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By Summer Banks Mar 30, 2017

We’ve encountered a great deal of discussion about the Slim4Life weight-loss program, so we decided to create an in-depth review, examining the ingredients, side effects, level of customer care and scientific research. We additionally scrutinized hundreds of dieter comments found online. Finally, we condensed all of this information to give you the facts you need.

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What You Need To Know

First off, Slim4Life is essentially a weight-loss program that involves a team of medical physicians, as well as nutritionists and psychologists to help you reach your target weight. This “comprehensive program” is intended to meet individual needs. Initially you have a consultation and your overall health and diet are assessed. At this point you are given diet instructions and advice. There are three different plans mentioned on the website.

Slim4Life was started back in 1979 and there are offices in Texas, Missouri and Kansas. Some customer testimonials are presented on the official website, and a list of clinic locations are also provided, but read on…

Price – “A Little High”

The first thing we found concerning was the price associated with Slim4Life. “The actual cost of the weight-loss program is high. While the official website says this program starts at just $99, we found numerous customer reviews posted online saying it can cost more than $2,000,” says our Research Editor.

One dieter said, “I recently signed up for this program and I didn’t buy everything up front but quite a lot and I shelled out $2100.”

Another customer stated, “Their bars and stuff are proprietary and after $1000 worth of pills, membership, bars and snacks, I found out that we can substitute them with a much cheaper version.”

Dieter Complaints – “Not Great”

There are all sorts of dieter complaints found online for Slim4Life. One dieter said, “Misleading advertisements and hidden costs that are not revealed until you pay your initial money. Way too complicated.”

Another complained, “Just too darn expensive to keep up with!”

After doing a lot of research, we have concluded that if there is a particular part of a diet program that is especially problematic (high cost, pills that make you jittery, too many user complaints) the real likelihood of success for the long run is slim. Therefore if Slim4Life does cause some unhappy people, this could be a concern.

The Science – “Any Real Proof?”

While Slim4Life is supervised by professionals, there is not really any discussion of scientific research presented on the official website. We at DietSpotlight need to see published clinical studies supporting the diet product and how it aids with weight-loss. Naturally it would be helpful to see more science presented with Slim4Life.

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The Bottom Line – Does Slim4Life Work?

Are we racing around to find a Slim4Life location? First off, it’s nice to see that “professionals” assist dieters with the Slim4Life program. However, we have reservations about this diet plan, because there may be some hidden expenses that the website does not readily disclose. You should also note that the clinic locations are only in three states. There may also be cheaper weight-loss programs.

If you’d like to shed excess pounds of fat and really slim down, we recommend a weight-loss program or diet product that does not cost you a fortune and is backed by customer support.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. This diet supplement contains a proprietary blend of four ingredients, which have been shown via numerous customer reviews, to help dieters reach their weight-loss goals.

Also, the makers of Leptigen are so confident in their product they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a good sign.

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What You Should Know

Slim4life has a 25 year track record designed to make you look slim, trim and fit. The official site of Slim4life says it offers a comprehensive weight loss program with a tagline that says, "It's not what you lose, it's what you gain." Slim4life has programs targeted to individual weight loss under guidance and medical supervision. The weight loss plan from Slim4life calls for a balanced approach for healthy weight management that is nutritionally designed with individual behavioral counseling. The website doesn't state cost of the program and offers a 30 minute consultation that can be scheduled through the website link. Slim4life goes by the adage that "you can't change your weight until you change your mind." The program is heavily based on changing behavior, and relies heavily on word of mouth rather than a flashy advertising campaign. The plan promises foods that can be found in the grocery store, rapid weight loss and coaching on how to maintain the weight loss. There will be certain foods and beverages that are excluded at the beginning of the program, but they will eventually be reintroduced back into your diet. Slim4Life reports their customers lose an average of 3.3 pounds per week, and that is the optimal amount of weight loss to remain healthy.


Varies by user.

Product Features

The Slim4life weight loss plan begins with a consultation, and then a nutrition plan customized to the dieter's age, sex, medical history, weight goals and physical activity level. The official site does not detail its diet plan, but claims a balanced eating approach. The site advocates that when a person completes the program or she will be equipped with greater knowledge and an enhanced metabolism to keep in shape. Slim4life targets children as young as 10 years old, and offers assistance to obsessive eaters. The program is restricted to the Denver area, Northern Colorado and Minneapolis.


  • Customized plan for each individual.
  • Slim4life claims to not drastically alter your eating habits.


  • Slim4life is only available in a few areas.
  • No price is disclosed on the official website.
  • We can't find any return policies or satisfaction guarantees on the official website.


