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Omnitrition is a brand of “nutritional products” that are claimed to assist men and women with overall health and longevity. This company offers supplements that are stated to be manufactured with the “highest quality ingredients and most innovative research.” The featured product on the official Omnitrition website is Omni 4, which is a liquid concentrate that contains Glucosamine. This company was founded over 21 years ago by a husband and wife. There are customer testimonials and before/after photos posted on the official website. One of the primary goals of Omnitrition supplements is to aid men, women and children with weight reduction.

There are seven different main categories for Omnitrition products, which are Advanced Formulas, Weight Management, Specialty Products, Women’s Care, Product Packages, Strength and Conditioning, as well as Energy and Vitality. Some of the products that fall under the Weight Management category are Thermo Herbal Tea ($49.95), Thermo Java ($44.95), Thermo Green/Whites ($54.95), Extra Enhancer ($26.95), Nite Lite ($41.70) and PhasoTrim ($39.95). The premiere Omnitrition supplement, Omni 4 ($69.95), is claimed to boost energy levels, assist the immune system and improve overall heath. This product comes in a powder form and is added to juice or water. A 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee doesn’t appear to be offered on the official website. Unfortunately there are no free trial samples of Omnitrition supplements available at this time.

List of Ingredients

For Omni 4: Apaya Puree, White Grape Concentrate, Aloe Vera, Guarana Seed, Kola Nut, Gota Kola, Green Tea, Grape Seed Extract, Eleutherococcus Senticosus, Licorice, Spirulina Algae, Wheat Grass Juice, Suma, Parsley Leaf and Echinacea Angustifolia.

Product Features

Omnitrition is a company that manufactures nutritional products for men, women and children. These supplements aim to assist users with weight loss and overall health. Their primary supplement, Omni 4, is stated to increase energy levels, improve the user’s immune system and improve overall health. Key active ingredients found in this product are Coenzyme Q10 and numerous vitamins and minerals. All Omnitrition supplements are available via the official website. However, there doesn’t appear to be any clinical research posted on the website to support Omnitrition products. Omni 4 sells for $69.95 for 30 packets.

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  • There are customer testimonials posted on the official website for Omnitrition products.
  • All Omnitrition products can be conveniently acquired via the official website.
  • Omnitrition supplements are suitable for women, men and children.


  • There is no 100% money-back guarantee presented on the official website.
  • Some ingredients found in Omnitrition supplements may not be suitable for some individuals.
  • There are no free trial samples of Omnitrition products available through the website at this time.
  • A particular fitness regimen and diet plan are not recommended with Omnitrition supplements.
  • There isn’t any actual clinical data offered on the official website to help support the claimed effectiveness of Omnitrition products.


Overall, Omnitrition appears to be a rather typical brand of “nutritional supplements.” Unfortunately the premiere product known as Omni 4 doesn’t offer any fat burning or appetite suppressant ingredients according to the manufacturer’s own description. Furthermore, it would be helpful and reassuring to see some clinical research posted on the official website, along with a money-back guarantee and some free trial samples of Omnitrition supplements. That kind of support from a manufacturer shows that they really believe in their own products.

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  • 1

    what are the side affects for Omnitrition nite lite?

  • 2
    Karin f

    Any diet that says don’t work out while on plan can’t be good.

  • 3

    How do you use this. Put a drop in food? I am 63 years old and need to watch what I eat. Would like to lose 20 pounds.

  • 4

    This sounds in no way safe. 20 pounds lost in 20 days? That’s 7 pounds a week, where recommended loss is 1-2 pounds a week.

    Sure, I still need to lose 50 pounds, but I lost first 40 by laying off the soda, less junk, and moving more. Obesity also runs in my family. I can understand if thyroid problems and such make you want do this, but it doesn’t sound healthy in the least. 1000 calories isn’t good for anyone. The key is burning more than you take in, and if you have thyroid issues there are medications. I’ve seen before and after pictures, they look great, however that is simply too much to lose too soon.

    While I’m always interested to see new diet products and their successes, when it comes to this, I’ll take regular old diet and exercise and lose slower than starving myself for a quick fix.

  • 5

    Why can’t you have watermelon on phase 2?

  • 6

    I have had to pregnancies and have spent both of them extremely sick through the entire pregnancy. HCG is a hormone released into he body when pregnant. Everything I read linked my “morning sickness” to high amounts of HGC during pregnancy. I want to know if anyone has had or knows someone who felt nauseated constantly while taking these drops. I was miserable when I was pregnant and I don’t want to buy something that is going to make me so sick I can’t keep food down.

    Your Name

    Oops “Two pregnancies”

  • 7

    I’m on day 30 of this plan and have dropped 36 pounds. I didn’t expect to lose it this fast. At this stage its relatively easy — the first week was difficult. Am very (happily) surprised that I am already within 14 pounds of my overall goal.

  • 8

    All I know about Omnitrition is I am a 59 yr old male that just finished one round of the Omni drop program and i lost 42 lbs. and have never felt better in my life. Sure if I go back to eating half a family size pizza and 12″ subs everyday I’ll gain it back, but thats on me, not Omnitrition. If you have success quitting smoking and then start back up, you’ll be hooked on smoking againg, duh!

  • 9

    I LOVE Omnitrition!!! I would recommend any of these products to anyone who needs help. I lost 57 lbs in 92 days with Omnitrition. I LOVE EVERY PRODUCT OMNITRITION OFFERS!!!!

  • 10

    I am very interested in trying the omnitrition diet products. I am currently taking a beta blocker for an irregular heart beat and want to know if these products are safe for me to take.

    Your Name

    If nobody has replied to you, you should check with your Dr. I take a beta Blocker and I’m just fine. Within a week of just the vitamins im a new person!!#

  • 11

    My friend lost 45 lbs in the first 45 days with a total of 100 lost a year and another friend lost 40lbs in the first 45 days.

  • 12

    Can this be taken with thyroid medicine

    Your Name

    Yes. My mother takes thyroid medicine and does these products.

  • 13

    Can this be taken with thyroid med.

  • 14

    I am skeptical. What are the ingredients in Omnitrim Nite Lite? In my opinion, after a healthy weight is met, a person should try to maintain this weight without having to buy anything. We should strive to maintain via healthy diet and exercise. Omnitrition sounds like it strives to keep people coming back for more product.

