingredients would hurt me. I lost 5lbs in 7 days and inches! I feel great! I was about to have surgery on my toe and after my 7 days, the pain was gone! These products work on fighting inflammation in your body! ALL the ingredient lists can be printed out and taken to your doctor! I recommend that to many of my customers. Also, yes, there is an autoship. However, it’s easy to control, you can put it on hold and you can even cancel with out any problem. I messed up an autoship and customer service was very easy to work with.

    • Clifford

      marijuana is also all natural. That dog doesn’t hunt

  • am so lost on this

    I have had the opportunity to start this, but I don’t understand how this works. Do you pay as you go along for the products in each group or do you have to pay for a year at a time. I am so lost on this!

    • Your Name

      You pay as you order products contact me if you are interested. Lost 36 pounds feeling better than I have ever felt before

      • Your Name

        Hey I’m new just afraid I do have a raising heart every once in a while and lungs problems from hairspray , I have been a hairdresser for 30 years with no ventilation so worried about taking but would like to but mayos said is a form of asthma what would you recommend. Would like to lose 35 to 40 lbs

  •  May not Fit Everyone
    Your Name (Verified User)

    Its a 30 day product, that includes an 8 day challenge. This product may not fit everyone, and not everyone will fit this product. If diet and excercise were a magical pill, we would all just lay around and pop pills! You have to put effoert in to get full results. Stick to the good foods and drive past Sonic!

  • Ingredients it Contain

    I did not know that XYNG is a multivitamin so what are all the ingredients it contain?

    • Rich (Editor)

      Hi Pam, XYNG’s main Ingredients are Caffeine Anhydrous, 5-HTP, Cayenne Pepper, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea and Synephrine but remember their ingredients vary from product to product.

  • How to send Products back
    Cheryl Williams

    I need to know how to send some of the products back

    • Your Name

      Call the company tell them you want to return them and they will email you a return number and return your money to the account you purchased them with

  •  I loved this just pricey
    Kat (Verified User)

    ok first of all yes the kits are expensive but you can earn an extra income as well get your products for free with a referrals. Secondly they do offer a money back guarantee and they have stepped up to that immensely. Now as for the products Xyng was my favorite as well as Lean. I am mid 30s, epileptic, with a hypothyroidism, and I lost 50 pounds in six months on these products. No jitters, or any side effects on my end. I followed the diet as well limited exercise because not a lot of free time and still lost 50 pounds. I loved this just pricey. If you talk to the right people like I have you will get all the support you need as well as refund. Have a nice day this just my experience and opinion.

  •  I am not Allergic to Anything
    jen (Verified User)

    Hey..I just started taking them…I do notice less of an appetite, but im not sure if its connected but I brpke oit in welts over my entire body…im not allergic to anything that I know off..it happened twice both times right after taking the zing…but I took it a lot of other times and nothing. But as far as.working my good friend lost 70lbs and my sister boyfriend lost over 100

  • Weight Loss product for 13 years
    Jean Dooley

    Does your company have a weight loss product that would be safe and effective for a 13 yr. old who needs to lose about 20lbs?

  • Michelle

    Xyngular has changed my life, not only has it allow me to lose weight I so desired but I have motivation….For those that are to busy to get to the gym or are a stay at home mom that has no free time to themselves I highly recommend this product….I have lost 18lbs in 3 weeks by following the Xyngular plan and I feel great….For all of those that say first ingredient is caffeine apparently have never looked up their ingredients or even seen a box of their supplements….Xyngular has been wonderful for me and I would recommend for anyone..

  • Gen

    I wasn’t sure about this product…Then started researching and found out that the first 8days you are on a 500-800calorie diet. This system has laxatives, diuretics and a component related to amphetamines…No thanks.

    • Justin

      The laxative ingredient in the supplements is very mild. I’m on day 5 and not once have I had an episode of running to the bathroom. A little hungry at time to time but nothing that isn’t manageable. I’m sure with every diet there is slight hunger involved, I mean you are training your body to use less calories and therefor burn the fat that has built up over years of feeding it too much.

    • louise

      I agree with you, to bad I didn’t figure it out before I sunk hundreds of dollars into it and got my friends to as well,, Anyone thinking of this,, talk to people and not the ones making thousands of dollars a month,, the ones with rashes and major headaches.. Not worth it at all

  • Pedro

    I started using the package call Core 4 which includes the lean shake, the accelerate, the cheat powder and the flush. Replacing 2 meals for the lean and eating healthy snacks and one balanced meal I have lost 20 pounds in 21 days without suffering. I still have 9 days to go to complete the month.

    • timmy

      im going on three weeks now and ive lost three pounds, my neck is getting smaller my muscles are growing again and I feel great I love this stuff keep up the good work pedro.

  • vicky


    • Your Name

      3 pounds in 3 weeks? are you eating the boxes and bottles the came in too?

  • I want to without any pain.

    I also had hives, but found out I was allergic to
    Faya Greek yogurt and and not the products. Once I stopped eating the yogurt, all the itching went away. I have been on the products since January 2012 and love them. Went from feeling 85 to feeling 30. Went from being in severe muscle pain and hardly being able to walk to being able to jog/run when I want to without any pain. Previous to the products I spent 2 years and $6,000 on Drs. trying to feel better. Now I don’t need the Drs. Cholesterol went from 215 to 175. BP went from 128/94 to 104/55. I am 67.

