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By Summer Banks Jun 21, 2017

Why is it that so few diet products are backed by science? Let’s find out if Slim 4 Life is one of the good ones. We decided to dive deep to learn more about ingredients, side effects, and clinical results. We also read through hundreds of dieter experiences. We condensed the facts to give you the info you need.

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What is Slim 4 Life?

First off, Slim 4 Life is a weight-loss program,[1] not a supplement. You have to visit a center to get your personalized evaluation. Once the consultation is complete, your diet plan is created. The length of time prescribed in the plan depends on how much you have to lose. Locations are available throughout Kansas, Missouri, and Texas; good for some dieters.

Slim 4 Life was started in 1979 with an original location. Since then, additional centers have been added in three states. We were encouraged by reports of results from some dieters but read on…

Price – “Unrealistic?”

The first thing that worried us about Slim 4 Life was the price. [2] The fine print of the contract tells customers there is a $210 fee for starting your diet plan. You have to pay for visits, up to five per week, and Slim 4 Life products. “There are good weight-loss programs on the market that help dieters learn how to eat right,” according to our Research Editor. “Paying thousands of dollars for guidance is not a very good idea.”

“For me the plan was going to cost around $2000 to lose 60 pounds,” claims one customer.

“They advertised lose 30 pounds for $30, but it is only to get you through the door. Once you are there they begin to show you around, they get your weight and begin explaining the program and how it works. My total cost was going to be 4,300.00,” says another.

The high price is worth it to some dieters. As one said, “I was saving money by not buying fast food and junk.”

Another shared, “Yes the diet is pricey but it worked for me.”

Unsupported Weight-Loss Guarantees – “A Problem?”

Any diet that promotes calorie restriction is going to help you lose weight. The trouble is when the plan promises the follower they will lose an unrealistic amount. According to the fine print on the official website, the dieter is guaranteed to lose between three and five pounds each week. [3] This statement is followed by the information that you may lose more than that or less. There’s also a catch.

According to one plan participant, “But by not buying their products they cannot guarantee the weight loss.”

“I know that if I don’t purchase the other $1,500 in products, they won’t “guarantee” my weight loss, but I am going to try to lose as much as I can and then try to maintain on my own,” another dieter says.

Still another buyer claims, “Keep in mind they do not guarantee your weight loss if you don’t buy all their products.”

We found some dieters that claimed to lose upwards of 10 pounds a month, but none reported any loss that even came close to the promised results. There’s not a single piece of clinical evidence that a weight-loss plan, based on food restriction, is safe or immune to rebound weight gain.

Based on our research all it takes is one problem with a diet plan, like unrealistic claims, to lessen your chances of long-term success. If Slim 4 Life lures in dieters with false advertising and unsupported guarantees, we’re concerned.

Where is the Science Behind Slim 4 Life?

There is scientific proof that a reduced-calorie diet [4] paired with an exercise program [5] can help you lose weight. Slim 4 Life takes care of the eating plan, but the FAQs section says you do not need to move more. Without details of how the program works, there’s no way to find support. DietSpotlight looks for clinical proof supporting claims of weight-loss, and Slim 4 Life does not offer any.

The Bottom Line – Does Slim 4 Life Work?

Are you on the edge of your seat waiting for the final word? At first Slim 4 Life intrigued us. We like the good BBB ratings for several locations, and some users report weight-loss, but after looking closely at the facts, we don’t feel we don’t feel comfortable giving this one our recommendation because of the high price and lack of clinical support. Plus, we’re worried the diet may be too low in calories.

If you want to shed 10, 20, 30 pounds or more, we suggest a supplement that combines great ingredients backed by published data with an affordable price and no risk of side effects.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. We appreciate the proprietary blend with four ingredients proven to help you lose fat and increase metabolism. We were unable to find talk of any side effects and excellent results are mentioned time and again.

Also, the creators of Dietspotlight Burn are confident enough in their product to offer a Special Trial Offer, which is a benefit.

Previous Slim 4 Life Review (Updated September 11, 2014):

What You Should Know about Slim 4 Life

Slim 4 Life or Slim 4 Life is a weight reduction program suited for men and women alike. This diet system aims to assist users by teaching them "weight management and healthy eating habits." Slim 4 Life offers 30-minute consultations to new customers for free by telephone. Their main office locations are Denver Metro, Northern Colorado and Minneapolis/St. Paul. There are customer testimonials offered on the official website. No company background/history is found on the website, but it is stated that the Slim 4 Life system has been around for 25 years. Regrettably, this company has an "F" BBB rating. Similar to Slim 4 life, the Applied Nutrition product line also has weight loss products that can be used in combination to achieve results. Unlike many other weight loss supplements and diet programs available, Slim 4 Life is essentially a system that focuses on changing eating habits for a lifetime. Another similar program, although it doesn't last for a year, Whole Body Research is a supplement company that offers joint health, weight loss, digestive health and daily wellness. With proper education, counseling and supervision, dieters are supposedly able to achieve the weight loss they desire. No diet pills or synthetic supplements are incorporated into the Slim 4 Life (Slim4Life) program. Some of the foods encouraged with Slim 4 Life are vegetables, meats, dairy products, fruits, starches, eggs and fats. While doing certain weight loss programs, it is encouraged sometimes to incorporate cleanses like Iaso Detox Tea or supplements like FenFast 375. It is not stated whether or not there is a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee offered with Slim 4 Life. The average dieter is stated to lose 3.3 pounds per week. A regular exercise regimen is not part of Slim 4 Life (Slim4Life).

Product Features of Slim 4 Life

Slim 4 Life is basically a weight loss program that's geared toward men and women suffering from obesity. As opposed to incorporating diet pills and weight loss supplements, Slim 4 Life focuses on altering the individual's way of eating permanently. Therefore the teaching of healthy eating habits, counseling, proper education and supervision are all part of the Slim 4 Life program. It is not stated on the official website how much Slim 4 Life costs. A free consultation is available via the website and a phone number is provided for new users to take Slim 4 Life up on this offer.

Advantages of Slim 4 Life

  • Slim 4 Life encourages "healthy" eating habits.
  • Free nutrition consultation available over the phone for first-time users.
  • Slim 4 Life is a weight reduction system offered to both women and men.

Disadvantages of Slim 4 Life

  • There are no appetite suppressants offered with the Slim 4 Life diet program.
  • There is no stated price for the Slim 4 Life program on the official website.
  • There doesn't appear to be any substantial company background information offered on the website.
  • The Slim 4 Life weight loss program would require a somewhat drastic lifestyle change, which may not be suitable for some individuals. (See reader comments.)
  • There doesn't appear to be any 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee offered on the Slim 4 Life website.
  • Slim 4 Life only appears to have branches in only three areas, which are Denver Metro, Northern Colorado and Minneapolis/St. Paul.


On the bright side, the Slim 4 Life or Slim4Life weight reduction program is unique in the sense that it doesn't require users to remember to take pills. While this dieting system does encourage a specific way of eating/way of living, a few crucial aspects were left off of the official website. For example, often those looking to lose weight need extra help in the form of a appetite suppressant or a metabolic booster. It would certainly be nice to see some pricing for the Slim 4 Life program posted on the website, along with a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee and some real background information on the company itself.

Slim 4 Life is a weight-loss clinic that offers in-house or at-home programs. There are a variety of supplements available to use with the plan. The two metabolism boosters are Metabolizer and LipoCell. Both supply caffeine, which means it's not likely the best idea to take them together.

Slim 4 Life Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Serving Per Container: 60 to 90
Amount per Serving% DV
- Guarana Seed Extract**
- Bitter Orange Extract**
- Nutmeg**
- Gingko Leaf**
- Asian Ginseng**
- Green Tea Leaf**
- Bitter Orange**
- Sweet-Scented Geranium**

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide

We focused closely on the Slim4Life ingredients in order to provide the details and specifics you need. Here we examined the Metabolizer supplement, which is one product in this range.

Guarana Seed

Sometimes called Brazilian cocoa or paullinia cupana, guarana is a plant that grows in certain parts of Brazil. Over the years, it has been used to treat conditions such as chronic fatigue, obesity, poor athletic performance, anxiety, headache and poor mental function.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Many diet supplements and energy drinks contain guarana extract. This herb provides a significant amount of caffeine, which is a stimulant. It is supposed to boost mental performance and increase energy levels.

Clinical Research

Some studies have been conducted with guarana. In fact, one study from the Journal of Psychopharmacology, “Guarana improved secondary memory performance and increased alert and content mood ratings.” [1]

Bitter Orange

Also called citrus aurantium, bitter orange is a plant. The fruit juice, flower, leaf and peel are all used to make traditional medicine. This ingredient is sometimes used to treat fungal skin infections, diabetes, nasal congestion, obesity, upset stomach, constipation and chronic fatigue.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Some over-the-counter weight-loss supplements contain bitter orange. This ingredient provides synephrine, which is a chemical that may help boost thermogenesis. It is often combined with some form of caffeine. Also, it is considered an alternative to ephedra (a banned ingredient).

Clinical Research

According to the Mayo Clinic, “While some research studies suggest that bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) can help with modest weight-loss when combined with diet and exercise, it’s probably not worth the risk. That’s because bitter orange can cause a range of potentially serious health problems.” [2]

Ginkgo Leaf

First of all, gingko is basically a large tree that is native to regions such as Korea, China and Japan. For many years, this herb has been used to treat health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, depression, eye problems, anxiety, poor mental function and dementia. It is found in a number of dietary supplements.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Gingko leaf is often added to diet supplements and weight-loss products to help elevate mood and improve mental clarity or function.

Clinical Research

We did not find any direct link between gingko biloba and weight-loss. However, “Several studies show that ginkgo has a positive effect on memory and thinking in people with Alzheimer’s disease or vascular dementia,” says the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Asian Ginseng Root

Also called panax ginseng, Asian ginseng is a plant that is native to regions like northeastern China, Korea and Siberia. This herb is often used to treat poor mental performance, Alzheimer’s disease, low stamina, flu, anxiety, depression, joint pain and various other ailments.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Asian ginseng is included in diet supplements to help improve mental and physical performance. This may help with regular exercise and staying active.

Clinical Research

WebMD says that, “Evidence shows that taking Panax ginseng root daily for 12 weeks can improve mental performance in people with Alzheimer’s disease.” On the other hand, this herb does not appear to cause weight-loss.

Among the best products that has graced our presence this year is Dietspotlight Burn, which has four salient ingredients proven in studies that helps ignite the metabolism and hasten weight loss. Consumers have raved about this fat loss supplement’s remarkable results.

Slim 4 Life Side Effects:

Natural supplements taken for weight-loss are not 100% safe. Any formula, natural or not, may come along with negative reactions. Even though Slim 4 Life side effects don’t happen often, they do exist for some users.

Digestive Spasms

Contractions of the esophagus causing food to move from the mouth to the stomach irregularly are known as digestive spasms or esophageal spasms. They may be very powerful and may cause serious discomfort in the stomach and esophagus. These spasms may even keep food from reaching the stomach. [1]

What causes digestive spasms?

The causes of digestive spasms can be a mystery to doctors. However, many believe these spasms come from a disruption of nerve activity with the swallowing action of the esophagus. Sometimes, it can be triggered by very cold or very hot food.


Loose, watery stool is often referred to as diarrhea. It may feel like liquid coming out during a bowel movement instead of a solid mass.

What causes diarrhea?

Many things may cause diarrhea. The culprits range from a virus or parasite to a reaction to something ingested. It could also be a sign of inflammatory bowel disease or ulcerative colitis.


Difficulty with bowel movements is described as constipation. It may be associated with the hardening of feces and occurs when bowel movements are very difficult or happen less than normal.

What causes constipation?

Constipation may be caused by a number of different things including:

  • Medications or supplements
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Laxative overuse
  • Too much cheese or dairy
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Diabetes


Heartburn is a form of indigestion. It comes along with a burning sensation in the chest, which is caused by acid regurgitation through the esophagus.

What causes heartburn?

Heartburn is a symptom of GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease. Many different things can trigger heartburn including spicy foods, a hiatal hernia, pregnancy, slow digestion and more. [2] It may be something as simple as a food or medication ingested or a symptom of something more serious.

Slim 4 Life side effects don’t happen in all users, but some have reported digestive spasms, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn and other negative reactions. Before taking any weight-loss product, consult with a physician, especially if you suffer from a medical condition, are taking medication currently, are pregnant, are nursing or you’re under the age of 18.



Slim 4 Life is a weight-loss program where you get an evaluation, a diet plan, and receive guidance throughout the process. Side effects aren’t common, but there are some occasionally.


“I started having digestive issues, left side pain, and back problems which were related to digestive spasms and all of my trunk muscles going into sympathetic spasm.”    Conner


“I was in pain and misery after using a product from the health food store…couldn’t eat, drink, threw up, and [had] diarrhea.”    Raine


“It started with a dull ache in the liver area right after I started…I have been off the supplements for at least a month but am still having the pain.”    Sarah


“The pills, boosts, and shakes make me sick with gas and pains every day.”    David


“I started having regular diarrhea (at times uncontrollable) and excessive gas and could not find relief…Finally had to stop program because of stomach problems.”    Michael


“The pills make me sick to my stomach and it keeps me up all night…The first time that I took them pills, it kept me up for almost 60 hours.”    Logan


“Right now I’m having problems keeping the pills down and also feeling very bloated and constipated.”    Kyle


“My heart is racing today and I feel like hell.”    Rose


“I lost six pounds by drinking tons of water and taking there supplements which ending up making my heart race.”    Betty


“In June I started getting really sick super bad pain in upper abdomen, acid burning, heartburn, throwing up.”    Lana


If you are looking for a supplement with clinically-tested ingredients that promote weight-loss without the harmful side effects, Dietspotlight Burn may be for you. It is one of the top fat burners out there with amazing user reviews.

Slim 4 Life Questions & Answers:

We summarized hundreds of dieter comments about Slim 4 Life into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Slim for life?

Slim 4 Life, shortened to just Slim, side effects may include digestive issues and infrequent bowel movements.

What are the ingredients in Slim 4 Life?

Slim 4 Life ingredients vary by product, but include essential fatty acids [1] , protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

What is the active ingredient in Slim 4 Life?

The active ingredient in Slim 4 Life changes, based on the supplement.

Does Slim for life work?

There’s no scientific research connecting Slim 4 Life to weight-loss. There are studies suggesting calorie-restricted diets [2] could help you lose weight and dietary changes are encouraged.

How much does one bottle of Slim 4 Life cost?

One bottle of Slim 4 Life EFAs cost $40. The home-based kits start at $300 for a four weeks, $400 for six weeks and $600 for 10 weeks.

What is Slim 4 Life’s BBB rating?

Slim has a disappointing “F” Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.

How do you take Slim for life?

You take the Slim 4 Life personalized plans and use them with the home-based kits or prepackaged meals.


What do users like about Slim?

Users like the variety of foods available through Slim 4 Life. According to customer reviews, additional benefits include community support and a free initial consultation.

What do users NOT like about Slim for life?

We found that dieters don’t like the cost of Slim 4 Life. There are reports of poor customer service quality and difficulty receiving refunds.

Who makes Slim ?

Slim 4 Life is the makers of the entire product line as well as the weight-loss program.


What happens at the first Slim for life consultation?

Your first Slim 4 Life consultation lasts about 30 minutes and the consultant gathers personal information to tailor a plan to fit your needs.

What questions are asked during your Slim visit?

The questions asked during your Slim 4 Life visit include ones about your medical history, lifestyle and eating habits.

Does Slim 4 Life accept insurance?

Slim 4 Life doesn’t accept insurance, but offers flex spending plans. The company helps users gather required information for insurance companies to personally file claims.

Do users need to exercise on Slim 4 Life?

You don’t need to exercise with Slim 4 Life.

What foods can I eat on Slim 4 Life?

You can eat regular foods like dairy, fats, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits and proteins when following Slim 4 Life.

Is there a guarantee with Slim for life?

You can only return Slim products if there’s a manufacturer defect.

Searching an endless forum to find the right dietary product can be painful, especially when there is not enough scientific evidence to back up the formula. Luckily, Dietspotlight Burn is a weight loss supplement with clinically published science highly recognized for burning fat and curbing appetite.

