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By Summer Banks Sep 13, 2017

Slim 4 Life claims that you can “Slim your way to a better life!”

I only have one question:

This has to be different than other weight-loss programs, right?

According to the official website, Slim 4 Life works because of their “custom weight-loss plans are plans worth following.” Hold on one more second…there’s more.

They offer one-on-one counseling and programs tailored to help users reach their weight-loss goals. Quite impressive, but we’ll still dig a little deeper…

Want more?

Ready, set, go!

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What is Slim 4 Life?

First off, Slim 4 Life is a weight-loss program. The company offers two types of plans – the at-home program and one where you visit one of the locations. When visiting one of the locations in Kansas, Missouri or Texas, you’ll receive your initial consultation free. Afterward, your counselor creates a custom plan helping you reach your goals. This is more than any other weight-loss plan. It’s more of a lifestyle change.

Slim 4 Life was started in 1979. Since then, Slim 4 Life has helps thousands of people lose weight and reach their weight-loss goals. We like the focus on lifestyle changes and the positive feedback available on the official website. However, let’s keep going.

The Results Justify the Cost of Slim 4 Life

The first thing tackled was the cost of the Slim 4 Life program. “We found users that looked at both the price and effectiveness of the Slim 4 Life program,” said our Research Editor. “What we found is that Slim 4 Life offers everything needed to lose weight and make positive lifestyle changes.”

Jenny commented, “Joined S4L several years ago. I was a success story and lost 47 lbs and followed the “diet” to a “T”.”

Bob stated, “Adopting a better eating plan is a lifestyle change. This is what this plan has taught me.”

Slim 4 Life – Benefits of the Slim 4 Life Diet Plan Customer Testimonials

Slim 4 Life and Weight-Loss Results

There’s no question that people following the Slim 4 Life program see results. Lyn commented, “My husband and I began our Slim4Life program…have not looked back. I have reached my goal weight.”

Sherie stated, “I needed a boost to jump start my weight loss journey…almost lost 20 pounds.”

Lisa shared her experience. “Joining Slim for life was the best thing I have done…holds me accountable for my weight loss and the counselors are awesome.”

Carol commented, “The process is going great and wonderful.”

The Science Behind Slim 4 Life?

There is scientific research showing reducing caloric intake helps people lose weight. What’s also in similar studies is that long-term weight-loss occurs when dieters make lifestyle changes. This is what Slim 4 Life teaches dieters. It’s more than simply eat this and lose weight. The company wants dieters to learn and continue to be in the same cycle of weight loss.

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The Bottom Line – Does Slim 4 Life Work?

So, what’s the benefit of the Slim 4 Life program? Well, dieters have lost weight. There’s research supporting the use of a lower calorie diet for weight loss. The weight-loss results are verified by a third-party company and users offer impressive testimonials. Some mention the cost. But, isn’t your health and wellness worth it?

Another one that we’re keeping an eye on contains an impressive ingredient blend, that’s supported by research.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Burn HD. There’s research showing the four ingredients help boost metabolism, curb appetite and promote fat loss. We even hear users tell us they see great results.

Also, the team behind Burn HD offer customers a Special Trial Offer, which is a benefit.

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What You Should Know about Slim 4 Life

Slim 4 Life is weight-loss program focusing on lifestyle changes. Slim 4 Life offers 30-minute consultations to new customers. The company operates more than 30 locations throughout Kansas, Texas and Missouri. There are customer testimonials offered on the official website. Slim 4 Life was founded in 1979. The BBB rating is an impressive A+.

With proper education, counseling and supervision, dieters are supposedly able to achieve the weight loss they desire.

Product Features of Slim 4 Life

Slim 4 Life is a weight-loss program and diet plan for men and women. Slim 4 Life focuses on lifestyle changes. Teaching healthy eating habits, counseling, proper education and supervision are all part of the Slim 4 Life program. A free consultation is available.

Advantages of Slim 4 Life

  • Slim 4 Life encourages lifestyle changes.
  • Free initial consultation available.
  • Slim 4 Life diet plan i ideal for men and women.