  • customer service representatives

    There is and always has been a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. The customer service representatives have always been very helpful and courteous

  • it over for billions of dollars
    John R

    If this is something that works so well, why hasn’t a big pharma company taken it over for billions of dollars ?

    • Your Name

      Because then the actual product users would no longer be able to thrive. This company and its products not only help you get into a healthy lifestyle, it also allows you to make a nice side income or fulltime income. The payback is 2 fold.

    • blank

      I’m really curious if this works. My Dr. has me on phentermine 37.5 mg (that I rarely take) my concern is that I’m taking other meds I have went from a size9 to a 16 in a short period of time like 5 months.I have fibromyalgia, osto arthritis. I’m on an anti depressant and Xanax when needed. I just don’t want to be yo yo’n . I did do alot of lifting in the healthcare field. So, I’m concerned. Please be honest. This is a huge concern of mine.the rapid weigh gain and summer coming and my health is important.please email me or post. Thank you

      • Judy

        My dear Blank!! This stuff really works! I’ve lost 40 pounds and off of 6 different medications. I would LOVE to help you get YOUR life back!!

        • Your Name

          Or start a paleo lifestyle and exercise.

      • Your Name

        I was on Phentermine and lost a ton of weight as soon as I got off I gained every bit back plus more. I recommend this product Ive been able to keep the weight off using this product.

        • Your Name

          But when you quit using this product, the weight will come back!

      • Your Name

        Has your doctor recommended healthy food and exercise? Pills are not the answer to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

  •  its good and effective
    John (Verified User)

    I have tried it its good and effective way to lose weight

  • Your Name

    What’s your email

  • James

    I am curious to know what the effects were from your usage of the various products given that you have a medical condition.

  •  reducing the swelling
    Cathy Harris (Verified User)

    Xypstix have been a tremendous help in reducing the swelling and pain in my arthritic hands.

  • It is very spendy

    It is very spendy. $250 for the 8 day start and then $$$$ after that.

  • stimulants in the product.

    It is not all food grade supplies. That is a lie. There are stimulants in the product.

  • kidney.

    I tried it as well, now I’m having trouble with my kidney.

  •  Highly recommended !
    Lori Davis (Verified User)

    My husband and I have been using the products for 5 months and have had phenominal success. I have lost 52 pounds and he has lost 65 pounds. Even better is the health benefits! I used to have migraines every 2-3 days. I havent had a single one in 5 mon ths since starting these products! My husband had plantar fasciitis and after 4 days on the products it was gone! All of his joint aches and pains are gone too! The cost of the products is definitely worth it. We are no longer spending hundreds of dollars at the doctors or on junk food or fast food. I would highly recommend to all of my family and friends. For all you haters out there…haters always hate…

  • I would be glad to help you

    I am sorry you have had that experience. I am very available to my family and friends that inquire about it! I would be glad to help you! Your messages could have been going into their “others” folder which they may not check often. I would be glad to help you determine what products you might want to try! I also have a FB group called AmaXYNG Journey you can join for info too!

  • Individual products

    The price varies by what your goals are and what products you decide to start on. Individual products begin at $33, and weight loss packages begin at $175 and go up from there! You don’t have to join as a distributor! I can help walk you through various options if you would like!

    • Amanda matthews

      I talked to someone who sells this and she said the lowest package was 300 plus a membership fee of 30 for the 8 day challange. Are there different packages that are cheaper?

    • Your Name

      I was told the first month (including the 8 day challenge) was $500. After that first 30 days, you would buy just what you needed for your particular plan. however, there doesn’t seem to be any info available on costs without joining first. Interested, but not going to join without an idea of pricing first.

      • Your Name

        Just to add, no I have been unable to find any concrete answers to pricing in all my searches. Only told repeatedly to contact the person that initially spoke with me. Well, again, I’d like to be an informed buyer and have some info regarding details and pricing.

  • yes it is expensive

    I love this diet it is an 8 day plan that is simple and to the chase.. you follow exactly and you have results. amazing results. the first time I did it I lost 15 pounds and just started my second round a year later. lets be real. of course diet and exercise is the way to go and no one is saying it isn’t. but this is forsure a heck of a jump start. a quick detox if you will. yes it is expensive but you know … the weight does not come back..i cant say that for any other plan.. im just saying if you need a quick way to drop a bit of unwanted weight or a kick off to a healthier life style if you can afford this go for it. I never review products but this one deserves it

  • NO WAY.....

    Liver ?? NO WAY…..

  • Xyng OR Spring

    I have the productos (all) rigt in front of me. Would you please tell me which of those have plenty of caffeine, Xyng OR Spring ??

  • I don't believe you

    Really ??? I don’t believe you

  • Anni Abreu

    I have tried this product for 7 weeks now and lost 32 lbs so far. I am very happy! My husband is totally exited that I decided to purchase this system. I used the Lean shake, Flush, Accelerate, Cheat-pills and Xyng + Global blend (xipstick). I followed three 8 days guide to lose weight and continue to follow the healthy shopping list that the website provided. I love these products and feel great!!!. Last year around September I did 8 days and stopped for 4 months to ensure not to gain all weight back. That was 100% truth! Once I accomplished my goal, I decided to become a distributor.