Slim 4 Life Scientific Abstracts:


When compared to placebo, all treatments had led to improvement in task performance. In guarana, the improvements were observed in “attention” tasks with little evidence of reduced accuracy. Both ginseng and ginseng/guarana had increased speed of attention tasks as well as memory task performance with insignificant evidence of modulated accuracy. Guarana had also led to substantial improvements in serial subtraction tasks. The results had given the first example of the psychoactive effects of guarana in humans, as well as the psychoactive properties of ginseng. Caffeine content had been waved as a potential contributing factor due to the low amount given to participants (9mg). [1]

Bitter Orange

Bitter orange extract (p-synephrine) by itself or when combined with other herbal ingredients, didn’t provide substantial adverse reactions as an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, alter electrocardiographic data, blood cell counts, serum chemistry, or urinalysis. Bitter orange by itself or when combined with other products had not displayed the ability to increase resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure. With bitter orange/ p-synephrine products, a modest raise in weight-loss was noted when administered for 6 to 12 weeks. It was determined that longer studies needed to be carried out in order to further access the safety and efficacy of the products. [2]


Meta-analysis of 3 controlled trials featuring participants with schizophrenia and 8 controlled trials (randomized) with patients who suffer from dementia. Ginkgo treatment had decreased positive symptoms in participants suffering from schizophrenia and boosted cognitive function in everyday life of those with dementia. No effects of ginkgo biloba (Gb) on the symptoms of schizophrenia were discovered. There was a lack of evidence which preventing a firm conclusion in regards to Gb’s effect in other neuropsychiatric disorders (depression, autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, and addiction). The data had concluded that Gb for use in patients with dementia as well as an adjunctive therapy for patients with schizophrenia should be supported. [3]

Green Tea Leaves

There was a great variation in the peak levels of theaflavins and catechins, overall, the kinetic profile was the same (t1/2 = 25–44 min and 49–76 min). The average coefficient of variation in t1/2 was 23.4%. In addition to the parent theaflavin andc atechin peaks, there had been 5 peaks (not identified) in saliva after tea treatment. Hydrolysis of theaflavin gallates, most likely from salivary esterases, was noted in vivo and in vitro. The outcomes had suggested that tea leaves could be administered as a slow-release (and convenient) source of catechins and theaflavins as well as lending information of the possible effects that tea has on preventing tooth decay and oral cancer. [4]

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

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Want 2 lose weight fast!

If you use all the products how long did it take to loose the weight??

Maribel (Editor)

Hello Whitney. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results. According to Slim 4 Life, some clients lose in the range of 3-5 pounds per week.

  Lose weight without pills?
Victoria Russell

Can you still lose weight on slim4life if you do not take the pills???

Richard (Editor)

Based on the information from Slim 4 Life, the program focus more on lifestyle changes and healthy eating habits. So, there is a chance you can lose weight without using the supplements. During a consultation, you can address this issue with your counselor.


yes, just follow what they tell you to eat.

  How to buy wihtout being a part of program.

is it possible to buy product without being part of the program?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Earline! Yes, you can purchase the products without being a part of the program.

Simone Benson

Earline, u can buy some of their products on Ebay. Thats what i did.

Linda Gilliam

How much does this cost?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Linda! The 4-week kit costs $299. The 6-week kit costs $399 and the 10-week kit costs $599. Individual snacks, drinks and supplements cost anywhere from $17 to $155.

Can u send me list please?

Is it possible for you to send me the list?
Many thanks

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Ivon. The 4-week kit costs $299. The 6-week kit costs $399 and the 10-week kit costs $599. Individual snacks, drinks and supplements cost anywhere from $17 to $155.


Can I get the list?

Maribel (Editor)

The 4-week kit costs $299. The 6-week kit costs $399 and the 10-week kit costs $599. Individual snacks, drinks and supplements cost anywhere from $17 to $155.

Many thanks for this website!
Edmundo Silvers

Many thanks for this website and genuinely utilizing and publishing this information for us millions of individuals are really desirous to learn about.

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I cannot thank you enough for the article.Really thank you! Will read on??¦

List and direction plz

Would like the list and direction to get an idea on how to start with eating healthyhealthy plz

Maribel (Editor)

The 4-week kit costs $299. The 6-week kit costs $399 and the 10-week kit costs $599. Individual snacks, drinks and supplements cost anywhere from $17 to $155.

  Is it safe for me?
fallon mohair

my question is, I have an ostomy that was placed in 2007. With the slim 4 life is it proven to be safe with people living with crohn’s as well as people who have their colon removed? I am scheduled to undergo the gastric sleeve in two months due to putting on over a hundred pounds from steriods use for five years. I am wanting to find a less drastic way to drop some weight that is healthy and easy to maintain for me. I also have liver disease as well and loosing too much weight too fast will cause this to worsen.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Fallon. According to Slim 4 Life, several clients have undergone bariatric surgery and need help keeping the weight off. The counselors helps all clients navigate weight loss and weight management.

   I would try it

I going to call them to see if they still have canola oil, splenda, unfermented soy or agave in their products as they use to use them and anyone who knows anything about health knows not to put any of that in ones body. I would try it if they have removed that in their products.

Also years ago I checked them out and they had a special of a $99 for everything offer–but by time they finished talking to me it went up to $999 and when I turned that down they had another offer for $399. Don’t remember what happened to the $99 offer. Right now they are advertising a $199 offer and that is suppose to be for everything one needs–probably for a month–not sure about how long this will be for.

  Would like to know how to start and portion sizes? I can't afford a contract with a "program".

i heard about the high protein wt loss diet but would like to know how to start and portion sizes.
i know that i need to be more active, but i need to lose weight for my cholesterol to return to a decent level. i can’t afford a contract with a “program”

Richard (Editor)

Hi Elle. Slim 4 Life isn’t a contract program. You can purchase a 4, 6, or 10-week kit or individual supplements.

  Need a good plan

I just started taking the pills thinking can try and do this just taking pills on own no councler…can some one please send me the plan…i have the pills..thanks

Richard (Editor)

Hi Misty. The food list varies based upon your initial counseling. But, Slim 4 Life states that nutritional plans start at 1500 calories.

Maria Reynolds

Hey there. I did this program back when it was National Quick Weight Loss. It does work and I never went to the company. I got a list of the foods and directions from a friend and lost over 50 lbs. Since then I gained it back and recently started the program again. I lived this lifestyle for 2 years and I promise you it works. You can email me back and I will send you the list. Don’t pay these people. The food alone will help you lose the weight.

Sheila B

I have an appointment on Wend. I do not think I am going. I am reading all of this stuff about Please send me the food list. Well anyone knows if you eat 1200 cal. or less a day, you will lose. The problem with me is I am hungry all the time. So therefore, the supplements. This is what helps to lose , right? Food list? Fruit, veggies, a protein, like chicken, turkey, … a tablespoon of real butter for your fat for the day. I use to be a nurse. I know nutrition. It is doing it that is the problem. Whoever has the food list, great. Send it to me. It is just a regular diet. If it is more protein, then do Atkins… I have never read so many complaints before ever. I do not want to spend a bunch of money tho so I doubt I will make the appt.


Maria – Would appreciate getting the list of food. I need to lose about 30 pounds and do not have the funds to join this organization.


Bonnie, I can’t handle all the supplements and side effects that are in the S4L products, but I’d love to see the list of allowable foods & basic diet plan. Would you please send me the basic information? Many thanks.


For all the people who want the list of foods…..it’s called Google people!! I refuse to give a handout to those who beg for a list cause they can’t afford it. Well then find what you can afford. SorryI can’t believe all the people who want, want, want for free. I paid for the list so I guess if someone paid me for it would be different but I won’t sell it when you can research and find it for free!!!!


I have been on the plan for two weeks, lost 10 lbs. and I go in 3 times a week. I am waiting for the counseling to start, because so far all they have done is weigh me, go over my food sheet, and sell me more products. Maybe I am missing something but for what I figured I am paying for each visit I think I can expect a little more. Don’t mind the food and hasn’t bothered me that I have not eaten outside of my plan this whole Christmas season. It definitely is expensive.


I am on this diet and am doing good except that my heart rate has dropped to between 48-55, mostly stays right around 50. Has anyone else experienced this? I am calling my doctor tomorrow. I fel tired, cold and a little light-headed.


This is because your caloric intake is far too low


Slim 4 Life works–because of the low calories…it’s high protein, low carb and very few carbs. One could do it on their own without all the supplements tho. I paid for the plan- I took some of the pills, but quickly realized that I didn’t need them. I loved the EFA’s, so I continued to take them. They want you to eat three of their snacks a day- they taste pretty good, but at $17 a box–And 3 boxes a week-that was just too much. I only did 2 a day. There wasn’t enough fat in the diet to counter my drier skin so I also ate a small amount of all natural peanut butter whenever I wanted to and added 1/2 an avocado a day to my plan–and used olive oil…. They didn’t know I made all these changes–I lied on my journal entries–mostly because I just didn’t want to hear their speechs. I like the plan. I’m calmer and mentally clear. I’m eating all clean foods and none of the junk. My skin looks amazing. In Missouri and Kansas you do NOT pay for weekly visits–ever. I asked them about that and they told me that no office in any state should be charging for weekly visits. Sadly, I need to go somewhere else to be weighed before I’m accoutable for staying on a diet. If you’re like me–give S4L a try and adjust it to suit your own needs. If you can be successful on your own, try the 17 Day Diet–it’s a similar weight loss plan — without the crazy cost. My sister has lost 95 lbs on that one and kept it off. Good luck to all of you on the weight loss journey.

Your NaAmyme

So true. I have been on the program for 5 months and have lost 68lbs. I don’t always stick to the program but I am still losing. If I can’t afford so.ethimg them the girls in the office give me options that I can afford. I recommend this program because it works. When I first joined I told them I would listen to remove babble because I was in a place that I felt nothing was going to work. I am so glad I joined. I buy the product when I can afford it other than that I watch what I eat and lose every week. I love it.


You can use fish oil 9 a day a multi vitamin and it works fat fighters. All work the same as theirs also use special k snacks

My Name Is Anonymous

Slim4Life is both good and bad. The good – I lost 102 pounds in ten months on the program. I’ve managed to maintain about 80 percent of that now for over a year simply because I learned different lifestyle choices. Their boost drink got me to quit Diet Coke, which was a major part of my problem – primarily due to the caffeine. So yes – it DOES work without question. But I have a hard time recommending the program because of the cost. Let me explain how they got me (and I’ve told others this). I came in and they made a calculation based on ‘how much weight you need to lose’ and said there were no more fees. The introductory was about $700. So I’m set, right? No, because this is what they do: they tell you to go eat like crazy for the next three days and then you do the two-day prep. On that second day of that two day prep they give you the diet ‘especially prepared for you.’ The problem is that then they hit with the required supplements you have to buy and they give you two prices – I could pay all up front for $3500 or it was $4800 if I bought the items as I needed them. Holy balls!! But the problem is that now I’m already out the $700. So I sucked it up and did it. That’s the real problem with it…they’ve already gotten a bunch of your money so you either have to write that off or you have to do it. Either way you’re going to be out some serious cash. I lost 70 pounds in four months and looked immediately better. I cheated here and there on occasion but mostly did what I should. So it DOES work but it costs quite a bit.


using have been using Slin4life for four months and i have lost the 3 to 4 pounds a week every week. It is the only thong that has worked for me and I have tried several. They do try to sell you alot of products. But the food plan works.


I lost 53 lbs. on slim4life, and the diet was not “unrealistic” either. I was very happy with the diet and the results. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.


Just go on a diet don’t eat no process food… Why do u need someone to hold you accountable that just shows u u are weak minded… No processed food… Eat all type of meat and veggies and drink a lot of water and you can lose weight don’t be a pill pooper hold urself accountable!!!


That’s kind of a rude comment. If you know what your doing so well why are you even following this thread or reading it? On top of that not everyone has great accountability for themselves in some areas. I am a very strong individual and can do most anything when I put my mind to it, but struggle when it comes to food. However, I am a bigger person for being able to admit my own limitations to myself in order to improve.


This really does work ice done it once and cleansing on it again . if you know someone who’s been on it get the food info from them and then order from diet direct for the goodies to eat.


I did the program for about 6 months 8 years ago……I was in the right mind set and it did work for me. But that’s the thing you have to be committed and takes a lot of time to and planning to have the right foods. I didn’t exercise but as you drop the pounds you do have more energy and are naturally more active. I did drop nearly 100 lbs but I put it back on over the next 4 years. Tried going back and couldn’t stick with it. The guarantee is worthless – it’s impossible to never go off plan. I think I’m ready to try again but will look at other options before spending the money on slim for life.

  Slim 4 life is worth every penny!
Elizabeth (Verified User)

I feel Slim 4 life works great! It’s so great to meet with counselors & have the accountability of weighing in. And the snacks are delicious!


Thats exactly what I was thinking. Why would I give everyone all the information that I just paid for. Are you going to pay me?


People should not ask for info they did not pay for, they need to join a different program that is cheaper,


You signed paperwork that clearly states no refunds under any circumstances so how are you crying about not getting a refund? I did this program and still am. I’ve lost almost 40 lbs in 12 weeks. Yes, it’s pricey but no more than if I was eating fast food and buying chips, soda, cookies to stock in my pantry! Let’s have a little honesty about ourselves here and quit whining over something you obviously haven’t been able to correct on your own! Remember – no one twisted your arm and made you pay for this program, don’t you have the ability to say no thank you and walk away or are you really just that weak?


I think it’s a rip off. You say its pricey and that people don’t have the power to loose on their own. Well I don’t think you should pay hundreds of $ for someone to help you stop eating snack/junk foods. They should be honest but oops, they are a business, trying to make money. I am buying a treadclimber, that way if I see myself gaining, I can hope on it and lose and pay one price for life.


I went to Slim4life and I lost 50 pounds in 6 months. I felt great. But I ended up spending about $3000 all together during that time. I did not exercise. And I gained it all back about a year later. I don’t blame them, I went back to eating likebi did before. I plan to try again eating like I did when I was there but not using their expensive supplements.


Sara sounds like an employee!! I’ve done the program but I only purchase four weeks at a time. I use a few of their drink supplements and one of their bars. I do not buy any of their pills, nor have I any other time! I alternate between buying weeks with them and going it on my own! The weight comes back quickly if carbs aren’t added back to your diet in moderation and slowly.


with my son visiting TX- came with him to Check out Slim4 life weight loss-

HORRIBLE customer service- his was this am at 9:30 am- finally called about 10:20 with no apology, explanation or even a cup water offered- not impressed thus far… Also no privacy …, they are weighing people in and repeating weights out loud that I can see and hear from lobby-


I spent my $1000. Lost 6# after 4 days on the Adkins diet used by SFL. I went to class to hear what all i could never eat again, was made fun of, told horrible recipes using their products, by a young girl who never lost a pound using this sydtem. I felt violated and taken. I haven’t been back. I am going to go to weight watchers. It has worked in my past.


My thoughts exactly. I’ve tried every diet and/or gimmic out there and have yoyoed my way over 200 lbs. I paid the 555 initial cost for counciling and starter product. I’ve lost 4 lbs on the detox and my class is today. I don’t plan to walk out the door with months of supplies. I’ll use the starter product and decide from there what to continue, replace or reject. I’m aware that will ‘void the guarantee’…but what is that worth anyway. The guarantee is ME. I know what I’m suppose to do and I’m determined to do it this time. I may need all their pills to get through this, maybe not. So far I’m happy with the staff (Mesquite location). I don’t feel like I’ve been pressured into buying anything YET. Sara, you are right in that I can’t do it on my own. With all the negative reviews, your comment was very refreshing. I would love to check in and give an update in about a month, but I don’t know how to do that. I found this site by accident. But I will be successful this time and I will keep the weight off….so no need to check in really.


yes it is pricey but at the end of the day so is everything else!!! why not try I know i need help and motivation i went the the hurst location and everyone was nice one of their patients even showed me her before and after pic and her smile with her results really made me feel good like this is what i need! with all these negative comments really makes me doubt but hearing an actual patient and seeing her results i know it will work! all i can say is lets prove all these negative people wrong!!! good luck to you!!


I mean mimicked my friends duet play who paid for it. Found equivalent snacks, bars, soupplements and skipped some . Like carb blockers, used speciall K protein water and my own protei drinks. Lost almost 40 lbs in 4-5 months. 10 years ago. Starting again at 64 but no carb blockers cuz I don’t want to mess with my liver!
I think it works great even if you do the home made version and find ways to cut costs. Some of that supplement stiff I just don’t need.
3 of us are doing it together. Just have to figure out the maintenance diet once we hit our goal. That’s how I failed before! I’m s great cook and I miss but maybe I can learn how to cheat once in a while and still maintain!


Skeptical but started this week. I told them upfront that I would not be purchasing their products all of the time. And I don’t want to feel pressured into buying all the products. She said some people do, some don’t but it doesn’t guarantee weight loss if you don’t.