    Your Name

    These products aren’t just about diet. It ask began as a overall health program, getting the best quality of vitamins needed for over all health, than it worked in diet products. I was taking about 20 vitamins a day, still was at a low no energy. I started taking the vitamins, and I feel a 100% better. I have so much energy, I’m happier ect. I take the nite life, I have sleep issues, before I would be up all night and sleep all day, now I can get 4/5 hours of sleep and still feel awesome! Since I started this less than a month ago, I have never felt better!!!! If you have anymore questions mess me on fb deborah pirak garrett


    I strongly disagree. In my limited experience with Omnitrition I quickly discovered that it’s not (just) about weight loss. It’s centered around being and feeling your best. The reason I have, and will continue to use (my favorite) Omni products is more about feeling great than it is about losing weight. Just give it a try. You will be glad you did :)

  • 15

    You have totally misrepresented the products you are speaking about. Omni 4 is a liquid multivitamin not a weightloss aid though omnitrition has multiple types of weightloss assistance. They are not a sold in store products but the distributors usually carry samples and everything is 100% money back guarantee.

  • 16

    i am on my second round of the omni drops. i don’t think the company would benefit from giving out free trials because you need to be in a certain mind set to do the strict diet, plus the minimum days of doing it is 21… the business is currently booming (and i am not even a distributor) but i lost 30 lbs my first round and this round ill loose another 30 and be down to about 120.. i loved the diet, it was challenging but the results were more then enough gratification plus $90 for 30 lbs down in a month.. yeah totally worth it. i kept the weight off and loved it all.. and its only dangerous if you dont know how much your body can handle or do it wrong.. im a healthy adult and am excited to do be doing it again. I have recommended it to all!

  • 17

    Hi I would like to know if this is safe if u have diabetes,and if u have had a valve replacement?

    Your Name

    This is a very dangerous diet and has landed women in the emergency room.


    Actually, it is a very rare thing to end up in the emergency room. HCG is used every day for other things besides weight loss. Just because one person ends up with side effects doesn’t mean that you throw it out. That’s like saying that if one person is allergic to penicillin, no one should take antibiotics.

    Your Name

    Read the label. Take that bottle to your pharmacist or physician and ask them how much hcg is in there based on the measurements. They’ll tell you none. It is the very low calorie diet that causes the problems. A 400 to 600 calorie diet is considered very dangerous especially when a doctor is not closely monitoring and directing the weight loss.


    My friend lost 100lbs, she is a breast cancer survivor, she loves the stuff and sells it now. She said the diet starts at 1000 calories for a week then increases the second week.

    Your Name

    You should get your facts straight. Always check with a doctor before starting a weight loss program. The person might have had an underlying health issue. I’ve lost over 130 pounds and have never felt better in my life. I’ve also learned to eat right and have maintained my weight loss for a year and a half. It would be horrible if you scared someone off because of this statement. Omnitrition has saved my life.


    I totally agree with “Mary” and I would be willing to bet that your friend landed in the hospital was not drinking anywhere near the amount of water the diet protocol says is a MUST!!!


    As ALWAYS ask your Doctor, Is there anything in this that would prevent me from taking it? They have several sugar free items.

  • 18

    I love Omnitrition. Great way to lose weight

  • 19

    After having used the Omnitrition drops for weight loss I do have a word of caution. This diet does work but it is not only low in calories and does not meet the nutritional needs of your body but it is also very low in fiber. Yes, you can buy their fiber supplement but the lack of fiber can cause GI problems. You do get fast weight loss results but if you calculate the results to include the time you are off the diet the weight loss over this time is not much different than a low calorie healthy diet. I agree that it feels good to lose quickly, but at what cost to your health?


    That is exactly why they recommend you take the Omni 4 while on the drops. That way, you are getting all the vitamins and nutrients you require. Carol, you don’t have all of your facts.

  • 20
    mary mesa

    this product is danger for heart?


    Not if done properly fallowing the suggested protocol.


    I have not heard of any heart related issues however they do have a Heart Smart product.

  • 21

    You made some misstatements in your description of OMNITRITION products. Clearly you have no first hand knowledge if them. You cannot build yourself up by tearing someone else down.

  • 22
    Your Name

    America, weight loss comes they hard work and dedication to eating healthy and becoming fit. It isn’t about introducing your body to a $200 a month program that will solve all your weight and health issues. It is smoke an mirrors, are folks that desperate they will turn to paid anorexia to get skinny? These distributors are not health experts they are in it for the money and believe introducing random products will solve all our problems. Eat a 1200 calorie diet, stay out of the fast food line, shop the aisles at the store, go organic when ya can, and hit the gym and actually sweat!


    im sorry have you done this diet? no? hmmm didn’t think so.. im not paying to be anorexic im paying to take the weight off and learn to eat healthier. the diet is 21-41 days for a reason.. educate yourself on the products before you talk down a product that you clearly have no knowledge of.

    Your Name

    Courtney good luck with thinking you found a miracle weight loss product….the commentor you replied to is absolutely right about what it takes to maintain a healthy weight! But please let us know when you find your next miracle in a bottle and the next,and the one after that…with your mind set about weight loss you will definatly need them!!!!


    I have a good friend who is currently on this diet and there is nothing healthy about what she is doing to her body. She is starving herself at 5oo calories a day and can’t even move to much in fear she might pass out. I am sorry you feel you have to buy into this diet instead of eating a balanced healthy diet and moving your body everyday. It’s just common sense.

  • 23
    Robin Smith

    I have lost 20 pounds in 20 day using the Omni Drops and The Nite Lite along with the Omni IV. I have struggled with weight my entire life. Omnitrition is the only program that has worked for me. A 5 hour night of sleep feels like 8 hours with Nite Lite. My 75 year old mom loves the Nite Lite and the Omni IV . She use to nap throughout the day, she now has energy up until bedtime. I love the products. I love the results. I have never felt better or better about myself. I love Omnitrition!!!

  • 24

    My aunt uses it, and shes lost 60 pounds. I think it took less than a year. There is a 30 day money back guarantee and normally you go thru a local distributor, my aunt is one. Thru the distributor you receive the program details for weight loss. For support and recipes you become connected thru facebook. I’m unsure why they don’t mention this on their website, but I was able to get info on how the program works when I called.
    I have ordered this program and I will let you know what happens. I do know that there are phases for it too. 1st phase there are no carbs, sugars, etc for 21 to 45 days and it’s a very low calorie diet. Then the next phase you are introduced to carbs, etc. It’s a program to give you a jumpstart on how to eat properly for life. The 3rd phase is maintenance.

  • 25
    Sharon Lutz

    Hi, we just are finishing up on our Maintenance. The brochures I have are not clear on us starting the program again…..”DO WE BULK UP AGAIN” before starting the diet? ASAP please. Tomorrow is the end of our 3rd week of maintenance.