  • Lucinda Stefanski

    Please tell me what you sell Bonnie. I what to find something to lose weight. Thanks lucinda

    LADY (Verified User)


  •  I have not had any side effects
    Angela (Verified User)

    I have been on the products for a little over a month. I started with the ignite program. It cost me $20 to join and $325 for my kit. So far I have lost 23.5 lbs. I have not had any side effects. I do not feel hungry and I have a lot of energy. I know that do know that diets work differently on each person, but my husband just started last week and he has already lost 12lbs no side effects either. We have a great support system and several team members that text us and call to make sure we are doing well or need help with anything.

  •  Unfortunate
    Katie (Verified User)

    Tallin was incredibly rude to me as well! They shipped my $275 package to the wrong address, don’t make anyone sign for it, and now will not refund my money. I even emailed the person above him two times and have not gotten a response. The unfortunate thing is, I actually lost 17 lbs in two weeks but now I’d NEVER GET the products again after this mess.

  • Hundreds
    cheaper to run!

    Hundreds and hundreds of dollars! If you Google it you will find the cost.

  •  Xyngular
    Lacie (Verified User)

    I’ve been taking the products since May 2015. I have Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and struggle with fatigue. These products have helped me immensely! I am a single mom of two little girls, so no.. I do not have tons of money and even still.. I find it very affordable month to month with upkeep. It is definitely with every penny for anyone struggling to lose weight or better their health. I used to spend my days in bed mostly, always needing assistance getting in and out of bed, up and down out of chairs, down the stairs.. Ect. I have more (clean energy.. Not jittery whatsoever) than I ever remember having before. And just so everyone knows.. I have a sensitivity to caffeine and even espresso drinks, energy drinks and things like that make my heart race and feel so uncomfortable. This does not make me feel that way at all.

    I understand that everyone reacts to things differently, however, I know many people who find relief from this system.

  • Rose

    I want to try the ignite package but it is too expensive. What can you do withj price.

  •  Never felt better in 25 years
    Your Name (Verified User)

    I have personally lost 72 lbs on Xyngular. 0 side effects except O am now off of all my blood pressure meds and feel better than I have in 25 years. This may be a lot of things but it is no joke

  • This bunch of stimulants, fillers and laxatives costs HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of dollars!
    Your Name

    This bunch of stimulants, fillers and laxatives costs HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of dollars! The 8-day program alone costs (+/-) $300

  •  NOT satisfied at all.
    Lisa hagel (Verified User)

    This company has recently changed the ingredients in the products. They also Autoship you after you cancel so the money back offer while great, does not mean anything because they will just ship you and charge you more. Then expect you to pay for return postage. A while ago this product was amazing but the leadership at the top has collapsed and now it just sucks. As far as MLM you can just buy the product without being a distributor so if you lose money at that then it is your fault. You do not have to sign up as a distributor.

    • janet

      My husband have been using xyngular for a month. In that time, we are both down 30 lbs. He has told his doctor about this and when at his appointment the doctor has advised him to cut his blood pressure pills in half. I think the xyngular is great.

  •  So far no side effect.
    Your Name (Verified User)

    I take the products and. Have actually stopped taking my depression and anxiety meds and have no side effects

    • susan

      I too have been on xypstix for 2 months and have been able to completely go off my anxiety meds and sleep meds! No side effects

  • Its prices vary in different plans.

    I asked the price and this is what I was told:

    The one that gives enough for one 8 day challenge and about enough to finish the month is gonna run 305.90 with a 5.95 membership and the other which lets you try all our products and gives enough for 2 8 day challenge abduction a month supply is 485.90 if you pay the 5.95 annual membership. That gets wholesale prices

  •  Follow the program and have results.
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    First go to your doctor with any diet and excercise program! I can’t attest to the diet part but xyng and xypstix are amazing! I have good energy daily from xyng. Not the chemical crap from sodas coffee etc. I love it! I had an injured ankle and the xypstix helped so much witj the pain. I would reccomend those two products. Its also not a milk shake but a protein shake!!! Big difference!!! The two who gave me samples have helped me every step of the way. Follow the program and have results. And no. I’m not a distributor.

    • Your Name

      If you read the ingredient list, the FIRST ingredient is CAFFEINE.
      Reading through the small print you WILL find fillers.

      • ESP

        I have a XYNG in front of me . Where is the caffeine ?? Not caffeine…..

        • Your Name

          I have zyng and it says caffeine in it as plain as day! A lot of metabolism boosters from health store include caffeine as well.
          Also stop being so aggressive in your responses.

  • The starter is about 300 bucks. My friend sells it.

    The starter is about 300 bucks. My friend sells it.

  •  Give it a chance ,you may just be surprised.
    mindy rutter

    You overlook the actual benefit of what proper nutrition can do for the body. Give it a chance ,you may just be surprised…talk to someone who actually KNOWS about these products….someone who can be specific.

  • Does it give you the urge to gamble?

    ..and whats weird is that even medications prescribed by a doctor come with a disclaimer regarding side affects. Its funny I saw one that said it may give you the urge to gamble? Really?

  •  I'm on this program and feel great, I can help you if want more information.
    Karen (Verified User)

    I can help you if you want more information. I just started the program a few days ago and I feel great. My cousin and her husband are having great success on the program. The price varies depending on which products or package you buy.