I also started this week and lost 3 almost 4 pounds. I plan to use the supplements in the starter pack but after that, am not purchasing all their products. I was already taking fish pills and several other vitamins which I plan to go back to. I am hoping this works for both of us. Please keep me informed. I also live in the DFW area.


I also joined this weekend and will not buy the supplements (or even take them)going forward. I have a hard time with the snack costing 17 bucks and you need 3 weekly. Metabolics were a lot cheaper. We’ll see how this plays out after my $399.00 purchase.

Your NamStephaniee

I am in my second week as well. It really is pricey, but I’ll do what it takes to make it!


Please keep me updated. Joined three weeks ago.

  Here is the price breakdown
John (Verified User)

As for cost, the base was $555 after the “discounts” they provide and then during the tour and spiel you find that you need to buy Vitamins for the 4 or 5 months of weight loss to the tune of 15 bucks a bottle (I assume a months supply). You also need to buy 3 boxes of Snacks at 10-17 dollars each per week or about 50 dollars a week for your 16-22 weeks, A metabolism pill that was 150 dollars per bottle (once again I assume a months supply), Fatty Acid pills at 40 dollars a bottle and then the Salad dressing that is not priced yet. This does not include the weight loss enhancers that they will want you to take either. For me the plan was going to cost around $2000 to lose 60 pounds. Not outrageous, if you are allowed time to see if it fits in your budget and not being pressured into signing on the line.

  The Product Not Worked For Me
Anonymous (Verified User)

My husband & I did this plan & he lost 10 & lost 70 . Then we gained alot back after we went off it & about to go back on. Its a great product but some of the stuff we didnt need. Fiber drink, fish pills could have been bought @ walmart. Besides that it worked but after 9 months of 6 oz chicken lunch & supper ,lettuce & apple cidar vinegar … it got old. But it was our choice of food choice. So there are up & downs but have to decide how much you want this & what are you willing to sacarfice. But like i said we are about to go back on the program again so it’s worth it for us. Hope this helps.


I also lost 90 pounds over 9 months several years ago. I was bad at sticking to a maintenance plan and years later I am back where I started. Yes, the plan is expensive but it works. Believe me I have tried everything… If you don’t cheat the program you should do well. It is about how much you want it. Taking it off is not the hard part, keeping it off is difficult. Buy the lifetime maintenance and stick with it.


I haven’t been told to take Apple cider vinegar???


how much did you and husband have to pay?

  Simply Sales to Get you in

The advertised costs is simply a sales pitch to get you in. Once you get with a consultant the price goes up to $600; then they offer a reduced option of $399 if you decide agains the $600. Don’t expect any type of refund once you leave the premises – even if you just walk out the door, have second thoughts, and return!

  Waste of Money And Time
valerie (Verified User)

Waste of my money and time…as many of the others….interview started out all what they were going to do for me. The program is extremely expensive…ti.e consuming….not what commetcials po portray at all…you cannot go out to eat at all…expensive supplements that do not help with urges or mental help…i would not recommend this program to anyone

  Have a Appointment Soon

well have not seen to slim 4 life have a appointment soon please tell me about the new prices and how it works for you because i do not have any money to give away i have bills please let me no and if you can send me your foof list i will love to look at it


Please make sure you have at least 600.00 before your consultion, cause you have to join that same day.

  My sister Lost Weight
TRB (Verified User)

my sister is on this program and has lost over 60lbs. It has changed her life and the lives around her! She has fought with her obesedy for years. We are all so proud of her. She is an inspiration to us all!

  If you are sensitive
Bea Careful

The diet plan does encourage eating healthy foods but it PUSHES unhealthy and overpriced supplements, If you are sensitive to Sucralose (ie feel bloated or gassy) be warned, as their products are filled with then. Caffeine is abundant too and can cause sleep problems and palpitations. Each visit pushes you to buy more and more. Their supplements do not list side effects. I was told they are safe because they are natural. Natural or plant based does not mean it is good for you. Buyer beware.


Thank you for this post. It’s refreshing. I have a consultation tomorrow at 5pm. I truly hope it’s not as awful as everyone is portraying on here. I work with two people on SFL and thier results are outstanding

  I am a 'healthy' eater--love vegetables
Vee (Verified User)

Would like to have a copy of the program but don’t want to join as I had an experience a few years back when I was thinking of joining and there were too many things that are unhealthy in the products–and the program was advertised for $99 and ended up at $999 and when I balked at that they had another program that was $399–I walked out–would like to have the list of foods as I am a ‘healthy’ eater–love vegetables and fruits–probably eat too much fruit–but have started to gain in the last 6 months and so far have put on almost 8-10 lbs and I don’t want it to continue.
Please e-mail me the foods they recommend.

  I still have fifty pounds to lose
Blair (Verified User)

I also have had great success with Slim 4 life ….I have been on the program for nine weeks and have lost 45 lbs ten and 1/4th inches….,I was a sceptic at first as we’ll but after seeing my before pics and the now pics it’s amazing and I still have fifty pounds to lose …..I really do not like the supp. Drinks but I force myself to drink them.


Awesome. ..


Was the cost of the program in the thousands? Also did you do the Ideal Protien program at this center – I have seen it at a lot of Chiropractor centers

  stick very carefully to the plan

I am having very mixed feelings about Slim4Life. I can see that if you stick very carefully to the plan, it will work. However, I feel that I was “duped” into signing a contract and then finding out the true cost of the plan. I am a very compliant person (somewhat naive) so I am going to follow the plan and use the products I have already purchased (plan & products about $1,000). I know that if I don’t purchase the other $1,500 in products, they won’t “guarantee” my weight loss, but I am going to try to loose as much as I can and then try to maintain on my own…..


I have been with slim4life for almost 6 weeks and love it. I have not followed 100% but have lost 23 lbs. I am worried about money too so I have substituted some of the products with others. I also buy from craigslist which has saved 80%.


I do need help I will start my six weeks on/3/15. Expensive….help


Hey Jen!

Thanks for posting. Could you tell me the substitutions you used for slim4life?


Too Costly, but it will work if you follow the plan. Jen have you found and substitutions?


what have you been able to urchase through Criagslist please?

  price would be higher
sue justice

I made appointment to go in to talk with Slim 4 life IN PLANO TX and was told price waS 1395.00 BUT TONIGHT ONLY WAS $495 AND YES THE PILLS SUGESTED WERE ANOTHWR $70.00 A WEEK. i DID NOT HAVE CREDIT CARD WITH ME BECAUSE I was GETTING informaton only.Well i was tolkd if i did not pay that night and waited tell next day price would be higher. I had 63 lbs to loose.

Free Advise

Please don’t take this personally but why don’t you and all of the other, I want something for nothing,(could be why you can’t lose weight in the first place) people on here stop asking for a hand out and go get this information from the source. Taking proprietary information without paying for it is theft. It sounds like this company has been around for a very long time and the crazy thing about a free market society is that if the people don’t patronize a business they close their doors and cease to exist, so they must be doing something right. Will everyone that visits a business be happy every time? No! Again they must be doing something right if they continue to stay in business. Call the people or better yet go talk with one of the staff grill them until you, yourself, can make an intelligent decision on whether this is for you or not. I wish you all the success in the world with your weight loss.


Funny this is you talk about the weight loss but nothing about the seemingly shoddy price fluctuations??

  Its too expensive, I'm not going to use it.

I had a friend that is losing weight on it but for her to lose the 60 pounds she desired to lose she went on ahead and bougght all the food needed for her loss she has now spent $3600 she is losing but my goodness this is way to expensive.


Has anyone ever tried to get their money back from these people? I told them that I had multiple health issues that restricted just what I could eat and was told that they were sure that they’d have plenty of options for me to work with. I did tell the counselor what my health issues were including all of my food allergies were. She said it would work for me. When I came in for my initial group instructions I was told COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE!!! It was then suggested that I put my program on hold. Not sure why as nothing was going to change. I’m out $500+ and have never even started program.
I’d be happy with half of my $$ and the $ for the “Starter Kit” I was given.
Anybody have any ideas????

  Slim4life worked for me
Imtheone (Verified User)

Slim4life worked for me. 2006 The counselors were great and continues to assist me. I couldn’t afford the product, but really needed to loose weight, this group was concerned about me losing weight They worked a payment plan out with me. I lost by only taking the EFAs, metabolizers and vitamins. I took two EFAs, and one metabolizers with each meal. My two daily snacks consisted of a whole bar cut in half. It’s the only plan that ever allowed me to loose and not exercise. Weight watchers, Adkins, South beach, Special k, LA weightloss just to name a few I never lost. I went from 200 to 159. Size 16 to an 8. With just the basics . I made it work for. Because I didn’t have the money, I was given the opportunity and I took advantage of it. I went in wanting to shed twenty pounds and lost much more and kept it off. In 2012 I sustained a serious back injury that will be with me for life. I have refused surgery and injections. I need to loose about forty lbs. Slim4life is the way I’m going. I’ll purchase the same items Just follow the plan, it works oh and drink the water. It takes discipline. U have to want it bad enough. Oh when I lost my blood pressure dosage decreased. From 20mg to 10mg.

  I do not respect the way Slim 4 Life did business with me.
Alice Urquhart (Verified User)

Did not like the way the program was presented, as they took my credit card for the initial sign up without explaining the total costs involved. The next sheet the girl pulls out has numbers in the thousands of dollars! To say that I felt duped and tricked is a joke. I found this to be very underhanded and deceitful. Once they’ve charged you the first time you feel obligated of course and they make sure you’ve signed all of the contracts. I do not respect the way Slim 4 Life did business with me.

  It works but with side effects.
a person (Verified User)

I too invested a large sum of money into this plan. My short coming was not to ask enough questions. I did loos 7 pounds in the three day cleansing stage. Iam now on the diet which includes all the pills. The pills make me feel like I could fly and sick to my stomach. I will faithfully follow the food plan but cannot stomach the pills. They make my heart race and keep me awake at night.


I totally agree! I have tried so many other diets and even surgery, but this program (albeit costly) changed the way I look at food and my lifestyle in general. Well worth the money!

  Has anyone completed the weight loss part of Slim4life and gone thru their "stabliazition".?

Has anyone completed the weight loss part of Slim4life and gone thru their “stabliazition”. I have lost almost 70 lbs but I am out of “weight loss” weeks. I feel like I can lose my last 15 lbs on my own but am worried what will happen if I don’t go they the stabliazition phase? I don’t really want to spend more money if I can avoid it…thanks for any input!

  Is there any inexpensive and successful program for my daughter who is 50 pounds overweight?
Connie colmer

My daughter is at least 50 pounds overweight and needs a program that is inexpensive and successful – would really appreciate the information you have – thanks

Richard (Editor)

Hi Connie. The cost of the 4-week at-home kit is $299. The 6-week kit is $399 and the 10-week kit is $599.

  I didn't lose any more weight and I had blood in my urine.
Shirley (Verified User)

I heard about the Slim4Life program on my Christian radio station promoting how wonderful this plan is. I wanted to lose 35lbs. and kept failing on my own. I joined because I take a few meds and wanted to get off of my High Blood Pressure medication if possible. I bought half of the Supplements that I would need at 30% off. I am 60 yrs old and I asked if this program is safe for me because I take a lot of meds. I was assured it was because everything is natural. The staff at the Office I went to were all very nice and supportive. I started on Plan 2 which are 2 proteins, 2 starches, 2 fruits and 4 vegetables a day plus a 4oz glass of Skim milk and 2 slim snacks. My first problem was receiving different directions everytime I went in and seen a different Consultant. It would be a lot more helpful if you were able to see the same person by appt. instead of walking in and seeing whoever is available. My second problem is that my body doesn’t want to lose weight everyday which is what they expect of you. After losing 6lbs in two weeks I went on a plateau and was told to go on Plan 1 so I would start to lose weight again. I asked why and I was told that I was close to my goal weight. I didn’t think 29lbs from goal is close. Plan 1 takes away 2 vegetables and the milk. I started losing but still at a slow rate. I am unable to take the Release Supplement for water retention because it reacts to my High Blood Pressure meds. After losing another 6lbs. I went on another plateau and was told to drink 1 to 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar in a glass of water to replace ‘Release’ and I would lose 1 to 2 lbs. overnight. I put 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a 16oz glass of water and drank it. The next morning I didn’t lose any more weight and I had blood in my urine. I went to Slim4Life and told them that I was stopping the program. I went back on the South Beach Diet Phase2 and am losing weight at my own pace. If you take meds. please talk to your Dr. before joining.


Wow it is though I wrote this 2014 as this mirrors exactly my experience. I am so e


I agree Slim 4 Life sounds exactly like LA Weight Loss who closed there doors on everyone, taking everyones money and not providing the products in which they purchase. Yes it worked and yes they said a diet without exercise. I lost 26 lbs leveled off and couldn’t lose anymore. Without the proper amount of nutrition and exercise in the right combination the weight will return. Just because one is thin does not mean good health. One must still get in a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity in which the heart rate is in the cardio target zone along with nutrition. I cringe when I here their commercials on the radio, lie, lie, lie and doing it all so wrong. Losing weight might be hard but if done right will stay off and this way is not the right way. They have not been around under the name of Slim 4 Life for 25 years like the above add states.

  Please share me any thoughts regarding the price and working of Slim 4 Life?
Julie Jones

I talked to a lady today who looked really great and she told me she lost 40 lbs through Slim 4 Life and so I found this site. Sounds expensive. Any information you thoughts you have are appreciated! Thank you!!

Richard (Editor)

Hi Julie. The cost of the 4-week at-home kit is $299. The 6-week kit is $399 and the 10-week kit is $599. Slim 4 Life also offers individual products and supplements.


it is very expensive and so not worth it.. don’t waste your time

  Loved the product.
Robin (Verified User)

I just joined slim for life I am on day 1 of the 3 day phase I think its a good program I agree the products are expensive however you can buy them off of ebay and amazon to help save money.


I also signed up for this program and find that it is working even better than I hoped.
I issue is with the employees or councilors at the location where I weigh in.
Like most women who have struggled with their weight I am pretty depressed by the whole thing right now.
I don’t need to pay to have another depressed person add to my own despondency with their own issues.
One of the women whom I have seen has never introduced herself to me nor does she make eye contact.
Engaging in any kind of conversation is beyond her ability or desire.
I left my appointment last Saturday ready to fling myself out into the traffic and end it all.
I felt even more hopeless and not at all encouraged by this person’s behavior and attitude.
Others at this location have at least given me a smile and an “at a girl”. But not this person.
I have to wonder why she remains on staff. I can’t be the only one affected by her negativity.

  Would be safe with the health condition?
teresa sperrandeo

There are most certainly appetite suppressants, metabolic boosters and mood elevators. They are in herbal form very powerful and required for the program. They may raise blood pressure and blood sugar. That is what happened to me, and as a diabetic the very low calorie diet made me feel very sick. I was assured,more than once, that the diet was safe for me .NOT


I definite agree with the info you have provided. I struggled for 3 months to continue the weightloss program after losing 25 pounds quickly. The counselors encouraged water flushes (increase water and reduce certain food amounts). After doing this repeatedly, with their encouragement, my physician took me off the diet for uncontrollable heavy menstual periods taking place every other week. Since off the ‘plan’ all is back to normal.
Buyer Beware.


Thank goodness I have read the reviews for Silm4life, I was going to call to make an appointment, The reviews are were scary and horrible no doubt true. It sounds like to me most clients feel like once they sit in that chair it’s all about the money. These people absolutely or not professionals they don’t seem to care about your health at all. They have to make a quota off of each person so they need to get the money fast, or they may lose there job at the risk of the peoples health. Their should be a nurse on staff that is caring and compassionate. I wonder have Slim4life ever turn away a client because of health issue. With so many completes they should be investigation.

  Not getting the result.
Tina (Verified User)

Tried and failed like many. Found Atkins! Better results and the info is all free online! I bought a book… $9.99 and that’s all I’ve spent. Way better than paying through the nose!

  Hated the product.
lelo (Verified User)

I stared almost 2 weeks ago. I feel like I got suckered into buying 2600.00 worth of stuff. I was told I would never need to buy anything else which I haven’t and won’t. They have a payment plan which I just found out about. I put it all on a credit card. I’m mostly mad at myself for allowing myself to spend that much. I have lost 4 pounds.