Disadvantages of Slim 4 Life

  • Some dieters mentioned the limited locations, but stated they use the at-home program.


The Slim 4 Life diet plan is promising, considering it focuses on an an eating plan tailored to you. More importantly, it teaches dieters about lifestyle changes, instead of offering a quick fix.

Slim 4 Life – Benefits of the Slim 4 Life Diet Plan Scientific Abstracts:


When compared to placebo, all treatments had led to improvement in task performance. In guarana, the improvements were observed in “attention” tasks with little evidence of reduced accuracy. Both ginseng and ginseng/guarana had increased speed of attention tasks as well as memory task performance with insignificant evidence of modulated accuracy. Guarana had also led to substantial improvements in serial subtraction tasks. The results had given the first example of the psychoactive effects of guarana in humans, as well as the psychoactive properties of ginseng. Caffeine content had been waved as a potential contributing factor due to the low amount given to participants (9mg). [1]

Bitter Orange

Bitter orange extract (p-synephrine) by itself or when combined with other herbal ingredients, didn’t provide substantial adverse reactions as an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, alter electrocardiographic data, blood cell counts, serum chemistry, or urinalysis. Bitter orange by itself or when combined with other products had not displayed the ability to increase resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure. With bitter orange/ p-synephrine products, a modest raise in weight-loss was noted when administered for 6 to 12 weeks. It was determined that longer studies needed to be carried out in order to further access the safety and efficacy of the products. [2]


Meta-analysis of 3 controlled trials featuring participants with schizophrenia and 8 controlled trials (randomized) with patients who suffer from dementia. Ginkgo treatment had decreased positive symptoms in participants suffering from schizophrenia and boosted cognitive function in everyday life of those with dementia. No effects of ginkgo biloba (Gb) on the symptoms of schizophrenia were discovered. There was a lack of evidence which preventing a firm conclusion in regards to Gb’s effect in other neuropsychiatric disorders (depression, autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, and addiction). The data had concluded that Gb for use in patients with dementia as well as an adjunctive therapy for patients with schizophrenia should be supported. [3]

Green Tea Leaves

There was a great variation in the peak levels of theaflavins and catechins, overall, the kinetic profile was the same (t1/2 = 25–44 min and 49–76 min). The average coefficient of variation in t1/2 was 23.4%. In addition to the parent theaflavin andc atechin peaks, there had been 5 peaks (not identified) in saliva after tea treatment. Hydrolysis of theaflavin gallates, most likely from salivary esterases, was noted in vivo and in vitro. The outcomes had suggested that tea leaves could be administered as a slow-release (and convenient) source of catechins and theaflavins as well as lending information of the possible effects that tea has on preventing tooth decay and oral cancer. [4]

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Slim 4 Life – Benefits of the Slim 4 Life Diet Plan Customers Also Bought:

Slim 4 Life – Benefits of the Slim 4 Life Diet Plan

What are the ingredients in Slim 4 Life?

Slim 4 Life ingredients or what’s in the weight-loss kit includes a 4, 6 or 10 week counseling program, two starter bottles of Metabolizer Appetite Suppressant, one bottle of Slim700 Carbohydrate and Sugar Blocker, one bottle of EFAs, one bottle of Slim Vitamins, one bottle Orange Boost4Life and one bottle Wildberry Boost4Life.

Does Slim for life work?

There are studies suggesting calorie-restricted diets could help with weight loss. Also, Slim 4 Life has third-party verification of weight-loss results.

How do I know if Slim 4 Life – Benefits of the Slim 4 Life Diet Plan is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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How much does Slim 4 Life cost?

Slim 4 Life costs $299 for the four-week program, $399 for the six-week program and $599 for the 10-week program.

What is the BBB rating for Slim 4 Life?

The BBB rating for Slim 4 Life is an exceptional A+.

How do I follow Slim 4 Life?

There are two ways to follow Slim 4 Life. You can use the at-home program or start by scheduling a consultation at one of the locations.

What can I expect during my first Slim 4 Life consultation?