  • I am concerned about the product ingreditents, will it works for me?
    Diabetic wondering

    I walk 3 – 4 miles a day 4 days a week, need to get sugars under control, and lose about 80 pounds, I have a friend who is selling it, and has had great success, however, I am concerned about the product ingreditents….

    • Karen

      they have a diabetic version of the program. I can get the information to you.

    • Stepadoodle

      You can take the product ingredient document to your doctor for approval! I can get it to you if you want!

  •  I absolutely love these products and would highly recommended them.
    Ceresce (Verified User)

    Then products do work wonders, why your friend can’t tell you how much it cost is beyond???!!!? I absolutely love these products and would highly recommended them. Send me an email I would live to help you out with it all.

    • raquel

      Ceresce,, Hello can you let know the price for this prod. do they work. thankx

  • Can I it take with ambilfy 5mg and tradzodone 150mg for bipolar?

    I would like to know if I would b able to take this with the meds I’m on. I take ambilfy 5mg and tradzodone 150mg for bipolar

    • Ceresce

      There is a link on the page that you can take to your doctors to see if you can take these products

    • Vickie

      Print the Ingredients list and take it with you to your doctor. My doctor approved me using them, her words. ” there is nothing in them that can possibly hurt you.”

    • Your Name

      My daughter is Bi Polar and has had nothing but Good results with these products

  •  I would not recommend it to anyone.
    Mrs.Mac (Verified User)

    I signed up for this product you actually have to be a distributor to get it.

    The package came with like 5 products in it and none of it was for a full month and cost nearly $300.

    To top it off they send an auto ship billed to your credit card. I had a huge run around trying to ship it back. It comes from one State yet you have to ship it back to a different State so you cannot simply ship it back to them you have to pay the postage which was $17.00! It took over a month for the credit to get back on my credit card and several phone calls. I quit my “distributorship” and had very little weight loss while on the diet.

    It’s a low carb diet, but you are restricted to TURKEY! UGG!! Try buying that any month but Oct/Nov!

    All in all it was not a pleasant experience and I would not recommend it to anyone unless you have cash to burn and don’t have THAT much weight to lose.

    Buyer beware! They are way more interested in their upline than in the product and forget customer service it’s non existent.

    • Ksh

      Just to make a few things clear, you DO NOT have to be a distributor to get these products. We have premier customers who receive this product every month. And yes some are on Auto Ship and if you choose not to have Auto Ship it is an easy step to take you off of it. You must have been very misinformed from the person who signed you up. You also were not educated on how to use the product because we are not all just eating TURKEY. It is too bad that you had a bad experience but your one bad experience does not mean that the products are bad or the company. Tell me did you even use the products? Did you even see if they worked because I can tell you these products are changing peoples lives! So instead of trashing the company and their products why don’t you take a look at all of the good it is doing, because what you say could change the mind of someone who could really benefit from them!!!

      • jlo

        Great answer and so correct! I’ve been on these products and had wonderful results! Best program and products I’ve ever used!

      • Stephanie

        Do you have a specific question you want answered. I can help enlighten you with whatever you want clarification for.

  •  Advertised other's product.
    DD (Verified User)

    Sorry you were burned. I invite you to visit my site, d-delander.myplexusproducts.com, & look at the Slim & Accelerator products. They do work, but also offer a 60-day money back guarantee for any reason. They were developed by doctors & there are many testimonials! Check them out!

  •  Loved the product.
    C (Verified User)

    I was very skeptical as well. I have been on the products for 2 months. Ihave lost 25 pounds and numerous inches reulting in 2 pants sizes down so far. There is a money back guarantee on your first order within 30 days. Yes you also have to watch what you eat and make healthier choices. Xyngualar is the only thing that has helped me with that.

  •  Do diet and exercise with it.
    Jill (Verified User)

    There is no magic pill or magic formula for losing weight. If there was, there wouldn’t be so many fat people out there. Wake up!! I’ve had weight problems my entire life and know this for a fact. More often than not people are fat because they’re lazy–too lazy to eat right and too lazy to get their butt moving. It ain’t pretty, but it’s the truth. Lazy people want a quick fix. Newsflash, there is no quick fix. If you believe this, I have a guy from Nigeria that wants to talk to you….

    • Brenda

      Your right there is no majic pill. I am an active person and eat very healthy and drink lots of water I do not drink caffine beveraqes, soda or juice. I love water. I still put on weight. I am starting perimentapausal symtoms along with depression and was looking into this product and I am now doing the 8 day restart of xyngualar and so far today being my 4 day I have lost 4.5lbs I feel great. I have been happier and less moody the last 3days. I’m going to say it’s worth a try. 🙂

    • Art M

      Bottom lined perfectly.

  • Which package should use to loose weight?

    so if i need to lose about 10-12 pounds, which package do i order? i am totally confused, do i need the energy or the wright loss?

    • Joan

      It all depends what you want to do. Most people go with the ingnite kit , as then they get to try all the products except the axion (vitamin) You could also do the core4 kit, which would help you with both, but not as fast. You could also just order our new Xyng & Lean which would work for you, plus eating healthy.