  Need to know what's in the product
A Person (Verified User)

I started Slim 4 Life 2 weeks ago and have lost 15 lbs. I am worried about what is in the products that’s how I found this site.I was taking metabolizers and now started Lipo Fat Burner plus drinks and boost.I am a naturalist and do not like taking synthetitcs products plus just trying to find out about long term use.Not sure what to do now.Wanted to back out after initial deposit was told no so went ahead making payments for program so have not lost as much as I could .About $360.00. I do not like the bland food but have my metabolism working it seems now…Not sure what to do…Desperate to lose weight


I just joined on the 2nd and I started my prep phase today. I’m not sure if this will work. I’m also desperate to lose weight, but I don’t want to spend thousands.

Maria Reynolds

Quit spending the money and just follow the plan. Find a buddy you can talk to or someone that will eat the foods with you. I know this program works, but I never paid anyone for it. I got a list of the foods and the directions from a friend. Unfortunately, I had some terrible circumstances for about 5 years and gained weight back. I recently restarted. You can email me as a support. I find I do better when I do the buddy system.


I have been thinking about doing this program but the expense seems to be more that i can afford at this time…couldy our send me the directions and list of foods..i would greatly appreciate it


I started this program In 1994 or so and it did work. I just visited and/or got consult realized that slim 4 life same as weight management back in the day wondered where they went but looks like they might have just changed names. If you have the info to start I’d appreciate it

  Be careful with the contracts
Annie (Verified User)

Just started Slim4Life and realize it’s the dumbest thing I ever did. I only need to lose 15 pounds, but I needed a boost to get the weight loss going, and somehow I let this snake-oil saleslady convince me to sign a contract. They are very careful NOT to tell you at sign-up that you must buy all the supplements, etc., and I for one do not intend to use those beyond my initial allotment. I am being faithful to the program, have lost 6 pounds in 10 days (4 of those the first weekend, during “prep” phase), but I am miserable and HATE this program. I have eaten healthy all my adult life, and I know how to diet, but I just got suckered into this deal. Avoid Slim4Life at all costs.

Connie Slough

Hi Alicia , I live in Grand Prairie ,Texas . I did for almost 34 yrs. in Irving, so I’m really close to Los Colinas. I was really excited about going to go in there and check on this program. From what I’ve read ,the program costs MUCH more than is advertised & the ” counselors ” make you feel worse than already. I’m really glad I read yours & Shauna’s review. I can’t handle people like you’re ( & others ) talking about, Ha , I feel I would have got her too, so I’m going to try somewhere else . Maybe get that Atkins book .


I’m in Las Colinas and I joined the program in August after relocating to TX. I feel like I know who you’re talking about…if you’re still looking to lose weight and looking for a weight-loss buddy, feel free to email me.


I am…help


I called last night and made an appoinment for today. After reading all your comments I am rethinking, if they just want me to buy a lot of supplements and stuff I really want it. Thank you so much for sharing, I really appreciate it!

  So far so good
Debbie (Verified User)

I joined Slim 4 Life recently and so far so good…first 3 days are prep days…strictly 2-3 lbs beef/raw green veggies/1/2 orange in the morning and afternoon. 80 oz water per day…you are required to take their supplements which are pricey. Supplements will run you about $225/month. It is a year program all together. Make sure you join and mention their promotion. You save a ton!!!! You will need to visit center 3x week for guidance. They want you to be successful.

  Questions about refund

I went to slim4life yesterday. I asked the counselor if their products were all natural that I would be taking. “Oh yes, all of our products are natural!” I trusted here at her word. She gave me the bag of “goodies”, and when I returned home and looked at them, all of them have many non-natural ingredients in them. Now I have these products, how and what do I do in order to get refunded? I am told that they do not reimburse you if you change your mind. I am so upset, and angry.


Another Evelyn and I am angry also. Someone has to stop such practices.


everything in this world is natural. We haven’t added anything to the periodic table in years so it is all found on this wonderful earth somewhere. So you asked a bad question. What you should have asked is if it were herbal or synthetic.


Wow a genious in our company. I think it was implied in her statement that she understood that the ingrediants were not shipped in from Mars. I think the herbal/synthetic issue was implied, but thank you for pointing out how obsurd one can be in an effort to be critical.


Hye, even herion is natural!!! Just b/c it’s natural doesn’t mean it is good for you!!!

  Worked in the past
Ryc (Verified User)

I signed up for this type of program in the past, don’t remember if it was called Slim for Life back then.It also had supplements and counselors. The pills made me jittery and my heart race. The counselor was a joke. When I told her that i cheated and had a snickers she says next time just put it in your mouth but then quickly spit it out. I dropped about 2 sizes but when I could no longer afford the program I quickly gained it back. I heard the radio commercials for Slim4Life and considered signing up but after reading the comments I will just sign up for WW again….that did work, just need to stick with it.


This program does work if you eat only what they say and take a lot of pills.
Everyone I know has gained the weight back when the program was over OR had to spend a lot more money again. There is little to no counseling when you ask for it.

  Not good but hope it works
Sherri (Verified User)

We have started slim for life and have also been sick..we have spoken to the folks at the clinic and they claim its something else.
We also spent a fortune around 5,000 hope this works.

  Have a question with price

how much is the fat burner product i hear advertised on the radio? when i call a center they want me to come in without answering the question. my time is valuable as theirs is so i do not want to waste it. if i can’t afford it, i am not going in. so please just answer the question thank you

  Didn't reach my goal
Stacy (Verified User)

I started Slim4Life in April 2012, I lost about 6 lbs the first week and then kind of fluctuated for a couple of weeks. By the end of May I was down 17 lbs. I was happy about the weightloss, but my goal loss was 40 lbs and according to their calculation I would reach my goal by July 1. I never reached goal and my weight just kept fluctuating 1-2 lbs each week. In July, all the personnel changed out and everytime I checked in my meal plan would get changed or how much supplements to take kept changing. I had a different counselor everyday and they each had their own suggestions on what I should do to keep losing while on the program. None of the new counselors had weight issues and one of them told me that I could do it on my own for less. I was told that I could go to any health store and get the supplements (that were similar to theirs) and follow a diet/exercise plan for less than i was spending there. The couselor didn’t even use the program, they had a separate program they used. I’m convinced it is all about money. Once I hit a plateau, they started pushing more supplements. I haven’t been back and don’t plan on it. I lost $2500 plus for 4 months and didn’t reach my goal.

Anita Young

Slim for life reps are sad folks trying to make a sale on anything they can!

  Never reached my goal
Na (Verified User)

I spent over $4000 on the program was dissappointed when the staff was changed after months of ones that knew me and were helpful. New staff did not know the program I knew more than they did. I never reached my goal weight with slim for Life

  Tests problem
malitamouse (Verified User)

I actually finished the program about 2 years ago, however some of the problems I’ve had show up in my tests over the past two years was knee problems due to muscle loss and vitamin D def. Has anyone else had these problems?


I am a week in and discouraged. I did not at all get prep message to eat lots of red meat so didn’t lose any wt. now I am basically starving, following plan and have only cheated w a couple glasses white wine. FAR less than normal. I am told since I “only” have 15-20# to lose may be slow but I am miserable!

  Slim 4 life is too expensive
Michaelle (Verified User)

Slim 4 life is too expensive and if someone shares the program a person can loose the weight… It’s all about showing you how to eat… I didn’t do all the supplements and my program was still over $300.00… I also purchased Atkins food products which are much more cheaper then Slim 4 life and less sugar… i wouldn’t recommend this program… try something else go to the library and get a healthy eating book…. but not this…

  Pills made my heart race
Notabeliever (Verified User)

I went to Slim4Life for 8 months.I lost 50lbs, but the changes outside were not how I felt inside. The staff told me it was only guarenteed weight loss if I took the pills and no refund. I figured if I was healthier I don’t have to worry. The pills made my heart race and I had a hard time sleeping most times. They had the right idea on foods to eat and when to eat them. However, the snacks and shakes are a overpriced joke! When I told the rep I was speaking to about my heart beating faster she said she was new and went to school for something else nonmedical and was recently trained on this program and was not sure if that was normal. But her fellow staff came over and reminded me if I got off the pills I was not going to lose weight as fast and no guarentee.
Once I told them they said it was to bad because I probably won’t finish the plan anyway then. They asked if I had anything else to talk about and walked away. I WAS DISTURBED! I gained half my weight back after I left and have no regrets about gaining because I had no real medical problems anyway. I regret prepaying them for a year which they wouldn’t say the price for unless I told them how much I was willing to put down….!

  Use your common sense
Michael (Verified User)

What makes this slim4life system work is the frequent weigh-ins. Eat a cheeseburger and it stays with you for a couple of days. Eat light always and you will lose weight. Go to GNC they actually have areas of suppliments dedicated to weight loss programs. When you walk in and tell the worker there they actually have the knowledge to assist you in matching up the pills. At many time over 1/2 the cost. Mention GNC to slim4life workers and they just freak out swearing that GNC is lying and their suppliments are better. I still go to slim4life but I use a mixture of GNC and common sense. When you go in to a Slim4Life office watch they work. It is like a bill collectors office. Always on the selling and constant calling telling you what’s on sale for a limited time only. You have to buy now or they will run out. Then peek into their closet and see lots of stuff is stock. I have lost on the program but it is largely to to the frequent weigh-ins and eating lots more veggies. I am type II diabetic and am able to eat 3 fruits a day and my numbers are still low. In short, use your head and common sense some of the ladies are quite supportive just watch the wallet.

  Food plan for Slim for Life
Judy Olney

I would love to have the food plan for slim for life, but like so many other I just don’t have the money. If someone would send me the list of foods I would be forever grateful.


Check out Jorge Cruise’s “The Belly Fat Cure” book. Sounds very, very similar to slim 4 life, in that his plan has no sugar, lots of veggies, & good proteins. His book has lists, recipes, and costs probably less than 1 week on the slim 4 life program.

  Good read and helps my decision

Hi, I need to lose 30+ but is mostly due to inactivity and bad diet. My 38 yr old looks good to me but needs to lose some for health reasons. Like many above I am drawn in by the ads. Thank You all so very much for sharing on this site. Even if this site is promting something it doesn’t matter to me They deserve many pats for allowing all the communication here. 1 docs are docs but herbs CAN AND WILL KILL so be real careful with them, natural can be that someone scraped the moss out of their back yard and got a boost or they can be good for you. Thanks all of You for sharing.

  It works for me
Jason (Verified User)

Some of you people are pathetic, crying about having to spend several hundred, maybe even a thousand or more, dollars on a program that allows you to eat real foods and become healthy while actually losing weight. Of course you have to buy their products, they are a business and need to profit. But everything they sell is of high quality and really does work.

I started on Slimgenics in April of 2011, and now on Octoer 1st have lost 75 pounds and kept it off. And I’m eating ice cream, cake, and all that good stuff because they showed me how I could eat that stuff and still stay healthy.

Stop whining about price and getting ripped off you crybabies. If it didn’t work for you, it’s because YOU screwed up, not the program. Get some self discipline. You’re gonna spend that money on food anyway, would you rather it be at fast food, medications, and beer, or healthy foods and effective supplements? Your choice. I chose Slimgenics and am healthier than ever.

Get off your couch and spend your money on something to change your life!


How much exercise did you do while you lost 75 pounds? They advertise without exercise, there is nothing healthy about a plan that uses supplements and no exercise to boost weight loss.


S4L say that the program doesn’t REQUIRE anyone to exercise to lose the weight! There’s a difference, and they ARE telling the truth!!! We as adults should NOT have to be told that we need to exercise to KEEP IT OFF…..come on!


not to mention there is no nutritional value in your ice cream and cake

  Product is quite expensive, not for everyone
josephine (Verified User)

i think this program is nt design to help everyone, its to expensive, u hear them advertise $6/week but wen u get there they calculate a 4 digits amount for u, i think its nt fair to people who cant afford that

  Can you provide program information?

I just had a baby and desperate to lose some weight but the plan is way to expensive. Can someone email me the sheet of foods please?

  Lose weight but experiencing discomfort
Teresa (Verified User)

I have been on the plan for a few weeks now and just don’t feel right. I think it is the herbal suppliments. I have only lost 4lbs. Always have a dull headache and feel VERY depressed. I also have a thyroid issue so I have a feeling the suppliments are screwing up my throid levels.


would HAVE lost that — not would OF lost that!!


supplements not suppliments

  I am not getting good results
dan cantrell (Verified User)

I have only been on it for 1 week and have only lost 1 pound I think even without taking it I would of lost that

  Product just wasn’t for me
Carol (Verified User)

I have only been on the diet for 5 days and I am taking the metabolizer and all the other pills. I feel horrible, have indigestion, extremely nervous, can’t sleep. Have only taken one metablizer per meal because more make me climb the walls. I have diabetes, type 2 and on several meds so I wanted to take off the weight to eliminatate taking so many meds and to feel better. I need to lose about 70 lbs., but I don’t think I can continue to feel so bad every day. Wish I had checked it out more thoroughly before I spent so much money on program and supplements.


I could not take the stimulates because of an irregular heart beat. They still worked with me. I still lost weight.

  Very effective but wants more info
Mary (Verified User)

My fiance and I started slim4life 3 weeks ago and I have lost 17 lbs and he’s lost 12 – (I have more to lose than he does). I worked this program years ago and lost 50 lbs in 4 months and kept it off for quite some time – but eventually strayed away from the eating plan and put the weight back on – but that was my own fault for not executing a healthy eating plan. I had no physical repercussions from the plan at all.

I went on this plan because I know it works – yes, it’s not cheap, but neither is a new wardrobe of ‘fat’ clothes. In the prep 3-day plan I was hungry a lot, but once I started on the regular diet, I find it hard to eat everything I am supposed to, and I am always full. The diet incorporates all the food groups, and I feel really great – I am no longer tired and have far more energy. It’s not a diet for everyone, but I couldn’t be more pleased about how easy it is to stay disciplined and eat the right foods and the right amounts. I’m sure it’s like most eating plans – you have to follow it for it to work – and the supplements on this diet are super tasty!

For those concerned about health issues – how healthy were you before you went on slim4life?

And, for those who are touting how awful it is – why does everyone want the plan?

  It is not cheap but absolutely works!
HappyDieter (Verified User)

I started Slimgenics about 6 week ago and I’m down 20 lbs. I feel full and satisfied from a food variety standpoint: and I’m a chef. Obviously, not every plan will work for everyone, but I’m a little stunned at some of the comments here because they simply make false statements about the program. I’m glad I did not base my decision about Slimgenics on this board, but went in and learned for myself. I asked questions. So yeah, the sales pitch is a little slick and I wish they didn’t do it – they don’t need to do it – but you get that a lot of places. I took some initiative to ask questions before plopping my credit card on the desk, and they answered all of them for me. As for cost, no, it’s not cheap. But neither were any of the fad products, gadgets, gym memberships, and other crap I’ve purchased over the years to lose weight. This is working, and I DO see it as a permanent solution. The first phase is restrictive, but clearly, my own judgment is what got me to be 100 lbs overweight, so I’m happy to put those decisions in someone else’s hands if it will make me successful. And for everyone asking for a pirated copy of the program: it won’t work that way. If you can’t afford the center program, do the online program.

  Focuses on will power to lose weight
Kasey hardwood (Verified User)

Good to see a system that focuses on self control and will power, not drugs and pills

  Lost some pounds but got it back
Lucille (Verified User)

I lost 28 pounds on Slim4Life but as soon as I got off the program I gained 30 pounds back in a few weeks. This is an unrealistic way of eating for a lifetime.

  This is just a waste of money
MAM (Verified User)

I’ve posted on this site before in regard to Slim 4 Life. My experience was negative but I’ve taken up a diet plan that works for me. Slim 4 Life showed me WHAT DOESN’T WORK. $2,500 dollars later. I was stuipid

For me personally, Slim 4 Life was a financially devastaing failure. I could not and wouldn’t want to eat the Slim 4 Life way for the rest of my life. What a horrible thought.

What amazes me is all the beggers on this site who don’t want to pay the money themselves, read all the negative comments and even about people who have been made seriously ILL on this program and all they can think about is getting a free copy of the plan! What NERVE!

There is no “Miracle” to losing weight and plans like Slim 4 Life don’t work for the LONG term. They burn you out.

The answer to losing weight is to DO THE WORK>

  Will going back to continue this
Raychl (Verified User)

It makes me so sad to see how many of you have had such bad experiences with SlimGenics/Slim4Life.

I started the program in CO back in the fall of 2009. I lost about 25 pounds very easily. I then started to “cheat” and stopped losing, but didn’t gain either. I got pregnant in the summer of 2010 and had my Dr. fax them a note to put my account on hold until 6 weeks after my delivery date. I’ll be going back in this week to re-start. They said they’ll have me on a different plan since I am nursing…so we’ll see how it goes!

