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As of 2012, more than 100 million people reported being on a diet. Unfortunately, many will succumb to yo-yo results with weight gain after weight-loss. According to U.S. News and World Report, this issue may not have anything to do with you. “I don’t think 95 percent of people fail diets. I believe that 95 percent of diets fail people.” This is an important statement, because it means that you can succeed as long as you adopt the right type of eating.

Diet is a huge part of the weight-loss equation, but many dieters shy away from the idea of changing how they eat. Eating right doesn’t have to be a struggle. It can be a simple change that helps you feel better and reach your goal faster. Some of the common complaints about healthy foods include:

  • Healthy foods don’t taste good.
  • I don’t have time for the preparation.
  • Recipes are too hard.
  • They’re too expensive.
  • I don’t want to eat differently than my family.

If you go into a new eating plan with all this negativity, you’re setting yourself up to fail. There are some simple tricks to get started and you’ll likely not even notice you’ve made any changes at all.

Yogurt – choose a variety that is not packed with sugar. Think 100-calorie options. Also, you can switch things up and mix some fresh fruit or honey with plain yogurt for a healthy breakfast or snack.

Sugar-Free – Just because a cookie or piece of candy is sugar-free, does not mean it contains fewer calories than the sugar-laden alternative. If you’re looking for a sweet treat and you just don’t want to choose a “diet” option, pick a traditional candy bar, in the normal size, and cut in half. Save the remaining for later.

Salad Dressing – No matter how amazing and healthy your salad is, if it is slathered with high-calorie, high-fat salad dressing, that ruins the deal. Instead, whisk together some olive oil, vinegar and a touch of honey. Pour a couple tablespoons on top and toss.

These same changes can be made throughout your diet. You’re looking for natural alternatives in the proper serving sizes. You’re eating foods that offer more nutrition and you’re cutting calories at the same time.


Quick Tip: Eating healthy is about more than just losing weight. Research suggests eating a typical, processed-food rich, diet can actually affect your mood. Healthier foods contribute to better mood and that means you may be more likely to stick with the plan to reach your goal.

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