Your first Slim 4 Life consultation lasts about 30 minutes and the consultant gathers personal information to tailor a plan to fit your needs.

Does Slim 4 Life accept insurance?

Slim 4 Life doesn’t accept insurance, but offers flex spending plans. The company helps users gather required information for insurance companies to personally file claims.

Do users need to exercise on Slim 4 Life?

You don’t need to exercise with Slim 4 Life.

What foods can I eat on Slim 4 Life?

You can eat regular foods like dairy, fats, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits and proteins when following Slim 4 Life.

Is there a guarantee with Slim for life?

You can only return Slim products if there’s a manufacturer defect.

Slim 4 Life – Benefits of the Slim 4 Life Diet Plan Reviews

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Want 2 lose weight fast!

If you use all the products how long did it take to loose the weight??

Maribel (Editor)

Hello Whitney. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results. According to Slim 4 Life, some clients lose in the range of 3-5 pounds per week.

  Lose weight without pills?
Victoria Russell

Can you still lose weight on slim4life if you do not take the pills???

Richard (Editor)

Based on the information from Slim 4 Life, the program focus more on lifestyle changes and healthy eating habits. So, there is a chance you can lose weight without using the supplements. During a consultation, you can address this issue with your counselor.

If you find yourself at a weight-loss plateau, you might want to look into metabolism boosters or appetite suppressants. Have you been able to check out Dietspotlight Burn?


yes, just follow what they tell you to eat.

  How to buy wihtout being a part of program.

is it possible to buy product without being part of the program?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Earline! Yes, you can purchase the products without being a part of the program.

Simone Benson

Earline, u can buy some of their products on Ebay. Thats what i did.

Many thanks for this website!
Edmundo Silvers

Many thanks for this website and genuinely utilizing and publishing this information for us millions of individuals are really desirous to learn about.

  Is it safe for me?
fallon mohair

my question is, I have an ostomy that was placed in 2007. With the slim 4 life is it proven to be safe with people living with crohn’s as well as people who have their colon removed? I am scheduled to undergo the gastric sleeve in two months due to putting on over a hundred pounds from steriods use for five years. I am wanting to find a less drastic way to drop some weight that is healthy and easy to maintain for me. I also have liver disease as well and loosing too much weight too fast will cause this to worsen.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Fallon. According to Slim 4 Life, several clients have undergone bariatric surgery and need help keeping the weight off. The counselors helps all clients navigate weight loss and weight management.

Linda Gilliam

How much does this cost?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Linda! The 4-week kit costs $299. The 6-week kit costs $399 and the 10-week kit costs $599. Individual snacks, drinks and supplements cost anywhere from $17 to $155.

If that’s out of your budget, you should check out Dietspotlight Burn; they’re offering a free trial!

  Need a good plan

I just started taking the pills thinking can try and do this just taking pills on own no councler…can some one please send me the plan…i have the pills..thanks

Richard (Editor)

Hi Misty. The food list varies based upon your initial counseling. But, Slim 4 Life states that nutritional plans start at 1500 calories.

Maria Reynolds

Hey there. I did this program back when it was National Quick Weight Loss. It does work and I never went to the company. I got a list of the foods and directions from a friend and lost over 50 lbs. Since then I gained it back and recently started the program again. I lived this lifestyle for 2 years and I promise you it works. You can email me back and I will send you the list. Don’t pay these people. The food alone will help you lose the weight.


Hi Maria. So all you did was follow the good plan & didn’t have any of the supplements or snacks & lost 50 lbs?

Sheila B

I have an appointment on Wend. I do not think I am going. I am reading all of this stuff about Please send me the food list. Well anyone knows if you eat 1200 cal. or less a day, you will lose. The problem with me is I am hungry all the time. So therefore, the supplements. This is what helps to lose , right? Food list? Fruit, veggies, a protein, like chicken, turkey, … a tablespoon of real butter for your fat for the day. I use to be a nurse. I know nutrition. It is doing it that is the problem. Whoever has the food list, great. Send it to me. It is just a regular diet. If it is more protein, then do Atkins… I have never read so many complaints before ever. I do not want to spend a bunch of money tho so I doubt I will make the appt.