I never had any issues with not feeling well. And the counselors at my center are so sincere and friendly.


How did you do after returning to Slim4Life after having your baby?

  It works but expensive
Teajai (Verified User)

The diet works. I don’t think they have any guarantees or a money back policy if it doesn’t work for you. It’s very calorie restrictive until you hit the maintenance part. If you’re not losing weight, you’re not following the plan. There are 5 plans-for however much weight you need to lose. With the 5th plan being the vegetarian plan. I’ve been on the diet for 6 weeks, I’ve lost 24 pounds and 16 inches. I feel better than I ever have. It’s expensive–but the counseling that is given and the tools they give you to lose and KEEP it off are life changing. I don’t regret paying all the money at all. I paid all of it up front and got a 30% discount. It’s hard for the first 2-3 weeks-you have to get rid of old/bad habits and addictions. Just give yourself 30 days–you’ll see!

  Disappointed and waste of money
Anonymous (Verified User)

I joined Slim4Life and was cheated out of almost $3,000. I told them up front that I work 2 full time jobs and average about 3-4 hrs of sleep a night. They told me that it wouldn’t matter. I lost about 6 lbs then I stopped losing. After my weeks was up, they discovered I should have been on plan 3. They told me that they would not place me on the maintenance program until I got to my weight I wanted. The next time I went in, they put me on maintenance. When I called to complain, I was told they followed their instructions and that I never got to my guaranteed weight lose and didn’t get a refund. Plus one counselor would have me do something for the week, but the next time I would go in (reported 2xs a wk) I was told by a different one not to do that and to do something different. I wasted more food as if spending all that money wasn’t enough. All they did was confuse me and DIDN’T TEACH ME TO BE SLIM 4 LIFE like they say they would.

  Want to know the price

Does anyone know the price of an indivdual bottle of herbs such as efa, metabolizers. I need to sell…thank you!

  Did some different ways to loose weight
Anonymous (Verified User)

I do not know if Slimgenics program is exactly the same as the Slim4life program was. I joined Slimgenics back in Jan.2010 and lost 105 pounds in 12 months. I never took the thermo boost after initially trying it as it gave me hot flashes. The Herbal Supplements and Carb Blockers did work, but I stopped all supplements, except the snacks (which I love) after about 6 months due to cost. I have always taken my own multivitamin and Fish oil tabs, along with a B-complex, and Calcium/Vit D supplement. Exercise is technically not necessary to loose weight, which is nice when you first start since being heavy can cause injury to the joints. However, exercise is good for your heart and as you feel slimmer, you want to move, which I do now on a regular basis, but not excessively. This helps with maintaining the weight loss. My Triglycerides went from 200 to 100 in one month on the plan. I was able to get off my cholesterol medication 6 months into the program (244 dropped to 165) I have kept the weight off since January 2011, with some minor ups and downs, but overall managing to keep it off better than any other program I’ve tried, and I’ve probably tried over 25 different plans over the past 30 years. I hope I can keep it off.

  Looking for the list of healthy products

could someone please email the list i would love to get myhusband off his meds and be healthy i would like to spend another 20 years or more with him thank you so much

  It works and it's worth the cost
Brady (Verified User)

I recently completed Slimgenics (Slim4Life) and I was very happy with my outcome. When I started in January I weighed 275lbs. By October I was done and weighed 186lbs. Yes, it did cost me some money, but it was the same amount that I spent on a new treadmill and workout programs the year before. The foods they allow you to eat suck at first, but this is for a life style change and it sucks because you probably wherent eating the right stuff in the first place. Hence why you are joining Slimgenics. After a couple weeks you will learn the right way to eat and can easily adapt to the new eating lifestyle. I did cheat a couple times, and it showed when I would go weigh in. But when you start to see weight loss EVERY time you go weigh in, you dont want to cheat. I would tell anybody who wants to lose weight to join this program. YOU HAVE TO BE DEDICATED TO THE PROGRAM FOR IT TO WORK.

I have finally found the answer

Slim4Life is either for you or its not. I am almost 20 lbs lighter, but most importantly, I now have complete control over what I stick in my mouth. Say what you want about the program. I have finally found the answer for ME.

  very rude and ignore you
Kelli Miler (Verified User)

They take your money and once you are stuck and unhappy they are very rude and ignore you.



  light headedness
Judy (Verified User)

I am in my second week of the diet and am having a lot of light headedness. Has anyone experienced this?

food list

My daughter is getting married in june this year and would really like to lose 30# before could someone please e-mail me the food list can’t afford program.

  better program and way of life
Jill (Verified User)

I joined S4L in Texas a couple weeks ago. I went in on the $30 special advertised on the radio. Add another zero.. it cost me $300 for 4 weeks with all the supplements, etc. I felt hungry and deprived all the time. They counselors are super nice at my center and they do seem like they want to help. However, If you gain or even cheat, they put you on a flush with tons of water which is okay but they also take away 1 fruit and 1 starch (you only get 2 of each per day). Plus, the list of foods was so restricted I just couldn’t eat any more baked/dry fish or chicken. Plus you don’t get just any fruit or vegetable, it’s also super limited and you can’t eat them together (ie: no mixed salad) I suppose it would work for someone who was SUPER motivated and didn’t focus on what you could and couldn’t eat. Even though it’s slower weight loss I really think Weight Watchers is a better program and way of life.

   it sounds very similar to MRC

I noticed that several people have mentioned going from hearing about them so much on radio stations. I’ve heard these too and they sound more like radio liners for the DJs to read instead of actual experiences by the DJs themselves. It’s another form of radio ad, but meant to be more conversational. I think a lot of listeners probably think they’re hearing someone’s testimonial rather than a paid for radio ad. In the case of S4L it feels more like another way to dupe the public. I haven’t personally tried S4L, but from what I’ve read in the reviews it sounds very similar to MRC, which I did do a few years back.

rhonda (Verified User)

It took me a couple of months hearing the radio advertisements and I went in. It takes $300 – not the $30 advertised to buy products etc. It becomes a MONEY PIT. I found Jillian Michael’ s fat burner similiar to ingredients and Atkin’s protein bars also as good and appear similiar.

  MEGA expensive
Connie C.

You are wrong! they have tons of pills to take and keep track of and they are appetite suppresants and supposely “natural Herbal” but they are MEGA expensive!

  slim 4 life products
rob smith

i have been looking on websites trying to find the slim 4 life products..Does snyone know who other than slim 4 life sells the metabolizers..I can point you in the right direction on the thermo boosters and the bars,,robert smith 8175002267


Where do you get the bars and thermo boosts from. What about the other snacks?

  robert smith
rob smith

My girl is on the program and it seems to work.Ive been onlin e trying to findsome of the products at a discount from diet websites..Does anyone know where to buy the metabolizers?if so please contact me robert smith 8175002267.thank you

  Diet programme imformation and plans if possible for free

i have so far been contacted by phone by a representative who provided imformation about the programme anyway i decided to do a bit of research myself and the programme costs have overwhelmed me to the conclusion i cannot afford the programme So would you be willing to send me the diet programme imformation and plans if possible for free, Would really like to see if the programme works without the cost if not all is well Thanks for your time and reply God Bless.

   the program works
Sean (Verified User)

I joined slim for life many years ago and the program works. The program works because it is a low calorie diet. I lost 65 pounds in two and a half months. It was from 10-15 to 12-31. I did cheat on the the diet during those time. My meal plan consisted of a egg and low calorie piece of toast(whole wheat) for breakfast. A orange or apple as a midmorning snack. for lunch I would have a protien 4-6 ounces(chicken and fish you can have 6 ounces) two serving of veggies. I would have green beans or salad. stay with the green veggies and you should be fine. Low fat salad dressing and a piece of bread. A apple or orange for mid day snack and repeat lunch for dinner. I took all the supplements and did not have any problems. The say no processed lunch meats and no pork. Red meat only twice a week and at least two days apart. I quit because a the counselors are rude and ignorant. They are just high pessure sales people. I was talked back and left again because of the rude counselors. Same thing happenned with my father-in-law. I did not pay all that money to be abused. However the diet does work. The problem is that the food gets bland. You mostly cook with pam. One small pat of butter a day. It is very low fat. I am now trying a combonation of the slim for life and the atkins diet. I have lost 12 ponds in the 22 days. I do the above meal plan till I can not stand it anymore and then I switch to hard core atkins(no carbs or at least under 15 a day) and eat all the meat I want then I will switch back to slim for life plan when I feel like I have had enough good food to eat. I think goals is another problem. Measuring your goals on a day basis just makes you feal bad when you miss them. My goal is to lose 10 pounds a month this year. Every month with no carry over. I now do not worry about the day to day flucuations of the scale. Set monthly goals that are reasonable and you will be better off. Another problem that I had with slim for life is that they did not want me working out. Hope this helps.


Do you have the list of foods to take and when to eat. I work nights and most diets are geared to people who work during the day. I know you have to limit dairy products and carrots,peas and corn which i do not eat most of the time. I know the cost is really prohibitive and so many problems with the supplements as stated on the internet. Can you tell me where to find the diet on line or can you send me the list of foods? I would really appreciate it. I find limiting sugar is a key ingredient as well as no artifical sweetners or diet drinks with artifical ingredients. I feel so much better when I don’t eat it then my mother has to go and bake a lemon cake:) I have told her to quit making fatening deserts. Can you please send me the diet if you have it for the Slim4life? Thank you.

  The money I spent was well worth it and I am still losing
Nicole (Verified User)

I joined Slimgenics (AKA slim4life) mid October 2010. So far to date I have lost 42 pounds and am so happy with the plan. I do the home program and probably spend about $20 a week on the up keep of the plan and it was $300 to start. The money I spent was well worth it and I am still losing. My ultimate goal is 75 lbs. I haven’t platued yet and have nothing but pleasant things to say about slimgenics. I do get some of the supplements from dietdirect.com they are a little cheaper then slimgenics.


Hello, could you email the plan to me? I am not working as I have just moved from Indiana to Missouri(my mom paid for it) and I really need to lose weight to find a job. Thank you for your time.

Claudia (Verified User)

I joined S4L to encourage my husband in his weight loss. It did cost a lot of money, which we were not expecting to hear, however we plan to use this as a tax deduction for improving our health. It is a strict, COMMON SENSE, weight loss program. Unfortunately it took a lot of money before we took it serious. In 4 weeks we have lost 40lbs together. While my husband has had no side effects my stomach has been bothering me and after I drink a lemonlime thermo boost I want to puke. I’ve also been feeling some acid reflux. I went to doctor and tested positive for Hpylori bacteria and am now on a14 day Prevpac antibiotic. The Dr. did not seem to think the diet had anything to do with it. It is just unfortunate that it is happening at the same time. When I shared the info with the center they were sympathetic and told me to do what was best for my health. They still want me to come in and check on me. I already prepaid the program and they are still nice. They could just let me go since they have their money but that is not the case. The positives thus far, Councelors are very nice and helpful, I’m eating much fresher foods, and learning to take the time to write things down has helped me make time for me, something most moms with young kids don’t do. My husband is also encouraged and even eats more protein than instructed and still looses weight.
The negatives, $$$$…Nausea. Be sure that if on the program look at it in a positive but not slave driving, experience.

If everyone just focused on a low fat, low carb, low sodium, water drinking, and exercise you would not need to join the program. If you need extra support and can afford it then go for it. I’ll let you know later what happened with my stomach. If I have to cut down on the pill taking I will not let it bring me down cuz as long as I eat healthy I’m doing well!

Praying helps too!


I spent more then $1500 on Slim 4 Life and was not able to use it as a tax deduction

elizabeth scrimsher

may i please have the list of foods to eat so i can loose some weight 🙁


meat veggie and fruit twice a day.


I just joined 12 days ago, and lost 8 pounds the first week which was great. But now I am sick at my stomach all the time, and non of the representives seems to care or have an answer. Wished I had of researched a little more before joining the program. I wll continue with the eating guidline to some degree, but not sure I will continue with the pills, and supplements. I am about $783.00 into the program. Will not invest anymore money.


we are both also very sick to our stomach’s like we have the flu


after reading all the abv comments i am now more confused than ever! had the fee consultation, paid $100.00 dwnpaymnt but now i am afraid to continue and loose $100 instead of thousands. help…please give advice


i have been on the program for 5 days now and have lost 5 lbs so far, but i am a little nervous now after reading all of these comments. yes it is very expensive but i figure it is my health and someone is holding me accountable for what i am eating, which i really need. all the people i have delt with have been really nice and understanding of the fact that i may not be able to afford supplements after my first batch. they all say that i will still lose weight just MAYBE not as quickly as if i was still taking them. yes you have to keep a journal of what you eat and yes, you do have to think about what you eat more each day. but isnt the reason why most of us are over weight in the first place because we dont take time for ourselves and we just pick food up and dont even consider how many calories we are putting into our bodies! i think that i will just keep my positive attitude that i have as of right now and hope that maybe i will be more lucky than some of the other people that have posted. good luck amber with whatever decision you make:)

  Regardless of your fitness goals
Christina Thomas (Verified User)

Regardless of your fitness goals…whether they are using protein to build muscle or slim down…using a meal replacement protein shake can be your best option to easily get the results you are looking for!

  Over weight
Samantha Moore

I have Lupus – I am also over weight by at least 50#’s. Any concerns I should have about the product? Will await to hear back from you.
Thank You

  Using protein
Kristi Hardin (Verified User)

Using protein shakes every day… one for breakfast or for lunch…will give you a jump on your fat burning plan and provide you with a healthy alternative to a more strict diet involving food deprivation…which always backfires.

  Eat lots of those foods.
Diana Ferrell (Verified User)

Commit to one diet — and stick to it for life. Start by making a list of low-calorie foods that you love…that you find satisfying; and when you’re hungry make sure you eat lots of those foods.

Really didn't act interested
Kansas City (Verified User)

I did the program 2 years ago and it was very expensive. I should have done alot more homework regarding the program. I wantiet to lose 25 lbs and I followed the plan very closely using their supplements. The couselors had never been on the plan and obviously did not have weight problems. After 4 months/16 weeks I did lose 20 lbs. 1 lb per week was not their promise and they really didn’t act interested in you if you complained.


I have a thyroid disorder and had tried EVERYTHING to lose weight. I had really given up hope that I could lose weight. My girlfriend who had about 100 lbs to lose started the program because her brother-in-law lost 100 lbs on it. Within 6 months (give or take she had lost 30 lbs.). she looks amazing and hadn’t even hit her goal. So, I started the program in September, so far I have lost 20 lbs. I am amazed at the results. I can tell you what I eat is the following:

2 – metabolizers in the AM
2 – EFA’s
1 – Vitamin Supplement
1 – carb blockers
all slim for life brand.

Thank I use their thermoboost but instead of putting it in 8 oz of water, I put it in 32 oz. The orange taste like dreamcicle and is so yummy!!

Then I eat a protein bar (my fav is the peanut butter chocolate) and a piece of fruit. I also have 2 cups of coffee with skim milk and truvia.

Then I have a snack which usually consists of a piece of 40 calorie bread with I can’t believe its butter spread (sometimes I use cinnamon & truvia and toast).

Lunch – I take
2 – metabolizers
2 – EFA’s
all slim for life brand.

I eat up to 2 cups of field greens with 6 oz of chicken and Drew’s dressing (low -fat, low sodium, low sugar). The recommend Kraft but I HATE Kraft so I choose drews.

Then later I have a small apple or other fruit for another snack.

Then I take
2 – metabolizers
2 – EFA’s
1 – carb blockers
all slim for life brand before dinner

For dinner I can have chkn, fish, beef etc and up to 2 veggies with ICBIB spread.

Then about 9:00 pm I will have my last protien snack of the day which could be soy nuts, hot chocolate, or other S4L products.

I am not hungry at all and feel healthy! I have about 50 more lbs to go and excited I am on my way.

The program is expensive but to me its well worth it. I about to fit into size 12 jeans and haven’t done that in 10+ years!

Highly recommend the diet and the counselors at my center are amazing. I have laughed, cried and felt empathy with all these women.


Has anyone tried Slim 4 Life because of their $30 in 30 days promotion? If so, what is the catch on that?