  • 26
    paula j

    I have used Omni drops for one cycle and in one cycle which is no more than 45 days, I lost 31 pounds. when I started my next cycle I lost 11 pounds in the first 9 days. From my experience it works and the reason I did it was because my friends lost weight so quickly and so I asked them what they had done. They used Omni because their friends had lost weight and they asked them how they did it and they educated them on Omni. I love the product. The other reason I like Omni is because all of the individuals I know who have used the product have kept their weight off.

  • 27

    What are the side effects or cautions when taking omni drops and nite burner with the anti depressantCymbalta?

  • 28

    All I want to know is HOW MUCH IT IS!!! I do not want to know about everything your company has to offer. A friend used the drops that go under your tongue and she praised it highly.

    Your Name

    the drops are $79 a bottle plus shipping. i am taking them right now.


    This is a consumer report type of website…not Omnitrition’s.


    I went on the HCG diet before I ever heard of OMNI. I researched it first to figure out the healthiest way to proceed. I found homeopathic drops online. I found a site that helped me to understand each phase, and printed all of the material from there. I lost the weight I wanted to and felt great during that time. I couldn’t exercise much because it was so low calorie and I do quite a bit of moving with my job. I started back to walking daily after the first phase. You just have to do research and be smart about it. The only thing that I bought was the drops, the food, and a scale. The drops were about 29.00. I continued to take my supplements (I use Shaklee, because they are what I have used for 20 years, tried and true with plenty of research behind their products). I don’t think you have to spend a fortune to make this work for you. What I loved about it the most, is that it got me into the habit of eating less, and enjoying the right kind of food. Now I stick to the Beyond Diet principles and have kept my weight off and continue to lose slowly, as I need to lose about 20 more lbs.

    Your Name

    Can you tell me the name of the other hcg drops that you have been used ?

  • 29

    I have lost 71.5 lbs the good old fashioned way. A sensible diet and excercise. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in January and my dr determined that I am insulin resistant. I think if more doctors would check a patients insulin resistance we could prevent some people from becoming full blown diabetics. My dr highly discouraged omnitrtion. She stated it is not healthy for any reason to eat 500-600 calories. I am now in better shape than I have ever been and know that I have overcome type 2 diabetes on my own. I stick to 1500-1700 calories a day and burn around 3000. And on a side note I also have thyroid disease and rheumatoid arthritis. The exercise has helped ease the pain of my arthritis as well. I know the old fashioned way is not the quick results a lot of people are looking for but you didn’t put the weight on overnight so it falling off overnight just seems soooo unhealthy to me.

    Your Name

    A really good friend of mine cut her calories to 500 a day for 30 days and took GNC vitamin supplements. She walked 30 minutes a day everyday for 30 days straight. The ONLY thing the took outside of her 500 calories were the vitamin supplements $35 for a 60 day supply. She lost 28 lbs. (she started out weighing 229). People don’t realize that it is the 500 calorie diet that makes you lose weight. not drops.


    but the drops are the appetite suppressant. I would never be able to do the 500 cal diet without a suppressant!


    Someone already stated that there isn’t a suppresant in the drops, none of the ingredients are one. Must be a placibo.

    Rocking Omni

    I am currently on my 2nd round and I have lost 56 pounds. I have 2 weeks left on Phase 2. I have heard others comments calling it a smoking mirror and other things. I can only speak for myself. IT WORKS!! The drops DO curb your appetite. I get very hungry when I miss my drops. The suppliments help. The Omni IV gives you vitamins. The Nite Lite helps you sleep well. The Java gave me energy. There is a group of 8 people from my church that is doing the Omni drops and ALL OF US have lost weight and NONE of us have ended up at the hospital. My only advice is to get the product from a distributer. They will COACH you while you are on your journey. You need that! I love Omni and Omni rocks!

    Your Name

    Again, this is a site about Omnitrition specifically. Also, Omnitrition DOES NOT count calories.

  • 30

    My friend ended up in the ER. She said there were problems with her kidneys and her heart. She was using both the Omni Drops and the Nite Lite. I am so worried about these products.


    You have a very vague statement here. How do we know that your friends problems were not as a result of her obesity, not the drops or the nite Lite? Her being on the drops, and the ER do NOT necessarily mean anything. I have a cat and I ended up at the Movie theater. That is the same statement.


    i have been only loading and droping for my very first time..and the drops make me feel very jittery,,,,,,,,, y is that

    Please see your doctor

    This could be the start of a more serious problem. You should see your physician and take your drops with you to show her.

  • 31

    I have a friend who is on/selling Omni stuff. I’m about a year into a complete lifestyle change myself (NOT with Omni!!). I revamped what I eat, I workout, I’ve lost 50 lbs, cut out dairy and wheat (due to medical/allergy issues)and guess what? I feel great. I do drink shakes everyday, once a day (and have 5 other meals throughout the day). I didn’t put my weight on overnight with “magic drops” and I don’t assume it will come off in a healthy manner overnight with magic drops. I want to remember working and sweating off every lb and know that I did it on my own. I have lost over 45″ off of my body and build alot of muscle. Yet….my friend keeps telling me I really NEED Omni in my “diet”. I caught a cold and of course no asking how I am….just need these omni products and you’ll never be sick again. So apparently they’ve got a cure for everything over there at Omni, eh?

    I keep seeing people saying “Omni works and I don’t even have to eat healthy”. Um, I WANT to eat healthy. I want to fuel my body. I WANT to see muscle definition, I WANT to know that good food is going into my body. Maybe I’m weird but I’m ok with it. :)


    Actually you DO have to eat healthy on Omni. You eat healthy fruits and veggies and you have good proteins. There are also recipes to make your own seasonings since the ones in the store are loaded with fillers and msg. Wherever you got the idea you DO NOT have to eat healthy is false, I’m sorry but you have been mis informed. I myself am on Omni and my body craves fresh healthy food now, not junk food.


    If you cut your calorie intake to 500 a day THAT alone will cause you to lose weight. Not drops. Think about it.