  •  Maintain the diet after stopping it.
    Lianys (Verified User)

    Oviously if you eat again and not exercise or maintain a healthy diet you wil gain all the pounds again! The products are not for you to lose weight and then start eatig unhealthy and not gain again only because you used them, its to make you learn that healthy food is whats going to keep you in shape. Why would you want to lose all the pounds and then start eating junk food again…. Theres no logic to that! You should know that after the product use its up to you to maintain a well balance diet and exercise how you’re suppose to!

  •  Loved the product.
    Lianys (Verified User)

    I have been using xyngular for 3 weeks now I’ve gone from 223 to 210. So basically 12 lbs in 3 weeks. In my opinion I think its awesome :). I drink atleast 2 bottles of water every day or more. I do not drink any sodas, juice or eat anything fried. I drink a shake in the morning with almond milk and fruit. I eat a healthy lunch with water and drink my accelerate pills. I eat a snack before my last shake and then I drink my dinner shake 🙂 I don’ get hungry after that. Before bed I drink my flush pill. I think xyngular is awesome. I love it! Its working for me & I will continue using it. I also exercise everyday exept Sundays 🙂 I hope this helps any one. & By the way I am only 16!

  •  Loved the product.
    Cassandra (Verified User)

    Awesome Debi! I just finished up my first month and have lost 27 lbs and 30 inches on this! I feel fantastic. I would assume that the people that aren’t losing are really not following any time of eating plan. I eat at least 5 times a day and you know it really does work. I also drink around 5-6 bottles of water a day. You can’t go out and eat protein bars on these products. You are supposed to eat real food! I don’t understand what people don’t get about that. I know I would rather eat real food over food like products any day!

  • Does it contain milk?

    I’m about to try this product and I did ask my distributor but didn’t get a full answer really. I’m lactose intorlerent and was wondering if any of the products contain milk? It would be a horrible day if it does…

    • Brenda

      I am lactose, and gluten intolerent as well and It has been great so far I started it Monday. This is my 4 day I feel great.
      Good Luck.

  •  Loved the product.
    Will (Verified User)

    Sounds like someone needs to check there education about sugar. I have been using ignite for a month and I have lost 30lbs, my energy is out the roof, and I have changed the quality of my food. For the self educated that means I have invested time in researching what foods are more productive on a cell level. For those who are trying the product and have not had any results just be honest your cheating and I don’t mean you are using the product cheat or cheat+. You are not eating right and not exercising and are trying to blame it on the products. I have pictures of my results as proof!!

    • Debi

      I so agree with you Will- I can’t wait to start working out in 2 days- today is day 7- im sooo focused and have not cheated on it- done it to the TEE!!! and RESULTS!!! i have my photo as well- i can’t wait till i take another photo at the end of my 30 day transformation- good luck to you and me WE R NOT CHEATING AND WE R LOSING thats kudo’s to u and me and for others that HAVEN’T cheated on it- as well!!! (smiles)

    • Anonymous

      I was told not to exercise while taking mine. Kind of confusing when you say exercise.

      • Karen

        You exercise after your 8 day jumpstart.

  •  Getting no result.
    Amber (Verified User)

    I have used this product for 4 days now (half way into the 8 day challange) and I have lost nothing. Hear that people NOTHING!!! The only way to lose weight is with diet and exercise. In 4 more days I will hit the gym and lose the needed weight within the month.

    • Amber

      Since my post I finished the 8 day challange and like expected I lost ZERO pounds. Since march 1 I have been using diet and exercise only and have lost 10 pounds. Oh and I tried to return the left over pills and milk shake and I got the run around.

      • Ambrosa

        Why didn’t you go to the gym and diet while on this? You can’t take a diet supplement and then eat burgers and fries and expect to lose. Your just looking for a miracle if you do that.

      • Laura

        I am midway through the 8 day challenge and have lost 5 pounds. That actually doesn’t surprise me that much. I did some calorie counting, and 5 of the 8 days on this “plan” you are consuming less than 600 calories. That is not a typo. 600 calories. The other three days, you are around 1200 calories. I am not sure how safe something like this is (long or short term). So I think you have to make a decision as whether Zyngular is safer than the excess weight.

    • Schellie

      I;m also on day 7 and I have only seen a 2 pound loss. I’ve been stickin’ to the program and kinda disappointed. I will say my energy level the 3,4, and 5 th day was great but woke with terrible head aches. to the point of migrains. But day 6 and this morning finally feeling pretty good. Thank goodness. I’m going to keep it up it for the 30 days, and try my best. I 48yrs young and need to lose 40lbs and no I’m not expecting a wonder drug just a little help.

      • Karen

        Hi Schellie – just wondering how you did? I am on day 3. I haven’t had any detox symptoms.

      • Meg

        I’m only on my 3rd day and first 2 i had god awful headaches it was bad…

  • 14 years old can use it?

    im 14 and 30 pounds overweight is this product safe for me to use?

    • n2xyng

      If you are in doubt, I would recommend you take it to your doctor. I took it to mine an he was very pleased with the product. The have a sheet that list all the ingredients that you can take in. Good luck. I have had great results with the product.

      • Dot

        where do I get the ingredient sheet from

        • TD1

          The ingredients are both online and on the product packaging.

    • Marilyn

      No Dear, it is not recommeded for people under 18years of age. You are still young.. your metabolism is at its working peak! Use your mind and your youth to fight the fat! Stay away from products such as these…even if they claim to be all “natural,” it is not good for your growing body.