I joined Slim for life the end of Aug. I have lost 35#’s so far. I am pleased with it. They do tailor the plan to your schedule. The list(s) they offer to eat off of for my plan consist of 2 protein (4-6 oz) 4 veggies (fresh) 2 if cooked, 2 fruits, 2 starches and 1 fat. All this in portion sized. You do take supplements for protein and vitamin, herbalizer, fish oils. It is all about control though. If you shop smartly you can purchase the supplements outside of the organization, but if you do not change your eating habits permanently you will fail. Yes they don’t push exercise but they don’t tell you not too. They encourage you to if you choose to loose and tone faster. If you want to constantly come up with excuses as to why you didn’t eat on the plan, just realize you are lying to yourself. I am on call and keep protein bars and drinks with me as well as I have cooked meals up in advance incase I need to eat quickly. I also have chosen healthier foods when dining out. Yes I miss Mc Donalds fries, but I am going to eat a piece of pumpkin pie after my salad and turkey on Thanksgiving!

Linda Gilliam

I am not quite understanding what you eat or do, too loose the weight!

  Restrictive and time consuming
MackyMouse (Verified User)

I started the program Oct 19 and lost about 8 lbs in less than two weeks. The program is very very very expensive! I wish I had done my homework before I spent the money. It is very restrictive and time consuming. Your constant focus in on eating and drinking because you are taking 6 metabolizers, 6 EFAs/fish oils, 2 carb blockers and a vitamin daily along with 2 fruits, 2 starches, 2 proteins, 4 veggies and 4 oz of skim milk. Not to mention the 80 oz of water you have to drink plus 2 of their vegetable protein supplements. Nothing out of a can, box or bag except tuna is ever allowed. Too many rules to follow – example you can only have beef three times a week but never two days in a row and never on the day you have tuna. Exercise is an after thought in their program but you are given information and tips. Bottom line – don’t pay the money until you search out the program for yourself!

  I started about 4 weeks ago and have already lost 12 pounds. I find it to be an pretty easy diet to follow. I am never hungry, I wake up with alot of energy in the morning. I did have to pay extra for all the supplements and stuff but I think my health will be worth it. The bars are very good. The tomatoe soup is awful!! The chicken soup is ok. Ask to try the stuff beofre you buy it though. I am going to keep working it.
Angie (Verified User)

I started about 4 weeks ago and have already lost 12 pounds. I find it to be an pretty easy diet to follow. I am never hungry, I wake up with alot of energy in the morning. I did have to pay extra for all the supplements and stuff but I think my health will be worth it. The bars are very good. The tomatoe soup is awful!! The chicken soup is ok. Ask to try the stuff beofre you buy it though. I am going to keep working it.

  "Slim4Life, life most programs takes the want to more than the program being anything super extraordinary. Initially tried the program in January of 2008, lost 20 pounds in 2 months and quit because lots of turmoil in my life at the time. Began again in October of 2010 and have lost about 10 pounds in a month. However, have discovered that the ""Metabolizer"" is NOT good for me. I've been on antidepressants for nearly 20 years and after 2-3 weeks of taking this product began spiralling into depression I haven't experienced in more than 15 years - was probably a factor in my initial attempt failing but I didn't realize it at the time. I've discussed this with the counselors and am continuing in the program without the supplements because the accountability helps me to stick to a healthy plan. It can be expensive but you do not have to take the supplements for the plan to work so the money is worthwhile from that aspect."
Karen (Verified User)

Slim4Life, life most programs takes the want to more than the program being anything super extraordinary. Initially tried the program in January of 2008, lost 20 pounds in 2 months and quit because lots of turmoil in my life at the time.

Began again in October of 2010 and have lost about 10 pounds in a month. However, have discovered that the “Metabolizer” is NOT good for me. I’ve been on antidepressants for nearly 20 years and after 2-3 weeks of taking this product began spiralling into depression I haven’t experienced in more than 15 years – was probably a factor in my initial attempt failing but I didn’t realize it at the time. I’ve discussed this with the counselors and am continuing in the program without the supplements because the accountability helps me to stick to a healthy plan. It can be expensive but you do not have to take the supplements for the plan to work so the money is worthwhile from that aspect.

  Not a good behaviour by the customer service girl.
Rose Lee

I set an appointment with Slim4Life and I called to cancel, the girl asked me way and did I want to reschedule. I told her no and she hung on me…how rude!! I’m glad I found this site before going in. I’m going to continue on Weight Watchers, it works just slower which in the long run is better any way.

  I lost 53lbs through Slim4Life.
annsmith (Verified User)

I started S4l about 17 weeks ago and have lost 53lbs I just weaned from the supplements and rarely took the thermoboost, the ladies I worked with in the Lake Worth office have been very helpful and generous on days when I could not afford the supplements. I am now on stablization and have found the program very helpful.I have 3 friends on the program and family members fixing to start, yes I have lost weight before, but never in the right areas I have now. This week I took no supplements except the protein bars and lost 3.4 for the week.

  General Inquiry

Some of Slim4Life supplements sold are manufactured under Somalabs out of Burlington, Vt.; VitaLife out of Independence, Mo.; Geratrix out of Vt. & Canada, etc.

  Can anybody share a copy of the materials and food list?

I Was wondering if anyone would be willing to share a copy of the materials and food list. We went to the free consultaion but my husband and I cannot affored there fee’s. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much for you help!

  what can you eat besides Fish,Chicken, veggies,eggs, and oranges.
Debra Leard (Verified User)

Can some one email me the the food that i can eat on this diet. there are some ladies at my office that would like to protisapate before the holidays get here. what can you eat besides Fish,Chicken, veggies,eggs, and oranges.

  Slim 4 Life works.
Tiffany (Verified User)

I am a poor college student, but I was so desperate to lose weight that I put out the money to do slim for life. I lost 20 lbs pretty quickly, but then hit a plateu for almost 2 months. Nothing they did helped me lose weight. I was hungry all the time, stressed over how much money I had spent, and had no energy. The second I started eating a little more normal I gained all the weight back plus some. The diet screwed up my metabolism worse than it was before doing the program. There are so many things you are not supposed to eat and if you stray even the slightest then it will throw your weight loss off. There are so many diets that are very similar and promote eating protein with every meal, that do not require you to stop eating everything you love.

FaithfulGirl (Verified User)

Ohhhhh how I wish I had read all this before just joining S4L only a week and a half ago!!! A co-worker was being successful with it, so I went. After only one week, I’m about to GAG out and am $1,200 poorer. You can only eat so much broiled, boiled, baked protein, NO CHEESE, NO YOGURT, 1/4 c. brown rice! give me a break. From day one, I felt like I was going to puke. The metabolizers make me unable to sleep and I was absolutely blown away by the cost of the product. I went in when there was a “lose all the weight you want for $169” and of course, that is just the “fee”. Now i have ALOT to lose, but still $600 for “weight loss weeks” and $500 for initial product. I AM SO MAD AT MYSELF – do not want to continue and am out this $. Weight Watchers now looks like the best program in the world – DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANY CASES WHERE SOMEONE COULD GET THEIR MONEY BACK?? Also have the embarassing challenge of the person I work with who is continuing and I’m going to look like a complete flake.

Judy Olney

I am in the same boat. I have an appointment this week and was lured in by the $6 a week. I would love to try the diet plan but definitely can’t afford the REAL price. Would you please send me the list of foods. I am a single middle age woman on a limited budget.


I am so glad I read this. I was going to call tomorrow to see about getting on the plan. Do you mind sending me the list of foods? Now that I’m realizing how expensive this plan is there’s no way I could have afforded it. However, I’m desperate and need to lose about 40 pounds.

  I am interested in this product.
sharon gilbreath



it will take more than a shake if you need support like I receive from the Slim4Life staff

  I cancel my order after everyone posts.

Wow, thanks for everyones posts. I have been hearing this all over the radio and had an apt for tomorrow which I just canceled, Thanks for saving me a ton of money and time!! Good luck to all in their wl journey.

  Can anyone let me know about Slim4Life

I see where people have posted on here about what to eat the first 3 days of the “s4l” diet without actually seeing anyone or paying anything…but whats the diet after those first 3 days?? I want to try this…and I am willing to go thru ebay or whatever but I need to know what to eat on the diet after the first 3 days..can anyone email me and let me know the s4l diet plan? I would appreciate any help!! thanks.


I was wondering if you would mind sending me the info you find out on the program?


  Product name has been changed.

Thank you, thank you and thank you again to all who contributed to this page. Good stuff and bad stuff, thank you because now at least I feel like I can make an informed decision about this Slim4Life. Here’s an interesting note: I searched for slim4life and slim4life.com says the name has been changed to SlimGenics in two states. Hmmmm…sounds fishy to me.


SlimGenics is Minnesota and Colorado now. Slim4Life is still Kansas City and Texas. Different owners I was told.

  They make you fell wothless about youeself.
lannie (Verified User)

I think slim 4 life is the most ,horribble, terrible, place to go to. they are rude, and take your money and you get not a thank you. I have not lost a pound.They make you fell wothless about youeself.

  Don't pay the money for the program
PedsRN (Verified User)

I am a nurse and I am disgusted by Slim4Life (S4L). I had a career before going back to nursing school and gained quite a bit of weight from the inactivity of that desk job (5’2″ @ 175lbs). During nursing school I decided to try out S4L to slim down a bit because I knew I would be on my feet 12hrs per day and needed the stamina. I put out ~$2000 + suppliments onto their “special medical credit card” and was given the list of foods that are allowed and how often. I followed that plan to the letter and lost 25lbs before plateauing and even with their “plateau breakers” could not get past it. Also, they do not want you to exercise while on the program because exercise builds muscle and muscle weighs more than fat… so in essence you don’t lose as fast as they say you will. The part that they forget is that muscle burns more calories than fat does. During this time I was taking my nursing Nutrition class and did the math for the number of calories taken in throughout the day. Get this… the plan really only has you eating 500-800 calories per day + 150cals in supplements. That is at most 950 calories. LISTEN CLOSELY… THE BODY CAN ONLY MAINTAIN ITSELF ON LESS THAN 1200 CALORIES FOR A SHORT TIME BEFORE BEGINNING TO SHUT DOWN. This is the same issue that anorexics have and can lead to multi-system organ failure if continued for long periods of time. I stopped the plan, completely got rid of all of the supplements except for my multivitimin & EFA, continued to drink plenty of water and made sure that I ate between 1200 & 1500 calories. I am down to my goal wt of 115lbs and I feel great. Don’t pay the money for the program, write down your food intake and get out there and excercise. And remember, NO FOOD IS FORBIDDEN IF EATEN IN MODERATION with a healthy diet. By the way, none of the counselors have any kind of healthcare credential. Not one of them that I have questioned in the KC metro area have anything as simple as a Certified Nurses Aid (CNA). They are “taking” manual blood pressures when you come to report in… Who is teaching these things and are they making the numbers up? It is beyond me that they are giving “medical” type of advise, taking blood pressures (which are not the easiest things to do), and supervising people’s diets. Please, don’t waste the money! It’s not worth it!!!


I am also a nurse and embarrassed that I am doing this. Feel like CRAP and told I am detoxing. I eat far healthier than the avg person so doubt this is it? May have to resort to a modified version so I have the energy to exercise. Any diet that doesn’t promote exercise shouldve mad me suspicious!! Duhhhhhh!

Got Snookered

Boy, I wish I had seen this web site before I signed up for Slim4Life in the KC area. Someone I worked with said it worked for them so I tried it. Now, after a little over a week, all I have to show for it is an upset stomach, headaches, and a lighter wallet. I believe the supplements are bothering me, but the counselors say that’s not possible. As far as the diet itself goes, it’s basically a high protein, low carb diet. Get something like the “South Beach Diet” book and go it on your own. It’s cheaper.

Faithful Girl

Couldn’t agree more – what a rip – I am am just SICK about the financial rip and have felt like crap since I started. See my full comment from Faithful Girl. AHHHH!

  It is false shortcut to a sexy figure.

Thanks for all your posts everyone, my wife has wanted to try this for some time, but it looks like yet another false shortcut to a sexy figure. She and I both need to eat smarter, drink more water and exercise more. We all know that, right?

  How to find Slim 4 Life Food list?

Would anyone be willing to send me the Slim 4 Life Food List?

  Slim 4 Life is 50, 50.
Cafelife (Verified User)

I lost 25 lbs on Slim 4 Life. The plan works if one sticks to it 100% of the time, which in reality can be unrealistic. I didn’t reach the goal weight (10 lbs to go)within the calculated time period and was told that I would have to buy more weight loss weeks. I had to restrain myself from using expletives, thinking to myself after dropping hundreds of dollars, you’re asking me to PAY MORE?!

I asked what the difference was between stabilization week one and the weight loss weeks were and I was given a sheet of paper. The only difference was adding a little bit of dairy! I told the counselor that I would just ignore the stabilization week one “plan” and continue what I was doing until I reached the goal weight. I then researched protein drinks, bars, and supplements in various stores to identify ones similar to the Slim 4 Life products so I do not have to go back to the center.

In the beginning, when you are beat up and emotional about your weight, it is touted you will get support from their “counselors”.

They are just sales people dressed in medical scrubs parroting a script.

I contacted the headquarters about the medical scrubs garb and they actually said it was because they didn’t want the counselor’s clothes to be a distraction. Ok, why don’t they wear polo shirts with their logo and khaki pants, don’t sit there and “play nurse”.

While doing the plan did get my weight loss rolling, and my A1C lowered a point within 4 months, I do not like how Slim 4 Life present themselves as “nutrition experts” when they are primarily sales people.

  I am not interested in Slim 4 Life.
mahj mavn

Thank you all for sharing your comments both good and bad regarding this program. My hair dresser has been on this program for several months and has lost 50 lbs. I was thinking of joining but was worried about side effects of supplements. I wasn’t interested in taking something that would cause short term weightloss and long term health issues (liver issues, heart issues, etc). I know of several people who are dealing with long tterm health issues and one who died as a result of their use of diet pills.

Erin- I would also be interested in the “instructions” if you are wiling/ able to share. Thank you all again for sharing your stories and information. I believe God led me to this site and your information to provide me enough inforamtion to make an intelligent decision which is no amunt of weight loss is worth my life. I heavy but not obese. I would like to loose about 20-30 pounds so I’m not a lost cause. 🙂

  Product is not good

Hi Erin – I noticed that two people have asked you for the paperwork for this diet. Are you sharing the information? I would love to have the list of what foods to eat and what to avoid. I’ve tried several diet plans with very little luck and don’t want to get involved with another one. Thanks a bunch.


Could you share list of foods to eat and avoid?


Hi Cindy i too would really appreciate any helpful information you can share about this slim4life programme as beng a mother of six and 40 pounds overweight money is tight. Thank you for your time and generosity God Bless.


Hi Cindy I know it has been a while but I was wondering If you got the food list for slim 4 life? If so could you please send it to me?

  I would NEVER recommend them
LogansMom (Verified User)


I’ve just signed up with Slim 4 Life a week ago to lose 30 lbs in 14 weeks. Yes, I have six kids so I am allowed a little bit of padding but I wanted to lose that baby weight to look a little more sexy.

Slim 4 Life has been advertising the heck out of the country radio station that I listened to here in Dallas so I decided to give them a try. They pressured me into buying all of these pills and supplements to lose the weight I wanted. So far, in less than one week, I’ve charged over $1600.00 to my credit card.

It is non-refundable and you will have to take 15 pills a day, along with supplement bars/food items and caffeine drinks. All of these items have to be purchased from them which is the bulk of the cost.

I would NEVER recommend them to anyone. The pills make me sick to my stomach and it keeps me up all night. I am literally like a zombie at night time. The first time that I took them pills, it kept me up for almost 60 hours.

I got so sick I stopped using it for two days. Then I got back on again because they said that I need to do so in order to lose the weight. Now I am so sick, I can’t even go to work! Worse, I’ve gained two more lbs and a big fat headache, physically and financially.

Any diet system that makes you this sick can not be good for you! For the amount of money that I just threw away, I could have hired a personal trainer at the local fitness center.

In addition to visiting the so called clinic “sales office” 3 times a week, you have to keep a daily journal of what you eat, what pills you popped down, etc.

Who has time for all of that? The reason why we gained weight in the first place is because we don’t have time for ourselves. Plus, most of us have to work and they don’t open until 10am so it is inconvenient for us to visit.

Please consider yourself lucky if you haven’t been conned into this.


logansmom:I started this diet 3 weeks ago and have spent more than @1600.00. I have lost 13 lobs which I feel is too much to lose in the short period of time. I have suffered with constipation and acid reflex about every 4 days and an a upset stomach. They tell me that I need to take my pills and make sure and drink water, eat my vegetables, etc. My heart is racing today and I feel like hell. I am 64 and I know when my body is telling me to stop. I’m glad that I read all of your e-mails. Thank you! I’m planning to sell my pills.