    True anyone on 500 calories will lose weight. They will lose muscle and water though not fat. The drops pull stored fat from your cells. Therefore, even though you only ingest 500 calories the fat being burned in your body provides you with another 1000-1200 a day. So, your taking in well over enough to sustain. I did the diet, with my doctors permission, and even though I lost weight, most important my BMI went from morbid obesity range to overweight. Also unlike other fad diets, the weight with omni STAYS OFF. The plan and phases reset the hypothalamus. This allows our bodies to stop craving all the fat, sugar, and carbs that got us into this situation. I’m not trying to change anyones mind about the product, just think some people may not fully understand

    Your Name

    I’ve been using OMNI for 1.5 years. I lost 65 lbs in 90 dropping days & have maintained my weight within 2 lbs for over a year. NEVER ONCE DID I COUNT CALORIES!!! I ate HEALTHY, non processed foods as recommended with the protocol. If you’ve never tried OMNI, you shouldn’t pooh pooh something you know nothing about. READ Dr Simeon’s “Pounds and Inches” to learn or even better yet, find a distributor (like me…who was the biggest nay-sayer going), go to an informational gathering in your area to get your facts straight. OMNI has changed my life for the better, my doctors have all given me the thumbs up on these products and my results! Wish I did this 20 years ago! But at 60, I feel more like 30, and I’ll take it!!!


    that’s a lie you do have to eat very healthy…


    Every product has an ingredients list. Good for you being able to do this on your own but some people need help to get started. Omni has been working well for me. The proof is in my recent good lab results.

  • 32

    I do not see a list of the ingredients in each product. That is truly scary to me. Our bodies are precious and we need to know every single things that goes into it. Some side affects are not reversible.

    Your Name

    There are dangerous ingredients in their products. The nite light contains dangerous levels of niacin – enough to cause liver damage


    Nite Lite has been used successfully for 25 years. My doctor said the niacin levels are perfectly safe. I don’t think you have accurate information. Plus, doctors formulate Omnitrition’s products.


    I have a list of ingredients for each product, and a spreadsheet showing the comparisons of these ingredients in each product. Happy to share if you email me.

    Karen Templeton

    I am thinking about the omnitrition program. Just reading all pro and con’s. I would love to see what you will share. Thank you…Karen

  • 33

    I too am thinking about trying this product, however all I see are comments about the drops, I don’t want to take the drops , and have heard from a few that the Omni 4 as well and the Raspberry Ketone drops work well. Can anyone give feedback either negative or positive?


    Have you got any feed back yet?


    I have been on OMNI for 3 weeks now and have lost 1 pound a day. I’m not super strict as the diet requires. I eat healthier and walk when I can and stick to 500-600 calories a day. When I first started I had a headache for the first 2 days but I’m sure that was the hunger. Then after that I showed no negative symptoms. I’ve lost a total of 23 pounds and will continue to use OMNI because I see the results. I started at 273 lbs and now at 250. I strongly believe in this product but know that not everyone’s body will react the same.

  • 34

    I too have a lot of issues with the NiteLite. I can’t find anywhere on the sites about severe reactions! Niacin flushes every time I take it isn’t good, neither is tingling the next day! I for one feel this product isn’t for everyone. I am not trying the Thermo tea. I too am constantly hungry and have no energy1 I am hoping I’m not messing my poor body up in the long run. The only time I feel better is when I consume more meat or have some cheese! Hmmm….it has to be something to that!


    The NiteLite has 500% of the RDA for niacin which has been proven to cause liver damage, among other things. None of their products or safe and the diet itself is dangerous. You are ruining your metabolism, losing muscle, and will end up with osteoporosis if you don’t stop this crazy diet. A woman recently died as a result of this diet – her heart stopped – there was a news report on tv about this.


    I took the nite lite for a few days, I called my doctor and he told me that it wasn’t safe.I just dumped the nite lite down the sink.

  • 35

    I find it strange, that even after reading all the many, and scary ‘side effects’ of this diet, including cost, liver damage, heart damage, breast issues, etc) People are still asking where to buy this? And, if you manage to sneak in a comment on the web-site, which isn’t positive in nature, it gets deleted. So, the viewing public only sees commendations…That alone would want me to walk away—


    I put some comments on their Facebook page – trying to get the truth out to people about how dangerous this diet is – and I was banned from their page and all my comments were deleted. They do not want people to see the truth about how this diet ruins people’s health and they have threatened legal action against people who speak out against them!


    Ya lol I will also walk away,never considered it anyway…sorry that so many will have to fund out the hard way thru dying and being sick…no doctor has had anything good to day about any of it…a coworker of mine ended up in er due to omni. …so there ya go ..duh


    I was thinking about trying this product. I know someone who lost 100lbs within the year. She needed the self esteem, she had breast cancer and I am sure she checked with her doctor before trying this diet. Now she sells it. She never had the willpower before so I am very happy for her. However, I do believe some people could have problems with it. Sometimes I get dizzy and believe it has to do with my sugar levels, without it my levels get low. So I will stay away from this diet due to the fact that you have to avoid it the first phase.

  • 36

    I love Omni products.. i was suffering from soooo many illness and since I started taking those products I notice a BIG CHANGE NO more pain!! I love it and if is working for me and loosing lots of pounds, those silly comments I wont take any of it.. thanks God I found OMNITRITION before it was to late.


    Tell me more how you had pain what kind of pain?


    I had ovarian and chest pain while taking the drops. It went away within a few weeks after stopping this diet.


    Any side effects yet?

    Your Name

    stop taking this product unless you want to die

  • 37

    i am on welbutrin is it safe to take the charge capsules


    No. Please, talk to your doctor. Show him the ingredients list. There are a number of ingredients that, in those amounts, could put your health at risk if you took both.


    I just had my Thyroid removed and on a Hormone Replacement -Levothyroxine. Would it be safe for me to take? I had several issues with A-fibrilation before my surgery.


    As with any diet/nutrition program, you should check with your doctor first. That being said, I know people on Wellbutrin who take Charge and other Omni products who were given approval by their doctor. Please check with yours!

  • 38
    No Name

    Even eating carefully after doing this diet with the Omni Drops, the weight came right back. You are expected to do more rounds of very limited calories to lose the weight but that is not realistic and it is not healthy.


    I kept mine off for 9 months without eating super healthy!


    I kept my weight off for two years and I only gained 5-10 lbs thereafter.

  • 39

    I am thinking about starting Omni. I don’t have a lot of $$ and need to know which products I ABSOLUTELY needd to purchase. Any suggestions?? Also. I have a friend who gave me her bottle of “homeopathic hcg” drops and they have the same ingredient as the Omni drops but don’t actually say “Omni” on the bottle. Can I just use these drops??
    Where can I find the information on the correct diet to follow and something that explains the entire program (phases and stages). Please help!!

  • 40

    I am on Omni I take the drops I take nite lite and charge and EE I dropped for 40 days and lost 31 with 7inches over all gone. Now I have tried a ton of diets Omni is helping me to learn to eat better and to eat health what works for me might not work for someone else.I started off at 387 and I was having a hard time just doing house chores at 36 years old I am to young to have that problem. I love Omni I feel like I am getting my life back.