  •  Suggested how to maintain it.
    Doma (Verified User)

    The 32 pounds is healthy, because she must have a lot to lose. This is not a diet, but a life style change. The whole purpose of this system is to turn the body into a fat burning machine instead of a fat storing machine. It teaches you what changes you need to do to your eating habits to not go back into fat storing mode.

  • Cymbalta user can use it?

    Should someone on Cymbalta be taking xyng or any of the other ignite products?

    • Rich (Editor)

      Please consult your doctor before combining products, Leslie. Good Luck!

  •  Only exercise and diet can help.

    i was on xyngular for 9 days, lost 9.8 lbs and half inch on my waist…could have done this without paying out $260! i can’t figure out how some can lose so many inches in the same number of days, it doesn’t make sense. and i agree now, no drs reporting on this and what will be the effects on people on this for many yrs?? i know now that a lifestyle change is all i really need, that along with exercise and eating right. good luck to you all!

  •  I LOVE IT
    RAFAELV (Verified User)


  • Why am I getting different feedback?

    I researched the information because I thought losing the weight in 8 days sounded really great…even though I had a personal trainer for 2 years and had spoken with health professionals and they recommended 2-3 pounds per week was a realistic and HEALTHY goal. I was sent to a website and saw the startup for the initial kit was about $250.00…very expensive for a single mom. I also began looking at the ingredients and warning label and was SHOCKED. It said it was not safe for anyone under 17 and not recommended for pregnant/nursing moms. Some of the distributors on their personal websites were saying the opposite of what’s on the product label!!! Also, it listed a number of illnesses such as high blood pressure, recurrent headaches, etc and said people who suffer from these should NOT use the product…so why are there testimonials of people saying they use the product and have been cured by it? I could find no medical professionals on their website and I did not find any clinical studies or results from the same ANYWHERE on their website. Aside from all this information…the last line on the product label (xyng) stated that it could cause athletes to have test results positive for drug screenings. Ummm, thanks but I will pass. As a Soldier in the Army I cannot afford to throw away my 10+ year career over this (or any) product. Good luck to those that use it and lost the weight. I hope there are no side effects that come out in the next couple of years.

    • Anonymous

      I got a good friend and his wife that over 12+ yrs in army. They both take it daily for over a yr an swear by it so much they turned to distributing too.

      • Alsoanonymous

        Ummm…Xyngular’s OWN PRODUCT LABEL states that it could cause the positve test results. Why are you calling out 1Skeptic? He did not say that it contained a banned substance. READ COMMENTS WELL before responding. He is simply repeating what the company’s OWN PRODUCT LABELING says.

      • 1skeptic2

        1skeptic is right! The Army has banned so many products lately even products sold at GNC on post. They are just looking for any reason to kick people out. It is not worth losing your career over. Also if the bottle states it, then it must be true and your ‘friends’ better watch it!! They WILL come up hot one day and then they will be crying when they get kicked out. I know someone getting kicked out because she took a pain pill that was wasn’t prescribed to her, it was her husband’s. Now they both are paying the price. And that pill wasn’t a ‘banned’ substance! Please don’t put down our soldiers for their knowledge and choice to be careful! My husband would never take anything that would jepordize his career in the Army, and neither will other SMART soldiers!!!

    • DD

      I think one should always research something before starting it. I found a great company & invite you to visit my site: d-delander.myplexusproducts.com. These weight loss/wellness products were developed by doctors, have natural ingredients, & offer a 60-day money back guarantee. There are many testimonials. Slim also balances blood sugar & lowers cholesterol. For only a $34.95 annual membership you get your own website & wholesale prices! So a month of Slim is less than a Starbucks a day. Our latest product is Fast Relief– freedom from pain without negative side effects! Check this out!

  •  This is more for energy

    from what I know the Xyng is more for energy and does not help with the ‘reshaping’

    • Dawn

      Accelerate is for metabolism and appetite suppressant. Xyng is for energy and the way it would help there is that when you are tired, you tend to over eat.

  •  This product works for me
    Robin Hudson (Verified User)

    I have been using these products since July 3rd and have lost over 50 pounds. I took the ingredients list to my physician and he told me that the products were great products and to keep going. These products WORK.

  • Need help in usage
    brandy (Verified User)

    i didnt have a lot of money so i tried just the zyng,im always hungry and havent lost a pound, could someone that didnt buy the whole kit, tell me what they bought and how they used it, i need help.

  • Need more feedback for my decision
    Rob A

    I am skeptical of everything ,but a very close friend of mine started Xyngular 6 months ago and has gone from a 44 inch waist back to a 32. He is 49 years old and physically active, but does not work out. He is wearing Spandex shirts in public! My concern is about the Xyngular company itself. I haven’t joined yet because you have to become a “member” and the members are very socially active…within their own tight group.I am looking for critiques from dissatisfied FORMER members..

    • Donna

      Why not try it what do you have to lose except lots of fat.

      In January when I started I wore a size Xl now I wear a Med and some smalls. Thirty five pounds are gone and I feel fantastic. I went from 178 to 143. Just got approved for life ins as Preferred plus. Blood pressure went from 128/93 to 102/63. Cholesterol went from 215 to 185. I can run again.