Maria – Would appreciate getting the list of food. I need to lose about 30 pounds and do not have the funds to join this organization.


Bonnie, I can’t handle all the supplements and side effects that are in the S4L products, but I’d love to see the list of allowable foods & basic diet plan. Would you please send me the basic information? Many thanks.


For all the people who want the list of foods…..it’s called Google people!! I refuse to give a handout to those who beg for a list cause they can’t afford it. Well then find what you can afford. SorryI can’t believe all the people who want, want, want for free. I paid for the list so I guess if someone paid me for it would be different but I won’t sell it when you can research and find it for free!!!!


I have been on the plan for two weeks, lost 10 lbs. and I go in 3 times a week. I am waiting for the counseling to start, because so far all they have done is weigh me, go over my food sheet, and sell me more products. Maybe I am missing something but for what I figured I am paying for each visit I think I can expect a little more. Don’t mind the food and hasn’t bothered me that I have not eaten outside of my plan this whole Christmas season. It definitely is expensive.


I am on this diet and am doing good except that my heart rate has dropped to between 48-55, mostly stays right around 50. Has anyone else experienced this? I am calling my doctor tomorrow. I fel tired, cold and a little light-headed.


This is because your caloric intake is far too low


Slim 4 Life works–because of the low calories…it’s high protein, low carb and very few carbs. One could do it on their own without all the supplements tho. I paid for the plan- I took some of the pills, but quickly realized that I didn’t need them. I loved the EFA’s, so I continued to take them. They want you to eat three of their snacks a day- they taste pretty good, but at $17 a box–And 3 boxes a week-that was just too much. I only did 2 a day. There wasn’t enough fat in the diet to counter my drier skin so I also ate a small amount of all natural peanut butter whenever I wanted to and added 1/2 an avocado a day to my plan–and used olive oil…. They didn’t know I made all these changes–I lied on my journal entries–mostly because I just didn’t want to hear their speechs. I like the plan. I’m calmer and mentally clear. I’m eating all clean foods and none of the junk. My skin looks amazing. In Missouri and Kansas you do NOT pay for weekly visits–ever. I asked them about that and they told me that no office in any state should be charging for weekly visits. Sadly, I need to go somewhere else to be weighed before I’m accoutable for staying on a diet. If you’re like me–give S4L a try and adjust it to suit your own needs. If you can be successful on your own, try the 17 Day Diet–it’s a similar weight loss plan — without the crazy cost. My sister has lost 95 lbs on that one and kept it off. Good luck to all of you on the weight loss journey.

Your NaAmyme

So true. I have been on the program for 5 months and have lost 68lbs. I don’t always stick to the program but I am still losing. If I can’t afford so.ethimg them the girls in the office give me options that I can afford. I recommend this program because it works. When I first joined I told them I would listen to remove babble because I was in a place that I felt nothing was going to work. I am so glad I joined. I buy the product when I can afford it other than that I watch what I eat and lose every week. I love it.


You can use fish oil 9 a day a multi vitamin and it works fat fighters. All work the same as theirs also use special k snacks

My Name Is Anonymous

Slim4Life is both good and bad. The good – I lost 102 pounds in ten months on the program. I’ve managed to maintain about 80 percent of that now for over a year simply because I learned different lifestyle choices. Their boost drink got me to quit Diet Coke, which was a major part of my problem – primarily due to the caffeine. So yes – it DOES work without question. But I have a hard time recommending the program because of the cost. Let me explain how they got me (and I’ve told others this). I came in and they made a calculation based on ‘how much weight you need to lose’ and said there were no more fees. The introductory was about $700. So I’m set, right? No, because this is what they do: they tell you to go eat like crazy for the next three days and then you do the two-day prep. On that second day of that two day prep they give you the diet ‘especially prepared for you.’ The problem is that then they hit with the required supplements you have to buy and they give you two prices – I could pay all up front for $3500 or it was $4800 if I bought the items as I needed them. Holy balls!! But the problem is that now I’m already out the $700. So I sucked it up and did it. That’s the real problem with it…they’ve already gotten a bunch of your money so you either have to write that off or you have to do it. Either way you’re going to be out some serious cash. I lost 70 pounds in four months and looked immediately better. I cheated here and there on occasion but mostly did what I should. So it DOES work but it costs quite a bit.


using have been using Slin4life for four months and i have lost the 3 to 4 pounds a week every week. It is the only thong that has worked for me and I have tried several. They do try to sell you alot of products. But the food plan works.