  • 41
    Monica Talamantes

    I want to try Omni but cant have caffeine in my diet due to migrains. Is it safe for me to take? Does it contain caffeine.


    Which Omni product are you asking about? Certain products do have Caffeine. The Omni Drops do not have caffeine and several others, however, some other products to have caffeine. I am an Omni Distributor if you have any other questions. Please feel free to contact me.

  • 42
    linda mayes

    Wut foods is on phase 3. And when do i start phase 3. I have been on the diet for 3 weeks. Do i start phase 3 now?


    You on P1-Loading for 2 days, P2-Low Calorie Diet for a minimum of 3 weeks to a maximum of 6 weeks. What ever day you stop taking the drops, count 72 hours from your last dose of Omni Drops and that’s when you beging P3 – Maintenance for a minimum of 3 weeks.

  • 43

    my question is is this product hormone based? I am on hormone pills already for menopause and I tried the hcg diet and didn’t know it was hormones and just about had a heart attack from too many hormones! I have a niece that sells the Omni and she swears by it so I would like to try it, I need to lose around 50 lbs but I don’t want to go through the too many hormone thing again !


    Omnitrition would tell you that, yes, it is hormone based because it contains hCG. I suffered side effects and when I spoke with the FDA, they said it would be illegal for the drops to contain real hCG. Whether or not it does contain hCG, the very low calorie diet does put your heart at risk. If you decide the diet is worth the risk, work with your personal physician to stay closely monitored. They can often spot problems before they get serious.


    i suffered side effects also, i took the drops for 2 weeks and felt like crap,yes i did loose a pound a daqy but the way i felt was not worth it to me, now i have almost a full bottle that i spent 79.00 on and wont use it.when i asked the folkd whoi sale it how come i felt like that they acted surprised for my side effects.ive done the 1200 calorie diet before and i was wondering why we can not do a diet like that instead of the 500 calories?? i felt so weak, slugish and could not sleep at nite only eating the 500…do you think if i was to do a 1200 diet and drops it would still work?


    Skip the drops. There is no hCG in them because it is illegal. If you did a 1200 to 1400 calorie a day diet, you’d do much better in the long run because your body would not go into starvation mode. On this diet, you plateau and start gaining on 500 calories a day. That is a huge red flag on how unsafe this diet is. Months after this diet, my metabolism is still much slower than before the diet. It’s just not worth it.


    Alice,do you still have the drops on hand? and if you do, would you sell it for cheaper?


    Alice, You can return for a refund. You have lost nothing. There is no plateau or gaining while using the drops. I am now off the drops and only using Nite Lite because of finances, otherwise I would be doing a full regiment. I am still losing weight, don’t have any cravings or want to have processed foods or sugars or sodas. I used to eat a lot of donuts and pastries and now I cannot bring myself to put any of it in my cart and waste my money on such things. For sweets I now prefer fruit. The program truly cleanses your pallet. And, there is no starvation mode. I am back to eating my normal 900-1500 calorie diet and feel very satisfied and am still losing fat/weight with the Nite Lite. There are several products to aid in weight loss that works well for those who cannot tolerate the drops program for whatever reason. Besides cleansing the pallet, the drop program resets your hypothalamus, thyroid, adrenals, and metabolism. Omni products has changed my life and my doctor is testing me to see if we can get rid of one of the pharmaceuticals I take for borderline diabetes. These products may not be for everyone, but I have only seen amazing results for myself and my friends and other Omni users.

  • 44

    can you get it in the uk x


    I am not sure!! I am in the process of trying to ship it to Bermuda!!

  • 45

    Be cautious using the Nite Lite. According to the nutritional information, it contains five times the recommended daily doseage of Vitamin B3 (Niacin) which can damage the liver and stomach. There may also be other serious side effects as well. In fact, doctors recommend that at this level you take periodic liver function tests because of the damage it can do over time.


    Does anybody know the ingredients in NiteLite? I have not been able to get this answered.


    Been using nite lite, omni drops, charge pills for 5 days feel good Nitelite has collagen hydrolysafe, purified water, magnesium lactate, natural and artificial flavors, melatonin, sucralose, potassium sorb ate, sodium benzoate ( as a preservative. I am a diabetic have had no problem lost 15.4 pounds this is the a quick way to lose weight


    Diabetics should only take niacin when prescribed. It is known to raise blood sugar and cause other serious side effects. It can also cause problems when taking other diabetes medications. Talk to your physician before taking any supplement with niacin.


    I think I heard this story somewhere before…


    I have been on Omni protocol for over 3weeks now. During this time I have had niacin flushes all but 5x! I still tingle the next day! When my thermo tea comes I am done with NiteLite!

  • 46

    Any drops that have homeopathic in the label are a scam. Real hCg can only be prescribed in the United States. It cannot be ordered online. It would be illegal. That is why it says homeopathic. That way they can just claim it is an imprint.

  • 47

    Where can I purchase this product without getting scammed?


    Hi Patyon these products are not a scam my family and I have been on Omni since last Feb and have had amazing results from weight loss to overall better health,great sleep,my kids with better focus and relief from eczema. Feel free to contact me I can help you


    Not a scam. This plan REALLY works! I met someone upclose and personal and that’s how I started. Seeing someone you KNOW before and after photos…all the convincing I needed.

    Your Name

    I know its tempting to do this diet because after all who doesnt want to lose weight fast? But even if it has “worked” for some you are putting your health at a major risk. There are hundrerds of stories about the potential fatality of this product and regardless of what sellers say you have to remember they ARE trying to get you to buy the product why would they admit to its harmful effects. Talk to a Doctor first,see what they say and then decide if its worth it. P.s.- Studies have shown that in a lot of people it affected their health very badly in the future.Dont do this to yourself :(

  • 48

    Nite Lite actually contains melatonin. You aren’t allowed to post your opinion on how the products taste as part of the rules and regulations on the Facebook page. Just because you don’t like something does not mean someone else won’t. Your negative comment could potential keep someone from trying a product that could completely change their life. Sleep is not the only benefit of Nite Lite, hence why it costs more than standard melatonin. It’s quality as well.


    Not everything you consume is going to “taste good”. Just because something tastes bad, doesn’t mean it’s bad for you. It’s all in what you get use to. If something helps me, and it tastes bad, I’m going to take it. Better than a whole lot of additives just to make something taste good so you’ll take it.