If you live in one of the three areas where the Slim4life program is available, you might want to get a little bit more information about it. The website is kind of vague so it's hard for us to get a good feel for it. For many people, weight loss programs like this just aren't enough so you may want to add in a good thermogenic weight loss supplement whether you choose to participate in this program or any other.

Slim4Life Questions & Answers:

We took hundreds of user comments about Slim4Life and created this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Slim4Life?

Slim4Life side effects could include nausea, stomach ache, jitters, increased heart rate, dizziness, and headache.

What are the ingredients in Slim4Life?

Slim4Life ingredients are Guarana, Bitter Orange, Ginkgo[1], Green Tea, Geranium[2], Gymnema, and a number of vitamins.

Does Slim4Life work?

Guarana and bitter orange, two ingredients in Slim4Life, may help boost metabolism, but the problem lies in the risk of side effects. We have to take both the positive and negative into consideration and this time the latter may outweigh the former.

You may want to try going with a product like Leptigen. It’s made with clinically tested ingredients and the reviews across the web are amazing.

How much does Slim4Life cost?

Slim4Life products can cost from $17.00 to $299.00.

How should I take Slim4Life?

The label will tell you how to properly take each supplement.

Can I take Slim4Life if I have a health condition?

You should ask your physician if you are under the age of 18, taking prescriptions, pregnant, nursing, or have health problems.

What do users like about Slim4Life?

Users that used the Slim4Life program said they experienced weight-loss, in some cases.

What do users NOT like about Slim4Life?

Users don’t like how expensive the program ended up being overall.

How do I contact Slim4Life customer service?

You can contact Slim4Life customer service by calling 816-730-7546 or by going to their contact us page on their official website.

Can vegetarians do this program?

Yes, there is a vegetarian option.

Can I take Slim4Life with other fat burners?

You should talk to your physician before taking any other supplements with Slim4Life.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Slim4Life?

There is free shipping for all orders over $150.00

If you are looking for a supplement that has amazing customer reviews, look no further. Leptigen has a Special Trial Offer that is only the price of shipping and handling. And, it’s made with clinically tested ingredients – a huge positive. If you want to check it out, click here.

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  • 1. Ginkgo Biloba (2015). University of Maryland. December 8, 2016.
  • 2. Geranium Oil (Not listed). WebMD. December 8, 2016.

Slim4Life Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size:
Serving Per Container:
Amount per Serving % DV

Other Ingredients: None

We dug deep into the Slim 4 Life ingredients to give you the details you need. Slim 4 Life is not a single supplement; it is an entire weight-loss program. We will explore some of the active ingredients in their most popular supplements.

Bitter Orange Extract

Bitter orange extract, also known as citrus aurantium[1], is derived from the oil of the peel.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It has traditionally been used topically to treat fungal infections[2]. There have also been claims of weight-loss benefits. It is found in the S4L Lipo Cell Fat Burner.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in Experimental Biology and Medicine, “There is little evidence that products containing C. aurantium are an effective aid to weight loss.”

Clinical research is an important part of the equation when it comes to choosing a diet supplement. You may want to take a look at a product like Leptigen, which is formulated with clinically tested ingredients.

Marine Oil

Marine oil is derived from fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as herring, salmon, tuna, and mackerel.

What is it Supposed to Do?

it is supposed to help lower triglyceride, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It is also believed to facilitate weight-loss. It is found in the S4L Slim EFAS.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, “In young, overweight men, the inclusion of either lean or fatty fish, or fish oil as part of an energy-restricted diet resulted in 1 kg more weight loss after 4 weeks, than did a similar diet without seafood or supplement of marine origin. The addition of seafood to a nutritionally balanced energy restricted diet may boost weight loss.”

Sacred Lotus

Nelumbo nucifera, or the sacred lotus, is an aquatic plant found in India. Many parts of the plant are edible, and it is sometimes turned into a tea.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It is supposed to have antioxidant benefits as well as possibly facilitating weight-loss. Sacred lotus is found in S4L NeuroSlim.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in the Journal of Biomedical Science, “Lotus leaf hot water extract with taurine supplementation showed antiobesity and hypolipeidemic effects.”

Is There Anything Out There That TRULY Works?

We have our eye on a supplement that fits the bill. Leptigen, which is formulated with ingredients that HAVE been clinically tested, may be a good option. All customers can take advantage of a Special Trial Offer, currently available. Click here to give it a try.