      I have a FB friend from Florida who lost 84 pounds in 90 days. Went from a size 34 to a 20. She would love to telly her story.

    • lisa hagel

      The amazing support system is part of what makes it so special. You have thousands of people ready to lift you up and give you help. I refer to them as my coaches and believe me I needed some coaching. They have changed my life and the lives of many women I know. Why look for unsatisfied people when finally there is a group of people who don’t tear each other down they lift each other up!

      • Your Name

        And where are those supportive people? I purchased the 8-day supply and got no documentation with it AT ALL. NO DIRECTIONS. No references. How do I find those people?

    • Douglas

      look folks if you set out to find dirt you will always find dirt. I was determined to find the truth. What I found was Xyngular products are the real deal. I have been overweight for 30 years. I have gone from 345 lbs to 290 and continue to lose. My distributor and his team all advocated a healthy and balanced diet coupled with exercise as necessities for life long good health and weight control. This has worked for me where nothing else has. I can help anyone that is interested learn more. I have pictures and personal medical records to support my claims.

  •  Mary Lorentz (Verified User)

    Xyngular is an AMAZING product and company! This has been life changing for me, I struggle with a thyroid condition and could not make it through a day with out falling asleep. I do not have that problem, no side effects and I feel AMAZING! The support is incredible and the company is wonderful, I would highly recommend Xyngular to all my friends and family!

  • Is this safe even if I'm breastfeeding?

    I am nursing my 7 month baby…it’s xyng safety for breastfeed? Safety for my baby?

  • Nursing mom
    Amanda Desbiens

    Probably not recommended for nursing mom’s I’m guessing. I already eat a very strict, clean and healthy diet, but between the new baby, and taking care of my other kids and household, i dont have any time left over for much more than a 10 min workout. I’m trying to lose the same 30 lbs that I had gained before I got pregnant. I’ve got a weight loss plateau, and have been stuck at the same weight for weeks. Would a breastfeeding mom like myself be able to take any of the products to jumpstart by body back into weight loss?

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hi Amanda! Because this product might affect breastfeeding, it’s advised to consult with your physician.

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hello. It avoid any negative interactions with breastfeeding, it’s best to consult with your physician to make sure that this product is safe for you to use.

  •  Policies about money back guarantee
    Donna C (Verified User)

    100% money back guarantee on the first order. Better than a trial. People get to use it for about a month, return the empty bottles and get all their money back. Beat that.

    • Anonymous

      What about just getting it for free and not having to put any money up front. Using the bottles until they are empty and recycling the bottles…beat.

  •  This is life changing!
    Sonya Hendershott (Verified User)

    I have been using Xyngular since March and have lost 30 lbs and 30 inches! I feel great and have even started doing Insanity! These products promote a healthy diet and exercise because you have so much energy and you want to eat better. They really have changed my life!

  •  I feel great!
    Millie (Verified User)

    I am obese!! I was 130 lbs over weight for my height until I started xyngular. I have done 2 1/2 of my 8 day challenges so far and have lost 32 lbs and I feel great. I have stopped taking all my meds for my fibromyalgia, arthitis, and depression.

    • AL

      really you lost 32 pounds in 2 days. that is impossible

      • Anonymous

        I read it to mean 20 days. Not 2 1/2.

        • Jana

          I read it to mean 20 days, as well.

        • Anonymous

          Regardless. 32 pounds in 20 days is not healthy weight loss.

    • Anonymous

      She clearly stated that she was obese. And being 130 pounds over her normally weight is Morbaly Obese. These people can lose weight a lot faster then people who are not and it still be considered healthy.

  •  Thanks Xyngular
    Amy (Verified User)

    I’ve been on Xyngular for almost two weeks and have lost 7lbs and just last night my husband commented that he thinks I’m sleeping better since I started the products. I’ve done many diet plans and spent thousands of dollars and was glad to see that there was a 30 day money back guarantee but I WON’T be sending mine back and have ordered more product so I don’t run out. I’ve totally changed the way I eat and look at food. Thanks

  • 100% money back

    There is a 30 day 100% money back guarantee, isn’t that as good as a free trial? There are several Facebook pages with testimonials.

  • Risks with other meds

    I am interested in the xlngular products but have some health issues such as high blood pressure and rhuematoid arthritis. Besides the obvious that losing weight would help, are there any known risks or bad interactions with other meds.

    • JenniferH

      CoCo – if you are still interested in the products I can help. I LOVE the products and try to help as many people as I can to get healthy again!!

    • Donna C

      I have been on the Xyngular products since the end of January. I have lost 30 pounds and about 50 inches. When I started I wasn’t physically able to do a lot of exercise. I have gone down 3 sizes and continue to lose inches even though the pounds do not change. I tried on pants and skirts a couple of months ago, I could hardly fit into them. I am remodeling them and sewing them in 3 inches. I went from a 38 in waist to 31. I don’t care what the scale says at this point, I just want to lose inches.

      • Truth

        Fat does NOT turn into muscle .

        • reality sucks

          boy people really want to sell this, and say whatever sounds good!!lol, fat doesn’t turn into muscle, really?

      • Malinda

        I’m interested in the product, but have some questions I’d like to ask you. Could we schedule a conversation?