  • 49

    I recently started using Omni products for weight loss and love them so far! I’m 54 and most diets that use to work for me don’t anymore. Using Omni Drops, Extra Enhancer and Nite Lite I’m losing 1/2 to 1 pound every day! I’m borderline diabetic, so the person I purchased from recommended using the Extra Enhancer. I haven’t had any problems with my blood sugar. I did have problems sleeping the first 2 nights I used the Nite Lite, but slept well after that. The products do have a money back guarantee if they don’t work for you. So far, I’m loving my results!


    Their Nite Lite tastes really awful. But, when you mention that or the Nite Lite not working on Omni Rocks, they delete your comment or recommend you gulp it quickly. That doesn’t sound right. Others recommended melatonin for the same effect and much cheaper.


    @ Anonymous. Have you ever taken a BC or Goody Powder? What about beets? Do they taste good? Are they designed to help you get better? Point made. I’ve been taking the Nite Lite for quite some time, and my sleep as well as overall health is great.


    I average half a pound loss daily and use Nite Lite. It doesn’t taste “bad” to me, just strong as I drink directly from the bottle. Doesn’t bother me at all, especially when I know how it benefits me.


    Taste is so subjective.

  • 50

    I have been doing Omnitrition but developed a large lump in my breast. I am seeing a doctor to find out what happened. It was not there before I started taking the drops. After doing a search online, I see this has happened to a lot of women and, in some cases, been very serious. I also found that some men actually have enlarged breasts after doing this. I don’t think these drops are safe.


    I would suggest attending a meeting or contacting your distributor to get educated more on Omnitrition products. The drops do not cause lumps in the breast. You have an underlying problem, so I am glad you are seeing your doctor.


    My doctor is certain it was from the low amount of calories I was eating. This has been so awful. I realize you are a distributor and that is why you say that but I had a distributor put my health in jeopardy. Not cool! Read about really low calorie diets online, this is one of the things that is mentioned that can happen. My doctor is a big fan of natural products had plenty to say about this diet. I believe him and he recommended healthier ways to go about this that are safer and only cost a fraction of this. It’s working too. I am losing weight. I am going through a scary time right now and I know it is because of this diet.


    I too am developing pain in my breast and discovered a lump which I never had before. Also constant pain in my stomach due to constipation. Did you have this problem as well?


    I did have lower abdominal pain and it was related. Turns out the diet affected my cycle which ended up causing a huge iron loss. I’m going through iron infusions right now. The change in my cycle caused the abdominal pain and the lump in my breast which we just found out is benign…so thankful! There is no doubt the diet was behind all of this. Be careful coming off this diet. The weight comes snowballing back on!


    I was going to start this program and my daughter in law (which is a doctor, and my son, which is a personal trainer) had a nice long talk with me and told me about all the negatives (which I only heard the goods from the distributors) I already purchased the products, they are unopened and I am just praying to get my money back!!!! I hope and pray that you are alright!!!! The more I read about it, even on Omni Rocks, I have seen what some people are going through (not just all the good stuff they try and say) when you take the night light I have heard stories from so many that thought they needed to go to the doctors and they say your just detoxing, no, it is called a side affect!!! I will loose weight now, not by starving myself and EXCERSISE!!!! Which I was told not to do that also!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!


    Jodie, you are an inspiration!


    Cicely, are any of the distributors medical doctors? Are the husband and wife team who developed the products doctors? Are YOU a doctor? Then how can you tell this person that her problems are not from the product?

  • 51

    I am a 19 yr old single mother. I’ve battled for a considerable length of time w severe edginess and despondency and lately am having an amazingly hard time traversing things due to it. I have additionally dependably been exceptionally unsure regarding my looks and can’t appear to detached my pregnancy weight or stretch marks. I cherish my girl more then anything in this planet and realizing that I’m all she has makes it that considerably more imperative me. I have perused some on omni and I’m amazingly intrigued however I need to be certain on this before using that sort of cash, as you can speculate cash is tight. assuming that anybody might assist w some informative content it might be extraordinarily prized, thank you


    I have done well with Omnitrition. It provides instant gratification that keeps you motivated. I lost 83 lbs in 100 days just in time for my wedding. The products are fabulous. I’d be more than happy to help you as well.


    Did you loose the 83lbs in a 100 days straight or in a 100 drop days?


    First start a gluten free/reduced diet, cut out preservatives as much as possible (labels w/ less than 2% of ___ is fine), eat more fruits and veggies juice them raw if you can, reduce red meat intake, poultry and fish are very good, brown rice is ok just don’t overdo it, go dairy free too, and get multivitamins (not from cheap stores they don’t break down to work) and multi-B vitamin suppliments. Then run around with your kid! you’ll be amazed at the results. I’m little and didn’t expect to loose weight and I did! 8 lbs!

  • 52

    I am a 19 yr old single mom. I’ve struggled for years w severe anxiety and depression and recently am having an extremely hard time getting through things because of it. I have also always been very self conscious about my looks and can’t seem to loose my pregnancy weight or stretch marks. I love my daughter more then anything in this world and knowing that I’m all she has makes it that much more important me. I have read some on omni and I’m extremely interested but I need to be positive on this before spending that kind of money, as you can guess money is tight. if anyone could help w some information it would be greatly appreciated, thank you (:

    omni user

    I’m a diabetic who has done a couple of Omni rounds. I feel great, have lost 30 plus pounds and over 45 inches. I recently asked my doctor to order labs and the results were the best I’ve had in years. Omni is not a diet – it’s guidance while you learn to eat the right foods in the right amount and retrain your body to want these foods. When you move into “life” you continue eating the right foods on an 80/20 rule. You can’t go bad to bad eating habits it you will gain back the weight – that’s a no brainer. I successfully was off the program for 10 weeks and actually lost a couple more pounds. My doctor says the vitamins (Omni IV) which are LIQUID NOT A POWDER have great ingredients. By the way, I didn’t stick 100% to protocol.

  • 53
    Concerned User

    Completed one month and developed problems with my cycle and heart. Struggled with an erratic heartbeat while taking these drops. While I did lose weight while taking the drops, like everybody else who has gone off the program, the weight crept back. Just not sure this is safe and am wondering who else has experience these side effects. Did not like how when asked about specific side effects (some sounding quite serious) on their Facebook page, people were advised to talk to their distributors and not their doctors.


    Did you follow the protocol? I have kept my weight off and didn’t stray from the program. If so then I’m sorry for assuming you didn’t but I find that 9 times out of 10 the people who gained it back went back to eating a bunch of high carb, fats and sugars or cheated while on the program. I lost 31 lbs in 56 days and went from a size 16/18 to a current 8! I have found relief from psoriasis and that in itself is a gad send. The drs wanted me to use injections that had horrible side effects.