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So many people will use SO many excuses to make themselves feel better about giving up. I’ve done the program. I lost just over 40 lbs and have kept it off for almost 3 yrs. Yes, some of the products are pricey. But they WORK! Yes, you can find protein bars that are cheaper but they taste like cardboard. If you “save money” by buying stuff that tastes awful, how likely are you to actually EAT it? Some counselors are better and more knowledgeable than others. You can request which counselor you’d like to see! I made it work and buckled down and followed the plan and finished it quicker rather than cutting corners and having it take longer and cost me more money! If you figure that I no longer had to continually buy bigger and bigger sizes in clothes, probably saved myself a small fortune in chiropractor visits for my back (since I lost my weight my back and hips and knees don’t hurt) and learned how to cook and shop and order and prepare my foods, the cost was far less than what I would have paid to finally have success after so many failed attempts on my own or with other fad diets or super pills. These negative comments are like reading complants from drug users who are angry at the rehab facility for costing too much or not magically “fixing” their addiction. I say, put your money where your mouth is rather than your $12.00 combo meal. Dedication gets success.


As with everything. Some things work for some and not for others. I’m glad it worked for you and others. For my husband and I it didn’t. Cooking and eating right is one thing and we’re still doing it. But their supplements messed with us majorly. I had heart racing and anxiety attacks, sleepless nights. And I’m usually a very down to earth, solid personality. That experience scared me a lot. Even my doctor is not a fan. So, while I’m glad it works for some people, please don’t accuse others generally with giving up.
We are not doing the program anymore and I guess in your eyes I’m a quitter. But I’m eating better and exercising and have lost 25 lbs. and am off one BP medication now. Yes, it may go slower, but it’s without supplements that make me sick.


It does work when you follow the plan. In 2006. I joined with very little down. The peplI could not afford the bars and supplements. I divided them and the drinks, I took the vitamins, efa’s, and metabolizers only. Lost over 50lbs. My dosage for my blood pressure decreased, I lost without exercising in the beginning. When I added 30 minutes of exercise it really speeded up the process.


Thank you Emily! I’ve lost 18 lbs in 7 weeks!!


Finally, someone speaking since!

Amy P.

I have to say I am very passionate about this program. I have been on it since April and have lost 68 lbs. This is my halfway point. I was 325lbs when I started and I am 252 now. I have struggled with my weight since I was about 14 years old. I tried everything for over the counter to weightwatchers. I was even signed up for surgery. I have to say this is the best decision I have ever made.


I did the Slim 4 Life diet this year. I started January 14, 2016 and on Sept 18, 2016 I reached my goal weight! I lost 78 pounds!! I have no complaints about the program, yes its a bit expensive and yes, I did follow the directions pretty much to the tee. BUT I was on a 4 month trip this summer and lost 30 pounds while eating out following the guidelines and taking the supplements. I have just started Maintenance and am taking it cautiously. I do NOT ever want to gain the weight again.


you can get the metabolizers at nashua nutrition.com under the name doctor designs thermocaps and get 90 caps for 38.95 plus 5.95 shipping! i checked the labels and its the exact same thing slim4life sells at 120.00 for 180 caps.


$120.00 for the Metabolizer? I’m paying $150.00 for the same bottle. I will be checking out the link you posted. Thank you Vicki.


Thanks Vicki!!!


Misleading advertisements and hidden costs that are not revealed until you pay your initial money. Way too complicated, having to remember to take pills 3-4 times a day, eat something 4-6 times a day, when to eat beef, when not to eat beef, when to eat cottage cheese, when not to eat cottage cheese. When and what bars and snacks can’t be eaten on certain days or on the same day. To me, it is a recipe for failure, especially if you work a job that is long and demanding. Also, into the 4th, 5th, and 6th weeks, I began to feel sick and bad, and no energy. I was feeling better taking my own vitamins and supplements. One of the worst mistakes I ever made.


I started the program recently. I was feeling great the first several days and have lost 7 pounds. Now I’m constipated and bloated. I was told to drink warm lemon water to help loosen the bulk. No help at all! I’m going back to my own probiotics and vitamins. The pill popping makes me feel like a junkie. I will follow the eating plan for the most part, go to my weigh ins and continue to exercise, but consuming all those supplements can’t be good for the body.


i have been doing progrsm since oct 2015 so 6months have lost 40 lbs i stop my blood pressure pills a month in and then was able to get of cpap 3 mths in . Yes its alit of money and alot of will power but totally worth it. I figured out last night i probably paid 75.00 a pound if you break it down that way. .i have 5 lbs left to loose and it wont come off easy like the first 5 did. They told me after six week stablelization period after goal wieght is lost you wont have to take pills . Not sure how that will work for keeping it off. I started at 174.6 now at 144.6. Size 4 womens. Im pretty happy with program and the kind employees there. Just not sure i want to put anymore money in it, soent close to 3000.00


The program works, . I was quoted $3000 plus after they took my money for other purchases. There are ways you can cut the cost down just as some people have suggested


Ive been one the Slim4Life diet for two months and Ive lost about 25 pounds and only have 10 more to go!! It’s costly. Fact. I’ve spent roughly $500. However, it has been worth every penny. Its cost me $500 to get my confidence back and I’m ok with that! Wouldn’t you be? I finally feel like me again and I could never put a price on that. Yes, the foods are limited and bland sometimes but that’s the sacrifice you have to make. If you aren’t willing to do that are you really even ready to get rid of your weight? Decide and do. It’s that simple.