Dear Kristen:

I too must listen to the same radio station Kris Krok who goes on and on how great s4l is. He doesn’t speak of the price. I can’t believe how expensive it is!


I agree totally with everything you said. I also got sick and my physician wrote a note for me to discontinue the supplements/vitamins, etc. and I asked for a refund of the $290.00 I spent just on the supplements (not including the $565.00 I paid at the “hardsale” sign up). Their policy is absolutely NO REFUND! I hope my experience will be a WARNING to anyone going in for the free consultation. Don’t sign-up without taking the info home and reading every word of it. It is basically a “questionable” company.


I think we’re listening to the same country station in Dallas. Glad I found this webiste before I made my appointment for this week.


I recently went to the Mesquite, TX location and they did their spill & when I told them it was too expensive they kept up with being so pushy to get money out of me. The add was a lie and all they got out of me was $5 to secure the $498 cost which is not going to happen. So glad I was able to find this site and save a bunch of money. I’m only out $5 no big deal.

  This product is very expensive for me.
Erin P. (Verified User)

I’m almost embarrassed to tell this, but I had to rename Slim 4 Life to Hooked 4 Life. I did this program twice over a four year period. I was afraid to stop taking the herbs, and they never stopped selling them to me. I was literally working a part time job to pay for supplements and the program. When I finally woke up, and did some addition, I had spent over $10,000. I was sick when I realized what I had done. I have all the paperwork, instructions, etc., and anyone can do this on their own. I’ve overheard the counselors pressure clients to spend more (they get a commission of course) and still I went back. It works – you lose weight very quickly. Anyone would on a 1,200 calorie a day diet. If for some reason you haven’t joined, consider yourself lucky.


If you still have the paperwork, could you email it to me? I wanted to start this program, but can’t afford it.


Hi Erin, Can u please email me the paperwork and instructions. I really need help I can’t afford that program.


I’ve notice that people are asking you for the diet instruction/food list? Could I have a copy as well. Please


Hi Erin,
Can you please email me the paperwork and instructions also?


Can you plesae email me the paperwork and instructions?

Thank you!


Erin, I am getting married in April and need to lose some weight. I was so excited about slim 4 life and hearing about it on KTLY TX Christian radio station, first can’t believe how much advertising hey do for this company knowing full well there is a recession going on and not mentioning how expensive it is. That is not the Christian thing to do, I’m so sorry for all the money they took you for, keep in mind KARMA and what goes around. If there is anyway you can share your paperwork with me I would really appeciate it. I’ve been divorced for 22 yrs and finally met someone therefore really want to lose these pounds. Thanks in advance for all your help, and I want everyone else to know I took all their advice from these postings.


Thanks for your info. I heard a radio ad and was going to try it. I tried the HCG drops ($250 a month) and did not lose much. If you can, pls. send/share the list of foods.


I have been thinking about joining for several months now, trying to save money to do it…I’m really concerned how expensive everyone says this is. I’m 35 lbs over weight and its causing major medical issues. I’m only 4’11” and well there’s not much room for extra weight!! If anyone could help me with a list of the meals, or the program I would be very grafeful..I honestly don’t know what I need to do to lose all this weight..Thanks to you all for your postings..


Erin, I am very sorry that Slim 4 life robbed you of that kind of money. I was very serious about taking my father and myself to them in hopes that with me joining with him he can succeed in the weight he needs to drop for serious health issues.after reading your post I will NOT consider slim 4 life. If you wouldnt mind sending me the diet plan so help my father and myslef along that would be greatly appreciated. I would even consider a paying a resonable fee for the plan to help you get at least a little back

thank you


Erin, I’m so sorry you had a bad experience. If you are willing to share the info, I’d like to have a copy, also. I’ve been the victim of “buyer’s remorse” more times than I’d like to remember!


hey I noticed some other people were asking for information about the slim 4 life program and wanted to see if I could get that from you too. Im trying to lose weight by christmas so im needing it as soon as possible. Thanks so much!!


Hi Erin, could u please email me the slim for life diet plan? I dont have several thousand to spend, i went in for a consultation and i felt ripped off. please help! does anyone know where i could get the products cheaper? thanx, Tiffany

Faithful Girl

Don’t do it!!! I am SO filled with regret that I did it. See my full post under Faithful Girl.


Erin, I too have tried many weight loss diets. Unforunately I still need to lose the weight. Would you mind sending me a copy of the food list? I am beginning to exercise again, so there is still hope.

cheri Alfrey

I too would appreciate the food lists etc. thanks


Hi Cheri,
Did you get a copy of the slim4life diet? If so could you email it to me? Thanks


I have no extra money since I am not working. I desperately need to loose 75 pounds before I even look for a job. I hate to beg, but have no choice. I would definately appreciate any information about this plan that can be shared.

Thank you,

Chuck Miller

I am currently in seminary and money is very tight. If you could possibly share your paperwork with me I would certainly appreciate it.


Erin, first I am sorry about what you had happy to you, I have been thinking about doing this program, but your review has helped me out ,make up my mind. If you don’t mime sending me the paper just to see if it would help me lost some, I would be all so grateful.
God bless you I will keep you in my prayers.


I would like to get a copy? I’m sorry you spent so much money.


I also am trying to change my lifestyle for health reasons and would like to see if you could email me the paperwork and all also. I am broke, but, I am sooo fat, I hate it. I just want to be able to spend time with my kids having fun someday soon.

Me D.

I read your post and you mentioned you still paperwork & all. I am in the processes of changing my lifestyle for health reason. I was wanting to try slim 4 life but financially not able. Would you be willing to email it to me.
Best Regards…

  I am not good candidate due to some of my health problems
Tambria Wormington

Approx 2 month ago, I went to the Indep, MO location on the recommendation of my sister who had just started the program there. I went there, saw a woman named Marcia who told me that I was not a good candidate due to some of my health problems and that I would need to get a medical release from my dr. and they would call me it came in. Well, they sent my dr. a release form, she signed and sent it back. I waited for over a month for someone to call me. No one did. Finally, my sister talked with the area supervisor about me, who said my release was never recieved. Phone calls went back and forth between the Indep location, my sister and myself. Finally, the supervisor called me to tell me that they had everything they needed for me to start. Unfortunately, I was scheduled to leave 3 days later to go out of the country, so I made arrangements to come in on June 14th and get started. I came home ill and called on the 14th and rescheduled my appt for the 16th at 1:00 pm. I arrived at the Indep location at 12:49 today, and left at 1:15pm. Marcia had forgotton to write down my appt and the location manager had gone home ill for the day, so there was no one to see me. I was asked if I wanted to reschedule. The answer was no, I did not want to reschedule. Why should I. Slim for Life employee Marcia had dropped the ball several times and I was left out to dry. Why do I want to go somewhere who employs individuals like this and treats individuals like they are second class citizens?


I have also been to that office and had to deal with Marcia. I was on the program for awhile and found as long as you are giving them money and you aren’t ” to hard to deal with ” you are fine. As soon as there is a problem or a question or you cant afford to keep buying their stuff the turn into very rude people. I would not recommed to anyone. Especially that location

  I will never recommend Slim4Life.
AlliesMom (Verified User)

Our local Christian radio station touts this as a program where you don’t eat out of a box, enjoy real supermarket food as well as eating out — with wonderful counselors and priced under $4 per week for program services. So after months of listening, I made an appointment. The only thing I found consistent with the advertisement was the name of the place.

HUNDREDS of dollars worth of supplements, herbs, vitamins, caffeine drinks, etc….I told the counselor who I will now refer to as the salesperson that I was unemployed and wanted the most basic program learning correct eating habits. She told me I had to purchase their products or the program would not work. She pressured me to charge it to get the “best deal”. I told her that would not be possible and she then turned completely off. The nice salesperson was gone and Terrible Tina emerged whisking me back to the lobby.

Over the course of the next few daily visits I realized that for the most part the salespeople didn’t even know the products or their interactions. They pressured me to use things I explained to them in detail were against doctor’s orders due to my medical history and necessary medications. Not one person in the building was medically trained, mind you, but needed to reach a quota on sales of products (they were having contests for sales kind of like the world of Mary Kay!!) — which you had to consume a specific number each day along with a handful of herbal pills, vitamins, fish oil, etc. multiple times each day and then buy more of those. All of which can be purchased for a minimum cost at your local WalMart.

One counselor was so rude to me during a visit that I did contact the corporate office to relay the embarassing treatment bestowed upon me in front of everyone in the place as she told me I was never going to be able to lose weight because I was not following their regimen of supplemental products instead of eating fresh vegetables. What??

So I have decided to forego the program route and have just gone to the basics of counting the number of calories I put in my mouth, get myself moving more each day and drinking more water and remembering all these pounds didn’t arrive overnight and won’t disappear overnight. 3 weeks down and weighed in losing a total of 8 pounds so far. Baby steps, I know, but, hey. I am not starving. It is costing me nothing and I feel like I am accomplishing something. I will never recommend Slim4Life to anyone.


I really appreciate your sharing the details of your experience. Not sure where you are located, but I was considering doing a consultation with Slim4Life based upon testimonials from a Christian radio DJ in the Dallas area. I have actually been on another weight loss plan for 6 weeks with an actual M.D. and have lost 25.5 lbs (goal is 100), but in this first phase my diet has consisted of 800 cals/day, taking phentermine and getting a weekly B-12/metabolic booster shot, and exercising like crazy. I am fine with what I am doing and feel healthy and get checked out by the doctor weekly, but the Slim4Life ads conveyed that customers were losing faster than me at a lower price, no drugs, and without even having to exercise. I thought “too good to be true”…but since a Christian DJ was one of their testimonials, I kept having nagging thoughts that I ought to check it out. You and the other posts here convinced me otherwise. A million thanks!


Thank you for posting all of this information…
I was about to purchase this after Christmas. They wanted me to pay right after I just popped in and was inquiring about it. I only put down a $10.00 deposit and told them that I would be back after Christmas when I have the money, and she said that she was giving me a deal singing me up for $650.00!!!

Good 4 you

Just wanted to thank you for your insight. I was really leaning on purchasing this because of the same advertising on the radio but now that I ready your post, I have made my decision. I’m going the “real” and healty way of loosing weight. Baby steps will get you a long way with no rude harassing sales reps. Rock on! Good luck

  I lose 40lbs within a short time
Vee (Verified User)

I have three points to connect with some of the other comments: 1) I’ve spent over $700 so far to lose 40 lbs within a short time and have only been able to lose 25 that good in itself but the types of food choices — you can do yourself. 2) For all you go through I have found most of the counselors at the one particular center snarky, insensitive and down right rude. 3)I have developed something like a rasp in my voice that I am almost certain is a result of drinking the boost — I’ve decided not to buy anymore of that stuff.

What would really be helpful to participants is if the counselors were knowledgeable enough to tell you durng the first session Exactly how the products work and what to expect. Instead they give you the nice spill to get your money, load you up with expensive supps and send you to your grocer to spend even more money on a weekly basis on food. Yeah I brought into it what a lesson to learn. Based on what I’m doing I can do all by myself for a lot less.


This is the second time a client has reported the counselors as ‘snarky.’ I also observed this behavior when I was a counselor for this company. Since Most of their employees have AA or BA degrees in fashion merchandising, policie science, or even sociology, they have no core learning in client-based counseling and only pretend to be interested, because their job is to sell weight loss groceries.

  is there a slim 4 life in orego
shelley richmond

is there a slim 4 life in oregon if not how do i get in touch with you to order if i choose to do this diet plan

   I started at 246 lbs and after 5 months 212
Ryan (Verified User)

My girlfriends mom started this program and lost a ton of weight so we started using the plan, I started at 246 lbs and after 5 months im down to 212 lbs. It is so encouraging just watching the weight drop!

  Lost weight and it came right back!Lol
theresa (Verified User)

can one of you ladies ppl share the foods with me? I spent 1000 on hcg. thaat is e joke, 500 calories a day for 40 days. i lost the weight and it came right back!Lol

  Are the pills in pink bottle more effective than green bottle
smc (Verified User)

Are the pills in the pink bottle more effective than the green bottle. I bought the green bottle on EBay and they are worthless. I found the pink ones worked better when I was on Slim for Life

  I have kept the weight off
Renee' (Verified User)

I did this diet but didn’t take any of the supplements except the fish oil. My blood pressure is down and have been able to decrease my medication. I have kept the weight off for almost a year. Even during the holidays when I cheated a bit and an occasional Twix. Seems to be a very balanced diet.


Renee, can you email me> I am thinking about trying this diet, and want to know what you think about it. Tammy

  Hated the product
Christy (Verified User)

What a joke! The only thing you lose is your sanity and money if you are truely trying to lose alot of wieght this is not for you. I feel duped.Please aviod the same trappings I did the advertisement was misleading. Cut out ALL fast food drink losts of water and move. Do NOT join.


I agree with Cristy!! This program cuts your calories way too low to be healthy long not part of a medical field and have no medical training. The scrubs are deceptive as is the advertisements and representations. If you want any information, email me at alstewart2@sbcglobal.net.

  Asking for corporate office number?

Do you get a response to the corp office number, if so I would love for you to share.

Kelli Miler

Did anyone find a number to a corporate office- I am very unhappy with them and how I was treated- I was not losing the 3 to 5 pounds quaranteed and now am just getting blown off by the center.

  Turn them into the BBB
Anonymous (Verified User)

turn them into the BBB

  Want a natural way.
Paula Williams

The person that stated the doctors never liked the “natural” way – herbs etc. They are right. I am a certified pharmacy tech and there has been alot of times at my job where a patient would say that they wanted the “Natural” alternative med instead of what the dr wrote. at first we thought they meant the generic.. but they wanted a natural herb and not the pills most doctors push. give me the natural any time

Find the alternative options
Mrs. Ed

I certainly do not agree with how you felt you were treated by the Slim for Life representative, as she should have maintained a professional attitude and responded to your needs with understanding,and explaniations, rather than insult. But on the other hand I would like you to know that most Dr’s will lead their patients away from natural herbal supplements, because then there would be no need for the prescriptions and Dr’s. The result would be that as people were leading a healthy lifestyle, taking care of their medical issues with herbals, the Drs industry would be negatively affected. I have used herbal supplements for many medical issues that I have encountered in my life with little to no side affects, I have been able to avoid the Dr Appointments and the prescriptions, with the long and distubing list of possible side affects that I may encounter which is longer and more damaging than the symptoms to the initial health issue I was encountering.
There are alternative solutions out there. I have several friends that have been very successful with the Slim 4 life plan as well as other plans that are availble. The internet is a great resource for research.


Somehow you’re misconstruding what her doctor said…please just slooooow down with the conspiracy theory. Her doctor was concerned that mixing the herbal vitamins with the prescription medication would cause an adverse reaction because adverse reactions between medications & supplements are a REAL thing.


You are absolutely right. I was saying the same thing when I was reading what the doctor said. The doctors, and I’m not knocking doctors so don’t get it twisted, but they know patients, most of them, will beleive and do whatever they say no questions asked when some of that is really common sense. What in the world could an herbal drug do to hinder your prescription drug except for maybe keep the prescription side affects from killing you? You should really be looking at what that prescription is doing to your system as opposed to the herbs.




I was on Weight Watchers for over a year and lost alot of weight but did not stick with it so I have gained half of it back. I just joined Slim 4 Life because you can talk to someone for support daily one on one instead of once a week in front of a large group. I have 80 pounds to loose adn it cost almost $700 for the weeks that I was told I would need to be on the program and the maintance. I will also need to spend about $250 a month on the other vits and bars that they suggest. While this is ALOT of money to me I feel that it beats paying it for percriptions for having high blood pressure, high colest, and heart problems later on if I don’t loose the weight now.


I’m thinking about joining Slimgenics. I have high blood pressure and high colest. Can you tell me what program they use for people with these conditions? I’m 54 yrs. old.


I started slim4life Dec. 31, 2008 – at that time I was 172 lbs and 5’8 1/2″ – before starting the program I was healthy (liver function test normal) – in this program which I stayed on for a full year I spent probably over $2000 with the initial amt of 550.00 and then the thermoboost powder that goes in the 80 oz of water I was drinking a day along with the thermosnacks that are required in this program. I did loose down to 133 lbs and really maintained at about 139 to 142 as the year finished out (2009) – however I began to show symptoms of something. Went to doctor and turns out that my liver has been affected and that something has brought this on – I do wonder if it was all of the thermoboost powder which I drank on a daily basis for the year along with the thermo snacks required during weight loss. If you have had a similar issue please respond back to me ASAP – I am unable to find out much since slim4life is now slimgenics and they no longer allow past participates to purchase product. I am interested in anything that might be similar to my situation.