      • Donut

        “I have lost 30 pounds and about 50 inches… … For every 5 pounds of fat that I have lost I have gained 10 pound of lean muscle.”

        This makes no sense. If you gained 10 pounds of muscle for every 5 pounds of fat you lost, then you would have gained 30 pounds.

        • M

          Concur you would have gained 30 lbs…. Also, fat doesn’t become muscle, EVER and a person with bat wing arms and 45″ waist wouldn’t want it to.

    • t. d.

      I dropped from size 12 to 6 and I look & feel better than I have in years!
      There ARE FREE samples of Xyng & Xpstix that are available for the asking. Individual representatives may send free samples. Also shipping is $3.95 for orders under $200.00, and there are thousands of testimonials online via FB & youtube if you look for them. Xyngular does not advertize on tv or magazines, it is a referral based business.

  •   Xyngular is Great!
    Teri G (Verified User)

    I’ve tried all the diets, and have been successful for a short term.

    Xyngular is Great! It is Totally Doable! So Easy to stay on the Plan; something I’ve not experienced before! Xyngular is EASY! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    • cathy

      I have been on Xyngular 5 days I’m doin fine during the day but it seems like 2 flush really put the hurt on my kidneys can I just take 1 capsule instead? Anyone else feel like this?

      • Shon

        I’m with you Joan. Same for me. 2 months 8 lbs. If you are one of the one who does not loose a significant amount of weight that first few weeks …send it back because no refund after 30 DAYS!!

  • Need to know the sugar content
    jan schmidt

    As a diabetic I need to know the amount of sugar in this product.I can find no actual amounts of ingredients.

    • Rose Lajoie

      After reading all the positive reviews purchased this product. Note: I already eat right and exercise as doing WW. Tried the product for one week along with the Flush at night and did not lose one pound. My question is does take more than a week to see the results?

      • anonymous

        I think you doing something wrong when u dont see no change. I have a customer who was doing core4 and she was doing the milkshake wrong, try to see your leader.

      • Millie

        No. But, are you doing the 8 day challenge? And make sure you are not drinking any sodas and drink water. You want to make sure you are well hydrated.

      • lina

        Same here, haven’t felt this disappointed in a while

    • Cathy

      Jan, There is a teacher that I work with that sells Xyngular. She has lost 80 pounds and is living testimony. I am going to purchase this product soon. I need to lose 40 pounds, and I would like to do before summer. They do offer free samples.

      • Cathy

        There is also a refund your money if it is not working for you.

    • Diabetic

      Carbs are complex sugars, sugars are just sugar. You monitor Carbs for overall intake. 4grams per 9 for fat.

    • Garth

      I totally agree with you Wendy, as with the Vitamin K, and the stuff that would drop my sugar, as I’m a Type 2 Diabetic, I wouldn’t let my wife use their “meal” replacement because of her being on Coumadin. There is something better than their shake which my wife and I currently drink for breakfast. What we drink doesn’t cause my sugar to drop, and no problem with the Coumadin either. You can find out more about it by looking up Essentials of Health with Arlene RN on Facebook, and let her tell you with her 28 years of experience as a RN CDNe (Certified Dialysis Nurse emeritus)

  • Questions on how this works
    Tony Jones (Verified User)

    As a writer,you would really put a belt that stimulates muscle contraction before a weight loss plan/supplements designed to change your lifestyle?(Xyngular)Glad your not my trainer!

  •  This product works for me
    Carlota Chmielewski (Verified User)

    And this few weeks further, I happen to know you are minus 60 lbs, America!

  •  Lose weight in just a week
    Marilyn King (Verified User)

    I’ve only used it for a week and have lost 7 pounds, and we do offer free samples. Testimonies all over their web site.

    • Lisa Weiser

      How do I get free samples I got to loose like 35 more lbs but my funds are low wanna try before I buy

      • Sue

        I’d say try isagenix. I’ve lost 30 pounds and 31 and a half inches. It’s very healthy and has been around for 10 years and you can read about all the ingredients. I can give you more information.

  •  Very effective product
    America Saavedra (Verified User)

    I have been using the Xyngular products for 12 weeks, and have lost 45 lbs. I think that says it all.

    • Anonymous

      I’m just curious if you kept the weight off. That’s the part I’m worried about. How much did you lose as of now?

      • cheaper to run!

        My sister and 4 other friends did this and they are all still overweight… Some ran out of money, others got tired of starving…I consume 1200 calories per day and jog…I lost 25 lbs 5 years ago, kept it off, and I’m lean not flabby soft. If you control your carb consumption and balance fat and protein, stay active and hydrated you don’t need this stuff! Don’t yoyo… It takes time and dedication to lose weight, not a pill… There are no miracles in weight loss.

        • Summer (Editor)

          You’re absolutely correct, there are no miracles in weight-loss. But, there is support out there from supplements like Dietspotlight Burn that can make the process a little easier and more productive.

      • Stephanie

        I have maintained my loss of 32 pounds and 30 inches for over a year!

        • Your Name

          but do you have to continue to spend $150 – $300 per month to maintain this?

    • Cassandra

      I’ve been on these products for a little over a month and have lost 27 lbs and 30 inches!

      • Mary

        what did u eat after the eight days

        • Your Name

          There’s a day 9-30 plan that’s all laid out for you if you need it and a grocery list of foods to choose from.