I lost 53 lbs. on slim4life, and the diet was not “unrealistic” either. I was very happy with the diet and the results. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.


Just go on a diet don’t eat no process food… Why do u need someone to hold you accountable that just shows u u are weak minded… No processed food… Eat all type of meat and veggies and drink a lot of water and you can lose weight don’t be a pill pooper hold urself accountable!!!


That’s kind of a rude comment. If you know what your doing so well why are you even following this thread or reading it? On top of that not everyone has great accountability for themselves in some areas. I am a very strong individual and can do most anything when I put my mind to it, but struggle when it comes to food. However, I am a bigger person for being able to admit my own limitations to myself in order to improve.


This really does work ice done it once and cleansing on it again . if you know someone who’s been on it get the food info from them and then order from diet direct for the goodies to eat.


I did the program for about 6 months 8 years ago……I was in the right mind set and it did work for me. But that’s the thing you have to be committed and takes a lot of time to and planning to have the right foods. I didn’t exercise but as you drop the pounds you do have more energy and are naturally more active. I did drop nearly 100 lbs but I put it back on over the next 4 years. Tried going back and couldn’t stick with it. The guarantee is worthless – it’s impossible to never go off plan. I think I’m ready to try again but will look at other options before spending the money on slim for life.

Cassie Grier (Verified User)

I have had great results following The slim for life program. I have lost 70 lbs and credit to the help of the experience of the friendly counselors. Keeping a food log has help me see what I can and cannot eat and keep losing weight. I recommend it to any one that wants help in their weight lose program.

  Slim 4 life is worth every penny!
Elizabeth (Verified User)

I feel Slim 4 life works great! It’s so great to meet with counselors & have the accountability of weighing in. And the snacks are delicious!


Thats exactly what I was thinking. Why would I give everyone all the information that I just paid for. Are you going to pay me?


People should not ask for info they did not pay for, they need to join a different program that is cheaper,

   I would try it

I going to call them to see if they still have canola oil, splenda, unfermented soy or agave in their products as they use to use them and anyone who knows anything about health knows not to put any of that in ones body. I would try it if they have removed that in their products.

Also years ago I checked them out and they had a special of a $99 for everything offer–but by time they finished talking to me it went up to $999 and when I turned that down they had another offer for $399. Don’t remember what happened to the $99 offer. Right now they are advertising a $199 offer and that is suppose to be for everything one needs–probably for a month–not sure about how long this will be for.

  Would like to know how to start and portion sizes? I can't afford a contract with a

i heard about the high protein wt loss diet but would like to know how to start and portion sizes.
i know that i need to be more active, but i need to lose weight for my cholesterol to return to a decent level. i can’t afford a contract with a “program”

Richard (Editor)

Hi Elle. Slim 4 Life isn’t a contract program. You can purchase a 4, 6, or 10-week kit or individual supplements.


You signed paperwork that clearly states no refunds under any circumstances so how are you crying about not getting a refund? I did this program and still am. I’ve lost almost 40 lbs in 12 weeks. Yes, it’s pricey but no more than if I was eating fast food and buying chips, soda, cookies to stock in my pantry! Let’s have a little honesty about ourselves here and quit whining over something you obviously haven’t been able to correct on your own! Remember – no one twisted your arm and made you pay for this program, don’t you have the ability to say no thank you and walk away or are you really just that weak?


I think it’s a rip off. You say its pricey and that people don’t have the power to loose on their own. Well I don’t think you should pay hundreds of $ for someone to help you stop eating snack/junk foods. They should be honest but oops, they are a business, trying to make money. I am buying a treadclimber, that way if I see myself gaining, I can hope on it and lose and pay one price for life.