I started slim4life in May, 2010 at 184lbs…am now at 145 and while I love the way I look, my hair is falling out and my kidney function is out of whack as well as my ferritin levels have bottomed out. I very firmly believe it is a result of all the “herbs” that I spent over $1000 on. Am now in the process of additinal lab work, upper and lower GIs…and just hoping to maintain the weight loss so it isn’t all a waste!
I definitely wouldn’t do it again without more info on all the pills!!


I too am being evaluated for elevated liver function. It started with a dull ache in the liver area right after I started slimgenics. I have an ultrasound tomorrow, will keep you posted. I have been off the supplements for at least a month but am still having the pain…


I did slim 4 life as well and lost about 35 lbs. Before I started, I had normal liver function tests. When I had my blood tested, post S4L i had elevated liver function (x2), I recently went back and had it checked again and now I have elevated liver function (x3). The only thing in my life that changed during that time was that I was on S4L. I highly suspect that either the carb blockers or the red grays have affected my liver. I am no longer on S4L and I no longer take any of their supplements. I never used the thermoboost powder but I took all the supplements as directed during the program.

I would just like to know how the product work?
melissa freeman

I would just like to know how the product work?Another thing is how much it cost to get started with the program?Is this something i could do without paying a large amount of money? What are the key elements to losing weight on this program? What makes this program different from the other programs out ?

Please keep us informed about this outcome

Please keep us informed about this outcome.. I also had one be rude to me..

  Slim 4 Life is a good program
Anonymous (Verified User)

Slim 4 Life is a good program. They do teach you the essentials of eating healthy. However, the weight that you lose is great but, you may also be losing muscle since they do not incorporate working out into the program. You do take supplements such as a daily vitamin, essential fatty acids (fish oil) and an appetite suppressant they call the metabolizer not to mention the protein bars and shakes that run more than 10.00 a pop. I went from 158 to 135 in a short amount of time. Once, I hit 135 I plateaued miserably. I did all that they asked me to do and could not lose any more weight. I was basically told, they could not help me. I left Slim 4 Life and they still call me wanting me to come in. I work out now and still eat healthy but, I eat corn, carrots, and cheese. All of which is forbidden until you lose ALL the weight. I am happy and healthy and still am losing in a healthy way on my own..

  I was having a heart attack. Believe me there is no money back guarantee. This turned out to be one big mistake.....
Betty Jenkins (Verified User)

Wish I had read this page before I spent almost two thousand dollars on Slim 4 Life. I was on the program for aproximately three and a half weeks going to the store four times a week for weigh ins. I lost six pounds by drinking tons of water and taking there suplements which ending up making my heart race. I ended up in the Doctors office thinking I was having a heart attack. Believe me there is no money back guarantee. This turned out to be one big mistake…..


where did you go to spend that much money? when i joined, the complete program was only bout $250. as with anything else, slim 4 life is a life changing program. you gotta stick with it or, yes, you will gain the weight back. you need to change your eating habits for life, to stay slim.


I started in Jan 2013 and I have spent $700 so far. I would sure liketo know where you found a place for $250 period.


The program cost me $572.00. I agree, this program is too expensive, especially when it’s avertised that for $99.00 you can loose 40 pounds. I only wanted to loose 23 lbs. I did loose 6 lbs, though, and felt pretty good. Any by the way, my stomach started to hurt really bad about the 4th week into the program… and yes, this is absolutely a no money back program, which to me is horrible. If the pills are causing sickness, their should be some type of refund, even half would be great. My reason for trying the program was to get off blood pressure meds, which for 4 weeks I did. I’m going with the omega3 vitamims, and CQ10 now (I noticed that one of the pills contained omega). I am also trying the green smoothies now, and walking more. I really want to get off the meds for good and loose the weight as well…


I agree. I only had 18 lbs. to lose. I have been on plan about 6 days and I am out $600 dollars. I feel very jittery and weak. I am a mother and cannot really focus and be there for my kids the way I need to be because of the way I feel. I did the Atkins diet years ago and went from a size 12 to a 2 in 3-4 months and never felt like this. I have lost maybe 4 lbs. so far and realized today there is no way I can take anymore of the Metabolizer pills they gave me, they make me feel absolutely horrible.


i have been doing the diet for 5 months. i was really faithful for the first 5 weeks and i lost 30 lbs. i was not faithful for the next 5 and still lost another 10 lbs but i was not eating sweets. Now here i am at 5 months and one thing i have noticed is that even though i am not doing the diet that well, i am still using supplements and i am loosing hair like crazy. At first i thought it might be my age as i am 58, or maybe a medication, even though i had been on it for months, but this is crazy loss. has anyone else had that problem??


Yes, I too was losing hair like crazy. I have very fine thin hair so this was a real concern. I also thought it might be my age as I was 50 the first time I did the program. I gained all the weight back and went back a second time and had the same issue with hair loss


I spent over 2K on slim for life to lose 30 pounds. That did not include the fortune I spent on buying all the “fresh” or “fresh/frozen” food. I took all the nasty pills and drank the nasty power boost and did the whole thing. I lost about 28 in 12 weeks. I HATED every minute of it!

It’s been a year and I’ve re-gained “some” of the weight. But I am healthier and happier. I was not obese but took off the weight for vanity.
Slim 4 Life is not a plan I can “live” with. The foods you can eat will help you lose…but to “live” eating that way would be NO LIFE..at least not for me.

I’ve recently discovered the Carb Lovers Diet book and researched “Resistant Starch”. I lost 9 lbs in 3 weeks….and I was not hungry.

So if you can’t live on raw “veggies” (God I hate that word) and Skinless chicken…. Try Carb Lovers. I can eat like a “real” person lots of whole grains and pasta. I’m never hungry and I feel satisfied, plus the food tastes good. Dieting is about Calories in and Calories out….if you hate what you have to eat…it won’t last. I’d never do Slim 4 Life again. Lesson learned. It’s about Money Money Money… cooking, shopping, driving… it takes over your whole life. I was miserable.


i was lookig on the web and ended up on the wrong page i had never heard of this slim 4 life stuff. i am on bios life slim been on it for about 7 months and have lost 25 lbs and have not changed my eating habits ( i also have chicken fried steak at least once a week my dr put me on it for chloresteral but it works i buy it online


I tried slim for life a year ago and it is so disappointing. Once you break the diet down you are allowed to eat between 800-1200 calories a day! Why in the would would I give someone $1000 to tell me “hey if you eat very little you will lose weight.” What a joke.

Pat A

Hi, l feel the same way two thousand dollars on slim 4 life.The pills did not do a thing for me. I need to get some of my money back

  thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to express my opinion
Hailu (Verified User)

I may be different from all. My wife got in to slim for life three months ago weighing 153 LB. But now she is 116LB she really enjoys the food she is really energetic. So she loves it and she said it is worth paying the money. Because she tried south beach diet and all appetite suppresant pills which most of them deprive her sleep and reacting with medication which she used to take. So I may not agree with you in this matter.
But thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to express my opinion.


i have a few questions for everyone i started slim genics back in february of 2010 everything was going fine i was taking everything i was supposed to eating everything i was supposed to and i lost 35 pounds on i started feeling not so well and mentioned it to the counsler and she just acted like it was no big deal so in june i started getting really sick super bad pain in upper abdomain, acid burning, heartburn ,throwing up it happened after i would eat i thought maybe it was their juice or pills so i stopped both of then but was still getting sick it finally came to the point i was doubled over in i went to emergency room dr said thought it was gallbladder so after numerous test ultrasounds, ct scans, hida scans, endoscopy tests, they couldnt find that anything was wrong with gallbladder but with all the pain and symptoms they said it sounds like gallbladder so they took it out 2 weeks ago november 2010 and now 2 weeks after having it out it did nothing and my pain is all back full blown again im just wondering if anyone has had any problems while being on this diet or after it i talked to dr recently about could slimgenics have done something and she said she dies lots of research on this place and it is not good she said something about where the stuff is made its out of the country and the stuff we take and fat is laying out in poop idk i just wanna know if anyone else has been sick thank you


I have been on Slim 4 Life for a while now and have lost 25 lb. The pills, boosts, and shakes make me sick with gas and pains every day. But BTW you can NOT lose weight just getting the “eating sheet”. You need to have sometime to report to and get weighed – otherwise you will cheat. I just wouldn’t recommend this program


I joined the Slim4Life program in the spring of 2007. I lost 70 pounds quickly and was so happy buying new clothes, etc, wanted to lose 30-50 pounds more. Then I started having regular diarrhea (at times uncontrollable) and excessive gas and could not find relief. Told the counselor and was told that it isn’t the diet or supplements like I had suggested. She suggested I see my doctor. Finally had to stop program because of stomach problems. (I was so weak from the diarrhea that I fainted in the bathroom during the night) Symptoms worsened – In May 2010, GP sent me to a gastroenterologist, then I tested positive for SIBO (Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth.) Was prescribed 2 antibiotics and problems ceased…..for 3 months…more antibiotics. Problems recurred every 3-4 months. Antibiotics are not helping the same way they had the first time. Tested for gallstones…still seeing the gastroenterologist.. Gas returned in January after only 1 month after antibiotics – so severe that it affects my daily life and routines. Discovered the Acid-Alkaline balance diet and am trying to eat high alkaline foods – helps somewhat. Dr. prescribed another antibiotic which made gas worse. Dr. suggested taking Imodium regularly. Tried Imodium for 2 days this week and gas has been reduced to normal. Today is the most normal day since January 2011. I empathize with those that have had these side effects; and would love to hear from those with similar experiences.


In regards to the gall bladder and stomach issues. I had to have my gall bladder removed, too. Started having pain in my side and back under my ribs. Had a sonogram done and they found a “fatty” tumor in my gall bladder. I have often wondered if it was a result of the Slim4Life products and/or losing weight too fast. I also had stomach issues and diarrhea. I started our weighing 200 pounds and got down to 159. I felt so much better with the weight off but the gall bladder issue made me not feel well about the program. I asked one of the counselors about it and she acted funny and would not talk about it … It has been several years now that I was on the program and I have gained all the weight back plus some. I have been considering Slim4Life again because I had tried NutriSystem and also Medifast after I had my gall bladder removed but didn’t do as well with their programs. I still have pain in my right side under my rib and sometimes think it is my liver …


Antibiotics not only kill bad bacteria, they also kill good bacteria. Add two things [neither of which can possibly harm you]: 1. probiotics [pill you can get at any health food store] and 2. Stomach Formula [made from aloe vera gel]


My friend had similar problems, she got really sick several times. They couldn’t figure out what it was and they did several scans of everything they could. They also thought she had something wrong with her gallbladder. So, I don’t know


Yes the same happened to me after being on their plan. 3 weeks. i stopped and the symptoms ceased


I just started the plan and had the same severe pain after taking the first day of pills. I don’t have a gallbladder. I’m not sure I’m going to add the pills back into the plan.


Did they check all the galbladder ducts? If you have a stone in one of the bile ducts it can cause extreme pain. I agree it did sound like gallbladder because when you lose fat at a high rate of speed it gets all clogged up in the gallblader ausing stones. This happened to me and I had mine out also.


anyone able to email this to me? I would appreciate it so much, I am getting married in July and really need to lose about 20 pounds. thank you so much!


Try Somersizing- you could drop 20 effortlessly – kindof the same as Slim4life with more choices and variety – can get the book at a bookstore – even the used bookstores have it. You can cook at home or eat out.


I was VERY pleased with Slim for Life. Howbeit, I was given a sheet of paper from a co-worker with the foods that I could eat, and I didn’t pay a dime for it. I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I was very excited. I highly recommend it. So. . .


Could you share the sheet?


Can u please share with me because i can’t afford.


can you share it please


Could someone email me the plan as I am on a tight budget and can’t afford to purchase it.


Can u pls send me the eat sheet. I need it but its so expensive


did anyone ever get the meal plan?


Can you please share the diet and foods. thank you for your kindness.

elizabeth scrimsher

I checked the price of the diet plan, can i please have the list , im so tired of being over weight 🙁


Any chance of getting a copy of that list ????


May I get a copy of that list please???

Glenda Smalley

I can’t afford any money but I would love to have the list. Could someone please send me the list of foods. I truly want to lose weight but need a quick start for now.


so glad i read this before i went to day can someone please email me the meal plan?


would you be kind to share the list with me? I cannot afford the program. I have tried pretty much everything out there with no success. pLus this program looks it is very healthy. thanks a lot for your kindness!

bell payne

could you please email the diet meal plan i have spent so much on things that dont work

Cheryl Reed

Hey Rose,
Would it be possible for you to share the list and prep with me? I too can’t afford the program. I would greatly appreciate your help! Thanks so much.


I visited with a slim4 life an program is way too expensive for me. Could you please email /share diet meal plan with me. And also the 3 day prep diet. I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much!


will you please email me the diet that you were given by your friend. I can’t afford to spend any money right now and I would really appreciate the help to lose 15 lbs. thanks


will you please e mail me the info on that diet. I can’t afford to spend that kind of money and i have high choleterol and im having a hard time getting it lower and i have a little one and im so stressed about finding something that works. thank you so much if you can.


Do you have a copy of the paperwork.. looking for instructions on the 3 day prep….


The 3 day prep consists of = eat as much meat as you can every 2 hours, preferably red meat but chicken and fish are ok too, no canned meat because of sodium, and all the green RAW vegetables you can eat. You can also have as much Kraft Fat Free dressing as you want to go with your vegetables and to put on your meat as well. You are basically doing the Atkins diet during your prep phase. Also make sure you drink plenty of water 10-8oz a day. You pee your fat out, that is why it is so important to drink water.


The 3 day prep is.all.the meat u want with no pork products and raw green veggies win no peas all u want to eat the more meat u eat he more u loose


My mom started this diet a few years ago and lost 45 lbs in about 4 months. The first place you lose it is your stomach which is great but you must follow the program which is fairly simple. My husband and I have been doing the diet for about 5 weeks. I have lost 16 lbs and my husband has lost 20 lbs. My mom gave me the diet plan. Basically the first 3 days are “prep days” in which you only eat protein and veggies. I ate 2 boiled eggs and 1 orange for breakfast. Lunch was tuna, soy burger, or chicken with a salad w/ light or fat free dressing, celery for a snack. Dinner was chicken or fish w/ more veggies. I felt satisfied and lost 5 lbs the first 3 days. After that I added in one starch per day and a protein bar (I prefer the Zone bars-which a counselor told my mom is the same thing as their bars). So for breakfast I still have my 2 eggs and an orange but lunch is usually a sandwich on light bread and some veggies, zone bar for a snack and chicken or fish w/ veggies for dinner. You are not suppose to eat cheese but my husband and I will sometimes eat string cheese as an afternoon snack. Veggies that are off limits are corn, peas, and carrots b/c they are considered a starch. I probably could of lost more over these 5 weeks but I drink beer on the weekends. I also don’t take their supplements, I take a complex b-50 and fish oil. It is a simple plan to follow and it does work. My stomach is flatter now than before I had my daughter in February.


My mom paid for the program and lost about 45 lbs in 4 months. I am on it right now and have lost about 16 lbs in 5 weeks. This is what I eat: 2 eggs & 1 orange for breakfast. Tuna or chicken for lunch, a protein bar (I prefer the Zone bars) and chicken or fish for dinner. The first 3 days are only protein and veggies (no carrots, corn, or peas). Very simple diet to follow. No need to buy pills that “burn” fat. I take a complex B vitamin along w/ fish oil. My husband has lost 20 lbs in 5 weeks.


could you share that sheet with the list of foods.


Do you still have a list of those foods and can you share? I can’t afford the program.


Now they offer slimgenics home program it is way cheaper and thats what I’m on lost 28lbs in two and ahalf weeks just stick to the plan

cheryl nelson

You should share the piece of paper:)


Mercury or anyone that can help –

My husband and I just had a meeting with Slimgenics (aka”Slim4Life) last week. We were shocked by the sign up fees + the extras that you need to buy! It was way to expensive for us. You said you followed the food rules and lost… did you also use any of the over the counter bars or thurmal boost pills to try to help it along??

Can anyone advise? Will it work without those pills/herbs?

Thanks for anyones comments!


go to GNC or other health foodstore. Find Omega3 and a Carb blocker. follow diet / use low fat dressing or vingerette ( I like raspberry)


Yes you can still lose with out taking the pills, I did the slim 4 life plan and all I took was the shakes, that is what really helps with the weight loss and i would also recommend the efa’s they pull off inches.