    Being a distributor with great support and information from my group, I have been taught to take it to your dr first and have had a few customers do just that and their dr said yes do it. Omni rocks is open to everyone so not all the members are clear on company policies. We are a health and nutrition company with that said we are not able to make health claims and if there is a medical issue we recommend taking it to your doctors first.


    I am on wellbutrin and have a prolapsed mitral valve is the charge safe in my case

    Concerned User

    That was the one of my concerns with Omnitrition distributors too. So many of them just tell you over and over to be distrustful of your family doctor and their solutions are frightening. I really agree. It has been pointed out how they hide all their information from the public? You have to know a distributor before you can even view their products or view their Facebook support page? Do you really think this is a reputable company?

    Concerned User

    Yes, followed protocol. Almost became a distributor but the side effects became serious so no way could I sell this to others. By the way, I had distributors discouraging me from seeing a doctor. I even have messages from distributors saved on Omni Rocks saying not to trust doctors. It’s nice to say after the fact that I should have seen a doctor first but that was never said until after I stopped because of the heart arrythmia and after being discouraged from it multiple times. You already know that once somebody has a problem, you are supposed to ask them to talk to their distributor rather than a physician. The distributors I know won’t even share my side effects with potential buyers when asked if there are side effects. They are still saying this is completely safe and they know from first hand experience that it is not. It’s all about making money. I’ve had to see multiple doctors as a result of my side effects and every one talked about how unsafe this diet is and the terrible side effects they’ve seen.


    I am om Omni now and the above is true. If someone posts a medical problem, the usual response us that the body is detoxing. There are many constipation issues. Their response…take or order their Finer n Mor. If that doesn’t work, you will not hear from a distributor. They always say contact your distributor. I say contact your doctor. Some of the responses posted by everyone are very frightening, as a RN.


    I don’t understand, aren’t we adults? I would think that if you are having a medical problem you would see a doctor, and not take advise from a non-medical professional. Distributors are just that….distributors. It almost seems you are blaming the distributor for not telling you to see a doctor, but you are the one that makes your medical decisions, not anyone else.

    Your Name

    These claims are going to get on of these people in a law suit! Class action against omni and the distributors. Hilarious that people are so desperate and depressed they will reach for anorexia as a solution.

  • 54

    Need omni products or have questions i can help!!


    I recently received my shipment and was estatic,super excited,overjoyed…and then….in read on the Nite Lite bottle that it shouldnt be taken by diabetics…


    I am on welbutrin and have a mitral valve prolapse is the charge safe

    Ask your Dr.

    You need to go to YOUR Dr. and ask the question, “is there any reason I cannot take this?” Everyone’s bodies are different.

  • 55

    Is this true or not need to know!! Tired of all the scames. Need to lose alot oo FAT and would like to make money.


    It is true. I am down over 90 pounds since last June 2012, hubby down 75 and son down 40. Omni works and is sold through testimonial by real people with real results. I’m never looking back.


    I’m down 85lbs. since Aug. 4th, 2012….15 more and I’ll have lost 100lbs! It works, but you MUST stick to protocol.


    Not a scam. I have tried other drops and did not have success. Omni Drops work. I have lost 30 pounds. The support is amazing. And yes, you must follow the protocol, but you also must not return to the unhealthy way of eating that caused the weight gain in the first place. People don’t seem to understand that. They lose the weight and return to eating junk and can’t understand why the weight came back, then blame the drops.

  • 56

    que hago para hacer el pedido por internet

  • 57
    Ruth AnnHolt

    How do you get the trial offer

  • 58

    Hi there,

    I am a nursing student and considering Omni as I have some weight to loose. I was wondering if any of you could tell me if Omni would decrease my energy levels, as I need to be up to par for my clinicals and exams.

    Thanks :)

    Melanie Panoke

    Omni will not decrease your energy if youI also take the vitamins and Nite Lite. The vitamins are great supplements and can be taken with a packet of Charge product for a nice even boost of energy that will last. No crashing like some of the energy drinks. The Nite Lite will help you sleep so you’ll feel rested even with 5 hrs of sleep. Wish I knew about this stuff when I was in school cramming for finals.


    Just a suggestion, but I wouldn’t try to lose weight when you are in school. As a nursing student, I am sure you are aware that your brain does not produce glucose. Your brain needs glucose to learn and properly function. Glucose is especially important when you are learning new information, and the glucose needed to power your brain is acquired from the foods you eat. I would suggest not starting any diet until after your finals.

  • 59
    Lourdes Hathaway

    Sales rep. close to me
    Des Moines,Wa

    Melanie Panoke



    Julie price


    I live in Puyallup washington and looking for a sales rep that can give me more info. and to possibly buy a bottle.


    Jacquelynn Herber lives in Puyallup and is my distributor.

  • 60

    There is a very specific diet that comes with the omni drops product. It helps you in all phases of the diet plan. I am in week 2 of taking the products and feel amazing. I have lost 17lbs. following the diet is very simple. It even comes with lots of recipes so you are not just eating plan stuff everyday. It is amazing and I am learning quickly how to make foods that will be good for me. Omni truely sets you up for a lifestyle change not just weight loss.

  • 61

    I used to use Omnitrition – even went to the national convention in Sacramento years ago. It was there, I vowed never to use it again. At that time they had an ephedrine derivative in the tea and the president of Omni said not to tell anyone. When asked about heart patients possibly dying if they try it, the President said, if you mention that heart patients shouldn’t use it, then people will be scared to buy it. Just don’t say anything and let the heart patients take their chances – it probably won’t hurt them to take one dose.
    He put profit above people – pure and simple. Until then, I loved the product, but when I found out it had an ephedrine derivative I was shocked. We had continually been told there was no ephedrine in it and at the convention he said it wasn’t a lie – it was a derivative, which is not the same thing, but if people found out they wouldn’t want the product.
    Simply put – I will always go to a company that puts people’s health above profit.
    People lose weight with Omni – but at what cost?


    ephedrine if taken the right way should be harmless. back in the 80;s when dexatrim users died from taking 6 or 7 tablets at once the label told them to only take 2. after dexatrim changed it no longer worked. if you are a heart patient you should not be overweight either. but with all things considered just like with cigerettes there should be a warning on the label.


    Ok I was thinking about using this product but, after reading this I have decided that I will just lose weight the old fashioned way. EXERCISE. If there is something in a product that can harm people and the company decides not to put it on the lable should be avoided by ALL


    Is this why my heart races after taking their products?