I went to Slim4life and I lost 50 pounds in 6 months. I felt great. But I ended up spending about $3000 all together during that time. I did not exercise. And I gained it all back about a year later. I don’t blame them, I went back to eating likebi did before. I plan to try again eating like I did when I was there but not using their expensive supplements.


Sara sounds like an employee!! I’ve done the program but I only purchase four weeks at a time. I use a few of their drink supplements and one of their bars. I do not buy any of their pills, nor have I any other time! I alternate between buying weeks with them and going it on my own! The weight comes back quickly if carbs aren’t added back to your diet in moderation and slowly.


with my son visiting TX- came with him to Check out Slim4 life weight loss-

HORRIBLE customer service- his was this am at 9:30 am- finally called about 10:20 with no apology, explanation or even a cup water offered- not impressed thus far… Also no privacy …, they are weighing people in and repeating weights out loud that I can see and hear from lobby-


I spent my $1000. Lost 6# after 4 days on the Adkins diet used by SFL. I went to class to hear what all i could never eat again, was made fun of, told horrible recipes using their products, by a young girl who never lost a pound using this sydtem. I felt violated and taken. I haven’t been back. I am going to go to weight watchers. It has worked in my past.


My thoughts exactly. I’ve tried every diet and/or gimmic out there and have yoyoed my way over 200 lbs. I paid the 555 initial cost for counciling and starter product. I’ve lost 4 lbs on the detox and my class is today. I don’t plan to walk out the door with months of supplies. I’ll use the starter product and decide from there what to continue, replace or reject. I’m aware that will ‘void the guarantee’…but what is that worth anyway. The guarantee is ME. I know what I’m suppose to do and I’m determined to do it this time. I may need all their pills to get through this, maybe not. So far I’m happy with the staff (Mesquite location). I don’t feel like I’ve been pressured into buying anything YET. Sara, you are right in that I can’t do it on my own. With all the negative reviews, your comment was very refreshing. I would love to check in and give an update in about a month, but I don’t know how to do that. I found this site by accident. But I will be successful this time and I will keep the weight off….so no need to check in really.


yes it is pricey but at the end of the day so is everything else!!! why not try I know i need help and motivation i went the the hurst location and everyone was nice one of their patients even showed me her before and after pic and her smile with her results really made me feel good like this is what i need! with all these negative comments really makes me doubt but hearing an actual patient and seeing her results i know it will work! all i can say is lets prove all these negative people wrong!!! good luck to you!!


I mean mimicked my friends duet play who paid for it. Found equivalent snacks, bars, soupplements and skipped some . Like carb blockers, used speciall K protein water and my own protei drinks. Lost almost 40 lbs in 4-5 months. 10 years ago. Starting again at 64 but no carb blockers cuz I don’t want to mess with my liver!
I think it works great even if you do the home made version and find ways to cut costs. Some of that supplement stiff I just don’t need.
3 of us are doing it together. Just have to figure out the maintenance diet once we hit our goal. That’s how I failed before! I’m s great cook and I miss but maybe I can learn how to cheat once in a while and still maintain!


Skeptical but started this week. I told them upfront that I would not be purchasing their products all of the time. And I don’t want to feel pressured into buying all the products. She said some people do, some don’t but it doesn’t guarantee weight loss if you don’t.


I also started this week and lost 3 almost 4 pounds. I plan to use the supplements in the starter pack but after that, am not purchasing all their products. I was already taking fish pills and several other vitamins which I plan to go back to. I am hoping this works for both of us. Please keep me informed. I also live in the DFW area.


I also joined this weekend and will not buy the supplements (or even take them)going forward. I have a hard time with the snack costing 17 bucks and you need 3 weekly. Metabolics were a lot cheaper. We’ll see how this plays out after my $399.00 purchase.

Your NamStephaniee

I am in my second week as well. It really is pricey, but I’ll do what it takes to make it!


Please keep me updated. Joined three weeks ago.