Your Name

What did you buy for $500?? Was there something you didn’t buy?


I started Slim for Life 3 weeks ago. I unfortunately have become very sick on the program, I am nauseated most of the time, I a super sensitive to the many supplements. I don’t know what I am going to do. No refund, so sad,,,,,


I wush I had found this before I signed up. I can’t afford to send $2100. I am feeling discouraged.


Started good at the beginning. But 3 weeks into it got sick. Lost $2500 No refund.


Going through the same. I have been sick from taking the vitamins because I am not used to taking medications.


I recently signed up for this program and I didn’t buy everything up front but quite a lot and I shelled out $2100. If I remember right they quote you total plan of $2900. I have only been on 4 days, but feel lousy. Bloated, stuffed, nausea and with my normal medications I an taking over 30 pills a day which can’t be good. I will continue for a while to see what happens after 2-3 weeks, then if no change in the way I feel, will just kiss the 2100 goodbye to my stupidity. I haven’t eaten 3 meals a day for years, and they pretty much force it on you. Kickin my butt as I continue on!!!


I just joined, please keep dating what you are going through, thanks.

Connie Hoffmann

Where can you buy this? I heard that Slim4life is going to do a study. If this is true, how can I find out more about it.

Cameron (Editor)

Please visit the official site for clinic locations. you should also find more info on studies.


My daughter tried Slim4Life buy couldn’t follow through. I would like to get a refund for her if there is such a website. We have a lot of food that expires in 2016.

Cameron (Editor)

Margie, please call their front desk or contact them via email for returning unused product.


What is the cost of slim 4 life

Cameron (Editor)

Bettye, While the official website says this program starts at just $99, we found numerous customer reviews posted online saying Slim4Life can cost more than $2,000.


I was wanting to know a website to where i can try to get a refund for slim4life or complain.


You can contact your bank or however you paid them. Also the attorney Generals office & the BBB I’m doing all of this. This company does NOT stand behind their products at all !!! I, too became very sick & I WILL get my refund !!!!!!!!


No refund absolutely.


I absolutely love the program. I am only 24 years old and its honestly going back to the basic. We over eat as the society. I have over bought when i first started but here are some ways i found to lose weight. i don’t buy there vitamins or fiber sticks because you can get them way cheaper also efa’s are fish oil pills so you can buy them from walmart as well. Also you can do a special k drink and bar instead of there supplements. No fiber bars those cause they are high in calories. i do there water release pills but my friend buys her from the store as way. i don’t take the nero pills cause it doesn’t help control my cravings. I stated out at 172 and now i weigh 156 and my goal is 140


I think the program works but it is way too expensive. Make sure that when you sign up you read that very fine print at the bottom of your page where it states the prices of the supplements and how often you have to take them. Their bars and stuff are proprietory and after $1000 worth of pills, membership, bars and snacks like you Jennifer, I found out that we cab substitute them with a much cheaper version.


Great job Jennifer!


Would someone be willing to share the list with me as I am on a tight budget and cannot afford the program, but need to lose weight.

Your Name

i agree, inneed to lose but can’t afford a lot. What do I need and what can I pass on when I sign up?

Cameron (Editor)

The cheapest of their kits, their 4 Week Kit, costs $299.00. It comes with the following:

2 Starter Bottles of Metabolizer Appetite Suppressant
1 Bottle of Slim700 Carbohydrate and Sugar Blocker
1 Bottle of EFAs (made specifically for weight loss)
1 Bottle of Slim Vitamins
1 Orange Boost4Life (anti-oxidant energy drink)
1 Wildberry Boost4Life (anti-oxidant energy drink)

Write your goals out and consult your with your doctor to see which supplements you would need more.

Cameron (Editor)

We do not recommend you try to buy the supplements without this program. Customers report having bought phony supplements on line.


Thanks, Leslie. I just started this diet and am learning what to eat and how. It is healthy food. You’re right about spend the money now or on drs, meds, & hosp. later.