    Absolutely!! Green tea is high in caffeine. Ephedrine and derivatives will also cause heart “murmurs” as a past Dexatrim user from the 80s, I bet that is where my murmur came from. If you want to take pills to loose weight…try taking a GENTLE Laxative every day. Your body expels the foods before you get all the calories from it. Drinking coffee without sugar…Use Stevia instead…and use 2% milk instead of whole….you will be hopped up just like everyone else on diet pills…..for less $.


    Taking a laxative everyday is not a good idea at all!

    Your Name

    Omnitrition DOES NOT use ephedrine in any of their products. Some products have caffeine in them. Please make sure you have the correct facts.

  • 62

    I have a question is there some sort of food plan that you must go by or can you just use common sense like chicken, lean beef and all vegetables? Please help.

  • 63
    Janessa johnson

    I just started Omni on August 20th and I am down 32 pounds. I feel fantastic, sleep better, pop out of bed like its nothing, and don’t crave junk food anymore. I have learned portion control, how to cook without a bunch of additives, and most importantly I have learned not to let good food control my life! Omni is WONDERFUL and I recommend these products to anyone who wants to feel great!

  • 64

    Hi Ron, sounds like you found something that really did work for you. I am skeptical as well. I am looking for something to assist me in losing 55-60 lbs. I am 5ft 2″ and now weigh 207.5 lbs as of this morning. I am not looking to be movie star perfect. I am looking to improve on my health. My joints ache, my blood sugar is high and I am borderlne diabetic. I need to do something for myself for a change. What is your work out schedule and what types of exercise are you doing? Thanks for any feedback that you might be willing to share.

    Janessa johnson

    Then omni is for you! Please check it out, you will not regret it!


    Anonymouse – I just started the program and am 5’2 and over 200lbs also. I have already lost 11 lbs and feels great! It does work!


    Weight Watchers works!!!


    Cindy, I agree…I made lifetime in October 2012

  • 65
    Ron Ridenour

    I am a skeptic when it comes to diet programs, weightloss programs and infomercials that try to sell you everything from A to Z. When Omni entered my Life my view on that product was no different. After some convincing, a Friend had me come to one of her meetings. After a great education on the product I decided to try it and was hooked. I have been on Omni for 5 months now, I have lost 123 pounds and have never felt better. I have taken pressure off my joints, my back pain has gone away and overall have more energy. Omni is designed for the “Individual” in mind. The success or failure of the product is totally up to the “Individual”. Blame should never be put on the product, because no one is forcing you to take it. Ok, so there might not be any “Clinical Research” for you to read. And God forbid you try anything without a “Sample”. But, look and listen to THOUSANDS of testimonials. Who needs clinical research when you have that to read. And how can you go wrong with ALL NATURAL products. Ok, I will admit, that Omni may be a “Leap of Faith” program. But, if all you are doing is sitting on the couch eating Bon-Bons anyway, what do you have to lose. Once you are on Omni, the product speaks for itself. And with everything that is available for better health you can’t go wrong. My name is Ron, and I approve these comment. Thank You.

  • 66
    Steve M

    I have been taking OMNI for 5 months now. started out trying different products. I have lost 45lbs in 5 months. doing my own exercise regimen with the products. I use nitelite, phaso trim Thermo Java, Chito and Omni IV. I get rest and I have energy and I also take Omni Sport now… It keeps me energized to workout. The cost if you look at all the other supplements on the market. You pay a hefty price. most of the vitamins are in Omni IV if you pay for all the different vitamins you will pay alot more.

  • 67

    Maureen, keep working with it using different amounts, it will work for you. I take a couple of phytos about 30-45 minutes before taking nite lite and sleep like a babe.

  • 68

    who should NOT use nite lite? Please advise.

  • 69

    who should not use nite lite.I used it last night and do not feel well this morning(headache and eye pain)Also did not sleep very well.Please advise. thanks you!


    Maureen, Who is your original distributor and were they following up with you in regards to being new on the product and any questions you may have had at the time? Also, I see a response below advised just to keep taking it, trying different amounts until it worked…. I wanted to make sure you were just able to get all of the answers to any/all of your questions. I left my email for you and would happy to get you the answers you need, as I have an amazing team of great Omni knowledge. I have to say I am interested in your response because this is the first negative result I’ve seen from Nite Lite and I’m interested in learning more. Please know our passion is helping others to a healthier life. I’m just trying to make sure you were taken care of (information wise). Also, if you could let me know what state or general area, that would be helpful…please know, you can be as specific as you want or even a region would help. LOL! Hoping things got better, Stacie

  • 70

    using omnitrition products and if you are tested for amphetamines will a person test possative

  • 71
    Karen Paulson

    I am sold on OMNI and am now selling it. I am a PE teacher and former athlete/coach. I have tried exercise for years to lose weight – eat less , exercise more never helped me shed a pound. With OMNI I am losing weight. I am continuing to exercise during my 43 days and teach 6 classes of PE a day and still feel great! I feel this is the product for me and I plan to finally get to goal and help others do the same!

  • 72
    Ria Garland

    I worked for Omnitrition when the home office was in Texas. The products were so good that I lost 16 lbs in 4 mos., without exercise or diet. The taste was great and gave me lots of energy. The reason I don’t take the products now is the high cost. Also, they charge sales tax on out of state orders (which is unusual) and high shipping charges. Too bad.

  • 73
    stephaine price

    I sold omnitrition and took the product. Unlike Sandi, I obtained realistic and great results. While Omni 4 is the base vitamin, the products I took on a consistent basis was the first choice tea (the name at the time) focus (the brain supplement at the time) and the vitamin when I could afford, periodically. As you stated there is no hard core exercise regime, in fact they didn’t even encourage that you change how you eat. I experienced a gradual increase in craving vegetables and fruit. I gradually lost my craving for chili dogs and burgers the way I used to. My energy improved and my mood was more upbeat. I lost 65 pounds within in year and I went from a size 14 to a size 10 within that time, without any extreme dieting or highly exerted exercise program.

    leeanna burke

    several yrs ago a friend got me started on omnitrition products. i did feel better and lost some wt. i dont use it anymore because of cost. bit i will say from the products i used at the time i was in lot beeter shape and had more energy and felt better.

  • 74
    Sandi Young

    I sold Omni for a short period of time. I was uncomfortable with laypeople giving out medical type advise and peddling products to people with medical issues when they are not physicians. There is a lot of hype there at Omni. One leader used the product that was suppose to help with hair, nails and the like. She had awful hair, that speaks volumes.


    If you take a look at the book Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements on Amazon, you can do a search in the book for Omnitrition. Their Omni IV was rated the WORST out of about 500 different nutritional supplements. It had the lowest score possible. That could definitely affect one’s appearance and not for the better!